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– You said it, I didn’t. You brought me and now you
know Grammy’s a high roller. – Oh, my! (pop music) – Good morning, hunties and huncles! So, I’m at my beautiful
grandmother’s house. Gramma, say hi. – Hi! – Gramma, I have a surprise for you. – What’s the surprise? – Are you ready? I’m giving you a makeover, okay? We’re gonna get your hair done, I am gonna take you to the mall, I’m gonna buy you some cute outfits. – I have cute outfits already. – Hold on! I’m gonna buy you some more to
add to your wardrobe, honey! We’re gonna get your nails done. You’re gonna get a mani/pedi. – Let’s go, let’s go! – Yes. – Let’s go! (LaToya laughs) Oh, turning the stove off. Hold on, hold on! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Off! Off! Make sure the stove is off and let’s go! – Okay, let’s go, are you ready? Are you excited? – Yeah– – You know what? (pots clattering drowns out response) – Gramma, she’s been working so hard to take care of my
grandfather and herself, and she needs to look good while doing it. So I’m like, “Let me treat me Gramma “to a makeover, let me
get her li’l hair done, “her li’l nails done, maybe
buy her a cute li’l outfit.” Gramma, what is your
favorite clothing store? – Hm? – Your favorite clothing store. – The Bay. – The Bay? Well, we going to The Bay. Girl, you expensive, honey! The Bay! All right. – I make sure off, off, off, off. [Gunshots] Right. ‘Cause I won’t burn my house down. – Right. Okay, because there was a
house that got burnt down, remember, by my house. But anyways, let’s go. – (Gramma) All right. – Let’s go. Remember, I’m about to come out now, I’m gonna die, I didn’t
see no food, nothing. Nothing to eat. – [LaToya] Don’t worry. [LaToya] You’re getting a makeover. [LaToya] Oh, girl, you jazzy, honey! [LaToya] Let’s go shopping, girl. (Gramma laughs) [LaToya] Hey, Sebastian. – Hola, how are you? – [LaToya] You’re such an
angel in your all-white. – [Gramma] Oh, and I love him. – [LaToya] Yes, Gramma
loves her some Sebastian. – [Gramma] Yup! – [LaToya] And Grandad loves you, too! – [Gramma And Sebastian] Yes. (dog barking drowns out words) – [LaToya] Miko, calm down! [LaToya] I know. [LaToya] Sebastian…he lookin’ different. (all laugh) – He don’t want anybody to touch Gramma! – [LaToya] Yeah, he doesn’t. – Yeah, okay, Miko. – He’s giving her a little hug. – [LaToya] Aww, look at Miko. [LaToya] Aww, he doesn’t
want you to leave. [LaToya] Was it a she or he? – Yeah, she don’t want me to leave. – [LaToya] She. – And she don’t like
anybody to touch Gramma. – [LaToya] I know. – Come, baby, come. – [LaToya] Awwww! – I didn’t know your grandma had a dog! [LaToya] She loves you! [LaToya] That’s not even Gramma’s dog. [LaToya] That’s my dad’s dog. (talking and laughing overlaps) [LaToya] What Trini person has a dog? The only dogs Trini people have are the stray dogs roaming the streets. Mutts! – Same thing for Latino people. Latino people never have a dog out here. – There’s always a stray dog,
though, around the house? (laughs) – Around the street. – [LaToya] Yeah, on the street. So, Gramma. – [Gramma] Yes, dear? – What do you need at the mall? – [Gramma] A nice outfit. – Okay, you said that
you need a jacket, right? – Yes, a jacket, a nice jacket. – Okay, what color do you want? – Black. – You want a black jacket? – Mm-hmm. – But summer is just around the corner. – Toya, this whole family
just wear black all the time. – That’s all we wear. – Three generations. (laughs) – All generations, we wear black. – Well, I don’t care about the summer or winter or fall, right? – If you wanna wear your black jacket– – That’s right! – You wear your black jacket. – That’s right. – Even in the hot, blazing sun. – That’s right. – Yeah, ’cause Gramma does what she wants, – That’s right. – When she wants. – I don’t care what anybody says. – Can I drive fast? – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Why? – No, no, no, no, no,
don’t mess, you see that? Don’t mess me with that. – Gramma does not like when
we drive at the speed limit. We have to drive under the speed limit, ’cause if we don’t, she
starts freaking out. – Oh, yeah. – Why, Gramma? – Remember, you were just a little one. – You can’t still be, you’re traumatized. – Oh, yes, oh, yes. – My Gramma got into a car
