How to Scan, List, Price, Pack & Ship with Inventory Lab – The Entire Process
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How to Scan, List, Price, Pack & Ship with Inventory Lab – The Entire Process

so maybe you ready go ahead and ship some items to Amazon and you want to use inventory labs to do so well in this video I’m going to show you step by step on how to scan list price pack and ship all with inventory labs in this one amazing video let’s get started hey guys it’s Lenny from Simon Says resale where I go ahead and share some videos on how to sell on Amazon some how-to videos some tips and tricks and some other helpful videos to get you guys started on Amazon so in this video I’m pretty excited about because I heard a lot of people ask about it and I’m very very very excited to get a kind of put it together took a little time and I apologize but it’s not as long as I don’t think it is I’m really checked yet but it’s an amazing video to show you how to scan price pack and ship with inventory labs from start to finish and it will go through all the steps to help you kind of give you an idea of what to expect and maybe you’re doing this already you’re really not sure what to do so it is a pretty amazing video and I really want to get it put it together for you so a couple quick things about it one inventory labs isn’t the only product you can do this with there scanlister which I’m out also testing and there are a few others the one thing that makes inventory labs so great my opinion is not only can you scan and it has all the features and bells bells and whistles you need but it also has the accounting part of it you can see your profit you can see your loss you can see which suppliers what sources do better than others as far as profitability it’s an amazing product all around and their support is awesome too so definitely consider inventory labs there’s a link to it on the bottom as well and you also find a bunch of my other supplies and tools and equipment that I use throughout this process so it’s really serious about doing this on Amazon and even if you don’t even use inventory labs you have everything you need there as far as how to get started and definitely check out my other video where kind of goes through each piece of equipment and tool and software that I use to do all this so this is one of my first videos or actually show you some of the grunt work that I do and have people do for me but I really wanted to put this in a video for you because a lot of people ask for it so without further ado let’s go ahead and jump into inventory labs alright guys so before we get started a few quick things one is to first step really is to prep your books and get any stickers off any markings you can get them ready to go I have my little setup here I have my USB scanner my demo label printer here computer I have my mic here just when I sit down be recording what I’m doing on the computer and in the back here if you can see my tea but you see I have a USB hub there to kind of hook everything up so if you watch my supplies and equipment video a little while ago you notice that I use I mention a lot of these things so so prep your books get yourself set up a little lab this is my little corner office behind me is my main office but I kind of wanted to separate things for now on the left here I have my book so I already kind of prepped them there’s no stickers on them or anything so once you’ve prepped and you sort so sort them based on condition so on the left here I have all my very goods and on the right I have my goods this is a very small listing example I’m doing I usually have about 100 books to do at a time right now there’s maybe about 12 or so maybe 15 but just wanted to show really quick what to do so you got your your area set up with all the equipment you need for now I have some boxes over there which we’ll get to later so I think I’m ready to go computer printer USB scanner books ready to go so let’s go ahead and dive into inventory lab okay so we’re in inventory lab now one of the first things you’ll probably see when you log in is this little open batches page so a batch is what you’re going to be creating to basically list all your your books or your items so you have to create a new batch first in order to move on and start listing and scanning books for example so you know keep in mind I primarily scan and sell books so I’m going to say books a lot during this video and just keep that in mind but if you’re selling anything really this works pretty much the same way so the first thing you do like I said you jump into a new batch it opens up this new batch page I put this little thing here because there’s an address coming up I don’t want you guys to see if you happen to see it just ignore it look away but I do my best here since I hide it so when you create a new batch you would have a batch name it has to be unique so I usually leave it just the way it is because usually a time and date is unique for the most part include by list CSV if you have any CSV files you want to upload to import into this new batch process you can here I don’t know too much about this it’s a new I don’t use it so but there it is you can click on what is that for if you wanted to the one thing on inventory labs is very cool it’s it’s cloud-based meaning I don’t have to install this program or anything inventory lab related to my machine my computer everything’s cloud-based so what that means is inventory lab can update things whenever they like for example some of these options here we’re not here a little while ago because every