Indoor Plant Tour Part 2! + Kitchen and Office Plants!
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Indoor Plant Tour Part 2! + Kitchen and Office Plants!

Hello hello, hello you guys and welcome back to my youtube channel Today is a very exciting day because we are Finally doing this second part of the three part series of the house plant Slash indoor plant tour if you haven’t seen the first part yet wherein I showed you guys my living room plants That is where I have the bulk of my plants and that is also where I do most of my Recording make sure to click the link to the video. I will put it somewhere in one of these corners Go ahead and click it if you have already seen it then welcome back I hope you’re excited because today I am going to show you all my kitchen and my office plants in the third part I’m gonna show you guys the bedroom and the porch plant So I hope you guys are excited for this video and looking forward to the next if you’re not already subscribed Make sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any other future videos That I’d post but without further ado, let’s get into the video alrighty, so we are gonna start off in this nook right over here beginning with this shark fin snake plant or the Whale fin snake plant whichever floats your boat. It is on Safari a variety and it is absolutely gorgeous I did do a video where and I hauled this plant to begin with and it has since done amazingly well No issues with it. I do still have it in its plastic tub However, just too I don’t want to disrupt any potential baby roots that are going on in there So I just put the plastic pot inside of a more decorative container So that it’s not just like hey girl, and that’s plastic pot on your container I don’t know why I gave myself a southern accent, but hey, we’re gonna go with it Next over here. I have a Dracaena variety. I kind of put him here by accident Actually, this was the first ever kitchen plant that I had in here I came home from the nursery put it on the counter and just it kind of just fit I feel like and This plant also as you can tell is in its plastic tub I do sometimes do that for plants that Might just be kind of cut off and stuck into their soil because I don’t want to disrupt the new roots that are coming In and then in the very back over here, you can tell that I have my little water pitcher I do kind of usually hide my spray bottle or my water pitcher in Corner behind this one just so that it’s easy for me to grab but not completely visible to everybody who’s coming on over over here I have one of my favorite things in my kitchen Which are these two funky little pink and green stones because I love me the alien watermelon color combo But most importantly I have these two really amazing succulents. I did get these. Oh gosh, where did I get them? Let me think for a sec. Oh That’s right. I got this guy over at a succulent Fair that I did a haul and video on he’s not doing super Well, he looks kind of like he’s drying out and wrinkling. I did just water him yesterday but he is despite that springing out a new leaf, which is interesting But I’m keeping a close eye on him and trying to get him back to full steam This guy right here is a variegated string of Hearts, which is such a popular in such a beautiful plant I do have a larger version of this plant outside in the backyard but I did propagate I guess one section of it to put inside just to see how it would fare and Also because I loved it so much that I want to see it and ever since it has come inside it has sprouted out not only that new green leaf right there, but if you kind of focus at the little tip You can kind of see another little bud forming if you squint and hope and pray you might see it It is beautiful. And I’m so excited. It is doing fantastically well indoors Over here. I have a mill tawnya Orchid, which is one of the more fragrant varieties of orchids It’s doing really wonderfully inside and it gives off a very subtle, but very pleasant scent No, we are going to move on over here. Hello sink and we are going to start off with the aloe in this section I love aloe it is such an easy and fantastically beneficial plant to have in your house I think everybody who has a house plant loves should also have an aloe because of how great it is for your skin and Because of how easy it is to take care of you can tell that I have a little ring on This one because I liked it so much I had to put a ring on it No, but really that jade ring is one of my favorites, but it is too large for my fingers The aloe is now getting to sport it. I recently did a video with this aloe actually, it is one of the easy starter plants that I listed in my suggestion video, so if you want to see that I will make sure to link to it for you guys also, but it is fantastic, and I usually have him