I Bought A Stranger’s Junk Drawer From Ebay
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I Bought A Stranger’s Junk Drawer From Ebay

– I paid $100 to look
at a stranger’s junk. Whoa! (groaning) (upbeat music) – You can buy a junk drawer off of Ebay, it’s just somebody’s random
junk that they accumulated. Most people have a junk
drawer in their house, it’s a lot of really weird random things. I bought two different
junk drawers off of Ebay, in case one of them sucks. This junk drawer was $114, which is an insane amount to pay. This one we 65.95. Can I look in your drawer? – Oh my god. – [Joanna] What’s up
with this giant pencil? – [Co-Worker] It’s a giant novelty pencil. – [Joanna] How much do you
think someone would pay for the stuff that’s in your drawer? – Probably like five bucks. – [Joanna] Can I look in your drawer? Voodoo doll. – This is a pillow I cross stitched, it says Satan 666. – [Joanna] Do you think
someone would pay like $114 for what you have in your drawer? – Oh no, Joanna are you doing that? – We’re gonna see if we can find out anything interesting about somebody based on what kind of
junk they’ve accumulated. Let’s open up the slightly
less expensive junk drawer. Ooh, some of this looks like fancy junk. Whoa, okay this is a wooden
box and it’s very heavy. And there’s a real cool deer on the cover. Oh god, I thought it was locked, and I was gonna feel like an idiot if I got mailed a locked
box that I couldn’t open. There’s a lot of junk. Ooh, okay we have a pipe, we’ve got a baggie of coins, oh my god, I’m so gonna wear this. This is a bolo tie. There’s a horse on it. My secret desire to be a cowboy
is about to be fulfilled. Bolo. Ooh, a pocket knife. Time for knifing. What is this? I can’t tell what it’s made out of, but it’s getting all over me. The face is so scary. Nightmare bear. I feel like it’s looking at me. It’s like kind of broken. Oh god. So this lighter says Dad on it. I’ve got your dad’s lighter. This is the weirdest
coin I have ever seen. It says Zeus summons the Gods of Olympus. What? Is this something that
you shoot out of a gun? If babies drank beer, I feel like they would
drink this baby beer. A tobacco container, with a very old-timey man on the front. This is the last thing that
came in this 65.95 box of junk. I don’t know what this is. I can’t tell if this is authentic or not. But this is an old whiskey bottle, it says Jack Daniel on it. Well I feel like this is the junk drawer of an old-timey grandfather cowboy man. I guess I have more knives
now than I did when I started, so that’s exciting. I wish I had worn gloved
to go through this because now my hands are super
grimey with old-timey grime. It’s not a great feeling. On to the next junk. This was the more expensive
junk drawer at $114. So let’s see what $114
worth of junk looks like. (shouts) Okay this freaked me out because there’s just
like a crumpled up body. This smells so musty. This is the hunchback of Notre Dame … doll. This was like this in the box so it just looks like a headless doll. So there’s these two purple mouse things, and they feel very dirty and old. They are so musty. Incense. Whoa, okay. This smells bad. This smells like a perfume
counter at a department store, which to me is not super relaxing. This is an artist’s
rendering of a football. I don’t understand what this is. This is the fanciest
dolphin I’ve ever seen. This is most representative of what you find in a junk drawer. Just cords. We have a plastic coffin
that says RIP on it. This is a fun toy for
children to play with, I don’t know? This is a bracelet, that doesn’t quite close. I maybe broke this. This is a flashlight that says The Amazing
Live Sea Monkeys on it. So this is a sea monkey themed flashlight. Ooh, a membership card to
the Oasis Casino in Nevada. I just looked it up, this casino doesn’t exist anymore. It was demolished in 2013. Ghost casino membership. After going through the
more expensive junk drawer, I’m gonna be honest, I like kind of don’t
care who this person was, it really just reminds
me that junk is terrible, one man’s junk is another man’s junk. I feel like somebody took this, and they held it up and they’re like, does this give me joy, absolutely not. Which is understandable, this doesn’t give me joy either. I feel happy that these people found a way to get rid of their junk. Now all I wanna do is just get
all the junk out of my life. I just super wanna go
wash my hands right now. Do you have a junk drawer Chelsea? – I did, I just went through it and then I put it in the
trash where it belongs. It still has junk it it, but it’s my junk. But should I take this out of
the trash and sell it on Ebay? – [Joanna] Yeah.


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