time Amazon themselves make a change inventory lab does a great job and updating on their side so sellers like us can have all the latest and greatest features and functionality as if you were to do it through inventory or sorry through Amazon seller central so I’m going to go down this list a little more packing type individual products because I’m selling books otherwise you would they have things that are packaged together combined packages channel you want to make sure you’re doing FBA if you’re FBA otherwise it would be merchants but I’m doing FBA work flow type is live the other one is private so the thing what live is as soon as I submit a my first listing a little pop-up will come up kind of let me know hey the shipment you’ll be sending in is going to this amazon fulfillment warehouse do you accept you usually say ok and you move on so what that live does it kind of sets your distribution center up from the beginning otherwise it’ll kind of change it up on at the end for the most part so I’ve been doing live since I started and worked out very well for me label preference so label preferences basically you know do I want to put my labels on my books or do I want Amazon to do it so if you guys remember from other videos Amazon charge is about 20 cents a book or an item to label so I would just do it yourself and I have my diamond label here I’m on the Left I’ll show you guys later the student every time I submit a book to scan or to list it spits out a label for that individual book which works very well provide box contents so Amazon requires when you ship stuff into them that you have some sort of box content list so if you have four boxes you have a way to kind of show them what each content of the box is or are for example if you have 20 books in the box what are the books names ISBN numbers stuff like that so the very thing that inventory labs it takes care of that for you automatically very cool stuff shipping method small parcel otherwise you would have the the other one LTL or something like that excuse me so I’m ready to go ahead and hit create really quick so when you do that you’ll get a little live workflow warning letting you know that to make sure you pay attention to that any combined products need to be sent a certain way I kind of ignore this because I don’t really have to deal with it but just it closed and now it’s set up my batch so there’s my bad shows live FBA and I’m good to go so on the very top right you want to make sure that your Amazon catalog is selected usually it is because as you scan books as you type ISBN numbers you want to make sure that’s the catalog you have selected because that looks at Amazon’s catalog you know the 63 million or so books for example they have in our catalog the static msq prefix so before you scan something you can come into here and edit the prefix so I usually do this based on how I source my book so if I get it from a person like for example Linda or goodwill or another thrift store or yard sale I’ll just put some sort of prefix here and what’s going to happen is every time I scan a book it’s going to add incremental number by one so it kind of automatically creates the msq for you now this msq is where this M SKU is your merchant SKU number so customers will not see this this will not be published on Amazon seller central store so this is all you what I like about this is when a book sells I’m able to see where it’s sourced from pretty quickly because when you’re when you look at your Amazon seller central app for example when you excited when orders come in you’ll see this little MSC so kind of have an idea right away where you got the book from just kind of as an FYI so I’m going to hit save because these books are from Linda and now I’m ready to go so I have my USB scanner on the left here I’m going to scan my book the barcode in the back let me make sure I hit the little text box there alright so thinking visually I got the title you can actually open this up in a new tab and sometimes I do this because I want to make sure that there isn’t another hard copy or paperback that it’s confused with so a lot of times is when books have different formats like paperback hardcopy usually inventory Labs is really good at picking the right one sometimes it could happen where you scan a paperback but it actually comes up as a hardcover and then you put it online you sell it someone buys it and they get they don’t get what they asked for so just you don’t have to look at this every time I just sometimes do this want to show you so this is obviously a paperback book which is correct there’s a ranked little over a million reminder reminder message don’t really need to do that for books tax code I have a general books one quantity cost me a dollar so this is the cost per unit so you can click this button and just put your cost here so it will cost you two dollars but two dollars and then hit OK any dates you want to put for purchased I don’t really care so much about that so I leave it alone my supplier so this is different than your M SKU but I usually make them the same when I list items so the supplier this is more of a inventory labs option so what this does is if you go to accounting as I go to reports you have your supplier profitability this is a great tool to show you a breakdown of all your suppliers that you’ve got your books from for example and how many sales you got from each one so over time you can kind of get idea of which suppliers are the most profitable for example so I just we keep this the same as my M SKU and here’s my own SKU member I put Lynda in before