a little bit fuller but the mister went outside in the Sun a while ago turned into a lobster long story short it lost a lot of its leaves but is Not going into shock or anything detrimental because of its use so that’s great Moving on over here. I have a blue star fern. I’m he’s doing surprisingly well Despite the fact that I have basically Half of the jar filled up kind of with loose little pebbles and the other half of the jar filled up with a soil. I Did that because I really left this pot. I thought it would look great in the kitchen I thought that it would look great with the plant But it didn’t have a drainage hole and it was such a thin I don’t even know what I guess Ceramic material that I was afraid to drill a hole in it So if you have a situation similar to that where and you have a pot that you want to use? But you can’t drill a hole in it. You might consider Using that pebble method that I described earlier however I personally don’t fully recommend it even though this plant is thriving and Has spreaded out new leaves and has survived for many months like this I just it does make me a little bit nervous to be honest with you. Just because It can be more prone to root rot It might not be able to drain as well at all as a plant would like to be draining So even though I like this one, honestly, I think to clear my conscience. I probably will repot him But that is a method Alternatively if you want to try it out for perhaps a couple months to see if it will go well for your plant moving over Here we have a marble peperomia and what a beautiful peperomia it is Indeed this stalk right here that kind of the shorter one I just recently am trying to propagate slash rescue him because he did get a case of root rot And the other stocks are doing amazingly. Well, it’s all thriving but this little guy first reason just couldn’t handle it and so he became kind of soggy on its lower end, but it is a Beautiful variety of peperomia and I am so glad to have it in here He loves this kind of lighting condition where and it’s kind of Filtered bright light because I do have a sunroof in my kitchen it helps give him that lighting that he likes and Then moving over here. I have a Bentall snake plant, which is one of my favorite snake plant varieties. I think it is so Beautiful how the white creaminess kind of blends in with that deep forest green. It’s pretty gorgeous It’s doing amazingly. Well, I haven’t had any single problem with it. And yeah easy to care for very simple No pests love it, and I think it looks pretty darn striking as well Alrighty moving on to the next part of the kitchen We are gonna start off with the stove and I know you’re probably thinking Erica. That’s a plastic pot earlier You were saying that you put the snake plant in there to avoid the plastic pot and that is true However, as you can tell this little silver pothos is a top of my vent fan and I didn’t want anything heavy at all Just because I’m not trying to cause damage to it and luckily this little tiny guy is quite light and will not do that But that is a silver pothos. It’s doing amazing. So beautiful. I love the metallic e silver coloring on its leaves let’s see if I can kind of get Any of that but you can kind of tell that the leaves have these like little silver speckles on them Which is really really gorgeous and I love that aspect of and I thought it played nicely with the silver appliances that I have Over here. I have some cute little dragons. There’s one of mr. Indy he is over here staring at this adorable little squirrel and Miss Ruby who was licking her chompers for that poor little guy. So hopefully that squirrel can outrun my two very fast pups Now this is one of my new calathea. Z– this is a prayer plant variety. This is the dotty one it has that beautiful strawberry pink piping on it and I Was fascinated by it. I love of seeing pink and green mixed together I think it looks gorgeous. And then as you can kind of tell on that new leaf that’s sprouting out The underside is purple, which is pretty much a trademark of most if not all prayer plant varieties I haven’t had any issues caring for this plant yet or with any other prayer plant But I do hear that some people struggle with them My suggestion I guess is to make sure the soil is always hydrated. It really does not like to dry out excessively So if that is something that you are prone to doing which is you know Kind of forgetting to water your plants or you know Letting the soil get too dry then perhaps the calathea is not the best variety for you But the snake plant however with I love you Moving over here I have. Oh gosh. I think it’s a hypo thesis or Something along that line, but it is just a pink little speckly plant I recently was gifted it for my birthday and it is doing very happily Moving on to the final section of plants