How to grow your E-commerce business with these 6 killers tips
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How to grow your E-commerce business with these 6 killers tips

If you are an entrepreneur running an ecommerce
business and you are struggling to scale your sales, then this video is for you. In fact, managing and developing your online
store can drag you into rabbit holes of minor, unimportant efforts that do not bring you
results and make you lose time, money and energy So what should you focus on? What are some of the best tips that guarantee
that you will grow your ecommerce business? Let’s see 6 of them together in this video. 1 Do Retargeting at scale
Since most people do not convert on their first visit to a website, when it comes to
online stores, retargeting must be done at scale, both with dynamic retargeting campaigns
across Google display and YouTube and retargeting ads on FB and Instagram. In order to increase your conversion rate
of your retargeting campaigns, it’s important for you to create and address different specific
segments on your CRM or Email software, such as people who already bought from you, people
who open your last email, people who have items pending in their cart and so on. 2 Highlight discounts/promotions with Popups
or Full CTAs If you are running a special promotion on
your products, you need to make sure people will see it. That’s why using slide-in pop ups, an Hello
Bar with a buzzing CTA button or a Full screen CTA that covers the entire screen is
a great technique to increase sales. 3 Run seasonal promotions
Another great tip is to leverage holiday seasons or world wide events and celebrations with
special banners or email campaigns. If you go down this road, make sure that the
colors, copywriting and visuals clearly reflect the holiday theme and don’t be afraid to
be a bit controversial and funny. 4 Automate email marketing for check out page
abandonment There are countless of reasons why someone
might have not finalized a purchase on your checkout page. Maybe they got distracted by someone, maybe
they were late for an appointment, maybe their internet stopped working. The reason doesn’t really matter, just set
up an automation to send an email an hour after they left the check out, to ask if something
went wrong and how you can help them. Then send another second email the next day
with a cart expiry warning, and then if it’s needed send a third mail the next day with
an incentive or a reward for completing the purchase. 5 Ask for customer reviews of your products In order to increase your trustability with social proof After a customer receives one of your products, set up an automation that sends them an email and asks for a feedback. It could be something as simple as just rating
your product from 1 to 5 stars. Once you collect enough ratings, share them on your website as a social proof. It’s a simple thing but it could have a big impact on your sales. 6 Upsell existing customers
Instead of worrying about getting new customers, a smart thing to do is to increase the value
of your existing one. In order to do that, build complimentary products that you can sell to them, or make them a special offer This will keep them engaged and more inclined
to refer you to their friends as well as more likely to spend more money on your website. So these were 6 killer tips to grow your E-commerce
business effectively. What else would you recommend doing? Let us know in the comments.

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