it automatically added number of one so now I’m on 148 condition for this book is very good and I have other conditions here I have a pre-populated condition note some minor shelfware otherwise very close to like new condition pages are crisp and bright no highlighting marking or writing ships directly from Amazon delivery tracking number no hassle returns I’ll see your satisfaction is guaranteed so you can copy that if you want that’s what I have and that works out very well so on the right here you have the offers the original retail price and this nice little breakdown of columns now for those that use FBA scan or profit bandit or wherever else a third party app you’ll notice that it looks very similar the first two columns new and use those are merchants new and used prices and FBA is coming up with nothing now keep in mind with these apps and these programs that do this stuff that have an API or kind of a direct connection to Amazon not all the information from FBA is populated within those apps for example here I know for a fact that there is one other seller selling the same book as FBA and we’ll see that a second so don’t think that there aren’t any FBA is here I’ll show you what I usually do off right off the bat here but just want to kind of show you some other great features here if you see little Oh next any of the prices that means it’s the by box if you see an a that’s Amazon is the merchant and try to undercut them so you have a bunch of apps here you have ebooks Scouter eBay Google camel camel camel keep a prime comparison and Amazon product search so since I’m an FBI person I always choose prime comparison what this does this opens up another tab right into Amazon and automatically selects all the prime books for the specific listing so on Amazon there’s one other FBA person selling this book and I know that by little Prime logo here so they’re selling up thirty five ninety one that’s great so what I’m doing is I’m kind of getting idea of what the average price is to kind of give me an idea of how I want to price it now those of you might be thinking do I do this for every book and I have been the past few months and it’s been working out pretty well it does take me about a minute or so to list a book which is okay in life might my eyes but I also I’m testing out scanlister which is a little bit more efficient as far as time goes and even money in the long run but what that does is it just scans books and you set a price and then you list them and then you use a program like reprice it like I did a video on before to kind of see those books you automatic and automatically we price them to a decent competitive price so but what I’m doing here is I’m actually touching every single book and looking at the prices and the comparisons and the average for every single book at first so what I’m going to do is look at the price so it’s thirty five ninety one the rank is 1.1 million what I want to do is I am want to undercut him and I want this to sell a little quicker and I can care less about the few dollars that I could make if I was closer to him so I’m gonna put this book as for $29.99 so that’s definitely under this person and it’ll probably sell sooner for the most part it’s the same condition right very good yeah so I’m gonna put for $29.99 with this net profit is so I’ll make twenty hours net profit if it sells now what this takes into account which is awesome about this program it takes into account the shipping I forgot to mention the shipping before so this is my cost per pound for shipping two on average really so I usually ship to the Fort Washington distribution center I think it’s in Texas so that’s usually what it cost me to ship but for this specific book it’s about twelve cents or so so this net profit takes into account all the listing fees for Amazon FBA the shipping fees and the cost per unit the cost per goods sold so after everything this is the amount of money I should get and it’s very very close to being accurate so that’s a great idea to kind of know that so actually I can play around with this eventually you might see me do this with other books I can play around with this and can’t get to a net profit that I’m comfortable with if I’m not comfortable with the listing price and the profit so you have your net profit here automatically and you have your return right there so what I’m going to do I kind of want to show you this in real time I’m going to open up my my camera on my phone and I’m going to videotape as I press submit what happens is every time you submit a book it spits out a label for the book and I’ll just put the book on the label so let’s do that right now so I’m filming my DiMeo printer as I do this and here we go I’m happy with everything now I got my price got my condition notes I’m good so let’s do this and before that happens so when I hit submit is going to warn me let me know that this is the fulfillment center that I have have to ship my books to or leave this book for to start and all you really do is you hit accept and then when I do that it’s going to spit out a label there you go there’s my label for that book and I rip it off and I have my book here kind of tight but I’ll show you guys what to do so here’s my label right here and see if you get a better zoom in yeah there there’s my label so I’m going to take off the label a lot of people have asked me you know where do I put the label well you actually put it over the existing label on the book supposed to do that right now so I’m going to put that right on there and I’m good to go so that’s my label so this focus is