i went thrifting in a town i’ve NEVER been to…
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i went thrifting in a town i’ve NEVER been to…

– This video can be entirely chalked up to one of my random brainstorming sessions that I have at like seven in
the morning when I wake up. One of the ideas that I had for a video was to go thrifting in a town
I’ve never been to before. Now, if you didn’t know, I recently moved to Los
Angeles a few months ago, so there’s a lot of areas
that I’ve never even been to. I’m gonna try to keep it as
close to L.A. as possible for this video, but I’m actually in my
friend Leah’s apartment. If you guys don’t know
her, she is Leah Pripps. I’ll leave her channel down below. But she is one of the Thrift Queens. So I think what I’m gonna do
for the premise of this video is pull out a map here in a second. Leah and I are gonna sit down, I’m gonna pick a random place,
pick somewhere I’ve never been to before, possibly
somewhere I’ve never heard of. And then if you guys want to
head over to Leah’s channel, her video that we are doing together today will be linked down below. Leah is going to pick
where we go thrifting, and then we’re just
gonna have a nice, fun, casual thrifting day. If you couldn’t tell, I’m
in my Christmas sweater. I’m feeling myself. We’re feeling very
holiday-ish and festive, and we just wanted to have like a nice, fun, chill thrifting day. And in the meantime, let’s pick where we’re
gonna go thrifting today. Who knows? All right, so I’ve got Leah here. – What’s up, guys?
– I have acquired one Leah. – I’ve got Maps pulled
up here on her computer, and I’m literally
looking at an aerial shot of Los Angeles on a map, and I’m going to decide where we’re going. So, okay. Let’s see like what’s in the Valley. I just wanna pick the Valley because I feel like it’ll be less busy like pretty much everywhere
– Parking. (groans) – I’m trying to keep in
mind that aspect of it but also like, I’ve never
really been anywhere in the Valley before,
so that’s sort of, like, the closest area that I feel like would be the best fit for this. Because I’ve pretty
much been in every area in Los Angeles itself, so
I’m just trying to like, find somewhere over yonder. Okay, so Toluca Lake, never heard of that. Valley Village, never heard of that. You know what I wanna do? I’m gonna put like three,
I’m gonna pick my top three, we’ll write them down, and then I’ll like, I’ll draw the name.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Guys, this is fun! Ooh, I like it, I like it.
– In a bowl? – See, it’s hard because
some of these aren’t cities, like, they’re just areas, like
Atwater Village isn’t a city, it’s just like a part of L.A. So okay, I’m gonna pick Toluca Lake. Don’t know if that’s a town. – I’ve never been there.
– Don’t know anything about it so, okay, Toluca Lake, number one. Next one I’m gonna pick is, let’s say Sherman Oaks. I’ve heard of it. – Yeah, same. – And number three, how about Altadena? – Okay.
– Never heard of it. Okay, sure. So we’ve got our three names here. – This is exciting. – This is so stupid.
(Leah laughing) (Leah laughing) Okay. (humming)
– You got this. – Okay, so today, Leah and I
are going to be thrifting in, Toluca Lake, California!
– Woo! – [Narrator] Twelve seconds later. – Slight change of plans, we looked it up and there
is really, truly nothing in Toluca Lake, California. But, we picked another
one, which is Sherman Oaks and we have located a Goodwill
that we’re gonna be going to, so, let’s head out.
– It has four stars. – It’s got four stars. – Should be good.
– I feel good about it. – I do too.
– So, let’s go thrifting. (relaxed r&b music) – [Carrie] So, we’re gonna start in shoes, we’re taking a little peek around, and so far we have
found these little guys, which are very in right now. They’re on like, Urban Outfitters, I think the Steve Madden ones are. – [Leah] Actually, they might
be like the perfect fit. – Oh my gosh!
– Should I get them? – [Carrie] Uh, yes, you should, 100%. They look so cute on you.
– Okay. – [Carrie] We also have here
some like dad-looking shoes, if that’s what you’re into. They’re a little big, but
they’re dad shoes, nonetheless. Seems like they have
like a decent selection of pretty good shoes here,
like so far it looks cute. – These are kind of–
– 90s-ish. So not too bad so far. Finding thrifted shoes
is honestly so difficult. It’s like diamond-in-the-rough
type of thing. So, I mean the fact that you found those. – Yeah, I’m surprised.
