I Bought 7 Boxes Of Amazon Returns

– So, the other day, I was
doing some online shopping, and I didn’t buy shoes,
I didn’t buy clothes. Instead, I decided to buy
$3500 worth of Amazon returns, and what I’m going to be
doing with these returns is hopefully selling them and seeing if I can actually make my money back, or potentially even make a small profit. So, I have not one, not two, but seven of these boxes
that I’m gonna go through, and I’ll show you guys what the items are. So, we’ll start with this box here, but first I wanna briefly tell you about the listing and how these all arrived at my door. Now, this box we already opened up because I did it for Instagram. So, if you guys aren’t
following me on Instagram, I’ll do a popup on the screen so you can follow me over there for bonus content like that. But first, I wanna show you guys what the listing looked like so we kinda have an idea what we are getting into
here with these returns. So, essentially, the listing here said, “Huge Lot of Wholesale Amazon Returns “Manifested MSRP $3560
117 ITEMS Uninspected.” So, they actually sent us a list of what was included in these boxes. I actually didn’t really look at it, to be honest with you. I just thought, this is gonna be a pretty interesting video. So, I went ahead and bought it. I paid a little bit in tax, and I think the shipping was free. It did show us a couple of
photos inside the boxes, and the one thing that’s going to be maybe a bit of a challenge is that all of these items are untested. So, we’re gonna try to maybe test some of these items out. My cousin is actually gonna help me out. He has an Ebay business he does where he sells stuff, and so he’s actually gonna
sell the products for me, and he may also test them out. And so, if you guys wanna see us actually try to sell these items, do me a favor and drop
a like on this video. That way I know how many people are actually interested. If we can hit 5000 likes on this video, we will absolutely do a follow-up of trying to sell these items and seeing if we can
actually turn a profit. With that being said, let’s
dive into box number one and see what we have inside here. Okay, so first in the box
here, we have a Crock-Pot, and this is definitely factory sealed, so I’m pretty sure we
could sell this one as-is, a little miniature Crock-Pot. And I actually don’t have one of these, so maybe I will actually keep that. Number two is a Soda Stream. This was definitely probably opened, ’cause the bottom is like this and the side’s kinda crushed. So, I really don’t know if
you can test these without, you know, popping and going
into that CO2 cartridge. Another Soda Stream. Now, I actually don’t
have a Soda Stream either, so maybe I’ll keep one of these too. Maybe I’ll keep two. I’ve got a lot of, well, I’ve got a lot of rooms in my house. I could put one in each room and have a, you know, sparkling
beverage wherever I need it. I actually do drink a lot of seltzer, so if I could actually
make seltzer at home with a pretty cheap way, I might actually keep one of these Soda Streams. Then we have this. Now, like I said, I’ve
already opened this, so I was able to see what this was. If you know it, drop me
a comment down below. I’m guessing nobody’s
gonna know what this is. I’ll give you a hint,
it can be spray painted. So, what we actually have
here is a bird bath de-icer. I had no idea that this was a real thing that you wanted to de-ice
your bird bath in the winter. I don’t personally own a bird bath unless there’s one in one of these boxes, which is possible, so this
one we’re definitely selling. But I don’t know, we’ll probably have to try to test it out and see if it actually works. But that’s gonna be a difficult
item to sell, for sure. And then the last thing
that was in this box is actually a filter for an aquarium. So, this is basically
what that looks like. Again, I don’t know how we’re gonna test some of this stuff out because, you know, we would
probably have to submerge this bad boy in some water, or we’re gonna have to sell
