I Dissected A GIANT Gummy Bear! | 10 Strange Amazon Products
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I Dissected A GIANT Gummy Bear! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

Feels great, I think I’m gonna use this for the rest of my videos just stay like that Yeah, I mean like just a lot less effort. I could just-your about to fall of the edge What’s going on guys hey try to be quiet right now You woke the baby! you’re a baby now?I mean, what bit was this that we are doing Okay, are you eating that hot sauce popcorn?! No! People are gonna cringe when they hear you chewing off-camera There’s no way they hear me. Guys- Give this video a like for how much you’re cringing that you can hear Tanner chewing. Give it another like for how much you love Tanner That way we don’t know which like you have made. No, if you give it to like than theirs zero likes cause it just unlikes it Guys today we’re looking at ten strange Amazon items that Tanner picked out That’s why he’s here, and that’s the only reason why he’s here I’m gonna let you know whether these items are dope or nope and there happens to be a dope or no product that you guys requested in this video so stay Tuned of that Shall we begin. Zimpli Kids Blue Gel Bath… turn water into goo. Oooohh…. Just why though. Haven’t you ever sat in a bathtub and your like “I wish this was blue goo!” I just wish I was floating in some goo What would it feel like if I was just floating around in amniotic fluid. You kind of sound like an alien, right? What else would this be for? OH I’m being birthed out of a tub FROM AN ALIIEEN! Non-irritant. Come on blue goo, non-irritant. Does not stain. I just don’t believe it. Biodegradable Where is the blue coming from then? 100% percent bath time fun! Heh heh… The only thing that might be true now. The blue jelly Baff. Baff, wait. Oh, it is Baff. Wow How did I not see that before? Blue jelly baff water turns ordinary bath water into a blue lagoon adventure and then back to liquid What if you try to eat it, that’s what Type of kids that would be like “YEAH!” “Lets bathe in some GOO!” are the same type of kids are back look at that goo Let me eat it! all right because there’s the jelly bath 100% safe bath time fun Sprinkle now you can enjoy your jelly bath experience this all and step to add the dissolver and turns it back. That’s interesting Here’s my question. What’s your question when you take a bath? You generally try to clean yourself? This is a question We’re all asking. How do you clean yourself in slime goop exact it. Maybe this is cleaning you Maybe this is soap elements to it you got a wonder What chemicals are in this that are touching your skin though? The skin is the biggest organ on the human body and it’s the way that you absorb the most things I Don’t know what’s in this. I’m very curious though, but it doesn’t look like it says anywhere on it It literally Doesn’t say I would definitely want to know what chemicals are in this before I put my kid in it wouldn’t you hundred percent? Yeah, it could be something as simple as like cornstarch, or it could be something like Mexico gelatin hydride and you’re like Alright, let’s try it out. Give me some water so step one put the loofah Although bath time. Yeah, is that step one this is yes. It’s the blue goo 150 grams of that step one and you can go down for what smells like blueberry you smell that It does smell like blueberry I would argue that that’s actually a really bad idea is to do that to a kid Cuz that smells like blueberry juice. Oh, they’re gonna think it’s okay to be like today I’m bathing and drinking in it not bathing And I’m like what if they try to drink it that does smell tasty if you were like hey listen smell that I’d be like Oh heck yet it Any with the other package okay, Oh hold up dog look at what it did was turn blue. It immediately gooped Oh my word. That’s so bizarre Okay, oh That’s weird can you guys see that oh that feels so bizarre, would you want to bathe in that punim scent you would know oh? Does agree like whoa look at this? Here’s another problem it honestly looks like you can eat it. It looks like a slushie It looks like looks like an icy I kind of want to scoop that Actually work really well, I want to bathe in that after seeing it and touching it and playing with it It would be fun to get in there and just like do this in a pool Oh goodbye like a hundred packets of these things we should try that but I stand by the other issues of it smelling Tasty, and it just being like a um chemical look at that the whole thing is just like oh Yeah, it reached its threshold Amanda’s like blew up Got a nice Creek in a different direction You can like literally clump it all into the corner cuz it has so much Structure to