How To Sell On Amazon: Is Passion Enough To Be Successful On Amazon?
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How To Sell On Amazon: Is Passion Enough To Be Successful On Amazon?

You know what it is that garage bands and Amazon sellers have in common. Knowing what this is can be the difference between making just a few sales a day as an average Amazon seller or building a million dollar fiscal products business that can change your entire life. Hi I’m Jason Katzenbach CEO of amazing dot com and Mike McCleary our company’s chief product officer is talking about change both my life and his. And it’s also changing lives for thousands of our students who have come to understand this critical concept. Who here has ever been in or knows someone who’s tried starting a band when they were younger. I know that I did. Back in the days of parachute pants and big hair. Now when these bands are all starting out think about the kind of music that they first start playing up whether it be at a wedding high school dance or a late night show at a bar. Now if you’ve been to a wedding and listen to the band when they start playing you’ll notice that they don’t immediately start out with one of their own songs that they’ve written in hopes that people will like it. Instead they start playing the most popular songs around that they know people already love and that will get them up out of their seats and do the dance floor. And it’s not until the crowds get to know them and they started to build up a following that they then start to introduce their own songs that they’re passionate about and that they’re hoping will become big hits. Well the same holds true for sellers on Amazon. You may have a product that you’re passionate about and that you think people will love. But unless you’re certain that there is a demand for it your chance of being successful are slim. At the best instead. The absolute best way to be successful from the very beginning with your Amazon business is to sell products that you already know there is a huge demand for it and you do this by creating your own brand of physical products that people are already buying like crazy on Amazon. Now if you find a product that you’re also passionate about well then that’s awesome. But our point is that being passionate alone is not enough at least not enough to be successful right from the start. The most important thing to look for when choosing your first product is demand because if you already have that then you already have customers. They’ll be looking to buy a product just like yours. Instead of trying to convince them that they need your product. That’s why one of the most important factors in choosing your first product to sell on Amazon is to look at Amazon’s own barometer of demand. The BSR or best sellers rank the BSR is the number assigned by Amazon to every single product and it ranks them based upon those that sell the most every single day to those that sell the least. Now to make sure that you don’t choose a product that’s too competitive we recommending selling products have a BSR between 400 and six thousand. That’s the sweet spot that we and our students have found that will not only help make sure you can compete from day one when you launch your product but will also generate that kind of sales to start building your life changing business. Now there are other critical criteria and you also need to look at such as price weight the number of views and being able to own the brand that you create. And we’ve created a completely free training program that walks you through all those criteria. And every step of the process you can check it out at amazing selling machine dot com and you can also check out all of our other training videos right here on our YouTube channel. And if you want to see us create more videos like this where we give you free tips on starting your own business then just leave the comment amazing in the comments below. Hey Karen we’ll see you soon.


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