stuff in as-is condition. So now, let’s move onto box number two. Box numero dos. This one is quite a bit heavier, so I think we’re gonna have some more interesting items in here. We have a dog brick. I have never heard of a dog brick. Essentially you put… What the hell is this thing? – [Cameraman] Look at the front. – I still don’t get it. (laughing) – [Cameraman] I think you put– – Oh, exercise your dog’s mind. – [Cameraman] Yeah, you
put dog treats in it. – So, you put dog treats inside some of these little containers and then they have to
open it with their nose, and then apparently you train your dog. This appears to be brand new. I don’t even think it’s been opened, so this we’ll be able to sell for sure as a brand new item. Then we have, oh, no kidding, this is actually pretty cool. It’s an iRobot mop, so it
mops your floor for you. Battery operated, six cleaning pads. So, this right here alone, if it works, is about $100 to $150, so that right there should help us recoup
some of the money here that went into this as well. But the other thing that helps is dropping a like on this video. That way, maybe it gets
seen by more people and I can recoup some
of the money spent here in ad revenue. Next we have a comfort
grip (speaking in Spanish) oh, that’s in Spanish here. A comfort grip nine inch electric knife. These are actually pretty
handy for Thanksgiving for cutting your turkey. However, I don’t think
I’m gonna keep this, and I do not have one,
but I don’t have interest in an electric knife. However, this I will
definitely keep, Tide Pods. That’s my favorite snack. (laughing) And then we have U-Snork. This is a snorkel! – [Cameraman] Is it really? – This has gotta be a snorkel. – [Cameraman] What’s the brand on it? – U-Snork. – [Cameraman] U-Snork. – A U-Snork snorkel. but a U-Snork snorkel. I wonder if this went together with the aquarium filter. Maybe someone had a huge aquarium that they swam in. So, inside the box, we
have a U-Snork towel, and then I’m not gonna go into it. Oh, this is all still
packaged up then, too, and this is all pretty new, so it looks like one of those really good quality face mask snorkels. I’ve actually used these before when I was down in Mexico. I went snorkeling, and the face mask ones are really good, especially for kids, so. Okay, next we have an unknown item here. It says, “Please affix
this label to your box “and drop your return off
at the location below.” On the back here, it
says, “Patterson Medical.” If this is like one of those things that you sit on when you have hemorrhoids, I’m gonna be really grossed out. (laughing) The little blow up pillows that you use. I don’t know what this is, dude. It’s a medical device for sure. It’s unopened. – [Cameraman] Is it heavy? – Is this one of those
things that you wear when you’re getting an x-ray done? You put it on your man
parts to stop the radiation? That’s what it looks like, but it also feels like it’s gel. So, I’m not gonna go
any further with this. We’ll check the manifest,
’cause it is unopened, so I don’t wanna open it up. Then we wouldn’t be able to sell it. Next we have a pretty good
looking thermos, actually. I don’t know if there’s a lid to it. There’s… How do you sell a thermos without a lid? (laughing) Is there a lid in the box maybe? Next we have another
little water bottle here. This is like a Camelback water bottle, but the straw is loose on the inside, so I don’t know if they’re
supposed to be loose or if that’s broken, but we’ll
inspect that in a little bit. Oh, we have some feminine products here. Or no, this has a dog… This has a dog paw on here. – [Cameraman] Is it one
of those doggie diapers? – Are these doggie diapers? I didn’t know they made doggie diapers. – [Cameraman] Well,
we’re going to find out. – Well, I got a package of dog diapers. This is… What is this? Do you know what this is? Is this one of those things
you wear in the cold? – [Cameraman] Either that
or it almost looks like, I don’t know, I feel like you put that on your leg or something. – I don’t know, it says Halo. I think this is an ear thing that you wear if you’re going running or whatever. Should I wear it for
the rest of the video? This is actually pretty nice. How’s it look? – [Cameraman] Pretty good.
