Indian E-commerce is about to change | Reliance E-Commerce | Case Study
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Indian E-commerce is about to change | Reliance E-Commerce | Case Study

Recently if you have seen news, you might know that That mukesh ambani is entering the ecommerce field. Here he is going to compete with amazon,flipkart Paytm , big players. But there’s a twist here When did he declared this news? When government changed some rules of FDI. Because they were doing some illegal activities. I’ve already told you about this in the last video. Governement has declared that these companies can not work on inventory Because 100% FDI doesn’t exist in the ecommerce field. And they created a loophole and they were operating illegally and also they were providing enormous discounts. Which affected the offline stores. side by side monopolies and there were many products that were being sold in these stores only Now this rule is not new. This rules was made in 2008. Where government declared that Any wholesaler can not sell more than 25% of his products. and what were they doing? They were selling amazon exclusive products. Means all their products on amazon. This violated the rule This was stopped too. But this is only for international companies If any indian owns , then not to worry If a person’s 50% stakes is owned by foreign company Here Mukesh ambani is using his own money He’ll have the control and all these new rules won’t be important for him.(indian companY) Now what does he want to do? He has an offline retail channel Where they are selling these products. Whether electronics, clothes Or groceries. Side by side they’ve jio network Online users. Today in india, If a person is able to use an internet, then it’s because of JIO So JIO has created a barrier in this field(telecom) People went crazy for free internet. Earlier internet plans were very expensive. Today JIO has more than 25cr. Subscribers. Why because airtel, vodafone are being silly Recently they came with a plan that If you didin’t do recharge of 35rs. Then they’ll terminate your number. Basically unlimited validity Now it’s not unlimited anymore. This will affect them only JIO has made a platform They’ve all the database along with their offline experience They are going to create an ecommerce store. and this wont be a normal ecommerce. I was reading their interview. They are going to give you immersive experience(3d) Immersive experience means Augmented reality I opened my phone and it took the access of my camera. after this Suppose i want to buy a sofa set. Now i can examine whether that sofa will look good or not. using the camera. Whether it’ll look good or not Whether this curtain will look good or not Here they’re talking about VR too Means this device You’ll think that’s real. Now i don’t think every person has VR device. After4-5 years VR may become common. But personally i think. All the offline retail shops They’ll keep those devices there and you can experience the product there and purchase on the basis of that experience Just like experience of walking Just wear the VR device and whatever you like , pick that in your cart. Recently in an interview, he said He’s going to have more than 12 lakh retailers Gujratis in his store>and this is going to be started this year. Their store will be launched this year. Let’s talk about their distribution channel They are doing the same thing as Tata Cliq They’ve their own retail channels and jio network People who use JIO will order. That order will be sent to their offline store. That nearby retailer will deliver to destination. They have more than 10,000 POS( point of sales) Means shops In future, this will increase. According to my survey Their delivery time will be 3-4hour. 3 – 4 Hour delivery. along with the experience. Indian company- What can be better than this? Main point was SUMMIT because all the actions were discussed in this summit. He said one more thing that Data colonisation whether you use whatsapp, facebook It’s been stored internationally Not in our country So Mukesh ambani said in this summit that I appeal to PM that our data should be stored by our country’s companies Not outside Because there were many rumourss about data leak That’s why i think They are going to enter hosting field also. They’ll provide hosting services also also the flipkart runs by singapore Not an indian company They were transferring the money from singaore to india. and here they were working on inventory model. Basically they created loopholes. When govt get to know this, they created strict actions against it and created draft in december And policy is applied right after january People are talking about Stay but i don’t know But no worries Even if we don’t get discounts After three months, reliance is going to come When JIO was launched, they gave FREE internet/ Now that they are in clothing, they may give you coat for free :p Now JIO will face some challenges. According to me, The fashion industry operated on a good margin. Here ecommerce is profitable, no doubt Not that much profitable in electronics. Less margin. But they have offline channels and through orders will go through offline channel Delivery through offline shops Profit can be good But groceries In this, i think( I have made a video on this too) In india , people prefer fresh vegetables. with you too? right If yes, then do tell me in the comments. We don’t buy in large amount Like vegetables of 10 days. 2-3 days is possible What will happen your average bucket size will be decreased. Two option, company charge delivery cost. If delivery charge is high, they won’t buy Less charges, might create loss Here we need to figure out I personally believe their minds are sharp in these things. Today, in cities people do buy via online vegetables of even a week Because they are busy in their life. But a normal middle class person Still buys for 1-2 day Fresh vegeies There won’t be much online orders This niche will be in loss But Mukhesh ambani doesn’t work in loss Or he wont add this niche Until unless market is organised. Or they will come When grocery market will be stable Or they will figure out a way Something profitable Now i ask you a question You tell me in the commetn section and in the poll section Will Reliance be able to compete? With flipkart and amazon Will they be able to conquer them? YES or NO No other option than YES or NO Let’s see the result I am with reliance. I trust them and also TATA ALthough their products are costly than amazon and flipkart You’ll see TATA in this field too. I hope you liked this video. Like Share and comment Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.


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