How to make a Free Website? Muft Website kaise banate hain? मुफ़्त वेबसाइट कैसे बनाएं?
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How to make a Free Website? Muft Website kaise banate hain? मुफ़्त वेबसाइट कैसे बनाएं?

Kya Kaise (means What How in Hindi) Do you want to learn How to make Free website? Then keep watching this video Hello! My name is Aekta There are many ways to create a Free Website But in this video, I will show you How to create a Free Website using Weebly So, Let’s make a Free Website using Weebly First type in the browser Now this is the Weebly Website Here you can create a Free Website If you have a Facebook account, you can sign-up here using Facebook Let’s open a Weebly account using an email address Let’s put our name Here Then the email I have entered the email address Now let’s choose a nice password Now let’s click on the orange Sign-up button Here you can see, you are logged into Weebly Now if you want to make a website, you need to first choose a Theme With the help of the Theme, you can choose the ‘Look and Feel’ of the website If you scroll down, you can see a lot of Free Themes You should choose a Theme that is visually appealing and also has good readability Because often, people choose visually striking themes but the readability is not that great So… let’s select a Good Theme Yes, I like this theme It’s very clean and the letters are readable One can add a picture here Let’s click on ‘Choose’ Now the Theme is Loading Now Weebly is asking you if you have a Domain Name If you already own a domain name that you purchased, you can add it here Or you may want to register a New Domain Name But you need to pay to register a Domain Name And you need to pay some money every year to own that Domain Name You want a domain name, you have to pay for it But we are making a Free website so let’s use a sub-domain of Weebly This means whatever you put here, will be a sub-domain of weebly It will be your free domain but a part of Weebly So… let’s choose something … kyakaise The Subdomain is available Let’s click on ‘Continue’ This is a Welcome message from Weebly You can choose to Plan your website or Build it right away. Let’s click on ‘Build my Website’ You can see … our website will look like this And you can customize the ‘Look and Feel’ of the website as per your preference Here you see ‘My Site’ … let’s erase this and let me write ‘Kya Kaise’ It’s a beautiful Font Here you can add a Logo. If you have a company or a Business, you may want to add the logo here So, let’s upload a logo from our computer Click on this green button and go to the pictures folder And we have selected and upload the Logo Here you can see the ‘Kya Kaise’ logo Below the Logo, you can see a picture If you want, you can change this image Let’s click on ‘Edit Image’ Then click on ‘Add Image’ Now click on the ‘Upload Photo from your computer’ to upload a new image here Here, I have uploaded a new image The size of my image was quite large, so let me resize it so that it can fit here Let me resize the image so that it can fit into this image place holder But this side is a bit emplty Let me click ‘Ok’ for now and try adding another image here Let’s click on ‘Add Image on the top right corner Let’s click on ‘Upload a Photo from your computer’ button and choose a picture from the computer Now you can see the image here Here you can see the image and you can drag it and resize it as per your preference This is the area, which will be visible so you can add as many pictures as you want here Let’s click on ‘OK’ This is exactly how the image will appear Click on the ‘Save’ Button on the Top right Now we need to choose whether we want to save this header to all pages or only to this page Our website only has one page right now but let me select ‘Save to All Pages’ This means all the pages will have the same image header If we have more than one pages, this image will be used there Now this is our Home Page and here you can see the Header has been created by combining two different images Now you can add some text below the header But before adding the text, let’s add the Title… here you see the Title button Weebly is a very user friendly website-creator and you can create websites very easily here All the Elements you see here on the left, can be simply dragged here to the right if you want to add them to the page As soon as you drag them, here… you see the title or the heading Now you can add a New Title here Let me type ‘Learn about the Internet’ So this is the Title Now if you want to add some text below the Title, just drag the ‘Text’ button from the left to where you want to position it Here you can see a box has appeared Here you can paste anything I have a word document ready so let me copy the text from there and paste the text here This is the text I want so let me click CTRL + C Let’s go back and paste the text here CTRL + V The text seems a bit small. Let me select the Text Now let me click on the ‘+’ sign above so that the text size increases… now we have better readability You can change the colour of the text here, if you want to Click on the ‘A’ which is the Change Colour Button and choose any colour. Let me choose the Purple colour here So, we just put a Title and now we have put some text below it Let me increase the Size of the Title by making it Bold let’s make the font size bigger Now you can see the Title is more prominent Now you page looks like this. You can paste anything you want here You can paste some text from a Word doc or even type directly into the page But I wanted both English and Hindi Text so I had it all typed out in a Word Doc Here you can your Image Here is your Title and here is your Text below You can add some text here on top with the social icons Let me type ‘Learn about the Basics of Internet from Kya Kaise’ On the top right you can see some Social Media Buttons You can add the links to your Social Media properties here so that the visitors to your website can stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. This is the Facebook Button so let’s click here Here you can put your Facebook page URL or lin to you Facebook ID This is my Facebook ID.. let me copy the URL by clicking CTRL + C Let me go to Weebly and press CTRL + V and here you can see my Facebook ID Now to Twitter This is my Twitter profile URL so let me click on CTRL + C Now let’s go to Weebly and press CTRL + V Now to Linkedin … your Linkedin Profile URL is below your name This is the URL you need to copy Click on it and select it then press CTRL + C Go to Weebly and press CTRL + V It’s not necessary for you to copy and paste the URLs… you can type them directly into these boxes Now you can add more things here Let’s remove this click on ‘Add More’ You can add your YouTube channel here as well Let me also add Google Plus I added the details of all my Social Media properties here So all the visitors to my website can also be connected with me via the Social media channels So that was about the website Now to the last step… let’s click on the ‘Publish’ button on the top right corner Now you are being asked again if you own a Domain or would like to use a Weebly subdomain Let’s choose the free option and opt to use a subdomain of Weebly and click ‘Continue’ Now you need to select your Website Category If you click on the drop down menu, you can say personal, business… let’s select ‘Education’ In Education, let me select Informational Let me click on ‘Don’t ask me this again’ Then let’s click on ‘Continue’ Now you need to Verify your Weebly Account Let’s click on ‘Click to Continue’ Now this is the last step You need to enter your Country… I am in Singapore right now Now you need to input your Mobile number Let me enter my Mobile number and click on ‘Submit’ Now you must have received an SMS on your mobile from Weebly That SMS should have a code, which you need to enter in this box The code I received was 2856 Let me click on ‘Submit’ now Now we have successfully verified our Weebly account Now your website can be published Lets click on ‘Click Here to Continue’ You can see that your website has now been published You are being asked again to register a Domain Name If you want, you can share this on Facebook or on Twitter But let me close this window for now Next time, if you want to go to your website, just type in your URL For example, let me type here in the bowser And here you see the website we just created, is now published and ready If Liked our video, please click the LIKE Button on YouTube You can even subscribe to our Channel Thank You ‘Kya Kaise’


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