– Pretty goofy? All right, I’ll wear this for the rest of this unboxing of this box, ’cause it is like 80 degrees out. Oh my gosh, we might have two. You might be in luck, Ben, you might get your own. This appears to be, oh! This is disgusting. I hope these weren’t worn. The tag’s still on there. It’s a pair of X Officio men’s briefs, so that’s pretty gross. I really hope nobody tried these on and decided they weren’t the right fit. Next we have a Mr. Coffee coffee grinder. I already have one of
those, so I’m good on that. A Speedo Aqua V. This is one of those Speedo swimming caps. This is glass suction cups. I don’t know why you would use these, to be honest with you, and I don’t see anything else on here other than that weird Amazon inspected label, so I don’t know if that means this is good to sell or
if they just inspected it and verified the contents are in the box. This is an easy walk harness for a medium to large sized dog, so we could package that up with that little treat box thing and maybe sell those guys together. Right handed size large golfing glove. Ooh, this is gonna be
a hot item right here. This is a package of filter bags, probably for a vacuum cleaner. This is two wheels for
the bottom of furniture or something you’re putting together. Here we have another mystery item that doesn’t have any
writing on the front of it. And still unclear of what this is because this is all we got here. Any ideas? This threads into it, and
then you just have this, like, this bendable… How do you sell something like this? – [Ben] I don’t even know. – I have no idea when you
don’t even know what it is. Next we have a spotlight LED key thing, but it doesn’t seem to work
because I’m pushing on it. We have another right large
women’s golf glove, so… Yeah, this is just some kinda case for, like, putting a… – [Ben] It looks like you could put a Nintendo Switch in there. – Maybe, I don’t know. It’s probably just a generic case for putting electronics or
putting something in there. This must’ve fallen off of something. This is just a piece of metal. And then we have another one of these, which is what I just opened, which was that weird base with the bendable piece of metal. So, we have two of those. Maybe these go with it too, ’cause there’s two of these. So, I don’t know how that
fits into the equation, but for now I’ll stick
these in those boxes. Two more of those wheels. We have a third glove. However, this one, oh wait a minute, these aren’t golfing gloves,
these are racquetball glove. I wonder how they got
three of these returned. Or maybe they just discontinued them ’cause they didn’t sell. And then finally, in this box, this is one of those, is this like a USB charger thing for your electronics? – [Ben] Yeah, looks like
it’s a, what’s it called? – A hub?
– [Ben] A USB hub. – Yeah, so this is kinda cool, actually. You plug it into the wall
and then you can charge all of your electronics. I don’t actually have a use for it, but that’s probably something that somebody would definitely buy. Okay, so that wraps up box number two. I’m actually gonna keep this. This is pretty warm. That’s not a bad idea to have for winter. Okay, moving on now to box number three. I would say this one is equally as heavy as box number two. Just for an update, we
found out what that, I don’t know why I’m waving
scissors at the camera, we found out what that was, that weird bendy thing. That’s actually a podcasting mic stand, so that’s probably a pretty useful item. We’ll be able to sell that for sure. And we did not find a lid
for that one water bottle, so unless it’s in one
of these other boxes, that’s pretty much gonna be useless. So, what we have here
is a box within a box. So, it says it’s fragile, so
let’s go ahead and open this and see what we have here first. – [Ben] Is that the only box in there? – No, there’s a couple
more things in here. Looks like a… I don’t even know what this is. We’ll wait and see. It looks like a pool. – [Ben] I think I remember
reading on the manifest that this is a box of, like,
16 or so towels in there. – 16 towels? This was just two. They’re new, but I mean,
they actually kinda match my bathroom a little bit. Maybe I’ll keep these. I think I will keep these. So, I’m gonna keep these towels, ’cause they’re not too bad. Just like Christmas. If you ever buy one of these, you better tell me,
Ben, so I can unbox it. Next we have an Amazon Basics backpack. This actually looks
like a pretty nice bag. So, this is obviously brand new. Actually, I don’t see any straps on here, so maybe it’s not a backpack. It’s some kind of bag. So, maybe a travel bag
or something like that? Take a look at that, Ben,
see what we have there. And then we have, oh, this is a heavy boy. – [Ben] I will say, it might be hard selling Amazon Basics on Ebay. – Yeah, how is that gonna work? – [Ben] I don’t know. – And this is heavy. This is a… I don’t know what this is. Let me look in the back here. I can see it through the label. Well, we’re gonna have to know what it is to sell it, right? So, I’ll take the plastic off. – [Ben] At first it actually looked like one of those cheap blow-up Jacuzzis. – That’s what I thought it was. I thought it was a blow-up pool. – [Ben] The pumps on them are much bigger. – Yeah, I thought it
was a blow-up pool, but. Oh, it’s probably an air mattress. – [Ben] We’re dumb.
