How to Start ONLINE BUSINESS | Which REGISTRATIONS / LICENSE are Required ? Cheapest WAY of Starting
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How to Start ONLINE BUSINESS | Which REGISTRATIONS / LICENSE are Required ? Cheapest WAY of Starting

How to Start an Online Business Which Registrations are required for online business People generally ask this question I will try to give complete answer so Before starting I would like to tell you My Name is SANDEEP SINGH. You are watching Chartered Wisdom If you have not subscribed yet click on Subscribe button now and become member of our YouTube Family. Here you will get videos on Income tax, accounting, GST and other financial issues So let’s start online business can be of 2 types first through your own website and sell your product through it second option is sell through well established e-commerce platform like flipkart, ebay and amazon Most people like to sell through flipkart, ebay and amazon if you are a proprietor Proprietor means single owner you need a PAN if you have no PAN then you can apply it online just type in Google – Online PAN application if your mobile number is not registered in aadhaar then Download Form 49A You can physically deposit application form in PAN centers You will be required GST Registration GST Registration is completely FREE You can take registration by yourself You can apply online in 10 minutes we have already made a videos on gst registration Link is available in description It will take 2-4 days to get GSTIN after applying but after registration you have to file return regularly you will be required to charge GST on your sales if you sell on your state you have to charge SGST and CGST IGST will be charged in case of Inter state sales For returns Videos are available Decide which category of goods you want to sale online In initial stages choose one category You can sell by importing goods. If you want to import from China you will be required IEC Importer Exporter Code (IEC) You can apply it from the Video for applying IEC is available Fees for IEC is Rs 500 Another thing required is Digital Signarure Link is available in description No return filing is necessary for IEC You can import directly from China with IEC You will get credit of GST paid on imports if you open partnership firm you will be required Partnership Deed It is an agreement between partners You can download format from google PAN is required in the name of Partnership firm GST is required in the name of firm Process for applying GST is same you will have to files returns of GST only Trade License under Shop and establishment act It varies from state to state But it is required for specific businesses business engaged in food items like restaurant etc. Drugs, medicines engaged in manufacturing and sale of hazardous substances You can take GST registration at your residential address GST is not required if turnover is less than 20 lakh


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