within my kitchen you can see that I have some bananas ready to be made into Banana bread or yummy smoothies as well as a peperomia trailing variety Which is so so beautiful. I got very lucky and found it at a local hardware store of mine many months ago I had never seen it before but it has just thrived in this section. I have to water it very very little And it just keeps growing and reaching up for that light Next to it. I have one of my other newest prayer plant varieties. This is a calathea or nota and it has that beautiful baby pink striping on each of the leaves which is so fun, it looks kind of like somebody took a paintbrush and strip it a stripped it with some baby pink paint it is Beautiful over here. I have a succulent that I got from a local plant show many months ago I did do a video on it and I will link to it for you guys in case you are interested But I recently repotted him moved him inside. It was previously Outside in my greenhouse and ever since I moved him in here. He has sprouted out some new leaves It has done wonderfully well and a lot of people also visually just love see it because it is such a unique looking succulent Hello Over here. We have a string of pearls. This is the non variegated variety This is the most common one that you probably all see it really loves to be indoors I did just missed it yesterday. It’s doing pretty well but I find string of pearls to be a bit finicky in general and a little bit harder to take care of because they seem Well a bit finicky it’s it’s like one day they’re soggy and like wondering why you over watered it and then the next day it’s shriveled up and drying so let me know if you guys have issues like that with your string of pearls and if you can offer me any solutions and Over here. I have the last of my kitchen plants, which is this Royo slash oyster plant Tricolor it is a beautiful one that I recently got up in Santa Cruz and I loved the purple undersize the kind of rubbery feel to the leaves and the lilac II variegation overall on the top front of the Leafs and a watermelon that I plan to cut up later today for the pups and I So those are all the kitchen plants that I have now We are headed over to the office to see all the plants that live in there So in the office, I have most of the plants located either on the window sill or somewhere Very close by it for that purpose I really hope you guys are able to see them even though the light in the back is of course, very bright I will try my very best that you can see each of them clearly So over here, we have a snake plant variety This is the cylindrical it’s typically sold as a braided design I got mine back in February one of the three stems Got a very bad case of root rot. And so I had to remove it very unfortunately, so now it kind of looks like a Funky little peace sign I guess there’s two worms huggin, or I don’t know whatever it is But the other strands are doing well, even though it has not produced any new leaves Moving on next to it. I have a black queen anthurium This is another plant that has not produced any flowers since I have brought at home, but it is gorgeous and I loved it So much But I actually painted this pot Specifically for it because the leaves are started the flowers were such a beautiful very deep burgundy Purpley inky black color and I thought it was gorgeous And so when it is in bloom, this pot does match it very well But and until then it’s just a sad reminder that there’s no flowers on it Next to that, I have one of my favorite zebra plants, it’s the variegated variety, which I was so happy to get my hands on because it is beautiful and I love variegated varieties of it the one of the things I love so much about the zebra is Just the texturing on it. So hopefully you guys can kind of Catch how many ripples are on it? It’s just kind of fun and as you can tell It’s actually in bloom, which is so unreal because I mean it’s just indoors There’s no greenhouse that it’s living in it’s just right here. And the fact that it’s giving off flowers is Well, I feel like pretty awesome I have another succulent that I got at the succulent Fair that I referred to earlier in this video some of the little stems or branches or leaves Separated from the mother plant the larger one back there so I stuck them in the soil kind of around it, and I’m hoping that they will take root and grow This I believe is called the Black Prince I will leave the botanical name as with every other point as I’m sure you’ve noticed already. I will leave the name of it below It has grown so tall, which is kind of funky I thought it would be kind of like a whiter stumpy or little fella but it’s growing very tall and looks so beautiful I was initially drawn to it just because the neon green Black kind of alien vibes that it gave off I was very intrigued by it