– We’re dumb? – [Ben] We’re dumb.
– We’re dumb, yeah. Inflatable mattress. I have no use for this. This is pretty heavy too. I wonder how we’ll be able to sell this, ’cause the shipping is
gonna kill us on this. Okay, we are onto box number four. This one’s a little bit lighter than the last two. Anything that you know we can’t sell, let’s just bring down to that donation box at the end of the road here. Like, if you don’t want, I mean, I don’t wanna mess with
that canteen there. Okay, next we have… This is still wrapped up in the bag, so I’m not gonna go and take it apart, but I’m guessing it’s
some kind of bedding. – [Ben] It looks like a bed sheet. – Like a bed sheet. It’s leaking. Like, it’s not leaking, but it’s shedding. What is this? Just take a peek in this box. – [Ben] I know what that is, I think. – You know what it is? – [Ben] I think it’s
one of those Christmas– – Is it a manger? – [Ben] I don’t know what a manger is, but I think it’s one of
those Nativity scenes? – Yeah, yeah, the Jesus
manger or whatever, the Nativity scene? I think it’s a Nativity scene. This right here is called
the Creative Versa-Tool. It looks like a basic Dremel if you guys have ever used these before. So, this might be useful
for arts and crafts, but we’ll definitely have to test that out ’cause it’s been opened for sure. This is an LED color changing nightlight, which doesn’t look like it’s been opened, so I think we could sell
that in new condition. This right here is just a basic organizer where you have this flip up lid and you can put different
stuff in it, but it’s cracked. So, this is probably just
garbage, Ben, you would say? – [Ben] Yeah, I’d say it was garbage. – Yeah, we’ll probably just throw it in the donation bin,
but that definitely has no value to it. Then we have a Good Grips ice cream scoop. However, this has definitely been used. This is pretty gross looking, so that’s gonna go in the
donation pile as well. So, if it keeps up like this box, we might be in some trouble here as far as getting our money back. This is an inflatable
something or other here, ’cause it’s got a plug in it there to fill it up with an air pump. Next we have a… This says glass on it,
so we’d better open it to make sure it’s not broken. Oh, this is definitely
broken glass in here. I’m not gonna go any further. I’m reaching in and I’m touching this and I’m bending it and
it’s definitely bending and this is broken glass, so that is absolute garbage right there. So maybe we got all the
good stuff out of the way and now we’re into broken glass and used ice cream scoopers. This is an outdoor six outlet yard stake with a built-in timer. These are actually pretty handy for holiday lights, so we
could probably sell this, or maybe one of us wants
it just to keep it. Oh, thank God, it’s one of these. I have no idea what this is. A quantum PAR meter. PAR is photosynthetically
active radiation, light that drives
photosynthesis in plants. Oh, so it’s a light that measures, or it measures how much light you’re getting for photosynthesis, so maybe you use this to determine, like, where you’re gonna put certain plants. Next we have broken Christmas ornaments, so this is definitely going
to right into the garbage ’cause there’s pieces of
broken glass at the bottom. We have a Coast flashlight that shoots out multiple different colors. However, it appears to be broken, so we could probably try it out with different batteries, but if it’s totally broken, this is worthless. Next we have another one
of these inflatable things, whatever that was. I don’t know, we’ll open it at some point. This is a package of… This is just a case
for, like, makeup maybe? A little makeup case? But, oh yeah, so this just
swivels out like that, these swivel back in. And then we have a package of large truck spring tighteners. I don’t even know what that is, to be honest with you, but I don’t… It’s actually just a box of springs. Any way to sell this, or probably not? – [Ben] I could, but I
would just have to do more research on it. – Yeah. And then we have, in a bag,
another inflatable thing. I don’t know what this is. Or maybe it’s a shower curtain? I’m not entirely sure, but
that is it for box number four. Okay, box number… What box is this? – [Ben] Five.