accident in Trinidad, and so– – No, no, no, on the QEW
down in the precipice! – What? – [Mom] Ah, you got in
a car accident here? – Yes, down in the precipice, I was in the hospital for many months. – [LaToya] The hunties and
huncles can’t see you, Gramma. [LaToya] You have to hold up the camera. – [Mom] Is your arm tired? – [LaToya] Gramma, so tell
them about what happened. – Oh, yeah, I was in a car accident. (all laugh) Nigel was a little boy, a little one and I was in the back seat. – Great vlogging, Gramma. – And my sister just took Nigel and put her under her leg. And pull me down in the mud. – Who was driving? – Some stupid idiot
driving in damn Califo– – Yeah. – [Mom] Look at Gramma with the angles. – Your angles, that side profile angle, yas, Gramma! – [Mom] Listen, Gramma’s
all about the close-ups. [Mom] LaToya might be
all about the full body, [Mom] but Gramma’s all
about the close-ups. – Gramma got the close-ups, though, she has that good skin for it. – You see why I’m always
scared of driving? – Yeah, tell me why. – Because of that incident I had, I was in the hospital
for many, many months. – Oh, months? – Many, many months. – Oh. – That is why I suffered
all the headaches, call it migraine headaches. – I feel like, okay,
Gramma, they can’t see you, the hunties and huncles, all right. So you suffer from migraines, I feel like that’s
something that’s hereditary, because I get headaches, too. When I’m hungry or when I feel dehydrated, or if I’m stressed, I get headaches. My head pounds. – [Mom] When you get a headaches,
you need to do a prayer. – And I pray, you have to pray– – I pray all the time. I pray, I pray, I pray. I get bad headaches. – Oh, God, ya wanna go
to Saks Fifth Avenue? They probably have some nice,
nice things for ya there. – [Mom] Oh, some Gucci for Gramma? – Gucci for Grandma? – They have Gucci here? – Yeah, you want Gucci? – Oh, yes. (all laughing together) – My God! Thumbs up for my Gramma. Oh, my gosh, I love my family. – Yeah. – [LaToya] First thing, what, Gramma? – I got a new red jacket. Jacket! – [LaToya] Okay, let’s go get a new one. [LaToya] Let’s go on this
shopping spree, Gramma. Just don’t break my bank account. – You know I wouldn’t. – Oh, yes, you would. – Because I’m not cheap. (laughs) – Exactly, most of the clients here. – That’s why I’m not cheap. – And she ain’t cheap,
that’s my issue, right? – I’m not cheap! – That’s my fear. Oh, God, jeez. My Gramma’s a high roller, you guys. So just pray for me right
now on this shopping spree. Please. – Do you like this top? – No. – Do you like this top? – No. – Do you like this top? – No. (LaToya laughs) – None of them? – No. – What is your style? – Up there. – Upstairs? – Mm-hmm, come with me. – Oh, my God, this top is so cute. Gramma, do you like this? – Yeah, I love that. – It’s so pretty! – That’s nice. – Someone’s coming up. – I love it. Let’s check the price. Oh, God! 90 dollars? Okay, for you, Gramma. – For 90 dollars? – 90. – No, no, no, no, no, no. – For you, you can have it. You’re very special to my heart. – Yeah, but no, no, no, 90 dollars. – Don’t worry, Gramma. We got a shopping spree
today, honey, let’s go. Gramma, do you want a leopard bra so you can wear it for Granddad? (Gramma laughs) That’s cute. Y’all don’t like that? – No, I don’t like that. I like black, I like this. (LaToya laughs) – Gramma, that looks like
the jacket you have on! – Bruh. – Gramma! This lady is a high roller. – I am a high roller. – Holy! She about to clean out my account now. – Yup! – Shopping spree for Gramma. – Shopping spree for Gramma. You said it, I didn’t. You brought me and now you
know Gramma is a high roller. – Oh, my God, you are, let’s go. – Not driving. – You ready? – No, no, no, no. You brought me on a spree,
so I’m going to spree. – Shop until you drop. – I’m going to shop until I drop. – You deserve it. – Shop ’til I drop. – You deserve it, Mama. Okay, you guys, so right now,