– It’s pretty amazing. (relaxed r&b music) Now, we’ve skipped over to home decor, which so far is looking pretty good. These are so cute, these would be so cute for our little Christmas cocktails. – Aw, I like those.
– Wouldn’t they? They’re precious, for like
a little champaign moment. (relaxed r&b music) Obviously you know, I can’t
leave any thrift store without checking out the basket section, because I’m just always on
the hunt for my next new baby. Just for scale, like this, I could actually sit in this
basket, like, it’s that big. But who knows, you might
have a big load to carry. (gasps) These are cute. They’re little wreaths and
you can put stuff in them. That’s kinda cute. (relaxed r&b music) This reminds me of England
and makes me really happy, but really sad at the same time. I miss it so much. This is actually a really
good find, right here. Like, really, really good. Let’s see how much it is. $5.99, is that what it says? – Yes.
– That is like, huge. I honestly don’t have room for it, but look at how good of a
find that is for six bucks. – That’s really good.
– Amazing. – Oh, I found what I
came here for, actually. – That’s a much better, (laughs) that’s got so much better scale. I was like, I don’t think you
can understand how big it is. – Oh my gosh, what if you
gave Drew this for Easter? – And I was in it? (Leah laughing) – I’d be sitting it.
(Leah laughing) Too much. Bon Appetit. All right, so now we will
finally look through clothing. We’re perusing through
the men’s section first. It’s kind of like one wing of the store, and then the women’s is on the other. Not really in need of anything, but just gonna see what they have. (relaxed r&b music) Yes, honey. (singing along to store music) ♪ My baby’s in town ♪ ♪ And I’m gonna do some winter things ♪ (relaxed r&b music) Our always dream– (store pop music)
Same. So, what I’ve noticed
about this women’s section, is that it’s not really that organized. It’s kind of more loosely thrown in there. So we have like, some
sweaters in this area, but we also have jerseys and
kind of regular tops as well. On this wall there’s
like, some work-out stuff, jackets and stuff, so
we’re just gonna have to dig around and see what we find. I guess all structure is
out the window for this one. (relaxed r&b music) Are these stoosies, Stussys? Or does it just so happen to look like it? Because I used to draw
these in elementary school. (relaxed r&b music) Found this like, vintage-looking,
maybe from like the 90s, denim shirt with this weird
like, suede lace-up thing. Which is kind of cute, but
kind of ugly at the same time. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I think I’ve changed my mind. – [Woman] Cute and ugly. (laughing) – [Carrie] Just found
a crushed velvet shirt, A-K-A: Drew’s worst nightmare. I think it would be really cute, just like tucked into some
jeans with some black booties for like a fun little winter date night, maybe a leather jacket over
it, so, we’re gonna see. We’ll hold on to it just in case. (relaxed r&b music) – [Female Shopper] Do they
have dressing rooms in store or are they just– – I think she said no they didn’t. I know. – What the heck?
– I know, my thoughts exactly. ♪ Mr. Grinch ♪ Well guys, we’ve run into
a few roadblocks here. One being, there were no
carts when we entered. Two being, we found out after
being here for about an hour, – [PA] Price check for men’s
shorts please, men’s shorts. – After being here for about an hour, we’ve discovered that there’s
no fitting rooms either. Strike two. What we’re gonna do is just
try on as much stuff as we can, then maybe I’ll end up putting
some stuff on Poshmark, or maybe I just won’t buy anything. Who knows? (relaxed r&b music) – [Leah] Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. – Am I about to put a
T-shirt on top of a T-shirt? Yes, I am. Picture this, like, tucked into jeans, with like some cute booties and a belt. Is this cute or am I just
imagining it to be cute? – [Leah] I like it, Drew
won’t like it though. – No. Okay, pretend I don’t have a T-shirt on. (laughing) For like a little lounging moment, just for around the house? – [Leah] Yeah, no, it looks good. No, I like it. – $5.99, I’ll accept. Okay, I’m literally about to try on pants in the middle of this thrift store. – [Leah] At least like,
keep them up to that and then put the jacket on,
so we can get the full effect. (mumbles)
(laughing) – Ready for work. What do you give it out of 10? – [Leah] Um, a five. What would you give it? – 10. ♪ Come on baby, say you love me ♪ ♪ Five, six, seven times ♪ ♪ Eight, nine, ten, eleven ♪ – Oh, that was good. I thought I heard that. – All right, trying these
things on is just too much here, so I’m just gonna buy what I have and hope that the rest of
it works out in the end. The rest of it is my size. Then we’ll head in the car
and I’ll show you what I got. (relaxed r&b music) All right, so we made it back in the car. – Thank God!