it should we try using the second stuff? Yeah, let’s just try to do it in a corner and see how it happens to permeate through Alright, so what’s it gonna. Do well. It’s working. Yeah, little bit. It’s slowly Dissolving the crystals yeah look at that. It’s getting sloshing out again look at that. It’s doing it. It’s just gonna take time I think it does seem to be working I don’t have the time to wait, but it is working the only thing. I would say is that just what’s in it I would just like I would prefer for the company to literally just put what it is on the product. That’s it I’ll say don’t the human slingshot game one star now if you guys remember I looked at this item and you guys smash that like button and now we’re going to actually Try this puppy out, but first we’re going to make fun of the review page perfect the structure of Mathias video Fun game for four people durable well-made. I’ll take your word for it original human slingshot game because there’s tons of copiers It’s just like a loop of fabric. How dare you copy that oh my gosh what? Look at this x-rays. Oh my gosh. I don’t remember that being there before adieu my 11 year old daughter was playing this game at a friend’s house and sustained a fractured and dislocated clavicle she’s scheduled for surgery next week oh My gosh you guys ready to do this That’s crazy, I think I said something to that nature though in the video I was like but people are just running at each other It looks like this is like an accident waiting to happen you got all these people in this band And they like fling each other, but they’re gonna just knock noggins. Let me show you this is what it is. This is a slingshot Yes Okay, this is vat19 video See this this takes in like intense coordination cuz otherwise you’re just running into each other you see what I’m saying Yeah, I think that’s what I was saying. I was saying like oh hey. Oh a little dangerous. Oh Bummer, I hope that kids okay unreasonably dangerous creating a product that slingshots people at close proximity towards each other head-on Could only be a brainchild of drunk college students who have absolute disregard for the safety of other people fair point all in all Eleven year old getting hurt. Not cool at all. That sucks. So don’t buy this product unless you’re an adult I guess and you’re like I’m a daredevil. I don’t care if I break my clavicle That’s the only advice I can say I can personally guarantee Anyone who orders this won’t have three friends to play with it on I hear you do this product has no mercy dude all right, so here’s we’re gonna Do we’re gonna add it to the cart set it all up and stay tuned a little later in the video We’ll test it out onto the next product this product was sent to us by the company I believe not sponsored But they did send it to us eight feature and with joy fidget pen finger toy hate that word finger toy And there’s a lot of you said you like to beat spinlock finger toilet stress reducer release EDC 8 and 1 upgraded, so it’s a fidget pen. It’s got 8 different little things you can do on it It’s not a bad idea You know because like the fidget toys Annoy the crap out of people because they don’t actually have real purpose besides just fidgeting spinning discs looking for a circular fidget Take this dial for a spin oh I think they’re talking about like a fidget spinner. Maybe there’s like a little spinner on top of it ok I like the spinning let’s test it out. I don’t need to add it to cart cuz it’s been sent to us Let’s check it out Do they look how hard is the this’ epen not bad? I’m just noticing my hand is slightly blue or maybe it’s just cold cuz this hand is so cold from touching that stuff But then again you can’t have a hot bathtub, but my hand is cold as heck it definitely did stain left hand looks normal Right looks like you went to war. Oh, yeah, definitely so that stuff does stain a little bit. I’m sure it’ll wash out anyway It’s going back to this product alright. Let’s test it out. This is decent click That’s a good click there, too a little ball for the people that like balls um Let’s see We got how do you get the pen out? Oh just normal click? How’s that click feel that actually spins for a while wait What’s this do oh? There’s the click Clever clever. It’s not like a one-handed thing though That’s my only issue with this particular click this area right here is a little bit weak But all in all not bad because it could be disguised as a regular kind of hen But you’re able to fidget a little bit more. I loved a matte color 2 for $20 though No, I’ll even buy meals for $20. Yeah. I don’t have to say that if this were brought down to like 10 bucks I’d say dope but at $19.99. I would say it’s a little expensive so if you are looking for that fidget