– five, box number five. Two to go. Hopefully we’re gonna
do better in this box than the last one, ’cause the last one, although this meter was in there, that’s like 160 bucks, so. Maybe we’ll do better with this box. I think the coolest thing so far has been the iRobot Braava Jet. So, that will be cool
to sell if that works. First in the box is an LED meteor lights. So, I have no idea what you do with this. Maybe you hang them? Yeah, you hang these from… Oh, it’s like lights on a string. So, I assume that works. I’m not gonna get into that. Oh, “Diamond Dots bead art for adults. “Colorful, Rhinestones Diamonds
kit color for giraffe.” I don’t know what this is. It looks like a diamond coloring kit. I’ve never heard of that before. Here we have a blanket. This I’m definitely just gonna toss right into the donation pile. I might actually bring
that to the animal shelter. That’s usually one of the
most requested items there. Oh, that’s what I’ll
do with the towels too. – [Ben] Yeah, and also the diapers, maybe. – Yeah, you know what,
that’s a great idea. I’ll bring the towels, I
will bring the blanket, and the diapers to the dog shelter because that stuff we are gonna have a hard time selling, and I know they always need blankets at dog shelters, so that’ll be a good way
to kinda pay it forward. Okay, this is a little bit weird, so I want you to zoom in here. All I’m seeing on this sticker is, I’ll go ahead and zoom it in. – [Ben] If it’s what I’m thinking about. – So, I’m not sure if
you guys can read that, but the sticker says,
“Start your new life.” So, inside that box that
had that weird sticker on it is just like a men’s toiletry kit. So, I don’t know if you can really sell things like this. This is maybe just something we’ll donate, to be honest with you. Next up, this says on the front here, “This is a set, do not separate.” I hope it’s not more glass,
because the last thing that was glass was totally broken. So, let’s pop this open
and see what we have. And this appears to be… (rustling) Well, it’s not glass. I have no idea what this is. (sighing) I have no clue. – [Ben] It looks like something you hang. – It looks like something
you hang, it’s got a rope. I’ll let you take a look at that. Maybe it’s like– – [Ben] Storage? – Maybe it is like a
hanging storage thing. I don’t know what that
is, to be honest with you. Next up we have a heating pad, which I ultimately have no use for, but that probably works
since it’s in a box and it looks like it’s sealed. This is, is this an ammo box? – [Ben] No, it’s a field box, looks like a tackle box for fishing. – Oh, okay, this is actually, Plano is like a really
good brand for fishing, so. My dad actually does a lot of fishing, so maybe I’ll just save
this for a birthday gift. However, the handle may be broken. So, when we opened up
whatever this pink thing was, it was kind of wrapped up, and it has rope that goes with it, so maybe it’s some kind
of storage organizer would be my guess. Next up we have an opened aroma diffuser. Oh, this looks cheap. This looks really cheap. Yeah, this is definitely,
yeah, made in China. “Aromatherapy, purify air.” All right, next up we have
a set of Secure-A-Locks. What is this for? Oh, this is, I know what these are. This is for like if you have a cabinet that opens with two handles, you can put these locks on there and lock people out of it. Maybe it’s permanently broken. Yeah, it’s got like a… – [Ben] It seems like
when you try and close it it pops off. – Yeah, when you try
to put the handle down, it’s popping off, so we will put that in the donation pile here. Next up we have a
FengChi, whatever that is. I’ll open this up and see. Maybe, it hasn’t been opened, so it’s definitely been
used, or it hasn’t been used. This is a… Oh, these are little
hanging lights for camping. I’ll just show you guys. There’s batteries in it too, so I’m not gonna take
them out of the packaging, but you hang them on stuff
and they’re little lights. This might be a little good idea for a gift for your parents, Ben. I don’t know what else to do with this, but they go camping a
