I Bought a Mystery Box from Dark Web & It Was Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Deep Web Challenge)
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I Bought a Mystery Box from Dark Web & It Was Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (Deep Web Challenge)

(rock music) – (muffled) let’s go, let’s go. (heavy breathing) Um … No.
– Nope. Nope. – There’s illegal stuff in there. Alright, so I’ve just found out there’s this thing called the dark web, and it is as bad as it sounds. Apparently, apparently,
I’ve never been on … I’ve known about it, like everybody else I’ve known that this,
these websites that exist with bad stuff on, I
know that the dark web was there, I’ve just
never had the intention of going on and doing this thing. But today, that all changes. Today, it’s all gonna change! (laughing) What we know as the normal internet, the normal internet,
Facebook, and your Twitter, your Google, your Yahoo, that makes up four percent of the
internet, that’s insane. The other 96% is deep
web and the dark web. The deep web consists of things like government records and stuff, things that public can’t access. But then there’s the dark web. What is the dark web? When you think of the
dark web, what is it? – It’s even worse … Illegal stuff.
– It’s just illegal stuff, I don’t know what
illegal stuff is, though. Today we’re gonna find
out what the dark web is, and we’re gonna, apparently this place like eBay, apparently it’s like eBay, but the dark web version of eBay? I don’t know, we’re gonna go there, if we can, and buy some mystery boxes. ‘Cause apparently you can
buy mystery boxes there now. I don’t know why that’s a thing, but we’re gonna go and
find out, and do it. So here I’ve got a website saying how to access notorious dark web. Anonymously? Why anonymously? – [Moon] I’m goin’ now. I don’t like where this goin.
– I don’t like this, I don’t like this Moon. There’s a few things
here I don’t like, Moon. – [Moon] What is it? – The first step before anything happens, is you need this thing called a VPN, which, like, hides where you are, hides your location, I mean, why do we need to hide our location? – [Moon] That whole thing sounds too dodgy for me, anyway, I don’t like it. – You just go Google normal, that’s okay. Why can’t we go in the dark web normal? – [Moon] Because
obviously it’s not normal, and there’s no normal people on. – And the second thing I don’t like … You can’t buy stuff with real money. You need bitcoin. – [Moon] So that it’s completely hidden, like no bank transfer.
– Yeah. No one knows where the money
comes from, it’s all weird. – [Moon] So basically it’s
just illegal stuff going on. – It sounds like that. You don’t use just like normal Google Chrome, or Safari, it’s
like it’s own thing. The benefit of using VPN,
the thing that, like, hides your, where you are and stuff, is to prevent hackers
stealing your identity or personal files and
photos from your computer. I’m out, I’m out, I’m not doing this. I’m not doing this,
no, I’m not doing this. We found this old tablet, we had it in the house for a while, like years. – [Moon] hudl. – hudl. (laughs) – [Moon] hudl. – hudl. (both laughing) – [Moon] hudl. hudl … hudl. – ‘doh, Moon! So we’ve had this thing years, we’ve not used it for
years, it’s just been sat in in the drawer, not being used. We got this thing out,
I’m not goin on my actual computer if people hack in to that, they’ve got all my files, all my, my job, my life, my everything is on there. So we’re using this, I’ve re-set it, set it up to like a random email address, so we’re safe, we’re good
to go, we’re anonymous. Gonna load it up now, for the first time. – Moon. – [Moon] What, you’re on it? – I’m on. (laughing) I’m not gonna say what
you can buy on here, Moon. Shit’s crazy. I’m on the … It’s called Silk Road. – [Moon] But can’t it get
where you live, Thomas? – Apparently not, I’ve come
through everything (mumbles) – [Moon] But when you’ve got a sim card and stuff, and it can tell where you are. – Well we’ll throw this
thing away when we’re done. – [Moon] Just take it off
it, I don’t like it Thomas. Stop, just get off it,
I’m not, I’m going in. – Moon’s going inside,
she wants no part of this. I’m not gonna say what stuff is on here, it’s all illegal, it’s all illegal stuff. Browsing right now, just
looking, is not illegal. So this is okay, what
we’re doin’ right now. Buying this stuff is obviously illegal. Buying a mystery box can’t be illegal. I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m not happy placing the order here, when I’m connected to my house. I’m waitin’ ’til tonight, I’m gonna wait ’til tonight when no ones around, and I’m gonna go somewhere else. I don’t know, I’m not happy, I don’t like being on this, it’s puttin’ me on edge. Jesus Christ, I don’t wanna do this. – [Moon] So why are we driving now? – Why? – [Moon] Why are we driving? – Because I don’t want people knowing that we’re on the dark web. So I’ve gotta just drive and