ready to go so now I have my first book listed as you can see I have some information about it the title label words going stuff like that now if you notice you on the bottom which is very cool which one of the great things I love about this program is I have all my information as far as you know the buy costs the profit stuff like that so I have one item with the average sales rank of only one obviously the total sales value is the listing price the buy cost and the net profit so right now I’ll be making twenty dollars or sixteen cents which I’m happy with let me get the next book I’ll scan a few books just to kind of give you an idea of how to do this you know repetition is going to be the best thing when you guys starting off just can’t keep doing it get used to it you should be okay so this next book here today I will rank of about seven artists under 700,000 my tax goal is good quantity one CPUs good supplier m’excuse good conditions very good awesome now you see on the right that I have a bunch of FBA stuff here that could be all of them that are there there may be more so if I go ahead and go to my little Prime button here yeah that’s pretty good there’s only about five or so so what I’m going to do because a lot of people ask you about how I list the highway price one thing they see if see if first there’s any Amazon listings there’s one here Amazon is selling the book for 1286 new so you definitely want to go under that cheapest one is 890 which is good okay so what I usually do I kind of average it out so I don’t use a calculator or anything I just kind of you know the wing it basically so I’ll be comfortable selling this book for about 995 now I feel like well how much money will I get returned and net profit for that all you do is you go here you go 995 and it’s about a little over $3 some people might be okay with $3 some people might want more some people might say this isn’t worth it it lives up to your business model and you know how many books you have to sell so I’m okay with $3 for this because I wanted to sell really quickly so I’m going to keep it at that and that’s pretty much it for this book there’s nothing else I got to do because I kept the condition the same and that’s why it’s so important to sort your books beforehand so you let the worry keep flipping back between good very good like new stuff like that so I hit submit and save you’ll hear my printer there you go took a little longer but there it is I’ll rip off the sticker here pick up the book I know you can’t see this but I’m doing it put the label on the back of the book over the barcode and I’m done let’s do one more book one more book as an example and then I’ll kind of finish this for you guys I notice on the bottom how my numbers changed my average sales rank went down a little bit total sales value $39 total by cost 2 bucks net profit $23 so on 2 books I got 23 bucks so far not terrible scan my other book here this one’s a heavy book a little heavier so it’s about little owner 200,000 rank which is pretty good only thirty other offers and I’m looking at the top right here so that’s important to look at the book before that I had about 50 or so offers which is a little high maybe but just so you know that’s what the offers are the more offers the more competition you have which may mean the longer it may take for the book to sell that’s why you may have to think about pricing and stuff like that so tax codes good quantities good cost is good see there’s my shipping now a little more expensive as you notice my first book I did was 12 cents to ship this one’s about a dollar 26 my skew looks good very good as well and now I look at the FBA so I’m clicking a little prime button here there’s only two other offers new 422 97 and one of them is awesome Amazon so what I’m going to do you may be asking well this 30 offers why is the only two primes well there’s 30 offers total so if I click on this one ooh I’m stuck in like the prime world right now so um let me see let me take this see if this works no that doesn’t work how do I get there hold on he’s clear all for now I’m going to used so there’s all the use ones merchants as you can see there’s a bunch there so I really don’t look too much at the FDA stuff when I list for the most part so I’m gonna ignore it so let me go back to my prime pager so to 420 397 or so so I want to sell this for $19 I usually undercut the best I can yeah some people might say well the sales ring is very low that means it’ll sell pretty quickly let me show you guys camel camel camel whoa or here so I’m going to pivot into camel camel camel here’s the look scroll down to sales rank and I do use this a lot too especially when I’m kind of stuck in between you how much I want to sell the book for you see if my login is there see if that works all right cool work so let me put this down to a month so in the past there’s only stole anything in a month so in the past there’s pretty much with cama cama cama you look at all the peaks all the plateaus so there’s one two three four so about four and three months so maybe one a month if you want to call it that yeah so what I was determining before is the the sales rank looks pretty low so why wouldn’t I put a little higher list price and just deal with that well I could but I’m gonna leave at $19.99 because I want undercut Amazon obviously and there’s no one else really selling this prime under Amazon well except for this guy selling it over Amazon which you know good luck with that but I’m really here to get these books sold not to sit here forever and an acquire storage fee so I’m