How to Layer in WARM WEATHER // tips, inspo + outfit ideas ♡
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How to Layer in WARM WEATHER // tips, inspo + outfit ideas ♡

They make a great dupe for a coat a Longline cardigan or one of my favorite go-to things to use when it comes to lightweight layering Hey guys, it’s Jess welcome back to my channel. I hope you guys are having a great day So far in today’s video I am finally doing a video topic that has been highly requested by you guys and today’s video is all about how to layer in Warm weather now layering is a super easy way to step up your outfit a bit to look more stylish and to look more polished Adding a third piece is a great way to elevate an outfit and change it up from wearing just clothes to an outfit So the problem with layering when you live somewhere where there’s hot or humid weather. It just it doesn’t work It’s it’s just too hot. So today. I’m helping you guys out I have compiled a list of tips tricks and things you can do to layer in warm weather as well as some outfit ideas and Some alternatives for things that you would usually layer with So if you guys live somewhere where the weather is hot or humid Stay tuned because this video is gonna help you out. And of course if you guys are not subscribed yet don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below to join the family and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and With that, let’s hop right on it I feel like this first tip is pretty self-explanatory opting for billowy and lightweight fabrics Just going to help your body breathe and not hold as much heat in it’s going to keep you Airy Keep you from sweating as much and it’s going to ensure that you’re just not retaining as much heat some fabrics You can start looking for pieces to be made of are cotton rayon polyester nylon linen and silk those are all super breathable fabrics that will allow your body to breathe and keep you cool instead of retaining heat and Keeping you warm my personal favorite fabrics to wear in warm weather are cotton and linen linen is my favorite to wear because it just I Think it just breathes so well and it’s comfortable. It’s flowy its Lightweight and I think just looks nice fabrics and textures you should definitely avoid are wool any kind of knits anything where it’s Typically made for cooler weather. So avoid coats avoid heavy cardigans or just doesn’t breathe Fun fact button-ups actually breathe better than skin tight tank tops It circulates the air better and again, it doesn’t retain heat now similarly Flowy shorts are a much better option than wearing tight denim shorts for the same exact reason basically denim shorts They don’t really breathe but looser fitting pieces billowy fabrics lightweight pieces they do so instead of picking skin type things even if they are Less amount of fabrics technically opting for a looser lightweight piece like a flowy button up or flowy shorts is going to be a better option My last tip before we get into the actual outfit ideas and styling tips if you do sweat a lot a little hack you can do when getting dressed to kind of mask your sweat a little bit is to actually wear prints prints are going to help mask and camouflage sweat stains by just being Visually distracting prints and patterns are basically going to just camouflage any sweat stains. You might have better It’s not going to be a hundred percent, but it will do better than a solid color Let me just say something before anybody comes at anybody who sweats a lot tries to come at me for using this tip Sometimes you just sweat even if you use deodorant and antiperspirant Sometimes you still sweat. It happens There’s a normal body thing that everybody does except for my grandma because she had her sweat glands taken out when she had a mastectomy But you know, that’s the only exception most other people sweat. So nobody try to come at anybody because it is normal Everybody does it and there should not be a stigma about it just saying For typical layering pieces find alternatives and substitutions For example a great alternative for a coat is a duster now I didn’t know what a duster was for quite a while and then I came across one I think last summer and ever since then I have been in love with them They are so handy and helpful essentially a duster is just a very lightweight very thin fabric coat looking type of piece They make a great dupe for a coat a longline Cardigan dusters are one of my favorite go-to things to use when it comes to lightweight layering Another great example is a kimono is a great alternative for a Cardigan. Kimonos are very breathable and billowy and have a really nice vibe That is so in line with summer and my last suggestion for a layering alternative you guys can definitely research and find other things out there, but these are just my Suggestions is if you want to layer with a scarf But you don’t want the heat of a scarf try a neckerchief now a neckerchief is something I talk about all the time They’re just a little neck scarf You can use a bandana that’s typically for your hair and tie one around your neck or you can also specifically look for Neckerchiefs or little silk or satin scarves definitely do your research look into other layering alternatives because there are so many out there One styling idea that you guys could do is to wear a lightweight button-up A cami. This one is kind of fun because you can really play around with how you want to style it You can unbutton a couple show the lace or design of the cami You can knot up the bottom of the button-up can roll your sleeves to add some dimension and texture You could also completely unbutton the button up, there are just so many different ways You can play around with this one to piggyback off the last tip you could also wear a button up over a bralette. Now I’ve seen this one be super popular in the spring and summer months especially here in California People are always wearing Bralettes layered with things and I think it looks really cute Another idea that you guys could also do is one that is hit or miss in terms of popularity Some people love it some people don’t I personally do I think it’s quite cute and that is to layer a cami over a t-shirt When doing this opt for fabrics that are again, of course lightweight to ensure that you’re getting that breathability but Layering these two lightweight pieces together is going to give you that look of layering one Style and trend that I have been loving lately is to layer a lightweight long-sleeve under a mini dress You guys have probably seen this trend at least one place this trend is very popular many people wear it and this styling technique is a great way to Transform just a simple summer dress to make it a little bit more fun, dynamic That is it for today’s video guys, I really hope you enjoyed it And I hope that these tips were helpful, especially if you live somewhere where any weather is just so so hot and humid I know I have a lot of subscribers in South America in Mexico in Texas in Miami even in Southern California in the Philippines in India in all these places where the weather is just It’s hot and humid and layering is a struggle. I hope these tips and tricks and outfit ideas and alternatives I hope they help you out just as a little fun thing in the comment section I want you guys to comment down below where you’re from Sorry, that was my cat. I want you guys to comment down below where you guys are from I just think it’d be really cool to see where you guys are all from to kind of get like a community discussion On where everybody’s from and then people can be like, oh, I’m from there too and just get a whole thing going I think that’d be cool. Today’s quote of the night is by one of my favorite authors Roald Dahl. He is just Inspiring and I I love his work so much I think his imagination and all of the stuff he wrote just kind of transcends just being children’s books But kind of can explore just imagination across ages it reads I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life if you were interested in something no matter what it is Go at it full speed embrace it with both arms hug it love it and above all become passionate about it Lukewarm is no good. I am crazy about that quote I believe in it wholeheartedly Whether it’s about your job or your dreams or your children or your faith or your relationships or just something that you love doing Go out at full force and live and don’t be lukewarm be hot. Do things hot in all areas of your life So think on that as we go into the week implement it into your life live it, be it, don’t be lukewarm I hope you have an amazing rest of your day. I love you guys Lots and I will see you in my next video


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