drive as far as we can go. – [Moon] It’s ridiculous, we’re already driving two hours (mumbles). – We can’t let them know that we’re in the area, we’ve just
gotta go and go and go, and then connect to the dark web, so it cannot be traced back to our house. – [Moon] There’s a McDonald’s, Thomas. Just pull in that one, pull in McDonald’s. – Moon, it’s not time for food. – [Moon] It’s not of the
food, you have to think. – Well think what, I’m not hungry now. – [Moon] No, think, there’s always, like, thousands of people every
day going in and out. – What, you mean connect to their wifi? – [Moon] Yeah, so it’s no
chance of tracing ya, isn’t it? – That’s a good idea. (mumbles) I’ll pull right up at front. We’re parked as close
as we can get now, so let’s do it here, should
be okay here, shouldn’t we? – [Moon] Almost (muffled) – It’s just not connecting,
it’s not letting me connect. – [Moon] Tom, try again. – I’ve tried four times. I’m gonna have to go in. – [Moon] You can’t go in, Thomas. There’s cameras and
all, what you gonna do? – I’ll just keep my hood on. I’ll park at the other
side of the car park. Just, to try and keep off the CCTV. And then I’ll get out and I’ll go in. This is it. No one can see us here, alright, I’m goin. – [Moon] I’m not comin’ with, then. – No, you stay here. I can’t take you with me. I’ve gotta go alone.
– Why not, I’m coming with. – ‘Cause if anything goes
wrong, it’s all down to me, I can’t bring you with me, Moon, no. – [Moon] You just,
watchin’, it’s not illegal. Okay, I’ve ordered,
I’ve ordered some food, just to make me look less suspicious. I’m gonna connect to the McDonald’s wifi, and then I’m gonna order this stuff. I’ve already got the link
set, so it shouldn’t be long. Should be quick. I don’t like this, I do not like this. Not at all, I don’t like this one bit. Oh god … Okay, I’ve done it, I’ve
don it, I’ve done it. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. (intense music) (heavy breathing) Quick, quick quick. – (mumbles) have you done it?
– I’ve done it, yeah. – It’s all done?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve done it, quick. Quick.
– I don’t like it. (heavy breathing) Okay, so here we are, two weeks later. We’ve got five parcels here. I ordered seven, two of them are even still on their way, or I’ve been scammed, I don’t know, I’m just gonna have to wait, time will tell, and we’re
gonna have to go with it. It’s been two weeks, so I’m gonna open these things up, pretty
confident I’ve been scammed. I ordered these to my P.O. box, I didn’t want them coming
to my direct house. So the person doesn’t know where I live. I’m opening these things
in the garage, as well. If there’s anything
disgusting or contaminated, or a biohazard – I don’t
know what could be in here. If there’s anything like
that, I’m not havin’ it in my house, and I’m
not doing it in the garden, ’cause I don’t want neighbours
knowing we’ve got this stuff. We’ve got both doors shut, it’s quiet, sound-proof in here, so here we go. Let’s open these things up. I’ve got gloves, first, latex gloves. And then, these ones on top, here we go. Two layers of gloves. Forgot to mention, earlier
when I bought them, all of these cost $500 dollars each. Time to open ’em, which
one should we open first? Is it, smallest to biggest? – [Moon] No, do biggest to smallest. – Biggest to smallest? – [Moon] The size don’t always
tell us the best stuff in it. – Oh, and I also forgot to mention, none of these boxes had like a description to lead ya to what’s inside.
– That’s Amazon. – This one is Amazon? I didn’t know that this was Amazon. (both laughing) We have no indication
as to what’s in here, and there’s not like a category, it’s just all complete random. This is the biggest one,
we’re doing this one first. – Yes, open that one.
– Alright, it’s the heaviest. Scissors, alright. – [Moon] Put your goggles on. – Why am I puttin’ goggles on? – [Moon] I don’t know,
maybe something squirts out. – Alright, how do we open this one? – [Moon] It smells a bit, Thomas. Smells old … what’s in it? – There’s some stuff in here, Moon. – [Moon] Go on, then. A drill! (laughing) – Power drill. – [Moon] Is it a good one? (drilling) It works, is it a good one, is it a brand? – It’s DeWALT, it’s like the best. – [Moon] Alright, is it used, though? – It’s used, but there’s
loads more in here. Ah, Moon! (laughing) – Thomas! Xbox!
