How to Source $5K of Shoes in One Day – Nike Sneaker Haul w/ @rickyanalog – Reselling on Amazon FBA
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How to Source $5K of Shoes in One Day – Nike Sneaker Haul w/ @rickyanalog – Reselling on Amazon FBA

[Ricky] So the car is
absolutely packed to the max. In case you were wondering, this
is what it should look like when you properly clean out a Marshalls.
So you think I’m done for the day? Just picked my daughter up from
school, dropped her off at the house and now it’s off to the next town
over to hit up another Marshalls because we are going
to slaughter it today. Here we go baby. A little
bit of that theme music, get pumped up because we’re
about to go in and merk it! Just drop 3k on shoes. The
cashiers were losing their mind, they don’t know what to think. It’s going to be seriously
interesting to see if we can fit, I think it’s eight carts
in this car, we’ll see. It’s going to be tough,
I’ve got an empty car. This is all of us nine carts. This might be the most pack my
vehicles ever been with shoes. Front seat, the back all the way up.
Trunk. Ridiculous. I’m so happy it all fit because I don’t
have to drive all the way back here tomorrow to pick up the rest.
Wooh, thank you Buddha. I actually almost feel stupid for saying
my car was completely full earlier. This is completely full. I got
to be careful how I brake or I’ll catch a shoebox
to the back of the head. Stuff is all behind me being all crazy. Me and my co-pilot kicking it. Got everything unloaded, ended up
buying 125 pairs of shoes today. Dropped $4,600 but because we use
gift cards to buy them that $4,600. It really only cost us
$3,600 because you save 20% when you use that gift card hustle,
divide that across 125 pairs of shoes we had that’s an average of $29 a shoe. And a lot of these Michael Kors
boots were $80 a pop so I’m sure if you take out those
high-priced outliers, the average price per shoe
was actually much lower. Pretty sure our average sale price for
shoes is right around $80 and 125 units at that price is going to be 10 grand.
That’s about 4 grand of profit. And that’s probably a pretty low ball
estimate considering these Michael Kors boots go for about $200 a pop. Y’all women are gnarly
spending that much money, all that lucci on these ugly ass boots. Ain’t nothing special about them
but shit I’ll sell them all day if you want to pay it. That’s the damn shoe store right there,
them racks at Marshalls are empty now. (funny voice) What is going on?
There’s candies flying already, hey. What’s up? What is it? (laughs)
Get them little legs kicking.


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