iLINK – Blockchain Geosocial Hyperlocal Social Commerce
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iLINK – Blockchain Geosocial Hyperlocal Social Commerce

What is iLINK? iLINK is the first location-based
social commerce platform that (is) powered by blockchain technology,
has three core functionalities Hyperlocal, Geosocial and E-commerce
It has built-in digital payment services as well It’s one ecosystem that brings the local users communities, business, organisers,
all in one system It’s a system that facilitates
P2P, B2B and B2C interactions within the local community If I can describe iLINK as a person, I would say ‘this’ person’s main bone structure reach out three Geosocial networking, Hyperlocal business services directory and the E-commerce portal
that benefit for the local users Geosocial is a network to bring millions of local communities together. Users can choose the communities
based on where to live, where you go to school where you go to work,
your professions, your interests your lifestyle, your religions, as much as
you wish but you are connected with the same locals
other locals sharing the same passion and belief as you
The locals together, we discuss about the local news
we talking about local trends, local updates, warnings, events, exchange information,
merchants exchanges as well
It’s a platform for the passionate local for build(ing) together
a better local community Hyperlocal business
is the directory and services (that) list out all the local business and services,
we make information easily reach out to more powerful,
friendly and reachable for the local users. The content can be very authentic
from the local crowdsourced information, on reviews comments and recommendations
It is also served as advertising portals that help the local business and services
to reach out (to) more
relevant local consumer groups E-commerce will have a boost from the
global front as well as the local The whole idea is make a gateway for
the local communities to source more relevant merchandises
(on) a global scale The vision of iLINK as a person with core
The core is Value co-creation, Value redistribution to everybody, every part played on
this value chain of co-presencing With that vision in mind,
the soul of the person guides the behavior with 4-Pillar Reward model
The P2P reward model allows the user simply and easily by liking the post rewards the
great authentic content creator in the respective local community, is by encouraging more people to
create better authentic information that benefit
and share among the same users within the same groups
The second would be the Ad-sharing reward model
It’s something that the platform is going to reward
majority of the community focused advertisement revenue
back to the respected community members itself ratings by gauging, engagements, active levels
and interactive levels, everybody have a fair
chance The third one is actually iLINK’s
E-commerce affiliates reward model. Looking from the two different aspect
The first one is Affiliates links, users post contents
with the products’ links of a purchasing, with the contents
of review or recommendations, any purchasing made
via the link, the original content creator get commission
based on the purchasing. Very easy to understand
The second is actually Users affiliates by inviting friends
families or acquaintances by inviting a new user to
the platform or to the community. You turn them into
your affiliates. As your affiliates’ network grows,
the lifetime commission will be grown as well based on
the purchasing through the Community Curator List That’s all, but the last part is actually Value co-creation
I have to stress again, by bringing the local user, community
business, organisers together. You creating a bigger value
than its part and everybody played on this value chain
for the co-presencing create a bigger value of it
Everyone should be rewarded respectively as well
So that’s the soul. What make this person(iLINK) go alive
Is circulation, is blood and what is this blood We call that CBC token, it’s a token economy (that) survived within the ecosystem
It reaches to your arms, reaches your legs, your fingertips
your nails, your hair, everywhere it goes to
It facilitates and circulated within the Hyperlocal Geosocial and E-commerce interactions
CBC token is actually the blood to make iLINK alive! Our Community Based Creation Token, CBC in short
is enforced using 2 separate smart contract on the Etheruem blockchain and
the NEO blockchain A total of 1 billion CBC will be created on
each blockchain respectively, users will be able to instantly
swap CBC on each blockchain using our iLINK token wallet
Our iLINK token wallet is essentially an online mobile e-wallet
that allow (us to have) instant off-chain transaction to happen
within the iLINK network As what Catherine has mentioned earlier
CBC is the blood that flows within the entire iLINK ecosystem
It is therefore crucial for us to have such fast instant
off-chain transaction for CBC We have also built-in two full blockchain
wallet(s) within the iLINK app, the NEO blockchain wallet
and the Ethereum blockchian wallet
Users will be able to use these two wallet(s) to hold any NEO, Ethereum, any other ERC-20
or any NEP-5 standard token like any other true blockchain
wallet available in the market These two blockchain wallet(s) also act as
the foundation for any on-chain transaction with any future
smart contract that we will deploy on these two blockchain
So yes, with the iLINK token wallet and the 2 blockchain wallet(s) built within the
app iLINK will have the capability for instant
off-chain transaction of CBC and on-chain transaction
of CBC in the entire iLINK ecosystem As we all know with the current setup of social media
platforms in the world, most of the social platform
only shows you what they want you to see via paid content or their constantly change in
their algorithms to limit your reach in your post
and pays only by your number of subscribers you have The uniqueness in iLINK is based on a Value co-creation model powered by blockchain to drive a sustainable ecosystem This new disruptive model changes the norm of how (Ad) sharing, P2P content owners and Social commerce affiliation are rewarded With our expertise in digital space working
with local MNC to SME over last 10 years
from first world to developing counties what we found are mind blowing SMEs are vital to the growth of developing nations countries, together with the current growth of digital usage in developing nations. SMEs are found to be part of the major providers of remittances via digital space Together, with users, communities, businesses and organisations on one platform iLINK forms a Circle of Creation for the local communities This co-creation community surpasses any sum of individual contributions
By rendering the financial benefits derived from co-creation
each member is acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions to the community
With this, it motivates them to do more in their community
which helps them grows the community So everyone would benefit as a community
iLINK have been live since July 2017 and been working
very closely with different local communities from
schools, interest group and residential communities We really want you guys to come on board
Tell us what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong
and we always try to address the problem at its core
Or if you guys want to create your community Please do let us know

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