– (muffled) (both laughing) – [Moon] Is there one in? – It’s, the things are sealed, it’s heavy! – [Moon] (laughing) is it real? – Yeah, it’s got to be. – [Moon] Oh we should’ve opened that last. Oh, it’s controller with it. – A controller, as well. – [Moon] Alright. Oh, that’s jackpot, Thomas. What’s that? – Giorgio Armani
aftershave, all sealed up. – [Moon] Perfume, that’s good. – Yeah, some aftershave. – [Moon] You think it’s real, though? Probably just Japan stuff, isn’t it? If that’s real … What is that? – Some spanners. Brand new power cable. – [Moon] What is it for? Can’t believe we got another Xbox, Thomas. – It’s two power cables. There’s like a set of wrenches. It’s like … – [Moon] Whoa, you dropped that, Thomas! – What is it? Ah
– What is it? DVD Player
– (muffled) Rear cam recording, video. – [Moon] Video recording. – I don’t know, if you know what that is let me know in the comments,
I don’t know what that is. – [Moon] That’s it, let’s go. – What is it? – [Moon] It’s tools and electric stuff. Is it stolen stuff? – Do you think it’s stolen? – [Moon] I was just about to say that. I thought that when I’ve seen the thingy. It’s like it fell off
– (muffled) a truck or some that. They made $500 dollars, didn’t they? – $500 worth of stuff here, I (mumbles)? – [Moon] How much is that Xbox? I don’t know if it’s real stuff. – Ugh, I’m so sweaty. I don’t know. – [Moon] Let’s go to next one. I’m red hot.
– (muffled) The next biggest one.
– Soft one. – Is this big one, it’s
really soft and bouncy. We can’t beat that first one, can we? I don’t even know– – [Moon] We should’ve gone small to big. – We should have, that would
have been a good ending. – [Moon] A teddy! A $500 dollar (laughing) teddy bear. (laughing) it’s a bit soggy, though. It smells a bit, too. Why do they all smell? – Feel that. Is that normal?
– No, I’m not touchin’ it. I’m not,
– Feel this – [Moon] no, I’m not touchin’ it. – It’s got like a lump there. – [Moon] Somethin’ in there. – Go on, then.
– It don’t feel like a normal teddy at all, there’s something
– no he looks saggy, don’t he? – there as well. Something there, there’s something there. – [Moon] Let’s just cut him. God, it looks wrong. Oh, poor teddy, it’s cute teddy. – What could be inside a teddy bear? (laughing) – [Moon] (laughs) what is it? (laughing) Another teddy bear? – A monkey.
– A monkey. (laughing) – [Moon] It’s a Monkey in a teddy bear. – There’s a monkey inside a teddy bear. (laughing) – [Moon] Maybe I can fill him
back up, and we can keep him. – No joke, no joke, serious, I can feel something inside it. There’s like a lump there, look. – [Moon] Open it up, then. Yeah, it’s really saggy too,
I can tell, when you cut him. (laughing) What is it? Rabbit. (laughing) Ohh … He’s cute. What? – (laughs) No joke, Moon. – [Moon] There’s again somethin’ in there? – Somethin’ in there! (laughing) Oh … What’s that? – [Moon] What is that? – Should I blur it? – Ohhh
– Ohhh – Whoaaa, oh!
– No, put it in bin. It looks a bit– – I’ll blur that, I have to blur that. – [Moon] Just get it rid on it don’t touch it.
– Can’t show that. Now we know, now we know, Teddy’s on the inside.
– Alright, don’t order Teddy’s from–
– Dark web Teddy’s are not innocent. This is the next smallest one. – [Moon] When I picked it up, it felt like it were not really heavy,
like, just not a lot in it. Look, mostly air, isn’t it? No! Don’t like that face! Don’t touch your face! – Moon! – [Moon] What? – This one’s creepy. – [Moon] I don’t like it. – A Voodoo doll! It’s got hair in it. Look at that, it’s got
someone’s hair in there. I’m feeling sorry for
whoever that is against. – [Moon] I don’t, I hate
hair, it makes me gag. Is it real hair? That’s disgusting Thomas,
just get rid on it. Bleh!
