How to MAKE SURE You’re Profitable Selling on eBay [All eBay Fees Quick Tutorial]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today we’re going over a simple eBay formula that’s going to make sure
that you’re profitable when you’re listing items on eBay now this comes to
me because it’s been a recent question in a lot of my eBay courses and also
I’ve been talking a lot about arbitrage lately where you know you buy stuff
online from other sites mostly coupon sites on Amazon and if you can’t for
whatever reason list some of those you know if you buy a product that might be
you know gated in a certain category and you didn’t you made the cardinal sin of
not checking that you could actually sell it first happens to me from time to
time even though I preached you know not to do that you can sell it back on eBay
you can sell it on sites like obviously eBay Macari you know you got offer up
and let go with your great apps there’s Poshmark there’s a number of other
places and other sites where you can list those arbitrage products to still
make a profit if you’re not selling them back on Amazon so today I want to talk
about the simple eBay formula that’s going to make sure that you’re
profitable whether you’re doing arbitrage or you’re simply listing items
on eBay maybe your drop shipping whatever it is this is going to take the
guesswork out of it for you now I’m gonna go over the simple formula here in
a second but I actually used to do this a lot when I listed on eBay I’m ashamed
to admit that I really had no idea despite that you know how much I know
about Amazon despite how much I know about you know the majority of things
and e-commerce platforms and marketing you know you know avenues whether that’s
social media or YouTube or whatever I know a lot about the SEO or how they
actually work but for whatever reason I just never delved into the eBay side of
it so I would list stuff on eBay and then I’d wake up with like not wake up
but I would get you know build like two hundred bucks at the end of a month and
be like how you know how the hell did I am I getting billed 200 bucks with eBay
fees you know I had no idea how the platform actually charged him with the
fees entailed so if you’re anything like that this video will solve that for you
to make sure that your listing profitable products before you actually
do so so let’s jump it in the formula this is the formula and if it’s you know
a little bit foreign to you right away that’s totally fine we’re gonna delve
into everything and what it actually means here you can use this formula to
make sure that any profit any product that you’re selling has a profit margin
that’s legitimate before you actually list it and get charged potentially for
the fee so that formula is x times 0.8 86 minus 0.3
0 and I don’t know why I added a zero
there you can just do 0.3 and what that actually entails and what that means is
X is actually the sale price of your item so if you’re listing an item and
you want to sell it at 13 bucks then that’s what you’d list there 13 bucks if
you’re listing an item for $54.99 $54.99 would go in the X column right here so
then you’re multiplying it by 0.8 66 which is actually the eBay fee and the
paypal fee for that actual transaction so P PayPal charges a point up 3.4
percent approximately on that it’s a little bit the numbers a little bit
skewed that’s why I actually put the normal number you know at Point 886 but
eBay also charges a 10% fee for your listing price so it’s that your sale
price times point 886 which actually is the ebay fee of 10% plus the paypal fee
of 3.4% then you’re subtracting minus 30 because that’s actually the handling
charge that PayPal charges you when it handles their transaction because on
eBay I believe I’m gonna say the majority but
I believe everything actually is handled by PayPal so they charge you that that
30 cent handling fee on the transaction so that’s the actual formula then
obviously that inputs you put in put everything in that that gives you the
number of Y which is actually your profit margin so to recap you have the
sale price times point eight eight six which is the eBay fee plus the paypal
fee minus 30 cents for the transaction charge that PayPal charges you equals
your profit now it’s important to keep in mind that that profit is good to keep
in mind because you know you want to know what you actually have at the end
number so you can account for your shipping charges and your fees and the
cost of the product which is off stuff that we’re gonna talk about here in a
second so that does not include listing fees and on eBay there’s a listing fee
when you list an actual item on the website however you do get your first 50
I don’t know why I was going 50 50 50 Jesus it’s been a long weekend a long
Black Friday and I hope you guys had a good holiday too as well but you get
your first 50 listings for free and then a lot of people don’t actually know this
because in my experience a lot of people don’t ask and if you simply ask for
things in life and end in business you would be surprised you know just how
much you can actually get so in my experience if you call eBay and
you simply ask for more listings for free they give it to you I’ve done this
two or three times on my own account and every single time they’ve given it to me
now they simply ask me questions you know Oh what are you listing you know
what are you what are you planning on listing in the future what are you gonna
use the the listing for and I basically say you know I have a bunch of really
high quality products which I actually do you know where I sourced them from
manufacturers and you know I just I’m looking for another avenue to sell them
and I’m trying out a base you know platform and marketplace to see if it’s
right for my business the way that I word that sounds really good to an eBay
representative because it basically says like hey I think eBay is really valuable
night and I really genuinely value what the marketplace brings to the table but
I’m not so sold on it yet so I was looking for you know a few more listings
to kind of you know realistically test out a bay to see if it’s right for my
business and if you come from that angle instead of just calling up and being
like hey give me more listings I need more free listings it’s gonna it’s gonna
be a lot easier to get free listings so simply call up and ask
tell me of you know really high quality products and you’re looking for a
different sales channel an ecommerce marketplace to list them on and you
think eBay would be great for that now in my experience I think I’ve called
three times twice they they’ve literally asked me okay how many do you want and
the one time I think I said 100 and the next time I think I said 50 because I
didn’t really need that much so they literally asked me how many I need and I
think the third time it was the heat they just gave me like ten free listings
or whatever so simply ask guys I wanted to hit that home because it’s important
on top of that it also doesn’t include potential shipping charges now this is
common sense but I wanted to outline this so people don’t just throw the
