How To Waste $75 on Amazon…
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How To Waste $75 on Amazon…

– Electronic yodeling pickle. Hey, guys, this is Austin. And welcome to yet another Ken Torments Me with
Terrible Products video. This time we are apparently
looking at pickles. (chuckles) Electronic yodeling pickle. Yodel-a-he-ooo, says the pickle. Should I ask how much this was? – [Ken] Eleven. – Eleven dollars. Much better than I was expecting. All right, let’s see what we get with
our accoutrements pickle. This is a very detailed looking pickle. (pickle yodeling) (yodeling continues) (out of tune yodeling) The Odin Serafim, world’s
first projection mouse? Ken, you do realize that
I actually had ordered one of these already, right? Not even kidding. This is actually a product
that I wanted to do a video on anyway. How much was this? – [Ken] Sixty nine dollars. – Seventy bucks. Oh, I’m sorry. (clears throat) Sixty nine dollars. I have to be very correct
on my pricing here. I’ve got to say, after the
last one where I was wearing a pink suit at this point in the video, much happier with my laser mouse. Oh! It totally works, look at this. So, if I swipe with it,
it is totally plausible. It’s like, click, whoa. That actually kind of works. I mean it’s not the greatest
tracking surface in the world, but that’s a laser mouse. Well, I think, more
specifically, a laser track pad. But still, that actually is really cool. You know what, if I
actually move a little bit more quickly with this,
it’s pretty responsive. I mean, it’s a little
bit inaccurate, I think. But, I mean, that doesn’t feel terrible. Oh, even tap-to-click works. Dude, this is like a legitimate track pad, that just happens to be a laser. Next item, please. You did not. So, for those who are not in the know, a little while ago, this
Supermario puzzle came out. And what was so special about it, is that it’s basically all red. It’s basically impossible
to actually put together. Puzzles are educational,
challenging and fun. Yeah. Challenging and fun when it’s literally impossible to put together. Oh, boy. That’s quite the bag. So, with a thousand pieces on board, you know that this is going
to be a fun time for all ages. Look at these pieces. They are all the exact same, they just have a little
bit of a texture on them. Why, why would anyone want to do this? I honestly think that
this is the extent of how much this puzzle is
going to be put together. All right, moving on. All right, I’m afraid to ask. What’s next? The BlackBerry Leap? How much was this? – [Ken] Seventy five. – Seventy five dollars for a BlackBerry. OK. Not exactly what I expected. Starting BlackBerry 10 OS. OK, so it’s actually a
legit, original BlackBerry. I mean, the hardware is not bad, I kind of like the sort of
rubberized finish on the back. It’s got a headphone jack. Hard to argue with that. That’s a rare commodity these days. Well, a pretty impressive eight megapixel auto focus camera on the back. I’ve got to say, those bezels
are straight out of 2015. Man, that looks very bizarre these days. So, we are now inside BlackBerry 10 OS. And I will say, this actually
has aged pretty well. I mean, sure, the app support is, well, minimal at this point. But the actual sort of interface, how smooth everything is, it actually doesn’t feel too far behind. If only, you know, Android wasn’t a thing. But of course, with an
eight megapixel camera, we’re probably dealing
with some crispy images. Wow, that’s a lot of shutter lag. Actually, you know what,
that’s not that bad. Alright, the real test is
going to be the selfie though. Oh, it’s a little bit colorful,
but I’ll give that a pass. I’m curious, do you know how much this was when it was brand new? Two hundred seventy five dollars. Well, if you look at it like that, this is a relative
bargain at only $75 today. Of course, you’re going to have to deal with BlackBerry 10 OS
which is basically dead. But, I mean, besides that. The Edifier P841 All right, it’s been a
while since I’ve taken a look at a new pair of headphones. This actually looks like
a kind of reasonable and not stupid thing to take a look at. Well, at first glance, they’re actually a little lightweight, maybe a little more
lightweight than I would like. But, of course, that’s not
the only thing that matters, certain headphones will put
weights in their headphones just to make them feel more hefty. They pass the Hotel California test. Now, the sound stage
isn’t exactly super wide, which isn’t really a big surprise. And there is not a ton of clarity there. There is definitely a little bit more bass than I would like, but they sound decent. For $65 though, I would probably lean towards the Status CB-1s, which, if you guys have watched
my videos, you know that I have recommended many, many times. I’m excited. What do we have? Printoss? This is very Japanese. Ken, did you get this is Japan? So, the entire box is
basically in Japanese. It looks like something
that you put your phone in and then a picture comes out, maybe? I’m very confused. I’m just thinking, in my
head right now, right? At what point would I
want to scan my screen and print it versus just transfer
a photo to a printer? I’m not going to think about it. I’m just gonna see if this thing works. Wait, wait, wait, wait. This isn’t a scanner. This has actual film inside, doesn’t it? – [Ken] Instax – It has actual Instax film inside? Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait. So, you put your phone on here. You take a picture of the
screen and it will print out on Instax film, I guess. So, it’s not even a printer, its just camera that takes
pictures of your phone screen. One pack of minion-themed
Instax film later. Let’s see if we can
get this thing to work. Look at this. That looks much more
realistic and reasonable. The real test is, what
am I going to print? All right, here goes nothing. (click) Is that it? Oh yeah, there we go. It’s blank right now, that’s fine. Just let it bake here for a second. Develop is what the cool kids call it. And hopefully, we’ll see
a picture of something. You know what? That’s actually not that bad. Yeah, it’s Instax, so
it’s not going to look quite as crystal clear as this wonderful pixel photo that I have here. One thing I will say is, even though they say
to crank your phone up to max brightness, especially if you have a newer Smartphone, it might be a little too much. I’m going to bring it down just a little bit for the next one. All right, shot number two. (cheering and booing) This is obviously a toy. It’s not like some super high end printer. But I will say, it’s kind of cool. Stuff like Instax is really fun anyway. And the idea that you can
print photos on your phone instead of just taking shots on a camera and hoping it works. I can see this being something that a lot of people could be into. So, as always, links to
check out all the stuff, including the Printoss
will be in the description. And I’m curious, what do you guys think about
Ken’s picks on this one? I gotta say, I’m not in a bunny suit, so I’m not complaining. But anyway, let me know
what you guys think in the comments below and I
will catch you on the next one.


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