How to use the Amazon FBA Labeling Service with Bulk Inventory Loader
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How to use the Amazon FBA Labeling Service with Bulk Inventory Loader

Hi. This is Nathan Homquist and I’m going
to show you how to use Amazon’s Inventory Loader, their bulk inventory loader, along
with their new labeling service to speed up the time it takes to ship bulk shipments,
or 100 to 200 items into your Amazon FBA account. So, the first thing you’re going to want to
do is go to Inventory, Upload Products Inventory, and download this template here. And what
that looks like is this Excel spreadsheet. And I’m just going to explain what all this
means here. The first one that I’m going to show you is the Product ID. That’s basically
the UPC code on the back of your item. I happen to have about 50 DVDs in front of me, so I
already listed a majority of them. So, I just want to do about five or so just
to show you how fast it goes. It takes about less than a second. And for the SKU number,
the great thing about Excel is that it will populate a plus one. So, now, every single
item has a unique SKU number. Product ID Type, that basically tells Amazon that this is a
UPC code instead of an ISBN number or an ASIN number. So, I’m going to drag this three down
there. Price, I’m not going to worry about right now. I have a real price for that, automatically
re-prices my items once they get to the warehouse. So, I’m just going to do $100 right now. Item
Condition, 2 means very good. All of these are in very good condition. Oops. So, I’m
going to drag that here. And I know all of this might seem a little
confusing at first; but, when you go to your seller account and download this template,
there’s a glossary that explains what all the numbers mean. For the next five, you can
skip. You don’t need to worry about those. Every item should have an item note and all
these are basically the same. Discs are clean and so forth. And the last one just tells
Amazon that these are going to be FBA items and that’s AMAZON_NA. And, as you can see,
if you had 100 or 200 of these, it really wouldn’t be that much work. Most of the time,
it’s just scanning them in, then just clicking and dragging. So, that’s about it for the
listing. So, I’m going to save this as a text file. And I’m going to go to Amazon Upload Products
Inventory. Go to Inventory Loader. You don’t want to hit Purge. That will replace your
items with this spreadsheet. Normally, you don’t want to replace your items, you just
want to add to your inventory. So, whatever you do, don’t hit Purge. Go to Choose File,
and I need to find my file that I just saved, and hit Upload Now. And this will probably
take about five minutes. I don’t really consider that wasted time because I can put the DVDs
in a box and do other things with the business. But, for the purpose of this video, I’m just
going to go ahead and pause it, and I’ll see you in about five minutes. Okay. Here we are a few minutes later. The
items have been uploaded. So, I’m going to go to Settings Fulfillment by Amazon. I just
want to make sure the labeling service is on. So, just make sure that’s enabled. Then,
I’m going to go to Manage Inventory and all my 50 items are right here. And I’m going
to checkmark all those. Switch to Fulfill by Amazon. Hit Send Inventory. And all these
are single items, so I’m going to put a 1 next to those. I’m going to create a new shipment.
Work on shipment. Hit Save and Continue. And, now, it does cost 20 cents a label, so
it’s going to be up to you to decide whether it’s worth saving the time. For $10.00, I
think it’s worth it. If you do change your mind, you can hit this and it says, “Do you
want to label the shipment yourself?” So, if you do decide to change your mind, you
can. But, I’m going to go ahead and pay the $10.00 and I’m going to have UPS ship it with
their rates. And the rest is just like a normal FBA shipment. So, I would print the packing
slip. Put in the weight. Get the cost estimate. I actually don’t have any ink in my printer
right now, so I’m not actually going to print this stuff right now. And this is going to
cost $6.00, so I accept that for the shipping rate. Continue and you would print the box
label. And hit Okay and that will print the box label. And, basically, you would put the
DVDs in a box, put the packing slip in it, tape it up, put the box label over it, and
you’re done. And hit Mark as Shipped. And 50 items are going to the Amazon Fulfillment
Service. So, I hope you enjoyed this video. I just
wanted to show you how to use the labeling service and also how to use the bulk loader
on Amazon as well. And I’ll see you next time. Thanks.


  • Nathan Holmquist

    Most of my items are books and CDs. Since I usually only have one copy of each, all my inventory goes to one warehouse. However, if I have 5 copies of the same DVD, then my shipment gets split up.

  • Janice S

    What do you do if there are two different listings on Amazon for the same thing? For example, I see a book (same format) in two different listings, but one has a prime super saver shipping and the other is all 3rd party sellers. Is it better to sell and compete with the other prime seller or put it under the one with all 3rd party sellers? I think they both have the same ranking in the catalog, but I don't know why they came up as separate.

  • Sean Graphman

    Hi Nathan, Are you satisfied with the "Repriceit" system? I'm looking into getting that for my business. I already figure it's a time-saver, but does it price things competitvely for you? So you're not taking a net-loss on your inventory? Thanks

  • Nathan Holmquist

    Yes, Repriceit does almost everything that I want it to do. I don't think you can enter the cost of the item though. So, it has no way of knowing if you are selling at a loss.

  • Nathan Holmquist

    I usually just pick the one with the best sales ranking. If they both have the same ranking, I will pick the one with the higher price.

  • Nathan Holmquist

    Most of my items are books and CDs. Since I usually only have one copy of each, all my inventory goes to one warehouse. However, if I have 5 copies of the same DVD, then my shipment gets split up.

  • Maxine F

    Do i have to have a Pro merchant account? I have an individual selling account and I don't see "upload product and inventory" under inventory..thanks 

  • Pixie Morningdust

    Some paperbacks come up as the wrong item when you scan them – sometimes a different title; sometimes even a toy. When scanning such an item into the Excel spreadsheet, how can you be sure it corresponds to the correct item?

    Thanks for another great video!

  • sue ellen mcgoey

    Thank you Nathan very clear and concise,have my first box ready except for this part.
    Question:if I print labels out on 30 label sheet,how do I know which label goes with an item?~regards sue ellen

  • Reginald Stinson

    Hey can you post an updated link to the template you are using? The link in the description is a dead link

  • Toni Hart

    Hi Nathan,
    Am I correct in understanding that if Im using Amazons FBA label service that all I have to do is pack the items ( no stickers, bags, etc) ? Or do items still need to be bagged individually and have some other type of sticker? I have new and used merchandise if that matters. Thank you SO much !

  • Kenny T

    If I am trying to undercut the price on a generic product with a brand in the listing, like for example

    It's a drawer but theres a brand "IRIS" on it. Let's say I find a cheaper source on alibaba and want to buy some over here, can I use this item's UPC and stuff and basically it will go under "6 new from $XX.XX" and i will be the 7th?

    Or do I have to slap on my own brand on it and get a UPC myself?

    Or do I instead have to look for a generic listing?

  • LiliCo


  • Darren Austin

    Hey Nathan I just subscribed to your youtube today! There was a similar question you answered below, but I still do not think the problem has been solved. I enter all the ISBN numbers for books I sell manually (I know I need to find a faster way!), and on all types of books, hardcovers and paperbacks, sometimes the wrong book will come up. The most common problem is sometimes it will say it is a hardcover or paperback when it is the opposite. How can you avoid that when doing inventory this way? Thanks!

  • luv muffin

    Hi Nathan! Is there an additional step after the labeling process in order for amazon to ship my products to various location needed after the label process?

  • Jason Lackey

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the tutorial. Here's a tip: Instead of grabbing the grip in the lower right corner and dragging it down, simply double-click it. That'll take your fast system to lighting.

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