numbers in and think and think oh you know I have eight bucks profit margin
but you didn’t count for the shipping fees you know the shipping charges
obviously or the potential listing fees if you went over that 50 you know free
listing threshold can’t talk today so that obviously doesn’t include shipping
charges either you know now you always do I always suggest to my eBay students
whether you’re doing the the drop shipping or you’re doing you know
sourcing from overseas and bringing those to the actual marketplace with
physical products you always want to offer free shipping and at least one day
handling if you want to do same-day handling that’s fine too but at least
free shipping and at least one day handling the reason for that is you’re
gonna get that fair and free badge on your item which is the
equivalent on eBay to the Amazon Prime tag essentially when you’re a buyer
looking at a listing when I’m looking at a listing on Amazon that I see Amazon
Prime I have Amazon Prime so I’m more likely to buy that because I know it’s
gonna get to me in two days and it’s gonna be free shipping same thing with
with eBay buyers when they see that fast and free tag on their email on an insert
and listing they’re more inclined to buy it because they know that a the handling
times gonna be free or handling times can be very very short so it’s gonna be
handled and shipped out within a day and the shipping is free so they don’t have
to pay for it that’s like I said the equivalent of Amazon Prime so that’s
gonna increase your sales eBay says by eleven percent just by simply having
free shipping and handling at least one day or less now the cheapest shipping
option in my opinion is you know always USPS media mail now that’s obviously for
people in the United States so that’s US Post Office Media Mail it’s the cheapest
and that only does read up on media mail that only does you know apply to certain
things whether that’s like like you know paper or books or letters now I ship a
lot of things media mail you know I’ve never gotten caught or in trouble for
doing it as long as you know you put it in a box that’s closed off and you
report the legitimate wait for it I’ve had good experiences with it but that’s
you know use that at your own discretion obviously you don’t want to ship out
something breakable as media mail for a lot of different reasons but that’s the
cheapest option in my opinion I don’t sometimes it’s like honestly two to five
bucks it’s super super cheap however on top of that USPS priority is
also a great way to go because it gets there in like two to three days for it
sometimes I believe at the very very maximum but it’s it’s really really
cheap and I’m actually gonna pull something up here as I pull that up if
we go to quick tools here on USPS comm so you’ll see here you can actually get
free boxes and this is something a lot of people don’t know but it’s super
super simple so if I come here to all the free boxes you can look you can
literally order these to your house and get free boxes so you don’t to pay for
the boxes to actually ship in so you can box for free you have the boxing the
obviously the bow I don’t know I’m talking about today you get the boxes
for free right to your house you package them up you drop them off at the post
office or in one of those blue blue bins and boom it’s off now this
does cost sometimes a little bit more but it your buyers will be a lot more
happy and thus rate you a lot higher on eBay if you’re going to do this and the
reason I suggest doing this if you can’t ship medium medium ale is because it’s
gonna result in a lot of higher ratings it’s gonna get there a lot faster and on
top of that it’s just you you get the free box too so if you’re not collecting
arbitrage boxes from Amazon which a lot of you might be doing if you’re in my
online arbitrage Pro course and you don’t actually have boxes rather than
going out and buying them you can simply get all sorts of boxes and packages
shipped to your house a hundred percent free so let’s jump back into this
presentation and we’ll go over that now like I said does include the fees
doesn’t include the shipping charges but when you’re buying for arbitrage this
can be a great you know formula to implement as well because if maybe you
see a lot of people like me if you’re buying on Amazon like my arbitrage
students or you’re buying on coupon sites like my arbitrage students will
run a you know an ad product and see on their seller account and see oh man I
can’t sell that but I could get it for such a great margin so yes you don’t
want to buy it with the intention of selling it back on Amazon if you’re not
able to sell it back on Amazon but why don’t you run the numbers and see with
this formula if it’d be a great product to buy for eBay and obviously check the
market place first and foremost so what you want to do is Google not Google you
want to search eBay for the actual title of that actual product and then you want
to click on sold click the check mark on the bottom I actually pulled up here for
you guys so you can see if we go to ebay and let’s say let’s go to Amazon really
fast and picking take a thing out I’ll show you exactly what I mean by this
that way you can ensure that you can actually sell that product for a certain
margin so if I were gonna plan on selling this right here what I would do
is played out Plato Mickey Mouse Club set Mickey and I would search that here
in the listings on eBay right but what a lot of people don’t do and this is
crucial is you want to come down here to the left column and click sold items the
reason for that is that’s gonna sort for the actual you know completed sales and
how much they’ve sold for doesn’t matter what people are listing them for what
have they sold for what is the marketplace the man so you’ll see here
that actually sells for five there so two or three days ago for 538 so you
know maybe a couple weeks ago two weeks ago for 850 so a little bit before that
for about 11 bucks so I’d say flee and a little bit before that 429 not $24.99
similar items to that so you know you might be able to flip this for like 10
bucks so that’s important to keep in mind when you’re buying it because if
you know if you can get that on a coupon site obviously like in my course like I
show you and you can get that for a twenty cents well that might be a great
product if you put that in the formula so you’re getting it for twenty cents
and then your profit afterwards is less than you know ten bucks then and and
obviously it counts for the shipping then you know it’s a good product and
you can buy it so that’s why it’s great for arbitrage when you’re when you’re
doing arbitrage you can put it in that formula and know okay I might not be
able to sell it on Amazon but I can certainly sell it on eBay for a profit
too so maybe I’m gonna buy it for that 20 cents so you know what your potential
profit is so that obviously you can afford to buy it for anything less than
that obviously accounting for shipping charges now I am running a cyber monday
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