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– [Adam] I am going to tell LaToya that I’m changing my name. (upbeat music) ♪ Way oh way oh ♪ ♪ Way oh way oh ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ Way oh way oh ♪ ♪ Way oh way oh ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ Why ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s unconditional ♪ What’s going on Hunty and Huncles? You already know when I start the vlogs ’cause I’m ’bout to make
the video a little spicy. A little interesting. So, as you probably know, we got back from Washington
not too long ago. As you probably also know, my last name is Ali, and it’s unfortunate
having certain last names in the United States
because they typically ask you more questions than
a regular person would get with I guess a regular name or a North American name. – I got one question for you.
– It started to get annoying. Well I’m turning that situation today into an experiment. I am going to tell LaToya
that I’m changing my name. – What! – Yes, I don’t hae a name yet. I’m gonna think about it. I’m gonna think of a name in the next, I don’t know, minute or so. But, yeah like I was saying. Sometimes, we get pulled
over at the border ’cause they wanna question
me and my background and my last name being Ali. I’m gonna come up with a name today. I’m changing my name up. – Oh no! – I’m changing my name just to see how LaToya responds to it. I’m not really gonna actually
change my name in real life. C’mon, Adam Ali just
has a good ring to it. I look like an Adam Ali, you feel me? Anyway. I need a name. I need a very white person name right now, okay. We definitely gotta Bob. So when she comes… … oh yeah I forgot to tell you I got these bogus-ass documents
that I just found online. It says name to be shown on card, full name at birth if other than above. So yeah I’m gonna be
showing this form to LaToya. I’m gonna let her know that hey I’m switching my name up. I don’t like that fact that we’re always getting into issues when
we’re traveling and whatnot, and I’m gonna figure out, I’m gonna find out, today, in today’s experiments how
she’s gonna respond to it. I’m gonna ask if she’s
gonna change her last name. I’m gonna go with Bob Ramsey. (laughing) I’m changing my name to Bob Ramsey, y’all. Can y’all believe that? Can y’all… Can y’all call me Bob? Next time you guys see me in the streets, my name is Bob, you feel me, Bob Ramsey. That’s who I am. Yeah, So, I’m going to call Latoya and I’m gonna’ set up this camera and show her the form, let her know, ya’ know this is serious, I have put a lot of thought to it, I’m changing my name to Bob Ramsey. Um, yeah, let’s see how she reacts to it. Latoya! Come! I need a pen. (background noise) Hurry up! – Coming! (mumbles) – Still sick? I’m so under the weather. Like I don’t feel good. – My stomach is killing me. – What is that suppose to mean? – Huh? – What do you mean your
stomach is hurting? – My stomach hurts. – Yo, I feel like I am going to puke. (mumbles) – Did I? – I don’t know. – No. – Did you? – No. – You know how, when we travel, they would be just giving
us some issues sometimes? – Every time. – Every single– I don’t think every single time. Must of the, majority of the time. – Yeah. – So is this gonna’ get you off the– – Yeah it’s… – The terrorist list – Wow, now, you callin’ me a terrorist – Well, they um, think
you’re a freakin’ terrorist – Nah! – You’ve been pulled through– – Adam Ali. – You’re been pulled
through a couple times when I get through. – Because you. – How, how they let me through then you– Anyway, Um… Yeah, this application from here, I’ve submitted it to Homeland Security and I’m letting them know
that I am changing my name. (laughs) – Real talk. I done. (claps) – Why you laughing? (laughs) – You just changed your name? – That’s it. – How do you change your
first and last name? Your first name? – Both. I definitely need to change my last name. – How the heck are you going
to change your last name? You can do that? – People change their
last name all the time. What are you talking about? I mean before Muhammad
Ali, he was Cassius Clay. – So now he’s carrying the last name that’s not even– his like family? – You think Zay is gonna’