and it has done very well inside ever since I got him Next to that, I have the snake plant moonshine variety honey. It is a neon green Basically solid leaf stem. It has not grown very much at all, which is not surprising It is a snake plant and well snake plants. Do not grow Very quickly but it has produced new leaves ever since it has come home as You can tell kind of like with right here. There’s two little ones that are coming out and There’s one in that center. That is also a new one. I Do quickly just want to mention that this snake plant as well as the cylindrical there Do not need to be in such direct light like on the windowsill However, they can handle it but they are able to tolerate very well lower lights Here’s an original Zebra plant this is the one that started it all I got this one almost a year ago It has not grown at all. Like maybe one or two new leaves in that Center but other than that, like I have hardly I don’t even know if it’s alive honestly like obvious is alive, but It’s not giving me any sort of new life or new growth I have no idea why but I love it still and I love the pot that it came in It actually is one of my favorite pots that I have for my indoor plants Now this guy I got on a road trip actually on my way back from LA It is a tea tree bonsai saw it and I was like, well, I love tea and I love trees So why not get a tea tree? both my father and my Partner thought that this guy was dead because during the winter it had no leaves and it looked so sad But I was convinced that it would come back to life and well, let’s just say I mean you guys for the leaves Don’t you so the proof is in the puddin? This guy is alive and kicking and doing very well But I got him on a roadside shop this tiny little man was selling little bonsai and it was well Very cute left up on the windowsill is the fuchsia red earth star plant It has since you guys last thought actually given out two little buds I’m not sure if you can see but they’re just right you’re dead center. They’re so tiny, but they’re still Popping on out of there. So hopefully you guys are able to see it and enjoy that kind of progress that it has made Over here, we have the trio star. It’s a one of my favorite newer varieties I have had my eye on it for a while just because it’s so pretty with its cream and flamingos pinky green coloring You probably notice a trend with my houseplants where and I have a lot of kind of like cream pinky green plants And I’m just kind of a sucker for all of them. I love it It’s doing really really well no issues with it at all. Beautiful. Very fun. Cheery little plant this guy however Man he’s literally he’s gonna get a video all on its own for my troublemaker plants this little cutie patootie Spoiler alert, he’s going on it. It’s a sensitive plant. I am too sad to talk about it. So I’m gonna move on Over here next to this sensitive plant, which I miss very much. Please come back. I Have a nerve plant Which is one of my easiest plants to take care of just because of how vocal it is You do have to keep the soil pretty moist It does like to be spritzed with water or at least have a higher humidity level But overall it is so vocal so easy to care for and will spring back to life as soon as you water it Behind there, I have a Jasmine plant. I love the smell of jasmine And so during February the nurseries all around me started to supply a lot of indoor. Jasmine, which I Didn’t even know was a thing. It has not flowered ever since I first brought it home but I have hopes that it will bloom once again because the office just smelled so Fantastic when this was in bloom and I loved it so much But I do think I’m gonna put some sort of thing for it to vine up or around inside of the container once I do repot it just because It’s looking a little bit for the frazzled, you know and The last plant that I have in the office, is this beautiful? variegated creeping fig plant It’s one of my newer plants that I got And as soon as I saw it, I was extremely excited because I didn’t even know that they made a variegated version of it I just kind of drilled a hole in the ceiling and Stuck him on up in there So it is a beautiful addition that I am so happy to have and hopefully you guys love it, too So that about wraps up the plant tour part two if you like this video Make sure to give it a thumbs up so that I know you liked it as well as comment down below which was your favorite Plant on this tour if you’d like to see the part three of this series and you’re not already Subscribed make sure to do so so that you don’t miss out You can also feel free to follow me on my Instagram wherein I post drawings plant updates and just stay in touch with you guys Thank you guys so much for watching I love the little shmoop squad that we’ve created and I hope to see you guys in the next video


