How to Test a Document Using JAWS
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How to Test a Document Using JAWS

Introduction hi i’m Reed, the voice of JAWS for this learning module. In this lesson, we will review allied compelled to determine if
your document as accessible when the world new york document if you could
change my voice to one of my cum canyons if you are more than two hours
you control need down by president clinton or pancake nam if you are inexperienced user this
lesson should be a nice review now the narrator will speak but i will be back
later on in this module to show you prototype spirit document let’s get
started now that you’ve created your document
follow these s ability requirements it’s a good idea to test it using
charles or job access that speech doesn’t software that assist people with
visual disabilities very intense allowed there are other assistive technologies
to such is not a visual desktop access or and mediating and was there however this module only have his jaws
because it is most common in the workplace algeria the key demands mentioned in this module
are based on the windows seven operating system but john special bettina salt if you have to defend ourselves assume
the commands made it there this is ability william the call from a module requirements to
make a word document accessible but there are seven accessibility
considerations structure figures hyperlinks lists columns color contrast entails doesn’t even more than a week but on the
screen there are certain features that make
skimming through document or locating specific texts very easy to do it for
dogs users let’s take a closer look at how does he
like disease other parents a document structure is defined by
applying exiles giasbm lists the document headings with
the insert ab six command had endless dialogue contends was to
john’s audio colon one one of a turf to move to item zero zero
keys these are can scroll through this list slapton heading en route to that section within the
document example one colon penance colin too example to colin figures colin too example three poland piper leaks colin
too just waiting on text that describes a
figure or image tallest labeled graphics press control shift in town please wait process into items in line
objects dialogue list one was to ladybug on the blue bonnets google a fairly complicated charts a detailed
description should follow in the next chiropractor four point johnson on sizzling text here is a good example of a hyperlink to
the league texas governor’s website links click here to see a bad example of
a hyperlink it also does all the hyperlinks document
by using the answered an ad seven command littlest dialogue littlest nuclep you’re
cool too removed two items texas governor’s
website this is one of the reasons it is
important to use meaningful tags describe the destination and the
hyperlink joss is able to identify lists daylight insane bullet or the number of
the item analyst before reading the item and in level two example for colin list
both the lions bola tigers boat bears one delaware who pennsylvania three new jersey for joslyn correctly read text that followed
that was created with the console and in level two example five colin
columns code columns colin these columns were formatted using the columns tools
jaws concurring leary through text columns are meant to
be read from top to bottom in ten left to right it calms facing was formatted by the
tacky jostle job over this have and read the
text across columns as a regular line bad columns colon these columns were
format it with domas columns that will skip to the tablet achchi jaws will not
or even to read line-by-line six jobs resolve taxed even if it is a white
font on a white background missus seemingly planned there is no
contrast but jaws could still read it it will not tell you if you have good or
bad color contrast so be sure that they are as yourself
with the color and contrast module seven for easy table navigation the answer
control t he commands lists the tables in the document use air he’s an answer to select a table list people’s dialogue list one with table to example five x two column one
cup entrance in syria and space fire then team taxes
a table lamp easy arrow keys in the through the cells
in the table and control entertainers in the next
table crazy people later row one wrote to look for column two road to rotary column three poverty commands there are many parties are useful but it
is difficult to amber all of them you can’t read the text version of this
module to have a hard copy as some of the important commands for a more extensive list of key
shortcuts visit the freedom scientific john’s keystrokes webpage easy answer key as a lot of fireteam
which change is a function of another team for example the shaky modifies work is
letters to the upper case using icici just like you would use a
control shipped are all skis here’s some key committees that are
commonly used control silences shaw’s until the next
commands control and the downarrow read the next
paragraph insert five says that word the cursor is
on is certified biased spells the word control called page at increases
peachtree control alts caged and decreases the
state insert one displays of virtual beer it shows a number of objects and the
document including whether or not there is a matter of time a guide for testing your document because announces a visual device vicky
or it is a primary control tool for navigating jobs if you are an experienced users and are
comfortable in jars you may want to consider and putting them alice in
turning up the monitor and to have a better feel for how accessible or an accessible your document really is this is not recommended for first-time
users jostle start talking before you can log
on keep in mind that this is software used
by people with visual disabilities so the computer will be talking a lot
during setup to describe what’s on the screen it’s a good idea to use headphones stop
other coworkers around him here is a general guideline for testing
accessibility but jobs of their document experience your document jobs star jobs then listen to the entire
document the grand jury where the cursor lies to
the end of the document is insert in the downtown to read the full document make sure the cursor is at the beginning
of the first line otherwise you can use it on a roll to scroll through the document
line-by-line scandalous in space provided by the
insert at six lands revealing text by pressing insert at
seven check that every image if there’s all
text by using the controls shipped intel commands examine tables for easy navigation be sure you can access the table layer press kits and space pirate batein taxes
a table layer check your documents functionality make sure links take you get the correct
destination with the person on the latest text enter texas governor’s website if there are four feels on the page
although now you cannot edit your document content
information in the field boxes question one that requires a checkbox
checkbox mile trek question to combo box example combo box item one one report can’t question for you that
requires a checkbox checkbox much ect make sure that much further warfield
makes sense matches the on-screen text they can be different a faster way to fill out the form is to
breast cancer and had five it’s part of the box will appear in list fields dialogue list one list to
question one that requires a checkbox checkbox not check stroll through the list of fields using
their keys and hit enter to jump to that pillbox question to combo box example combo box
item one question for you that requires a
checkbox checkbox not checked if they’re documented they stopped
analysts or checkboxes make sure that there as they work properly first call to get it done add openid dot
on box as a in it and answer to select an item western tour combo box example combo box
item one context menu navigate through supper
tomarrow item two item three eight five item for for checkbox presses space flight to check by and
check it restaurant revamp requires a jack talk
shit talks about checks question for you that requires a
checkbox checkbox checked space conclusion this module cover the basics of testing
accessibility using jobs for showed their team on a monday seven operating
system all that is this is a key commands might
vary if he is different versions the overall approach to business day make sure that just read your documents
and all features are understandable there’s an ongoing dozens of the us

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