– Real hair. – [Moon] It’s makin’ me feel sick! No. Thomas, I wanna go. Don’t. That’s just disgusting. – Killed in the head,
and a hole in its bum. ‘nother baby. – [Moon] Ah … – Oh! It’s some weird people!
– Oh god. – Whoa, whoa whoa come here Moon! Little chopped up doll fingers. (screams) (doll muffled speaking) – [Moon] Turn it off, I don’t like it. – What about this book? It looks normal. – [Moon] Oh, it’s one of them, look. – No (muffled) What’s that? No! – [Moon] Look there. Nope. Nope.
– Nah, I’m done. There’s illegal stuff in there. It’s illegal stuff. – [Moon] Not just illegal, it’s just creepy, Thomas.
– And creepy. Creepy and illegal.
– It’s just like disturbed people, I don’t wanna do it. It’s just weird people that probably know now, where we live
… I don’t like it. I don’t wanna do it.
– I shouldn’t have done this. – [Moon] I don’t know what you’ve got us into, I’m not feeling confident. My heart is race … I don’t wanna do it. – It’s too, it’s too loud, shh, shh – [Moon] You just film it yourself. – Shh do that, the neighbours know. – [Moon] No, you just film it yourself. – Shhh
– I don’t wanna do it. – We’ve only got two left. Shall we open them,
– I can’t then. – or shall we just throe
’em, and just end the video? – [Moon] Yeah, you may
as well just open it up, But I’m just settin’ camera
up and then we just get goin’. – We’ll just do these last two real quick. – [Moon] I’m not looking. I don’t wanna be involved in that. – Second to last. – [Moon] It stinks. What is it, it stinks? – That smells. That smells really bad.
(Moon gagging) – [Moon] Put that back in. – It’s just female pants, all of it. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s that note? What’s that note? “I hope you have as much fun as I did.” What does that even mean? These are all obviously used. There’s no tags on any of them. – [Moon] Just get it away. This is weird. – C’mon. – [Moon] Where did it come from? – I don’t even know. What’s that mean, what does
“much fun as I had” mean? What does that even mean? The last one. It’s not even in a box. There’s some squishy parts,
there’s some more solid parts. – [Moon] It’s a teddy bear, Thomas. – It actually is a teddy bear. – [Moon] Oh. – It’s ear’s dangly enough. It’s got an eye missing. – [Moon] Is something inside again? – No, it’s– – [Moon] Just open it. – No, there’s just fluff. – [Moon] My, was it another one? Little dress. – That’s a little girl’s
dress that, isn’t it? It’s got a big rip in it, though. A big rip right there. It’s all ripped up. – [Moon] Some shoes. – Some used women’s shoes. – [Moon] Okay. – And a knife. Quite old knife. – [Moon] I don’t know
what freaks me out most, is it the constellation of that stuff? A USB stick. Why is it,
– A USB stick. – [Moon] Kids stuff,
isn’t that stuff, Thomas? – It’s got a hair on it. I can’t. I can’t, Moon. – [Moon] I wanna go, that’s it, I wanna go, I’m done.
– Go. I wish we’d never gone on. – [Moon] I feel like I’ve
done something wrong now. – It was just meant to
be an innocent video. Don’t never go on the dark web. – [Moon] What shit was it
anyway that they shipped? – I don’t know what it was. – [Moon] It was all
ridiculous, it’s disgusting, I don’t know what to do now. I don’t wanna think, I don’t want to think
– Should we go to police, – what it is.
– or what are we doin? – Well, we’re gonna have to hand it in. – [Moon] Yeah, you hand that in as well, ’cause I don’t even
wanna know what’s on it. – It’s best not to, use this.
– No, we’re not gonna look at it, not even look at it. – That’s it, video done. So, it’s been a couple days,
just a few days actually, and we’ve got to see
what is on the USB stick. This is it, we’re sure we’re doing it? – [Moon] We said so, so, let’s just … It will haunt me forever if
I don’t know what’s on it, but it’s probably haunting
me what’s on it, so … – I plugged it in, plugged in, plugged in. It’s come up, it’s come up! (mumbles) It says ‘do not open’. The file, the USB stick
is named ‘do not open’. – [Moon] Go on, then. – There’s nothin in, it’s empty. (both screaming) (hip hop music)


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