I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon
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I Tried Under-$100 Wedding Dresses From Amazon

– It got a little bit heated. We are not on the same page. – This is my favorite. – It makes me crazy. – Weddings bring out the worst in people. (yelling) – Hi, I’m Chrissy, I’m
getting married very soon to a man named Josh who I’ve
known for 11 freaking years. So today, I’m going to try on
some Amazon wedding dresses with all my friends, but I’m
putting a little twist on it. Can they guess how much it is? Hi! – [Group] Hi! – For my little bridal party I’ve invited Jasmine, Kristen, and Sheridan. Here’s the thing, okay,
Kristen is very sweet. She’s not going to be mean. – I love being nice. – Sheridan on the other hand,
will be like, “You look bad.” – I just think it looks
like a bad prom dress. I don’t know. – Jasmine, sweet Jasmine. – I’m just an angel. – She’s coming from a fashion background so she’ll be able to
know what kind of fabrics are being used. Are they expensive? Are they inexpensive? You ready to guess some numbers? Ready to throw some prices out there? – Okay, but so what does the winner get? – Eternal love. – You know, everybody I’m
in the room with today has all found their eternal love. That’s cute, um. – On that note, I’m going
to go try on my first dress. (cheering) – No promises. – I’m really excited to see
what options are out there. I’m wondering if the quality
is good, how it looks IRL. – I have moderate expectations. – Chrissy’s main struggle is
going to be the fit, for sure. I feel like it’s going to be
a little bit of a struggle just like getting that bride feeling. Whatever the (bleep) that means. – I am convinced that there
is something out there that everyone can find for
under 100 dollars, no question. We’re going to hang out,
hopefully drink some champagne like they do in the bridal Oh, just kidding, it’s
going to be a long day. (dreamy music) Here’s dress one! – Oh actually, that’s cute. – This looks really beautiful. When I saw Chrissy walk
out in the first dress I was like, “Okay.” – I didn’t mind the first dress at all. I like to be chill, I
like to be easy breezy. I like my dress to be flowy
enough that I can eat in it. (ding) When I walked out no one had tears and I was like, “oh.” – I think it’s really sweet. – Sheridan’s boogie ass right
now is judging everything. – First thoughts were,
it was a little older. I feel like a wedding day you want to feel a little more special, I
don’t think there’s anything special about this. – It was like in the
same zip code as her vibe but not quite at the address you wanted when you plugged it into
Google Maps earlier. – I can’t wear underwear with it because it is so sheer. – So see through. – Oh you don’t have on underwear? – I was wondering why you
were covering the bushes. (laughing) – Let’s cut to the chase. How much do you think this dress is? – 65 dollars. – 102. – 40. – And the price is, 15 dollars. – [Group] What! – My noggin flew off my head,
it went to another state. – Now that I know the price of it I think it’s more than okay,
it’s great for 15 bucks. – It wasn’t trying to be like, “Oh, I’m sure an
extravagant wedding dress.” It was staying in its own
lane and it was 15 dollars. – You ready for another challenge? – [Jasmine] Another one! – Yeah, wow, 15, shit. – I need a drink. – Being the winner and
all that I try to be. I won the first round, I wasn’t shocked. – You didn’t win, you got the point. – Whatever makes you feel better. – I still won. – We still have a few more
dresses, a few more dresses. – We got some salty (bleep) up in here. (dreamy music) – All right, are you guys
ready for dress number 2? – Oh my God! – [Chrissy] Look at the train! – Wow! This is like a dress,
this is like a real dress. – So when Chrissy came out
in the strapless dress, you could tell something was a little off. – [Chrissy] There’s something
happening with the fabric on like the bodice, it like
reflects green kind of. – [Jasmine] There was one
like pointy part of her boob. It literally just kind of
swallowed her like a sock. This dress is acting like
something that it’s not. This is an imposter. – That strapless dress was
clearly not for Chrissy. She wanted to hit eject. – If you’re over a size D boob, strapless immediately makes you flinch. Anytime I hear the word
strapless I’m like (gasp). How much do you think
this strapless dress is? – If you told me this
dress cost 500 dollars I would believe you, I
think it looks classy. – I would be pissed if you told me this dress was 500 dollars.
