How to make 1 thousand dollars in 2 hours of Retail Arbitrage + a look at inventory Lab
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How to make 1 thousand dollars in 2 hours of Retail Arbitrage + a look at inventory Lab

Making your wife a coffee in the
morning is a major key to success, it says it in the Bible,He-brew. Pretty disgusting mocha visually but the best part is, it’s
about to taste delicious. Another one. When you see it for sale sign
and you look it’s like $8.39, original price $8.99, what? Grabbed five of those, make
approximately $10 on each one, really small, really quick. Had to drop my homie off earlier,
I like to do my homies a favour. Had some time to kill so I’m
out hustling, efficiency. Found some calendars for 75%
off and these box decks ones are going super hard. I
just started this pile. Heading into a comic shop,
see if we can find some graphic novels here to resell. Pro tip. About to try something new, you
never know, who knows right? Sometimes, most of time it sucks but… Another spot most people
wouldn’t think to hit up. Boom clearance supplements
your heard that. Didn’t find anything at GNC, oh well
that’s how it goes sometimes man, you can’t expect to win everywhere you go,
get used to it and expect not to win. (machine printing long receipt) In the warehouse getting down,
listing some of these calendars I picked up earlier. This is
Inventory Lab on the left screen on the right screen repricing. So I was able to pick up three of these
today and we’ll be able to land these in Amazon for $4.50
each, really good find. I’m going to list them right now. I’ll
show you exactly how it works so we’re ready to scan it in. Boom scanned
it in and you can see it’s going to come up on the screen. You can see the rank is 37,000 in
books. I’m not surprised that the swimsuit Sports Illustrated calendar
is worth money. We got it for $4, landed it at Amazon today for $4.50. We’re going to have three
quantity so we’re going to copy the merchants SKU that it gives us. Start, we’re going to look at the
prices. There’s 13 offers total, originally was $14.99 some clowns trying
to sell it for $81 used. Lowest for $28. So when you see these and you
can actually click on these and it will set your price that. So it’s set my price to that and
you can see that after our cost, our profit would be $15.71 or 350% ROI. I’m actually going to price mine higher
than that, I’m going to put it at $35 and the lower end is
going to be that $27.99. So it sells for $35, we’ll make
$21 profit if it sells for $28, we’ll make $15 profit. Now we’re going to set the price for
this thing. The pricey… I meant the pricing rules we use
software, so over here remember when I copied that SKU? I’m going to put it in right here and the lowest I wanted to price it for
was that $27.99 and the highest was $35 and you can see I got my
cost down there as well. Now we’re going to click ‘Add/update
item’ and this is going to make sure that we don’t sell this item for a loss even though we’ll still be
automatically pricing it. Now back in Inventory Lab software,
we’re going to go over here and click ‘Submit & Save’ and the stickers come out right away. That might have seemed like a lot
to list an item but I promise you Inventory Labs is totally worth it. I
love it the workflow is super fast, recommended. Peek game, we got not one but two
power pads in the warehouse. So I just finished doing those
calendars, you can see the total sales value is $1,800 and the cost is $320. I think I was in there for a little
over an hour, about 72 items for $324 and my profit is $960, it took… Took me about an hour, maybe an hour
and a half to buy all these and 20 minutes to list them maybe 30 more
minutes to pack them up, so 2 hours of… Listed, stickers printed, ready to
be stickered and boxed and sent off. Basically money in the
bank in our business.


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