lot and they have a camp. Or maybe I’ll give it to my dad ’cause he goes camping. But a lot of this stuff, you know, there’s just no real way to sell it, so you either gotta kinda give it away, use it yourself, or donate it, ’cause nobody’s gonna buy random lights. Unless we did a garage sale. Would you wanna try a garage sale? Or nobody would buy this stuff. – [Ben] I say just either give it away for free on Facebook– – Not even worth a garage sale? – [Ben] Probably not worth it. – Next up we have, you know what? I actually need one of these. An electric burner, because I’m actually going to be opening up,
I have a little spot on this new house I bought where I’m gonna do an Airbnb, and I was gonna buy an electric burner, that way they have the ability to do cooking in there without a stove, so that’s actually pretty funny. If this works, which I’m sure it does, I will be keeping this for my Airbnb, so actually pretty satisfied with that, to be honest with you. This is definitely brand new, in the box. It’s called the Heat Bud by Honeywell, a little personal space heater. I know what we have here
value wise, maybe $10, so that’s gonna be a tough
item to sell for sure. And then the last item in this box is another one of those
diamond painting kits, but this one’s been opened, so I’m gonna actually… Do you think we should
just donate these, Ben, or do you wanna see if
they’re worth anything? – [Ben] What are they? – It’s called diamond painting. – [Ben] You’re gonna have to donate those. – Yeah, these are gonna
go in the donation pile. The one was opened anyway. And that is it for box number five. Here we go, good old George Foreman grill. So yeah, these things I’m
afraid are not worth that much, and it’s a very heavy, bulky item. But it’s the George
Foreman grill and panini. And then we have a large, oh, this is a large Coleman beverage cooler, so these are like those big canteens that you put beverages in and then you can pour it out from the top. Something like this, this
might be a tough sell ’cause it’s a pretty bulky item. Next we have a Mocha
Master handmade filter. Coffee filter, maybe? Let’s see what we have here. Yeah, this is basically a coffee filter. So, it actually looks like
it’s pretty well-made. I don’t know if this has any value to it, but if it’s a brand
people are looking for. This is definitely probably gonna go into the donation pile. Yeah, it’s a… Oh, I know what this is. This is one of those… I don’t know what this is. (laughing) It goes on your wrist and
it’s got ribs on the inside. Maybe it’s for, what
do you think, bowling? Maybe for bowling? I have no, I don’t know, it
could be bowling related. And then we are into more really cheap looking stuff here. This looks like some kind
of organizer or travel bag. Yeah, little tiny laptop bag. This is like, this is
just useless stuff here. Another one of these,
that’s gonna be donated. Electric burner, like I said, I’m probably gonna keep the other one because the other one
appears to be better quality. Next up we have a Quickset, oh, you gotta be kidding me. I was actually gonna buy one of these for my Airbnb for the door code. That is so funny. I’m actually getting stuff that I needed, so this is like, this is wild, dude. – [Ben] You’re gonna
furnish your whole Airbnb. – I know. (laughing) I’ve got Tide, man, I can do my laundry. This is so funny though because when you do an Airbnb,
the best way to do it is to set a door code. Maybe I’ll just keep doing this and then making videos of it and then just furnishing my whole house with Amazon returns. And then we have a set of… Oh, this is actually kinda funny. It’s a little, these you
put in your landscaping. They’re little dog paws. I’ll probably just give this to my mom because she’s a big fan of dogs. And then they glow at night, so that’s kind of a
funny little nifty item. And then the last item in this box is another box within a box, so we’ll go ahead and
open this up and see. And this is essentially
just a handle for… – [Ben] Looks like a door. – A door handle, maybe, for a big, it’s like a utility handle though ’cause it’s pretty heavy, so. All right, and we are now
unboxing the final box. I’d say so far we have
a good number of items that have some value here. I mean, we have that