– What? – I would also be a little pissed. – We are not on the same page. – We never (bleep) are. (laughing) – 122 dollars. – 135. – 67. – And the price of this
dress is 65 dollars. (screaming) – Jasmine, hot damn! I think this looks so expensive. – I think if you’re just like, “beep boop. Let me just tuck that
rouge in, I think it could actually totally work and when I say work, I mean, not for me. – Look if you’re only
to wear a dress once, it doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be good
enough for like six hours. – Are you ready for the third. – [Group] Yes! – More dresses, more dresses. – More dresses. – I need to win this next one. – I can’t (bleep) believe
you’ve won two in a row. (dreamy music) – Open your eyes. – Oh my God. You’re a cupcake! This is my favorite, it
was so cute, I loved it. – [Jasmine] I thought it
was really cute, flattering. It was classy but it showed some leg so a little bit of sex appeal in there. – I hate this dress. (laughing) – We love it though! – I am exactly those wedding
toppers on every cake. I was literally floof, that’s all I was. – Your little leg showing! – We all love the style but we have to talk
about the construction. There are strings flying
off of this thing. – [Jasmine] It’s terrible. – The hardest thing to
tell on the internet is how something feels. Like I don’t want to
just like crunch around. Do you know what I mean?
Like I’m in a taco wrapper. The big question, how much? – 55. – I’m going to go with 94. – 150. – 85 dollars. (cheering) – I got it right, you
guys I really needed this. – I know. Knowing that
someone can so little money and be true to their
aesthetic if they’re into that vintage feel was
really great to hear. – Ready for dress number four? – Ready! (cheering) Can it top this one? Can it top this one? – I love cupcake Chrissy! (dreamy music) – All right, open your eyes, dress four. (Record scratch) – [Sheridan] That’s a dress. – My immediate reaction
to the fourth dress was, “how dare you” and “who
gives you the right?” I think it’s both boring and too much. – Some people will look at this and say, “It’s the most beautiful
dress in the world.” and I think it’s fine. – I think on the panel,
things got a little heated with this dress. – This dress is the throwaway dress that they make bigger women wear because they don’t bother to
design a nice dress for them. – I disagree. – So I’m angry that anyone
should have to put this dress on their (bleep) body. No one should get the throwaway dress. – Hallelujah! – Just because I personally don’t like it doesn’t mean that it’s not a
pretty dress, in my opinion. – I understand this fourth dress was like a certain type of person would like it. But this was the only
type of dress for so long that was available for thicker women. – It’s like being an adult
and trying to acquire a taste for brussel sprouts when you spent your entire childhood trying to eat horrible boiled brussel sprouts. It’s the brussel sprouts of dresses. – Despite it being a
very polarizing dress, what do you guys think it cost? – I think this is 130 dollars. – 511. – 93. – 95 dollars. – What the (bleep)? How? – I don’t know, it’s just
like being on top for so long. – I don’t know what I
guessed higher than that. I’ve seen that dress, that
dress has been 95 dollars since 1997. – I was surprised at how
bad it looked in real life because it looked so good online. – At the end of the day, Chrissy didn’t like the fourth dress and I won in the pricing auction so that’s really all that matters. (dreamy music) The finale! – [Sheridan] Can we look? – Open your eyes! (gasps) – Oh, I like it, I like the little bow! – You hate this, she’s mad. – [Sheridan] This is the worst! – For the final dress, we really
needed a showstopper piece you know, and that
thing (bleep) delivered. – They were three different dresses that I think were Frankensteined together. – It’s like they checked every box on the “what should a wedding dress have? Yes, yes, yes, let’s add it all.” – You don’t need the belt and the lace and the sleeves and the base. – I don’t like the skirt. Like it had the retro
vibe but it was also like, “we still want to be a retro princess.” – You went for the vibe and
you lept deep into the vibe. The vibe is, I (bleep) love weddings. – I think the satin bow is
like a cute little detail. I didn’t even realize I wanted. I love the bow, I’m
sorry, I’m just so happy. I love the last dress, I loved it. – Honest to gosh, I wasn’t surprised that Kristen really liked this last dress. – You don’t have to like
the things that I like, but wow did I like this
thing that I liked. – How much do you you think this dress is? – I’m going to go 145. – I’ll make it 135. – I’m going to go with 105. – 89 dollars. (laughing) – If you put on that dress and told me that was a 1200 dollar
dress I would believe you but I don’t know, I also believe
that Tupac is still alive. – Every dress is under 100, surprise! All these wedding dresses
are under 100 dollars and they all pretty much fit. Now I’m just wondering why
I spent all of those days like sweating in salons. – I think it’s so awesome
that people are buying their wedding dresses online. – Overall it was really relieving to me to know that people could
still stay their aesthetic and get dresses under 100 dollars. I think regardless you are a
stunning bride no matter what. – I’m so excited for Chrissy’s wedding and for her to get married. She’s going to be such a beautiful bride. – When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many
uncertainties, from the food to the shoes, to the hair, but I will say that I’m certain about one thing and that’s that I’m really
really happy to be marrying Josh. Thank you guys for coming! – We love you! – We love you so much. (record scratch) – Let us not forget the actual winner. You all have significant others
and I have a box of buns. – So you might have noticed
Boldly is now As/Is. – But don’t worry you’ll
still get all the same awesome content you used to. – Plus, even more new great stuff. – Click to subscribe. – Do it! – Yay! – Click it! (soft music)


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