we are at the nail salon. Gramma just got a pedicure. She didn’t wanna get her nails done because she says that she bites her nails? Gramma, you are too grown for that. Why do you bite your nails? – I do it my time. – So then why didn’t you tell me? You want your nails done? – Yeah. I’ll get my nails done. – So do you wanna get it done right now? – No. – Are you gonna bite off the nail polish? – No. – My gosh, anyways, you guys, now she’s gonna get her manicure. I didn’t know that she wanted a manicure. I said, “Gramma, you want a manicure?” She said, “No, I bite my nails.” So now, all of the sudden– – I bite my nails. You never bite your nails? – I, sometimes, I bite my nails. It depends. – It’s a bad habit I have. – Yeah, so are you gonna
bite your nails off? – No, no, no, no, no. (pop music) – Now we’re at Carol’s Salon and Gramma’s getting her hair done! [LaToya] So Gramma’s super boring [LaToya] and she just wants
straight hair like a bump. [LaToya] We wanted to put curls in it. – No. – [LaToya] But Gramma
doesn’t want curls in it. – No. – [LaToya] Yeah, she’s a firecracker. [LaToya] That heart, but– – Mm-hmm, thank you. – [Mom] Sounds like someone else I know. – [LaToya] She’s super boring
when it comes to style. – And cute! [LaToya Laughs] – [Mom] Like someone else I know. – [LaToya] Like me! It’s so weird! Basic. – [Mom] Sit there in
black jeans, white shirt. – White, black, gray. – [Mom] No, not white, barely. – Listen, I have white on today, honey. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I been stepping out. – Thanks, my grandbaby! – Of course, babe. – Thanks for everything! – Of course, I love you. – I had a great day. – You did, didn’t you? – I love it. – Now we’re gonna get
cussed out by Granddad ’cause we were gone, you guys,
all day and my phone died. I did call Granddad but
he didn’t answer the phone so then we went to Carol, which
is our hairstylist’s house and Auntie Jolene barges through the door, talking about “We almost called the police “to put out a search warrant for Gramma! “Granddad is going off! “He is pissed!” Anyways, we have to go inside. – So when Granddaddy gone and I don’t know where Granddaddy is for days– – Right, exactly. – I am not pissed, I don’t say a word. – Exactly and now when
you have your girl time, when you get out– – Exactly. – Granddad over there tripping. It’s too bad. You’re not a piece of furniture. – Exactly. – You can go out and you can have fun. – That’s right. – Okay, Granddad? – [Mom] And you got a pretty outfit, eh? – And your outfit. You know what, you gonna
walk in that house, hold ya head high and be like, “Hey, baby.” (all laughing) ‘Cause you got your hair done, girl! – Yes, baby, thank you guys! – You’re welcome, Gramma. – Thank you, love you. – Okay, you guys, we’re
about to get cussed out. – Okay. – [LaToya] Oh, God, here we go. – [Gramma] Here we go. – [LaToya] Here we go. – [LaToya] Go, go, go, go. – [LaToya] Hey, Granddaddy. – Where the hell did your manners go? – [LaToya] What do you mean “manners”? – [LaToya] I called you two hours ago [LaToya] and you didn’t answer the phone. – You called me, it was two hours ago, I don’t see it on the phone. – [LaToya] I called you,
Granddad, two hours ago. – You see this dog telling
me to leave the house? Sit, sit, sit, walking
around and feeling sad. I said, “What happened to you?” “She won’t come, she won’t come, she–” Not like you, when I come
to the door, she jumpin’. So I say, “Well, she’s
sleeping, let her sleep.” Then I get up, I go on upstairs. Nobody upstairs. – Oh, I had a great day
today with my granddaughter. – But you had a right to call me!. – But we called you. – [LaToya] We called you, Granddad. – I called you, too. – [LaToya] Okay? – [Gramma] We called you! – [LaToya] I called you but
my phone died an hour ago. – [LaToya] But I called you to
tell you that I had your wife [LaToya] and she’s in good
hands, I took her shopping, [LaToya] I got her hair
done, and she got a pedicure. [LaToya] Look at her toes, Granddad. – They cut them big nails? – [LaToya] Yeah, they cut the nails, look. – Jarissa, all you had to do it call me and tell me where you were going. – Sorry, my love. – [LaToya] Aw, sorry, my love! – Sorry, my love. [LaToya] Give him kiss! – I thought you were sleeping up there and I didn’t want to wake you up. – Sorry, sorry. – Then I see the time, so I say, “Wait, lemme go and wake she up.” – Sorry, my love. (cheering drowns out Granddad) – Come downstairs, I see she
gone with your shoes I seent. (all laughing) I said, “This!” It’s funny, laugh, laugh at me. – [LaToya] So you thought what? – I say, “She walk away.” (all laughing) – Four hours– – [LaToya] But you know when