Spin if you’re looking for that click ability, but you don’t want to carry around a fidget, cube This could be your product. Chef master edible spray 1 2 ounce can kosher certified, so what is it? It’s like silver like chrome spray paint for food with a light spray one can of Chef master Gold silver pearl spray will cover approximately 10 dozen cupcakes. That’s a lot of cupcakes though 10 dozen. That’s at least under 20 That is 120 Baker’s dozen hundred xxx what’s a baker’s dozen 13? Is it really mmm that makes sense so they just throw one in there for kicks? Yeah? There’s like have an extra donut on the house Cool, let’s try it Add to Cart alright, so this is the product the label is like Disorienting lis like shiny edible silver spray, so let’s try it. Let’s spray some stuff. What do you got for me look at that? I just sprayed my coffee silver eat. It. Well. I got some cakes. You know your boy has cake oh no my lips You’re so adorable Oh, all right hit me tanner. Let’s spray some spray paint some okay Okay, all right. Let’s spray paint these and then let’s eat them. Okay you do. Yeah you deal you see how you deal you know I’m talking about the Shower Ready this one’s pretty glittery too you see that dude it smells like paint Quinn really taste up. Do you agree we can try this on a grander scale? Yeah bad so I pre painted a couple of these cakes okay? Naturally since you’re whiter than me you get the vanilla I’m gonna take chocolate. Oh come on chocolates Just better chocolate cake his better case yeah, I know that’s why I said oh come on who eats vanilla cake here you go No, I only like vanilla. You know Brian likes vanilla. That’s his favorite That’s literally Brian’s favorite ice cream flavor vanilla Boring thing ever it might you be more basic. What’s your job accountant? That’s not? Gonna, take it from this. This is absolutely 100% painted clear that yeah, this is a lot of paint. That’s a lot of paint Can’t taste it can’t touch it its job. Can’t touch it Can’t touch it so I’m just gonna try this it makes your minds good. Yeah, I got make sure yours is good That’s what I gotta do research. I have to go back for a second or thirds to be sure no some Testing you, don’t just test it once right? Oh. Yeah, you always test something tours. You got to do three times right yeah? Yeah
I test it once to just make sure you’re not scared of doing it test the second time just be like I did and the Third time to see if you like it or not, oh, you know it’s a better idea and Then the vanilla with the yeah I’m gonna do it a little more people that don’t even really mean to pain anymore. We’re just making our little concoction Do you guys remember these right oh? You’re just evil I’ve been enjoying this kick you don’t like that to matter with you. I’ll try you try first oh no No no the Pops war cuz it’s super crunchy the pop Evil I forgot what Pro product we’re reviewing but ten out of ten if it results in this penida as a dope kicker land 16:01 BL solar Queen Derby edition solar panel on purse makes her wave oh gosh Right now perfect for a bookshelf windowsill or dashboard is she the queen or the solar Queen Wait up Assad put the Queen in the Sun and watch how she carefully greets you okay? Why like why though someone’s like I need to make this product it will sell millions Queen solar panel on purse makes her wave manufacturer quick everyone will buy it manufacture Imagine imagine Factory, that’s it That’s magic manufacturing Add to Cart nice Dude, Queen you don’t mind if you get a little glittery do you she’s a tasteful lady? She probably loves the glitter so we got a little flashlight here. What kind of flashlight is this dude? It’s not the weirdest shaped flashlight. I’ve ever seen or what very interesting we shaped flashlights alright solar Queen There you go. She’s waving let me just show it to you like this. That’s it. That’s literally it Sorry Queen, but you’re not my queen That’s probably super offensive. I’m just kidding. I respect the Queen. That’s just a toy That’s not actually the Queen for all of you that may get triggered we respect the real Queen. That’s an impostor before the next product Shout-out to sheer luck because sheer luck is actually a commenter Shoutout to sheer luck because that’s the only reason why I have this many subscribers Now shoutout to sheer luck for being a part of that navigation squad and going down below in the first 30 minutes That’s right. We looking out for you, so if you want a shout out I’m within the first 30 minutes turn on that Bell next product Penton ball by Peleg Peleg design brings foods ball to your desk miniature players slide into your pencil for double duty Oh, I hate that look at this dude leaguers poor guy’s head It’s like enough enough sure