going to set this for $19.99 everything else looks good I hit save submit you’ll hear my printer in a second waiting for it there we go as my printer rip off the sticker put it on the barcode in the back of the book and I’m done so three books down couple more to go so just a kind of little recap here we’ve scanned and listed three books total profits 31 bucks by cost three bucks and that’s pretty much it so I’m going to scan the rest of these books really quick and then I will be back I went ahead and scanned a few more books here at the bottom you can kind of see where I wind it up 13 books to average sales rank 684 total sales value $246 55 cents total buy cost 13 bucks and total net profit $118 so 13 books and about 118 dollars in my pocket and again 118 is after all the fees shipping cost the book sold everything so not too bad so at this point what we’re going to do since we’re ready to pretty much pack the books we are going to go on the bottom here and choose scanned a pack the cool thing is about this they changed it up a little bit here’s my 13 books or so one two three four five six thirteen what I can do I only have one box since I’m going to put this in one box so it makes it a lot easier kind of gives you a boxes to the area we’re going to so for example for Washington I believe one hit new box so you create your first box and then you have this little start button here I’m going to pivot over to me showing you kind of how I set up the box is real quick and then I’ll start scanning these in and putting these in the box so I’ll be right back all right so we have the box here here is my tape gun works like a charm obviously just pick the right side so this is top flip it over here size down just like that so it makes it easy with the tape gun you don’t use your teeth don’t worry about things falling over the place so let me just spin around here for a second so what I usually do is I am pull out a little bit give me a little loud to the barrel there start off there that’s one I usually put a couple pieces so three pieces like that and actually do tape I usually have to pull it a little bit just so I get the length right bottom is taped go to scan to pack and I have my box here if you don’t have a box here at all to hit new box and will come up now let’s say you have multiple boxes well what you do is you scan the books which I’m about to do and you can put them in the box and as you scan them if you run our room in your box just hit new box and it creates a new box and you start scanning them in there so that’s the great little feature this scan to pack is this is your box content so remember on the very beginning it asks for box content well this is what you’re doing at this step which is super easy now what I’m also doing what you can’t see right the second is I know the books I have the 13 are way under fifty pounds and the Box I’m going to use is way too big for these thirteen books because I don’t have a smaller box right now I’m just doing this for demonstration purposes so the box that I’ll show you when all the books are in there it’ll have a lot more room in it so I’m just going to put some draft paper in there to fill it up but as you’re scanning your books into the box put your box on top of a scale so you can kind of keep track of as you’re putting books in there you know make sure you’re not going over fifty pounds so I just keep putting back books is in I keep putting books in the box until either I get to 50 pounds or just below that or I run out of room and then when I hit that cap one of those two caps or those limits I hit new box and I just start scanning into that box so very simple just think about is your itemizing what’s in the boxes so as you run out of room in the box or if the box gets too heavy hit new box and just start scanning those but those of those books in those boxes so I have my one box I’m going to click this little info thing it’s going to have start so what this is doing it’s listening it’s listening from my USB scanner on my desk so what I’m going to do is I’m scanning the back of the book that I already put a label on remember we put the labels on each book so I have my label on the back so if I scan it makes it very loud noise but I’m going to turn the volume down if I scan it it puts that book in there Lindo 161 that’s the book I just put in so I’m going to keep going here all the way down should have 13 when I’m done here cut more now again I’m scanning the barcode the label that I put on top of the original barcode it knows what it is because it’s in the system right now all right so I’m done so I just scan my 13 books I’m gonna hit finish and then close so now I have quite a box content for those now what you could do is you cook them over here to the left and go to box content info and you’ll see these are all my books these the box number this FBI digit up zero-one that’s the box if I had another box that would call it 0 2 and so on and so forth you actually can create a new box here as well and start scanning those into the particular box you notice there’s a box a 0 1 there’s a 13 there’s a 13 books as you can see here so I’m pretty much done with my books what I can do is I can send up data boxes this stuff goes to Amazon there we go it’s sent successfully you can come back to my little batch order here and I can hit review batch go ahead and send my box feeds all right so now what happens is I went ahead and my batches closed remember we opened up the batch a while ago well that batch is closed now I have this guy down here I can go back to my boss content and everything’s