Indoor Plant Tour Part 2! + Kitchen and Office Plants!
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Indoor Plant Tour Part 2! + Kitchen and Office Plants!


  • Got Plants?

    Great plants. My favorite is ur Bental Snake plant…oh and the shark fin too. Those going on my wish list now. 😉

  • Mosaic Rose

    What great plants! I also love the beautiful rocks in your kitchen as well. It's funny the Bantel Snake plant is supposed to be the "difficult" snake plant. I lost a couple of them, but the one I have now seems to be doing good. Your Bantel looks great and so healthy. 🙂

  • 12orange12

    Love them all! I just bought a ruby cascade 3 days ago! How often do you water yours? Do you treat it like a succulent? I'm not really sure how to care for it, there isn't that much information on it that I could find.

  • Nhu Le

    Ahh you have many thriving plants that people will consider as "picky". That's awesome! I used to have a group of sensitive plants that I grew outdoor from seeds! They were so thirsty I had to bottom water them everyday. I got them to thrive for a long time until they decided to die on me one morning 😅 many people have a hard time with sensitive plant though, so you are not alone!!

  • speedy speed

    My varigated peace lilly had spiders i threw it out 😟 never will i ever buy peace lilly silver pothos goes solid green for me north sode window calethea crusty hated it 😊 dieffenbachia divas yellows no matter what 😊 gave away 1 snake plant Lol rubber tree is great arrowhead _ some pothos marble queen sucks lol Brown's 2much 😎 peperomia good Chinese Evergreen new to me in my home this week $35 for two plants at Home Depot pots including ☺

  • Julie Nicole

    Hey girl! So I have some plant info for you. The living stone succulent that you have next to your string of hearts is fine! They get wrinkly when the new leaves are growing! So basically the new leaves in the center of the plant take energy and moisture from the outside leaves. The old leaves will eventually shrivel away. At that time you don't want to water it. That can rot the plant since there will be added moisture in the soil that the plant will not use. It is also able to take moisture from the air. Here is a great video about it:
    It would probably also enjoy a southern window since this plant likes bright light. 😀

  • Given To Grow

    You could make me excited about anything lol. Seriously hehe! I love that you put a ring on your Aloe! It was meant for that plant! 🙂 I wish I had the space you have so I could fill it with as many beautiful plants. I just love the vibe in your home. Your kitchen looks great with the plants along the backsplash. I am also a HUGE fan of bananas lol! I litterally just missed out on getting a prostrata shakes fist Hopefully the online store gets them back in stock soon! Disclaimer I am new to string of pearls.. maybe 3 months or 4 months. (Ive had string of beads for years) I have found it HATES to be overwatered so make sure that soil dries right out and then water thoroughly. I water from the bottom but I do mist the pearls occasionally to remove dust etc. I know they like to be root bound. So make sure its potted in a pot where the roots are snug and then repot up just one size when they are coming out the bottom/it also drinks its water ridiculously quick. With a skylight thats probably the perfect spot you have them is because they love the brightest light without melting under too much heat/direct sun. Your black prince lol.. its so very etiolated but it does look funky! Thanks for sharing all your plant babies with us! 😛

  • Dawn C

    Hi, so I have four string of pearls house plants, and I would like to recommend that you not mist it, it doesn't like that. Therefore what you should do to keep it thriving is give it as little water as possible, they don't like their roots sitting in water since they are so tiny. Once or twice a month depending on its light source would benefit her. Ideally they like to be placed in a southern window and kept on a watering schedule. Hope this helps.

  • Nadia

    Hi I’ve had a string of pearls for a few months now and she’s grown quite a bit so I was going through the same with my string of pearls. Then i added a hydro spike and that seemed to have worked and she’s actually happy which had led to her growth. Some plants like hydro spikes and some don’t. Anyways good luck and love all your plant babies

  • Ashley Hebert

    I hang my string of pearls in a window that gets evening sun and water it about every two weeks, and it lives there happily 🙂

  • J No

    Your black prince echeveria is growing tall because it's etiolating, sorry to say it is not doing well :/. It needs more sun.

  • Kimberley Elisabeth

    My indoor soil is taking over a week to dry out and I have it planted in well draining soil mixed with half perlite. How to I dry the soil out faster because the leaves are starting to look water-logged.

  • Latrice Sydney

    Don’t be afraid to drill holes in ceramic pots! You have to get a special bit so it doesn’t shatter y0ur base, but that’s really it! Drill from the inside, add a little water to prevent heating and you’re all good 🙂

  • Latrice Sydney

    I also noticed you put crystals in your soil or around your plants, I’d love a video on that and if you feel it provides sustenance for your plants

  • Libby's Little Garden

    Your Black Prince's tall because it's looking for light. It needs way more light than it's getting. I live in Florida and I have mine outside in full sun and it grows like a black rose. Your little shop is perfectly fine just don't water it now it's getting its moisture from the other leaves and does not need your water. Good luck honey. If you want to know the real deal about succulents and cacti go to "desert plants of Avalon". Lynn and Hans her husband will teach you everything you need to know and then some. I'm the old lady from Tampa Florida👉👵👈

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