enough all right, dude you gonna play some football through the ball. I mean Add to Cart There you go, dude football erasers quick question can these erasers erase pen Oh? chrome dome Wait, what is it working? It’s literally working. That’s awesome impressive. Dude all right ready Yeah, like I built the field look at that all right you get the pen I get blue all right Where’s the ball it didn’t come with a ball did it? No you make your own ball. Wash I? Won, no I have to get all the way through up through The goal and I understand this is actually difficult Ronaldinho I Do think that was it that was a win all right doesn’t absolute win all right absolutely trashed you team it challenge Just a giant London oh This is like way difficult because like actual foosball you can like have some control yeah this one That was a win did like holding up a stick oh No Hands off of that dude, this is a family channel. It’s a family channel. I know you’re out there 12-year olds. Oh My word just like stabbed the head Of the table That’s a dope next product jet comfy travel pillow. The only travel told that fully supports your head and neck what does that mean? Something seems off with it though. What is like what? What’s so dumb? I do the epitome of first world problems Ah in my tens of thousands of dollar be achill. I cannot sleep. I mean this this thousand dollar plane ride I cannot sleep come on really. It’s just me against the window like every other kid in their College the button add to cart’ Looks comfy you think so yeah, just the metal thing coming out I don’t know could you do this in public no no no no that’s embarrassing Seems pretty embarrassing am I worried look at this contraption. It’s like a tripod. Oh you latch it on to like an armrest here Let’s just do this. Okay. How does it feel feels great? I think I’m gonna use this for the rest of my videos. This is stay like that Yeah, I mean like just a lot less effort. I could just a pause what are you talking about there you go? How comfortable with that was it Comfy it was unanticipated I think got me get it right down to your groin, dude you’re supposed to like latch it somehow and then just there like that I Mean yeah, it could work you would just have to suffer the consequences of you know the societal ramifications you’re gonna get picked on I’m gonna have to say no next product 4d mastered gummy bear skeleton Anatomy model kit What the heck is this look at that? It’s so interesting looking It’s as if a gummy bear was real didn’t you destroy a gummy bear on wreck the other day. Yeah a couple times There’s a link right there. That’s very mean of you. Did you hear that? There’s a link right there yeah there? You’ll do that put a link right there, No How could you kill a gummy bear? I mean honestly before I wasn’t super likey yeah about it But now I’m looking at it like it has a face and teeth yeah And it’s like there’s a link right there and guitars Here’s the first the first BAM and then this one’s still alive Yeah, it hasn’t been sacrificed to for science first. Let’s take out this giant gummy bear – this video is gonna Make me sick, cuz you know I gotta eat this you’re gonna eat the whole thing. I’m going to the movies after this, bro I’m gonna take this with me Do you think he’ll allow? outside candies in the theater now that we got a look at what what they look like Let’s see what they actually look like on the inside Wow Look at that Anatomy of a gummy bear is so beautiful can I take it apart only can wait, what’s this is that a liver quiver me liver? It’s actually kind of cute Assis brain. Oh wow its brain actually they’re like relatively the same size – dude That’s somewhat creepy Never giving up One in here, I don’t know I was watching you do that. It was a little disconcerting. I’m watching you hahaha like well I held it yours like I went in for it. I have to say that’s a dope dude. I thought that’s a fart brain toy Dude, I need some brain toys because my brains dumb. What is this? It looks actually really interesting? It looks like it’s from like destiny. Yeah, it’s just a bunch of turtles linked up together That’s that crazy stuff, so what happens when turtles get together now kiss Snap together in unlimited ways yeah face to face butt to face or butt-to-butt Like what the turtle centipede is going on Yeah right like what the heck hide the card Wow they do Conform together pretty well. What’s the point? It’s just like Legos kind of a thing you just kind of like keep building and building Yeah, see it’s like a bunch of butt to face Why I have the shape of a turtle inside this box here we have a little pamphlet what bit slide it turn it It’s just different ways you can attach them together oh F Usee so you can create like the stack of