How to Improve Company Culture – 8 Tips That Work by JB Kellogg

– So you want to improve
your company culture, right? In this video, we’re gonna
talk about eight tips to help you do just that. Hi, I’m JD with Marketing 360 and we help small businesses grow with our marketing and
design, talent and technology through our number one marketing
platform, Marketing 360. We call marketing and design
M.A.D. and we love M.A.D. And hopefully these videos will help you fall in love with M.A.D. too. So make sure to follow us to learn tips, tricks, and strategies to grow your business and fuel your brand. So why is company culture so important? Well, there’s a lot of reasons,
but a few of them would be: it helps you capture new
talent, people see you, they just want to be apart
of it, so they apply, right? But it also keeps the talent
that you have, really, and that’s the most
important thing of all, because if you can keep the same people, they’re just gonna get better
and better through experience. So you don’t want to have high
turnover and a good culture is really the key to avoiding that. And then, the other thing
is just happy people make happy customers, and
ultimately that’s just gonna make you more successful. So you want to invest in a
good, strong company culture and in this video we’re gonna talk about eight tips to help you do
that, so let’s dive right in. Tip number one: have a company motto. Look over my shoulder
here, execution excellence. That’s our motto at
Marketing 360, it’s about just always doing everything excellently. Executing excellently,
and that goes beyond your job description. It could be walking down
the hall, you see a piece of trash on the floor,
you pick that up, right? If your teammate’s phone’s
ringing and they’re not here, you answer it, you don’t
let it go to voicemail. These are things that execution
excellence means to us. And if you have a motto like
that, that allows your culture to kind of follow that as a guide. Tip number two: listen to feedback. You actually have to listen
and you have to ask for it. What we do at Marketing
360, once a month we have everybody submit a 410, what that means is from 4:00 to 4:10,
because we close at 4:00, so from 4:00 to 4:10 once
a month, they submit a 410, which is essentially these
are the things that I did well this month and these are some areas I think we could improve,
here’s some shout outs for my teammates, here’s
some things I think we should do in training
to help future people. By getting this kind of
feedback and listening to this feedback, you
can constantly evolve based on the heartbeat of your
team and really get better. And if the culture feels
like you’re listening, that you’re adapting to the feedback, it’s just only gonna get stronger. Tip number three: hire
positive minded people. Look for people that have
a positive mental attitude. Positive mindsets create
positive outcomes. Negative mindsets create
negative outcomes. So it’s super important to
have positive minded people. Tip number four: show your team you care. Have parties, celebrations,
highlight people for their successes. A lot of companies get caught up where they only really talk
about the bad, right? You need to improve on this,
you need to hit these goals. And while that is still important,
you gotta balance it out with good, you almost need
to have five good comments for every bad comment. That way, when they have a bad comment they actually listen, right? If you say nothing but negative things, it’s gonna go numb to people. So make sure you highlight the good and that shows that you care. Tip number five: ask for employee reviews. Glassdoor is an amazing
site for employee reviews. If you don’t have a glassdoor set up, I encourage you to set it up and then ask your team for reviews. This feedback is hugely
important for two reasons. It helps you improve by
looking at the feedback and understanding it, and
if you have a strong culture and you have good reviews,
this is gonna look really powerful on Glassdoor so
when potential employees are looking at who they want to work for, you’re gonna stand out in the crowd, you’re gonna earn that application, you’re gonna attract more of
the good talent to your brand. Tip number six: do
consistent employee reviews. There’s no set standard to
whether you do this monthly or every six months or every
year, but have a process and be consistent to it. Look at the good things that they’ve done and also talk about areas
that they can improve. By doing this, you help
mentor and encourage somebody to continually grow, which ultimately is gonna help improve
your culture overall. Tip number seven: set high goals. Nobody wants to feel stagnant,
as soon as somebody feels stagnant where they are,
they’re gonna look for somewhere else to go. So you wanna continually set high goals. Keep people reaching, you
want to have personal goals, team goals, company goals, multiple goals, short term goals, long term goals. And you want to track those goals. And if somebody always
feel they’re pushing toward a new milestone, they’re
gonna feel driven. As soon as they feel like
there’s no other milestone, they’ve kind of hit the top,
culture’s gonna go down. So you want to continually
reach and stretch, and hey it’s okay if you miss a goal, as long as you gave an
effort to get the goal, this is gonna bring stronger
company culture overall. And so this is a great
tip to keep in mind. Tip number eight: be transparent. Just be transparent with your team, have all-hands meetings. At Marketing 360, we do
all-hands meetings once a week, some companies do it once a
month, some do it quarterly. I think you should do it
more than less if possible, but the all-hands meetings,
you’ll just hit the key points. Be transparent with your company. Here’s the challenges
that we’re up against, here’s how we need to
overcome those things, is there any other
ideas, here’s our goals, here’s where we’re at. Just be transparent with everything, don’t keep the stuff under the covers, just bring it out on the table, because two heads are
always stronger than one. And if you get the team
invested, if you have multiple people headed in that same direction, they’re gonna be pretty tough to stop. And ultimately it’s gonna
make a stronger culture. So hopefully this video helps you. That’s eight tips to get you started to building your company culture. If you have other questions or comments or things you’d like to
talk about, leave a comment and we’d love to do some follow up videos and dive into this topic
a little bit deeper. Have a good one. (static sound effect)

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