Hey guys, it’s Heart and today I’m gonna be
giving you tips on how to win eBay auctions. So, I’ve had my fair share in eBay auctions
and I have won a majority of them and I’m gonna tell you my secrets. The only thing that I am trusting you guys
not to do is bid against me with my own tactics because…So, this is kind of a step-by-step
process. The first thing you wanna do is scout out
items that you’ll want early. And you don’t wanna find items that are ending
in like 30 seconds. You want to find them early. And then once you find that item, you’ll wanna
keep an eye out for any competitors because there will be people who want the item as
much as you do so they might bid. So once you find the item, place one bid on
the item and then let people outbid you. The reason for this is because people think
that, since you’ve been outbid and haven’t been bidding back, that you’re not gonna come
in and bid the final 20 seconds or whatever. That’s not the case. So, while people are bidding back and forth,
the price is raising, think about the maximum you would want to pay for that particular
item. And, for me, I don’t…for dolls I’m gonna
fix up, I don’t pay more than $50 for it so if they…if the people bidding get it higher
than $50, I’m not gonna bid again. But if they get to even like $49, I’ll still
bid. So, just kind of have a set price in your
head. That really helps because sometimes it’s tempting
when it’s like the final seconds to just keep bidding and keep bidding and then you win,
but then you realize you’re about to spend $300 on a doll. So, that’s just my advice. You can set however much of a budget you want. But mine is $50 for used dolls. So, keep an eye on the auction for the duration
of it. Normally auctions last a week. It could be three days. It depends on the sellers and what they’re
selling. Once the day of the auction has arrived, make
sure you keep a close eye on it until it ends and it…all times end for all different products. When I was bidding on the Tenney doll, it
was ending at like 6:15PM or something so I was just watching it since I got home from
school at like 3:00 and I was doing my homework by the computer and watching it so that I
can see if it is going to be higher than the amount I wanted to pay so that I don’t have
to keep watching it. So, 20 seconds before the bid is ending, there
may be a lot of people bidding back and forth and not expecting you to come and bid since
you’ve only been on the first day it was there or whenever it was. And you got outbid and you didn’t come back
to bid more. So they’re just kinda like, “oh whatever. She’s not coming back. We don’t have to worry about her.” That’s where they’re wrong. So, while these two people are going back
and forth just raising the prices for themselves, type in the maximum that you would like to
pay and this doesn’t always ensure that you’re going to win because the way eBay works is
you type in a number and then some people set up automatic bidding. So from the beginning, they put in the amount
they wanna pay and if somebody bids…okay let’s say the person wanted to pay a maximum
of $75 and then somebody bid $50, it would say “you’ve been outbid” because that’s an
automatic bid from the person who wanted to pay $75. So, eBay…they have eBay bidding for them
until the price gets higher than what they wanna pay. Basically what I’m saying is somebody could
have a price that’s way higher than what you anticipate to pay and they’ll win because
you didn’t outbid them. Two seconds before it’s about to end, click
bid and you’ll either get a message that says “you’ve been outbid” and it will take you
to a page that says “item has been sold.” Or it will take you to a page that says “you
won this item.” So, it’s kind of a hit or miss with this method. Some cases, you just get unlucky and somebody
put down a number higher than you wanted to pay but it’s okay because you didn’t wanna
pay higher than that price anyway. But if you really, really, really want this
item and you’re willing to pay anything for it, then I wouldn’t use this method because
you’re kind of just waiting until the last second and it’s kind of a hit or miss. But most of the times, it works. So, I hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope you find this helpful. I hope this helps you win all the dolls you
want or clothes you want on eBay. I know I use this method but like I said,
don’t come at me and use it when I’m bidding against you because I will not be happy with
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see you tomorrow. Bye!

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