turtles just to your heart’s content if that’s what you’re into you’re supposed to be Able to go sideways, but you can’t why is it lying to me? Oh no you can’t? This is what I’m supposed to be doing right now It’s actually really difficult To push them on and take them off like way more difficult than Legos Legos can sometimes be pretty difficult to get on and off But that one’s pretty difficult. I don’t know should we have the viewers? Yeah vote dope or nope up there When even you know that wasn’t smart oh no! That thing just thudded dude. Next product the mighty Carver electric knife so mighty turkey carving never looked so mighty look at that thing It’s like a chainsaw, but for the kitchen seems so unnecessary. Yeah, why not just use a regular knife? I feel like I’m gonna get copyright claim Look at that dude, why why though this is just for men? I mean like I would find this really difficult to believe if a woman wanted this or Someone that actually goes into the kitchen. You know this is like one of those things It’s like hey get excited about making food again! You know for the people like us That are like. Uggghhh I don’t want to go into the kitchen to make food order now Bow-wow dude. This is not a joke. This is not a drill. It is a saw Carve your turkey like a pro with the mighty Carver electric night So it’s just a glorified electric knife look at all these parts in here. I’m not gonna throw this at you. You got so scared because i dont know if there are more knives in there Okay, so that’s how it’s gonna do its thing put that in there like like so there you go There’s your saw blade, okay, so let’s put this together, and then let’s saw some food you want to saw some food Tanner? Yeah, I do. Let’s do it That’s the real deal Wow you ready for this yep, just gonna go I’m not gonna go for it That’s why this piece is useless Immediately you discover that that piece just hinders you which is a bummer it’s still kind of fun to do this bit That works Thats for you my dude cheers. Oh, okay? Oh, let’s go That’s not ripe nope that’s not ripe what do you mean? You ever had good pineapple? I mean not that great Chokes on it. Want to be honest with you that’s very satisfying to cut that it looks fun I feel like you can use this on rect probably could I will give this to you Thank you, but before that let’s try it on the bread, okay. That is so amazing Dude that worked really well! Like butter dude I know it’s just bread But no, no cutting bread is cutting soft bread like this is really really difficult If you’re able to cut a slice of bread like that That’s that soft and have it look like untouched people at your dinner party you’re gonna be how you do dude i give this a dope dude All right guys, so you guys haven’t seen this yet actually if you’ve seen one of my videos in the past You’ll you might recognize what this is videos a human slingshot? What??, it’s a human slingshot Get slung literally says get slung All right so human slingshot is not recommended for children under the age of 10 So here’s the idea as you can see in here There’s four people inside this giant like hoop of Material and the idea is to people push backwards and sling the other other two people Towards each other let’s do it, and they miss it right check this out this is giant Okay, so everyone get inside, and I assume maybe put it up above like Shoulders. Yep above your shoulders like that well, so weird always go to the right you can start playing chicken Here’s what’s happening alright in this product review a mother uploaded an x-ray of her kids collarbone broken no way! Ive already broken my collarbone so- Really doing what!? Riding bicycles. Its invincible right!? Thats how it works So always to your right? so you two pull to the right connor and i will go towards each other Ready? And go (incomprehensible yelling…) (imagine howler monkeys screaming) was i going on the left of you? i was going right every time but the last time you were like whoa I got caught up in the side of it to where I couldn’t turn around my face the whole time was like don’t do that was scary Oh, okay, that’s fun dope or nope? Dope! Periscope dope Canellacope no I say no If you don’t coordinate that you say everyone goes right you’re smashing yeah That’s some serious exercise though for real. Oh man. Dude. All right. I guess Rito on its a dope oh That right There’s a playlist full of Amazon videos Just like this where we tested out crazy products just like this video So if you enjoyed this one click that over there this video right here is another dope or nope With an f1 racing hoverboard. I said f1 weird clicking this right here is a subscribe button do it. I’ll see you over there high-five


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