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I Try Amazon Wigs

hi I’m Megan and I love wigs I’ve been wearing wigs for around six months now since I shaved off all my hair I love wigs because I think they’re a really fun way to express different sides of yourself I look at it very much like a new pair of shoes but for your head when you go and buy a wig in a store it’s easy enough to see how it looks on you and the feeling and you see how much lace it has so it’s kind of a risk buying a wig off line because you don’t know if the color is gonna be really what it looks like or the quality is really what it looks like so luckily it’s easy enough to return a wig from Amazon but it seems like a risk I hope so there were five different kinds of wigs that I wanted to buy from Amazon the first was something that I knew would not look good on me something that I was really excited about and thought would look good on me something that resembles the hair that I would like my hair to grow out into something that I really want to be able to pull off and a really expensive wig it’s just diamond it’s hot I’m taking this off so we’re just gonna go in and grab and start with whatever happens this one comes in like a beautiful little sack I like a good little dolphin effect okay this is the wig that I really want to be able to pull off whew I love this color what’s unsheath it wow she’s bouncy she’s very soft all of the wigs that I bought off Amazon are synthetic because human hair wigs are normally very expensive so far I can’t see any difference in quality between this and a wig that I’ve bought in a store I’m gonna call her Jessica because of Jessica Rabbit you have to name all of your wigs obviously oh my god Auburn wigs short wavy lace front wigs copper red synthetic wig for women shoulder length red Brown is an accurate description I would say because it’s synthetic and it comes in a bag the texture is a little irregular and because the synthetic hair you can’t really apply heat to it or at least like much heat the wig that I wish I could pull off doing it done all right I’m going out into the world today with Arielle on and I feel basically unclocked ball Amazon or not this is a good a swig so it’s really hot in LA today and I think the only places of the quality of this wig might be showing is there’s like no breathability I am dying of heat under here and I don’t think that would normally happen in one of my other ways I feel like they’re better ventilated so if that’s the only place where I’ve suffered in quality it’s so worth the price alright next I really want to grow my hair out into a long curly pixie okay this looked away by their own line I’m scared it has no lace which is interesting it just kind of looks like a rug okay hold on you always have to finesse it a little so okay is it crazy that I I don’t like hate it this isn’t the wig for me clearly but it doesn’t make it a bad wig do we not like the shape generally Amazon still a fine job [Music] do you actually like this are you putting me on I think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had on my head you know I think that when a reaction was enough for everyone and I am thank you next this is the hair that I’m positive will look bad on me and that’s because I don’t think I look good with like really dark hair I also don’t know how good I look with straight hair so I got a really long straight black wig she’s a fair amount of lace quality seems good all right let’s shove her on not bad right I know you can’t respond but like right it has this little baby hairs here which feels like a really special thing for a wig from Amazon because normally you have to either pay to have that done to a wig or just figure out how to do it on your own these aren’t like a weird tiny bangs but that’s really nice to have an Amazon wig let’s go spend a day in it I cut some layers into the front of it cuz it’s just so heavy in the front I guess that’s part of the problem with wigs that you buy on Amazon is I don’t think they’re often like really styled they’re like thinned out in a natural way so I’m at this party somehow this goth wig is giving me power that I never expected and I like a powerful dark woman next wig I like you and I want to be your friend ah this is the oh my god I really like that I think I look good in that wig so I saw this really beautiful long purple wig and I was like she’s giving me body aadhi aadhi as they say is that too much is this too much for me can I pull this off oh my god I feel like a Barbie which should not be my standard of beauty I don’t want to spend another moment looking in the mirror with this freaking lace on so Amazon maybe this is like my Katy Perry fantasy thorn yeah Megan I’m unforgettable purple wig so long oh my god you are giving me break up with your girlfriend Ariana realness she’s from Amazon I buy all my wigs from Amazon and they come through sometimes and most of the time actually what do you guys think of my obsessed yeah it’s synthetic but it doesn’t feel that no I bought this wig because I liked at the moment I saw it and I thought that it would look good on me and I’m sorry but it was right the main event this wig was the most expensive wig that I bought off of Amazon the price point is way higher this one is $200 hmm she’s very soft not in love yet the roots are so flat I’m just trying to give it some life $200 I’m a little disappointed it functions the way it should you know I didn’t pay $200 and get garbage I’m just not in love with it but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad wig I just like for some reason I feel like I didn’t get what I paid for I’m excited to see how I feel with it once I’ve worn it for a while does this look better or worse than any wig I wear on any other day really oh please develop does it look so shiny that it looks plastic here no it doesn’t kind of like the Barbies I don’t think it’s really been worth the money compared to the cheaper ones that I bought that’s not to say that you can’t find a $200 wig on Amazon that’s gonna be way better than this one maybe I just sorta maybe it looks a fluke and I ended up with a weird one that being said I totally did find a lot of success with the other wings that I bought off Amazon I just don’t know that you need to spend $200 to make sure you get something good off line because it doesn’t always end up like that [Music]


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