How to Start an E-Commerce Business The RIGHT way!
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How to Start an E-Commerce Business The RIGHT way!


  • Sonny Tee

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  • Sam Lee

    Sonny! Again thanks for all you do man!!!!! Changing the game and helping the world. I will get off your d!ck now!

    Question… What are the spy tools you are using? (Update, I F*cking googled it! and finished watching the video!)

    I said why don't I just look it up before you respond and then add and practice on giving value! Here is a link to Facebook Ad spy tools.

    I want to help make your following bigger! The world needs to know about you Sonny!

    Thanks again!

  • Doc Reo TV

    Haha! Fashion Nova is a friend of mines store. We were just talking about it tonight. Went’s from $1 Million to $100 Million in women’s clothing. He’s the only guy I know that flipped a Go-Cart at a small Go Cart Track. Lol! Look at him now.

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