How to sell globally – Ilya Kretov, eBay Russia and emerging markets Europe

Hello guys today we’re at TeComm
Conference and Expo in Romania Bucharest. And next to me is Ilya from eBay. Can you tell us little bit about yourself? Hi, everyone. My name is Ilya Kretov.
I’m general manager for Eastern Europe
Nordics and Russia at eBay. I’m based in Moscow and basically I’m developing
eBay for buyers and sellers across 100 markets. What’s your topic today today? Today at TeComm in Bucharest I will be speaking how to expand business globally and how
to easily reach 170 million buyers across the globe. This is really nice topic. We have small Bulgarian shops that are selling world wide. What are the challenges that the people have to overcome to be global? So basically I would say that the sellers who we’ve seen on eBay in Bulgaria are one of the most advanced.
So Bulgarian growth rates are one of the highest in the region
which is very pleased to me. And the whole point about Bulgarian sellers and
successful Bulgarian sellers is serving the customers better than anybody else
in the Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. We think that the whole demand
which is located in US, in UK in Germany is putting more
and more pressure on sellers. People are expecting goods to come faster, to come
with shipping for free. To return them faster. So what successfully
the Bulgarian sellers are doing is they are locating their items in the country of the buyer
so basically they put the furniture or parts and accessories of fashion in the
warehouses in US or UK. And they are sitting in Bulgaria, managing from Bulgaria but serving the customers from the warehouses in the country of the buyer.
They use a lot of fulfillment centers. Absolutely yeah and it’s what drives the growth rates like crazy. This is really interesting because in
Bulgaria, we have small quantity of fulfillment centers and it’s going to be
like really interesting for the people to use it. Like give all the options to the people and they will have much more time for marketing and SEO. Absolutely so you can outsource it. We have a few partners with whom we already work. For an
example if you don’t have or you don’t want to set up your own warehouse there is a
large partner called Vemma. It’s a joint venture of eBay and the warehouse company. I would say that a lot of Cinese sellers which are very active in the global trade. Are using those fulfilment centres across the world already. So this is the one thing. The other thing is
It is the export hub which we’re developing now for the sellers. It allows easily:
1. List items;
2. Translate them in to different language. And serve it to different eBay domains. So for example for like to target German buyers, to target UK buyers, Australian buyers and be more visible in the eBay search. Plus having native language Bulgarian. Bulgarian language support in Now we are actively working on bringing logistics
partner into that into the tool. So basically the whole idea will be that
seller lists items on eBay from Excel price list. If they receive the
order, basically they immediately Inc the different logistic providers, choose the
best option courier comes, takes the item.
You forget about everything else. Just produce the item yourself. You know, I have to ask this.
Where it’s going to be That’s a very good question yeah it’s
like we are now in Romania, Bucharest. I was just asked like five minutes ago they asked when we are doing to have At the moment we’re more focusing on the cross border. But differently we see the potential in Bulgarian buyers.
So not this year, not in the short term but we’re constantly having this in our list of ideas. Super, thank you very much for the interview.
Thank you very much, hope see you in Bulgaria.

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