we left, you weren’t even here. [LaToya] You went down
the road, gallivanting – No, I was just up the street. – [LaToya] and when we tried to call you– – With Glenn, I was up there. – [LaToya] Okay, that saga boy? (Gramma and Granddad
talking over each other) – My phone don’t lie. – LaToya. – I just wipe it all
day, I swear, I check. – She called you. – [LaToya] Anyways, we’re good
and doesn’t she look nice? [LaToya] Give Gramma a compliment. – I had a good day today. – [LaToya] Give Gramma
a compliment, Granddad. [LaToya] Compliment your wife. – I just going to get up. – [LaToya] Excuse me? [LaToya] Compliment your wife. – Whassup, me boy? – [LaToya] Wow. – You all right? – I’m good, I’m good. I’m watching, I’m watching. I have nothing to see. – What’s his name again? – [LaToya] Sebastian. – Sebastian, yeah. – [LaToya] Granddad? [LaToya] Tell Gramma she looks nice. – Yeah, she look good. – [LaToya] Look at her. – The looks doesn’t compare, doesn’t match for the four hours I sleep in
here and figure she upstairs. – [LaToya] Gramma looking so
cute in her new little outfit! [LaToya] Well, one of them. [LaToya] Yes, that one’s cute. [LaToya] Granddad, what do you think? – What I could think? I can’t think, I see. – [LaToya] Do you like it? – Yeah, it look okay. It look good, it look good. – [LaToya] On a scale from one to 10, [LaToya] how does Gramma look? [LaToya] 10 being the
best, one being the worst. – [Gramma] All right? Only all right? – [LaToya] One to 10! – 10, you look 10. – [LaToya] Oooo! [LaToya] Shawty is a 10! – She look like she ain’t
really playing with the phone. – [LaToya] Yeah, you look good. [LaToya] This is you. [LaToya] This is the Gramma I know. – Yeah? – [Granddad] Me, too. (R&B music) – What’s good, hunties and huncles? We’re in downtown Toronto because my brother’s performing tonight so we thought we would
come out and support him. Miles in the cut. – [Miles] Hey, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up, everybody? – It’s a family affair! – Family reunion, ya know? – Yes! Milan in the cut! – Hey! – What’s good? – It’s beautiful. – I’ve been seeing this girl every single damn day this week. – Every day, we might as well
damn live with each other. – I know. What the hell? [LaToya] But look at this view, you guys. [LaToya] The view is
beautiful of the city. [LaToya] I forgot this view
was so gorgie from this side. [LaToya] I love it,
look at all the lights. [LaToya] Oh, my gosh,
I’m gonna miss this view. [LaToya] Okay, not really, but yeah. (all laughing) – [Milan] You’re so
annoying but not really. – [LaToya] Adam, what’s good, baby? [LaToya] You ready for tonight? – Yup. – [LaToya] We bout to get lit, cuh! – [Adam] We are? – Yeah! To my brother’s music! – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, it’s gonna be up by 7. – Lit! Oh, he’s watching the game
right now on his phone. (hip-hop music playing) [LaToya] Look at that crowd! [LaToya] Whoo! [LaToya] That’s my brother! [LaToya] Ayy! [LaToya] Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy! [LaToya] Whoo! Okay, you guys, we are about to leave. That was an amazing performance. You guys, I’m so proud of my brother. He’s come so far. He’s living his dream, ya know? He made the impossible possible because I feel like a lot of people they frown upon Black men
wanting to be rappers, do you know what I’m saying? – [Miles] That’s true. – They frown upon it. “Oh, yeah, he wants to be a rapper, “yeah, okay, whatever.” But when you actually
make a career out of it, and you start getting
recognized for your talent and you make it big, it feels really good and I’m so proud of him. Making the impossible possible. Make the impossible possible,
hunties and huncles, and subscribe to my channel, (all laughing) ’cause a lot of you be watching the videos and you’re not subscribed. So I need you to hit that red
subscribe button right there, okay, and subscribe. – And if you’re a little tipsy, you can even hit the bell. – Right? If you tipsy, twerk on the bell, baby! Anyways, have a good night, and we’ll see you in the next video. [LaToya] Take in that view, though. [LaToya] Take it in. [LaToya] Take it in. (R&B music)


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