– You guys, I’m not gonna lie, that was one of the worst
thrift stores I’ve ever been to. – If you weren’t, yeah. If you weren’t with me,
I would have just left. – Wouldn’t recommend it. I mean, some of you may
absolutely love this thrift store, so I’m not here to
like, shame or take away whatever you like.
– Yeah, just our experience. – I did manage to like, buy some stuff so it wasn’t like a complete fail, but as far as like, the
actual thrift store, I would never go back there. – It wasn’t like a good experience. – I will go ahead and
show you guys what I got. I did spend 39 dollars, I rounded up, so I donated like, I think
she said, for the homeless. This first thing I got is something that Leah actually picked out for me. I thought it was cute
– I was like “Oh, “these look good together.” – So, it’s this fun mock neck, that’s got like oranges and reds in it, and like, I think maybe brown, but paired with this shirt right here. – It’s so cute, very 70s.
– It’s such a cute combination yeah, with this little color
popping out of the top of it, I just think that this is so fun. So, it says, “Average
Joes,” which, me, hello. The T-shirt, I believe was
like $1.99, yes, two bucks. – That’s a good deal.
– Yeah, really good. And then, the sweater was
$6.99, which is kind of a lot, but like, I will try to
find ways to wear this. – I think you could wear that. – Next one I got was
this one that I tried on, this kind of like, slouchy, Lucky Brand, I just love lounging around the house.
– It’s Lucky Brand? – Yeah!
– Wow. – Lounging around the house and just kind of like
slouchy, oversized things. – Oh yeah, that’s nice. – Really nice and comfy. This was $5.99 as well, so
really comfy, really cute. I did end up getting the velvet
shirt, I’m so sorry, Drew, but I think this would be cute
paired with the right things. Love this, and yeah its
a little bit tighter than I thought it was gonna be, but it’ll still be really
cute, especially tucked in. And then I did pick up this
little Calvin Klein number. – Excited for that DIY.
– Yeah! I’ll do, like maybe a thrift
flip or something coming up, but I’m just gonna crop it pretty short and then just wear it with
like, leggings, or joggers, or whatever. And this one was $9.99,
so a little pricey. That’s the other thing, is
there were some pretty like, expensive tags in this
store, did you notice that? – Yeah.
– I mean, a little pricey, but I do love this little
lace thing in the front. And then my last item is just a basic, Leah has actually really inspired me, because she’s been doing a
lot of shopping for neutrals, like a lot of basics, and I don’t like, I always kinda go
for the funkier pieces, and I’m like, “Ooh, this
skirt is like a crazy pattern” or whatever, I never really
buy like everyday stuff, I feel like, anymore, so,
this is just a standard, kind of like, shirt, sweater,
thermal type of thing from Banana Republic and
it’s a size extra large, so it will be like kinda
perfectly fitted for me, and just tucked into some jeans or just even wearing around the house. $6.99, so not terrible,
especially for Banana Republic. It’s in like, immaculate condition. – Yeah.
– Like, there’s nothing wrong with it, no rips, no stains. So that’s–
– Good brand. – Yeah, like as far as,
yeah, brands were concerned, they did have a pretty
good selection here. I saw some Urban Outfitters stuff. I saw Shop Tobi, do you
remember that website? – Oh my gosh, yeah. – I saw some Torrid, I saw like, Italian
designers, Calvin Klein, so there was a decent amount
– I saw a lot too. – I did make out pretty good, but just the experience was very weird. So anyways, I tried. You guys will definitely
have to let me know if you want to see us do this video again. We’ll pick three places, and then maybe do more research next time. – Yeah we can do more research
– Then choose from there, because I feel like we just
went into it being like, “Sure, we’ll pick a–” ’cause neither of us
know any places in L.A. So, maybe we’ll go a little
further from L.A. next time. – Or tell us where we should go. – Let us know, especially if
you guys are from California, where you wanna see us
go, but in the mean time, thank you so much for watching this video, hanging out with me and my Christmas friend,
(Leah’s phone alarm goes off) – Oh, parking’s up.
– Oh, that’s our timer. Our parking is up. – Gotta go!
– It’s still green, but we need to go, so, love you guys so much, and we’ll see you very soon. – Bye!
– Bye! (slow funky music)


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