little iRobot thing there. This is supposedly worth a couple, at least 100 bucks if it works. That’s the big question is
does this stuff actually work. So, the high value stuff, we’re definitely going to open it and test it out. This looks like another one
of those bags of some kind. Maybe it’s another strapless book bag. This is cheap, dude. – [Ben] Is it? – Literally, it just says,
“Land designed for babies, “simple and practical, since 1990.” – [Ben] Does it feel cheap? – Yeah, dude, this is so… – [Ben] Just looking at
it, it looks high quality. – No, this is cheap, dude, look at this. This is probably, like, a
$5 backpack from Alibaba. Let’s see what these are. Well, actually, no, these are just basic winter gloves. They have an on/off switch, though, so… Oh, I know what these are. These are those rave finger gloves that you wear to raves. This is a dog anxiety vest, so I will probably just take this to the dog shelter and donate it, to be honest with you. Don’t think there’s
much value here at all. Next up we have the RL-1500
raw lumens flashlight. If this works, this might be, you know, 20 or 30 bucks there. It looks like a pretty decent flashlight. This right here is X-Acto, okay, these are the little X-Acto knives. These are actually pretty handy for… These are actually pretty
good to have around for, like, crafts or just trimming stuff, so I’ll definitely keep
at least one of these. I don’t know if the other
one’s worth anything. Next up we have the As
Seen on TV Airhawk Pro. So, this is for inflating stuff. It looks like it works. It looks like it hasn’t
been taken out of the box, so we’ll have to see price-wise if that has any value. And then we have a Black+Decker drill. This looks like a pretty
decent brand here, the Black+Decker Matrix. So, this could be… This is definitely used,
but it actually looks like a pretty decent drill,
the Black+Decker Matrix. That we can easily test,
and I’m willing to bet this is probably at least 40 or 50 bucks right here for this drill. Then we have a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. These things are worth like 10 bucks, so that’s gonna go right
in the donation pile. And then we have two boxes that are boxes within boxes, so we’re gonna go ahead and open these up and see what we have, and
then that will conclude our $1000 purchase here of
assorted Amazon returns. This is three of the same thing. Oh, this is funny. These are bath bombs that have a little dinosaur inside them. However, these are actually
horrible for your bath. I have a Jacuzzi tub in my new house and we tried one of the bath bombs and they leave soap scum
all over your entire tub, so we’ll donate those, ’cause
I’m not gonna be using that. And then this appears to
be four of the same box. And then finally, oh, this is just a set of four different picture frames, so probably a donation. Can you sell picture frames
on Ebay or probably not? – [Ben] No. – Yeah, maybe I’ll keep it for a holiday. You know, people always
love the sentimental value of including photos. – [Ben] I know I do.
– Oh, you do? (laughing) So, that’s it guys, that’s
gonna wrap up this video. If you guys followed it
all the way to the end and you haven’t dropped a like already, you know, what more do I
have to say at this point? It helps me out, it helps get the video shared with the algorithm, and hopefully it will allow me to do videos like this more often, ’cause there is a lot
of money involved here. You know, $1000 budget just for this video to buy all these items. But I’m certainly happy to
make this kind of content, but the more people it gets shared with, the more I make from the ad revenue, so it helps me recoup
a lot of these costs. And then maybe I can do more and more expensive videos like this. So, drop a like if you haven’t, subscribe if you’re new to the channel, and if we hit 5000 likes on this video, I’ll do a follow-up where
we list this stuff on Ebay and I’ll keep you guys
posted on if we actually made any money, if we
recouped some of the money, or you know, what exactly happened. But thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I will see you in the next video.

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