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– What’s up, crazies? It’s your girl, LaToyaForever back at it with another video. Today’s video is sponsored by Ebates. Yes! I’m so excited about this
collaboration, you guys, ’cause I’ve been an
Ebates member since 2014. If you guys don’t know what
Ebates is, you sleep, okay? Wake up. Ebates is the largest
cashback site online, okay? You literally get money
back for shopping, alright? I do online shopping
damage every single day to my bank account through Ebates, okay? I shop at Forever21, The
Gap, Ulta, Sephora, Walmart. I go off, you guys. But luckily, we’re saving money
when we spend money, okay? We save and we spend and
we spend and we save. They have promo codes, coupons. All of my hunties,
huncles, all of my crazies, if you sign up for an Ebates
account by clicking on the first link, you will get $10, okay? $10 on your first purchase of $25 or more. They will send you $10. Okay? I look forward to going
into my PayPal account and seeing a check form
Ebates, “Thank you.” We’re also doing a
giveaway, a $200 giveaway. So make sure, after you sign
up for your Ebates account, you enter the giveaway. That’s the second link,
so make sure you enter. Get your $200. Anyways, in today’s video,
I went shopping at Walmart and I bought five outfits for under $100. I bought it through Ebates,
and I got 10% cashback, okay? So I didn’t even spend $100,
because I’m getting my $10 back from Ebates. Thank you. Anyways, you guys, make sure you sign up for your Ebates account and
start saving some money, honey. Okay? Get with it. Get with it. (laughing) I want y’all to save, okay? I love saving. I love spending and I
love saving while I spend. Anyways, let’s jump
right into today’s haul. Okay, I see all these hauls out there doing Fashion Nova and
Target and Forever21. I’m gonna show you how to
ball on a budget, okay? Walmart. I know y’all are about to
call me basic right now. But I mean, I just love this tracksuit. It’s so cute. Honestly, I don’t even have
a really cute gray tracksuit that I love, you know? This is so cute. I love the drawstrings on it. They’re white. Super cute. Love it. The pants are extra small
because they sold out of small, so I got the extra small. I know, girl can still fit them. It’s a little tight, but
make my booty look nice. I love it, it’s cute. Okay, what do you guys rate this, on a scale from one to ten? I didn’t get the sliders from Walmart, but yeah, I thought it
complete the look, baby. So cute. Love them. It’s nice and soft. Y’all look. (funky music) Okay, outfit number two. This dress. I love this dress. It’s so cute. It’s comfortable. I can see myself wearing
this dress to a barbecue. It’s this cute cute little
maxi dress, every day dress. You know, run errands, pick up the kids, go to the grocery store. You know what I’m sayin’? I like it. It’s cute. I like the slit on the side. Anyways, I like this. I can picture this being
real cute with like, a bunch of gold chains
and like gold sandals. Even like the aviator sandals
that tie all the way up. Super cute. I love this. It’s so comfortable. Rate it. One to ten. One to ten. Y’all never see me in stuff like this. Oh, it’s also versatile. Like, you can tie it in a knot. I could even wear this to the beach. Cute, right? Like, “Hi guys.” I wanna show some legs,
so you tie it in a knot. Go to the beach, you know,
I’m walking on the sand. I like this. Cute. Ooh, Walmart, who do you think you are? Look at these jeggings. These jeggings make my booty look bomb. These jeggings were, wait, hold on, let’s see. $19.97. Love them. They’re so cute. These are so cute. And I bought this tank top to wear with it, and this tank top was $7. So cute. I love it. I love this outfit together. So bomb. You can wear it with like, clear heels. Or you can even wear it with kicks. I love it. Like, white kicks, oh my gosh. This is so cute. I love this outfit. What color is this, you guys? Comment below, I don’t even know. Burgundy maroony browny
redy salmony bricky. I don’t know. I don’t know the color,
but I’m like, “Bruh.” I saw the top, then I saw the jeggings, and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, this
would be so cute together.” So rate it. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Comment below, one to
10, what do you think? (humming) This is so me. ♪ Outfit number four. ♪ So this is my first time
trying on all of these items. I don’t know how I feel about the pants. I’m wearing them as high waist, but I know they’re
supposed to be down here, but I just don’t like how, I don’t like the look of it. So I’m gonna keep them as high waisted. What do you guys think? They’re cute. They’re khaki. They have two pockets on the side. They’re comfortable, of course. You know I love my comfort. I bought this camisole for like $2. Pretty cheap. Quality’s pretty like, I would probably not
even wear this outside, to be honest. I’d probably wear this to bed. Maybe if I roll up the bottom. If I roll up the bottom,
throw a jean jacket over it. Hold on, let me go get one of
my jean jackets real quick. I’m not into the pants. But it’s not what you wear, yo. It’s how you wear it. What are you gonna do to these
pants to make them look bomb? Is that cute? What would you do to these pants? I don’t know. I think that looks cute. I’m not sure. I don’t know how I feel about this outfit. Rate it from one to 10. What is going on here? I can not pull up these jeggings. Did I gain weight in like, two minutes? Because what the heck? I cannot put it over my butt. I mean, that’s a bad thing. But I really wanted to keep these. (grunting) Okay, alright. I got them on. They’re a little tight. I have to break them in. But no, I’m gonna keep these. It was a struggle to get them on, but now that they’re on, they’re good. So we’re just gonna keep them on. I don’t know how I feel about this cami. I like the browny marroony
burgundy-y bricky browny redy one better, with the thicker strap. This one, eh, not so much. It’s the same exact quality,
and I like this quality. It was $7. I like it, I like the color, but I just don’t like the neckline. This is cute. To grab a bite to eat,
brunch, lunch, you know? Comment below, what do y’all think? Rate it from one to 10. What was your favorite outfit? Leave a comment in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos. Thumbs up the video as well. If you are enjoying weekly videos and I’ll see you next week. Shoutouts to Ebates. Don’t forget to sign up, y’all so you can start saving some money, honey. How am I gonna take these jeans off? (“All of You” by JAHKOY)


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