How to Start an Online Store the RIGHT WAY (Step by Step)
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How to Start an Online Store the RIGHT WAY (Step by Step)



    Thanks for the video. I don't need a store right now, however I am having a problem trying to figure out the best way to do affiliate programs and links. I'd like to make sale pages that list the best products and prices for the week from all the different affiliate programs I'm on. However if my shoppers wants more than one item, it may or may not go to the same place such as Amazon. And even if it did, it would open two tab windows or more and they would have a tough time adding to cart and checking out I think. So for example, I make a page of the hottest new smartphone for this month. The page is nice but each product links to a different affiliate program or different affiliate network. I don't know how I could make easy for my visitors. I can easily make a single product review post in a blog and link to whichever affiliate program I feel is best at that time, but it would be nice if 1) the link could redirect to another affiliate ptogram if the price happens to be better at a later time.

    I just got Google AdSense approved for my site, so yay to me. I'm having trouble getting people to buy anything using my affiliate links. I can get them to click the link, but no one ever buys. I hope to start a youtube channel soon, which will take even more time away from me to figure out trying to setup my website right. As you can tell, it's just a one person team here.

  • Good Woman Brand

    If I have a virtual store, that  my site will be the store front to another store where my items will be created and sent from, is the virtual selection the correct one for me when creating my store in WooCommerce?

  • Horvath Peter

    Hi. Im following your guide. I just got to the part where I set the http to https and my website is now down… the waiting is killin me 😛

  • Connie Kessinger

    I am totally ignorant of all this. My son started a website for me a couple of years ago, but it never really got up and going. I have a domain name and am hosted by someone he picked out — I don't know who. Is it possible to change hosts, or is it necessary?

  • Kortia Cousin

    Is it possible to use this set-up for a membership site? I already have a domain name and site through Click Bank, but want to stop using them!

  • A J Lofthouse

    Hi, thanks for the helpful video.

    One question I do have… You unticked the sitelock SSL feature when you checked out with BlueHost and mentioned there were other SSL security items we could find within wordpress…

    However you don't go on to mention which SSL method you used and your website in the demo has an SSL sitelock on there…

    Are you able to explain this please? Many thanks, Andy.

  • Júlia Sándor

    Thanks, this is coming very handy now. I am looking into creating a small online shop for a music management company.

  • Latisha Crawford

    Ok, what you didn't tell everyone was that you have to pay 179.00 down, then the 14.99 every month. I just called customer service and they told me 179.00 for the annual cost, then 14.99 a month.

  • Simz raG

    Dont go with bluehost . they are waste now , they dont give a good customer services .guys . i bought their server for 3 years , and i left them in 2 month ,even they did not refund me too .

  • Frank Bowen

    Is there a way to add a form to a transaction to collect information about the purchaser? I would like to use it to collect membership fees and then membership information. Thanks

  • leadbyleon Way

    Yes I accept what you said – definately not straight forward than it sounds to make money online shops and you could easily lose more than you make.
    Be cautious and take advice from others who can prove they have made money. I looked round a few sites and found some expert advice by searching google on sites like Ecom Turbo Tactic. Good luck and hope you make some cash!

  • ADVICE 101

    If customers choose a product they like on my website , does bluehost have something where it allows the customer to purchase , put their information in ? & will bluehost automatically send the products out to the customer ? Or how will that work?

    – Thank you

  • Nagiyeva Elvira

    Thank you for the nice video! I almost finish to create my online store. Now I'm looking for a plugin to accept cryptocurrencies on my website. Could you advise me, please, some good cryptopayment gateways?

  • Katherine Marotta

    Hi thank you for your video! I was wondering if it is possible to add a woocommerce after you have created your website with WordPress. If so, how can I do it and will it cost me more?

  • ICyclingClothes

    I'm new. I want to ask how I setup to choose shopping methods, email to the buyers and the buyers get the tracking numbers ? Do I need install plugins? Thanks !

  • Steph Sancia

    "FINALLY" !! A tutorial I can follow and Understand 100% REGARDLESS of Cost ! Much Gratitude as I'm much more informed about Web Hosting. You'd definitely get a job with the BBC in England 🙂

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