good there so I’m done with inventory labs for the most part I do have to jump into my Amazon seller account which I will in a second just close inventory labs there and just log back in real quick alright let me log back in there move this over okay so I do have to log into my Amazon seller account to look at my shipments really quick so as you see when I pull up my shipments an Amazon seller account I’ll have my one there and now you see there’s 13 items very good and again I didn’t create this shipment in seller central yet you’ll see because everything was created in inventory labs during the batch process so at this point I think I’m good let me just double check my boss contents here okay so things are good one thing to check if you go to list and Amazon listing errors you’ll see something pop up if something does happen but these little Amazon listing errors when you’re done with this step to see if anything’s there so I’m pretty much done with my batch I’m done with that now what I can do here’s the fun part now at this point two things I can do doesn’t matter what order I do them in I can come here yeah actually this is a good step let’s go to work on shipment and if I go here you’ll see all my books should be thirteen or so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and so thirteen yep thirteen books I choose small parcel ups and let’s see there’s one box I already have one box let’s say you have five box and you just hit five hit set number boxes and then five these will come up so my weight I don’t know my weight yet so what I’m going to do is let me cut over to the other video real quick and show you what my weight is bear with me there all right so at this point I can go ahead and start packing out my box what I usually do is I these are all good or very good so I’ll put some of the bigger books and it’s bottom with the spine you can guys can see that with the spine against the side again it’s not common sense you don’t have to be in any special water usually I put maybe the bigger books at the bottom just to have some sort of stability I’ll go ahead and just fill these out you can see everything I’m doing now that you will in a second again there’s no special way to do this you can get creative and only put certain bolts to certain places but so I’m pretty much done and see those are my books I can put them a different way but you know that’s kind of how it is right now but just to get an idea I usually put the bigger books the bottom if you have a different assortment of books like like new very good good you probably want to put the not-so-good ones on the outside just in case you do get ding you’re damaged but that’s kind of that’s kind of it now what do I do to fill this up so I have this draft paper here what I do is I just kind of rip off a couple chunks so books are good now so at this point I’ve packed my books I’ve put them in here put the drafting paper in and we need to know how much this box weighs I know that this box and the books don’t weigh over 50 pounds but what I do is I mentioned this before with my scale by the way bring it over here well here’s my scale and my skill has a little LCD screen here probably can’t see it from where you are but just make sure let’s set up correctly okay so what I’m gonna do is you put the Box on the scale like so I don’t know if you can see it from all the way over there but if 18 I’d say 19 pounds let’s say so now I know how much my box weighs and when you fill out the seller account and the work of shipment part it’s going to ask you the dimensions on this box it makes it easy because the dimensions are here 16 by 12 by 12 so we’re going to cut back to the other video and I’ll show you where to put this information so I got the weight I got the dimensions now I can go ahead and put that stuff in there all right so the weight was 19 pounds box dimension 16 by 12 by 12 and we’re going to calculate so it’s going to cost me nine dollars and forty-five cents to ship this so go ahead and accept the charges and okay maybe wondering how does it charge me well it takes it out of your balance for Amazon so you don’t need a credit card number anything this call comes out of your fees already so once you accept the charges you go ahead and print the labels now if you guys remember from a few videos ago my wife talked about shippment their equipment and things like that the labels I’m printing on the shipping labels I’m printing on I get for free from UPS so all you do is you set up a UPS account it’s free online you go to shipping supplies and you kind of drill down into the shipping label section and you’ll find shipping labels there and actually there’s other stuff that’s free but for me I’ll any of the shipping stuff the labels themselves so they send you 50 sheets of labels with two shipping labels on a piece when you ship mount to Amazon you’re going to need to you need two labels one labels for the Amazon stuff one labels for UPS and I’ll show you guys that in a second so I’m going to do is I’m going to print this comes out here so here’s my shipping label stuff all right there I’m going to print that and I’m gonna stick it on the box so be right back alright so we just print it out our shipping label and here they are you see there’s two of them on here this this is considered one sheet of paper obviously but you can get 50 of these for free from UPS com so it prints out the Amazon PA stuff and UPS stuff so let’s go ahead and tape up our box right so I don’t put tape on the corners on the top something I don’t do but here you go so in our box you got our labels