wanna’ carry a last name that’s not even– – We change everybody’s name– you take my last name, you
wanna know my last name? – What? – You wanna know my name now? You need to start calling me this now… Even in bed. (laughs) – My name is Bob Ramsey. (laughs uncontrollably) – I’m Bob Ramsey. (laughs) – They ain’t never stoppin’
me at the border now. (laughs) (gasps) – They’re definitely
not gonna expect that, they’re gonna be like, “Bob Ramsey?” (laughs) Whose passport did you steal? (laughs) – They’re definitely not
gonna put you in the pack – It rings… – Hell No. – Latoya Ramsey goes. I don’t look like a Bob Ramsey? – No. Isn’t that a white last name? – That’s what I’m going for, I’m going for the whitest name possible. (laughs) Bob Ramsey. (stomps feet) (laughs) Why you laughing? This is serious business – You’re not. Oh my God, he’s really– – Bob Ramsey. – That is so ugly. – Full name at birth? – No – Adam Ali. – Okay, I agree change
your first name but it’s the last name that pulls us over. Damn. Every time. You’re not changing your name to Bob– – I’m changing it to Bob Ramsey. (laughs) – I’ll but our address– – That is such a stupid name– – It even asked, it even asked me if I want to change my sexual orientation. – Oh yeah, well, it’s 2018. – It is 2018. – What are you gonna be? – I’m the scorpion. (laughs) – I’m a mermaid, why can’t I be a mermaid? – Yo– – I’m a mermaid. – Yeah your daughter already thinks she’s a mermaid. – Why not? People get to decide whatever they want. I’m a mermaid. – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. But Bob Ramsey doesn’t
even match your look. (bright upbeat music) You look more like a Steve. – [Special Effects] What? – A Steve? – Urkel… (laughs) (snorts) – You wildin’ I’m going with Bob Ramsey, it feels right. I feel like– – That’s like a 60 year
old, white man’s name that– wears his pants over his belly button, – My soul– with his T-shirt tucked in,
you know what I’m saying? And with cowboy boots
and a cowboy hat, like, “Hi, I’m Bob, I’m Bob Ramsey,” – That’s racist, that was racist. – Maybe he’s a preacher. You look like a white preacher. – Listen– – Like a Joel Olsten… – I’m coming through,
Bob, Bob Ramsey, period. That’s it. Okay. (mumbles) Hmm. It even… I’m black. – They’re definitely not
going to believe that. – Listen, it doesn’t matter – They’re gonna be like, “this guy used– – As long as it’s on the card,
who cares what they think? I’m good! Gucci! I’m Loui! (laughs) I’m Prada– – Prada… Versace! – Shoot– Alright. – Okay. Yeah, so anyways, what are you– – Can we change our name in one shot? (mumbles) All in one shot. – No. – Can you do me a favor? – What? – Well, it’s kinda weird. Could I hear, in a very
sexual voice, “Bob Ramsey” I just wanna see if it has a ring. I’m just gonna close my eyes. – Bob Ramsey. (laughs) (slaps knee) Bob Ramsey. (laughs) Oh, Bob! (laughs) Oh, Bob Ramsey! (laughs) Oh, I like that Bob! (laughs) Bobby! (laughs) – It was a joke. – Obviously. – I have the five over there. Yup, It’s been a while
since I’ve experimented– you was so there, you was
so ready to out the Adam. – No I wasn’t I was down for you to change your name but not the entire family. – Damn, you wild, you no good. It’s Bob Ramsey, I’m sweatin’ – What do you guys think?
Does that name suit Adam? – You see me in these streets– – I knew he was kidding you guys. – You see me in these streets you will refer to me as Bob Ramsey. – Yall the next time you guys see us, call him Bob Ramsey – And my next instagram photo, if I get 20,000 likes, I’m changing my name on my
instagram to Bob Ramsey. – For how long? – That’s it, I’m changing it. – Are you kidding me? – I’m changing my name to Bob Ramsey. – No you’re not. – Yup. If I get 20,000 like on Instagram. – You’re gonna have to change that. And when you hit that, what? – Change my name to Bob
Ramsey on Instagram. – Ya’ll, hit the like, comment, subscribe. New post every Monday and Thursday. – Yay! – Hope you enjoyed today’s experiment, it’s been a while. – Dumb. – Right, she was so down, You were down to change my name. When you were saying Bob Ramsey – Bob Ramsey – I couldn’t I’m out ya’ll. – Bye ya’ll, love you. (upbeat r&b music) ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No letting go ♪ ♪ No, no, no, no ♪


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