how to MAKE MORE MONEY on your Poshmark Listings [Poshmark Power Tip]
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how to MAKE MORE MONEY on your Poshmark Listings [Poshmark Power Tip]

all right what’s going on guys Brian
back here with another Poshmark power tip and this is gonna help you make more
money on your listings now this isn’t something I’m just saying I do this and
I highly highly highly suggest that you do it as well
now what is it basically doing how are you gonna make more money off your
Poshmark listings then you normally would well the key here is to not drop
your prices too low too fast so a you don’t want to get them impatient and
this is a big big deal on Poshmark a lot of new sellers are gonna get impatient
and you don’t want to set your price too low at first now you’ll see here a
couple of these products I sell a bunch of different things and I just list a
bunch of things I used to sell a bunch of women’s products and kind of went out
of them up I’ll read you know I’ll get more back in my inventory but right now
I’m just flipping some some men’s products that I have and then I’ve
ordered on you know a little bit of wholesale so the key here is like I said
you don’t want to get impatient and try to sell your clothes too fast before to
cheap you don’t want to drop the price to too low but you also when you go to
list them you want to actually list them higher than normal so these specifically
right here these express photographer stretch cotton pants now I’ve slightly
you know slowly top started to decrease them but on top of that you want to set
the price high so if you think that you can really realistically flip these and
every print product and every item is gonna be different depending on you know
you know use your use your judgment you can gauge what you feel like the
products worth you don’t want to be too attached to a high high margin but you
do want to start high because when you start high the key there is you’ll be
able to drop the price so like I said you don’t want to get impatient you want
to start high because what that’s gonna do is as you you know you go through and
you share and I’ve talked about sharing before and you can use those sharing
tactics as you go through and share more products and as other people share your
products you’re going to start accumulating more likes on your listings
and what that’s gonna do is once you start accumulating likes when you drop
the price and don’t drop the price yep that will send an email notification to
you all of the likers on that product so the key here is you want to start your
price high accumulate likes and then as you get a bunch of likes on a product
see this one right here was a perfect example I actually just dropped this
price there’s 12 Lakers on this listing and when I dropped the price all of them
get an email notification that the price has dropped and therefore there’s an
opportunity that if they by it you know it just keeps you it
gives you the ability to get in front of the customers now you don’t want to top
your price just because there’s likers on the on the actual listing you what
you want to do is you want to start the price high just to recap accumulate the
likes by sharing and then when Poshmark goes to launch one of their they do this
all the time maybe once a month sometimes twice when they go to launch
one of their like closet closeout sales which is basically everybody gets free
shipping if you drop your prices I think it’s 10% I believe um don’t quote me on
that they’ll send you an email let you know but when they have those closet
clear out deals that’s when you want to drop your price because when you drop
your price on those closet closeout deals the customer gets free shipping
and they get notified so they’re gonna get two notifications a that your price
was lowered and that they get free shipping and Poshmark is also gonna
notify them that hey this is a closet closeout deal you know if you want to
hop on this you’re gonna get free shipping at the low price that you know
for an item that you like so the whole key here is start high share and
cumulate likes when you see closet closeout deals
drop everything by 10% but do not drop it earlier than that I would suggest
wait till those closet closeout deals because when you drop it those closet
closeout deals at least 10% and you have a bunch of likes accumulated you’ll sell
a lot more of your items at a higher price than if you got impatient when you
drop your price up there’s cross a closeout deals there’s such a high
conversion rate it’s ridiculous so don’t get impatient don’t list your clothes to
to low list them high if they’re relatively worth it lists them a little
higher than they’re worth I’ll cumulate the likes because people know that when
they like them they’re basically pinning your item for a later date if it drops
in price so little tip there if you guys are interested in enrolling my Poshmark
course first link in the description that’s a $10 discount link for you you
don’t want to pay the retail price when that being said I’ll see you in the next


  • Andrew Jacoby II

    How do you know which clothing will sell well? I understand you've picked up clothing that's used and sell on Poshmark. Curious what your process is to decide if piece of clothing is a good item to source for selling.

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