so what I usually do is start with my left it probably looks opposite from your but really doesn’t matter what side you put these on she put the BA the labels on the box like this you’ve probably seen this in other videos make sure you don’t put the label that way because when Amazon opens up the boxes they’ll take a knife you know and they’ll cut the center you don’t want them to cut the label itself so these boxes are perfect I buy these in bulk I just put this on both sides like this and there we go I could put them this way too if I wanted to but they fit fine on this side so Amazon just takes the little knife cuts it down the middle and they won’t rip the labels so that’s that’s pretty much it we got the books in the box their shipping is paid for we put the books in there taped it up we’re just about done all right so we just packed up our box put the label on and just go ahead and complete shipment here now if you go back to England Tory Labs you may wonder hey why is this still here when you hit sync it just kind of sinks a few things up you may wonder why that’s there not a big deal what you do is when you hit mark is shipped on the Amazon seller central account then hit sync this will disappear so I’ll do that now mark those ships come back here hit sinks gone so I guess fought now we’re back to the beginning we’re back to refer starter when they had no batches over and I had no shipments there so we pretty much went through the entire process to scan lists pack and ship a bunch of books down was on FBA congratulations awesome job well there you go congratulations you just walk through the entire process from start to finish and how to scan list price pack and ship books with Amazon so hopefully the answers a lot of your questions and I’m getting really excited about this video because I think you guys will like it definitely leave your comments and stuff like that as well it it didn’t take me that long to do all this especially lists of books I did take a break in between just because I had some personal things to deal with but I only use 13 books I could have done a lot more I usually do up to maybe a hundred in a sitting now one thing to mention and I do mention this a few times is in the very beginning when you submit your first book it shows you what distribution center it’s going to and then my case is going to Fort Washington if you start scanning books let’s say I started scanning for Washington and then I come back I don’t finish it I scan maybe five books for example I come back two hours or maybe a half a day later and I scan more books in the same batch it might change the distribution center on me which is a pain in the butt because you have to do shipments based on those different shipping centers it may sound complicated I haven’t had that experience yet in a while because what I do to hopefully avoid it is if I have books to ship and to listen to scan and all that with inventory labs I do it within that one sitting and I usually get lucky meaning I don’t have other distribution centers to send it out for example on a listing or shipment a while ago it said to ship these 50 books to New Jersey it said to ship these three books somewhere in California instead this shipped these eight books to some other location in New Jersey and I winded up doing eight different shipments to different places and it was extremely annoying I’m like there’s got to be a better way to do this there is a fee you can pay Amazon so they don’t do that to you but it’s costly and if you kind of do it right maybe I maybe I got lucky so if you’re thinking about doing shipments you’re thinking about shipping books with inventory labs at least pick out carve out some time that you have to do it you know maybe it’s an hour to carve out that hour to and just focus on that and focus on shipping books out with inventory labs don’t break them up try not to break them up because you could run the risk of them splitting those up on you and it’s really annoying so again I really hope you like this video go ahead and leave some comments smash that like button if you enjoyed it and please please please subscribe to the channel so you get notified one more videos come out because I do have a lot more coming out all right so again I hoped you liked this and you guys have an awesome day bye


  • Enlighten Me

    Hi simon big fan,
    I have a question can tactical arbitrage fo the same thing as eflip in regard to textbooks and books because I'd rather have an all around sourcing software, but don't want to miss out on things that eflip has that tactical arbitrage does not.

  • Eltee954

    Hello Simon,

    I've been watching your videos here on YouTube and was wandering if you're still active because most of your videos are at least a couple years old. With the speed at which technology seems to be moving these days, I just wanted to make sure the information is still relevant and does not need to be updated before I dive in too deep and can't get back out. Thanks for making the videos.

  • Shane ONeil

    Awesome info in this vid. Just getting started with ScoutiQ and still trying to figure things out. Do you still use inventory lab and what software would you suggest to a newbie? Thanks again Simon
    YOU ROCK!!!

  • Harm Bomm

    at 26:01 you go to "scan to pack" and your mouse disappears, I can't find that on my screen. And my shipment of 106 books is going to 11 fullfillment centers, some in 2-3 book shipments! I'd like to delete the small book shipments and make another shipping plan

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