  • Got Plants?

    Great plants. My favorite is ur Bental Snake plant…oh and the shark fin too. Those going on my wish list now. ?

  • Mosaic Rose

    What great plants! I also love the beautiful rocks in your kitchen as well. It's funny the Bantel Snake plant is supposed to be the "difficult" snake plant. I lost a couple of them, but the one I have now seems to be doing good. Your Bantel looks great and so healthy. 🙂

  • 12orange12

    Love them all! I just bought a ruby cascade 3 days ago! How often do you water yours? Do you treat it like a succulent? I'm not really sure how to care for it, there isn't that much information on it that I could find.

  • Nhu Le

    Ahh you have many thriving plants that people will consider as "picky". That's awesome! I used to have a group of sensitive plants that I grew outdoor from seeds! They were so thirsty I had to bottom water them everyday. I got them to thrive for a long time until they decided to die on me one morning ? many people have a hard time with sensitive plant though, so you are not alone!!

  • speedy speed

    My varigated peace lilly had spiders i threw it out ? never will i ever buy peace lilly silver pothos goes solid green for me north sode window calethea crusty hated it ? dieffenbachia divas yellows no matter what ? gave away 1 snake plant Lol rubber tree is great arrowhead _ some pothos marble queen sucks lol Brown's 2much ? peperomia good Chinese Evergreen new to me in my home this week $35 for two plants at Home Depot pots including ☺

  • Julie Nicole

    Hey girl! So I have some plant info for you. The living stone succulent that you have next to your string of hearts is fine! They get wrinkly when the new leaves are growing! So basically the new leaves in the center of the plant take energy and moisture from the outside leaves. The old leaves will eventually shrivel away. At that time you don't want to water it. That can rot the plant since there will be added moisture in the soil that the plant will not use. It is also able to take moisture from the air. Here is a great video about it:
    It would probably also enjoy a southern window since this plant likes bright light. 😀

  • Given To Grow

    You could make me excited about anything lol. Seriously hehe! I love that you put a ring on your Aloe! It was meant for that plant! 🙂 I wish I had the space you have so I could fill it with as many beautiful plants. I just love the vibe in your home. Your kitchen looks great with the plants along the backsplash. I am also a HUGE fan of bananas lol! I litterally just missed out on getting a prostrata shakes fist Hopefully the online store gets them back in stock soon! Disclaimer I am new to string of pearls.. maybe 3 months or 4 months. (Ive had string of beads for years) I have found it HATES to be overwatered so make sure that soil dries right out and then water thoroughly. I water from the bottom but I do mist the pearls occasionally to remove dust etc. I know they like to be root bound. So make sure its potted in a pot where the roots are snug and then repot up just one size when they are coming out the bottom/it also drinks its water ridiculously quick. With a skylight thats probably the perfect spot you have them is because they love the brightest light without melting under too much heat/direct sun. Your black prince lol.. its so very etiolated but it does look funky! Thanks for sharing all your plant babies with us! 😛

  • Dawn C

    Hi, so I have four string of pearls house plants, and I would like to recommend that you not mist it, it doesn't like that. Therefore what you should do to keep it thriving is give it as little water as possible, they don't like their roots sitting in water since they are so tiny. Once or twice a month depending on its light source would benefit her. Ideally they like to be placed in a southern window and kept on a watering schedule. Hope this helps.

  • Nadia

    Hi I’ve had a string of pearls for a few months now and she’s grown quite a bit so I was going through the same with my string of pearls. Then i added a hydro spike and that seemed to have worked and she’s actually happy which had led to her growth. Some plants like hydro spikes and some don’t. Anyways good luck and love all your plant babies

  • Ashley Hebert

    I hang my string of pearls in a window that gets evening sun and water it about every two weeks, and it lives there happily 🙂

  • J No

    Your black prince echeveria is growing tall because it's etiolating, sorry to say it is not doing well :/. It needs more sun.

  • Kimberley Elisabeth

    My indoor soil is taking over a week to dry out and I have it planted in well draining soil mixed with half perlite. How to I dry the soil out faster because the leaves are starting to look water-logged.

  • Latrice Sydney

    Don’t be afraid to drill holes in ceramic pots! You have to get a special bit so it doesn’t shatter y0ur base, but that’s really it! Drill from the inside, add a little water to prevent heating and you’re all good 🙂

  • Latrice Sydney

    I also noticed you put crystals in your soil or around your plants, I’d love a video on that and if you feel it provides sustenance for your plants

  • Libby's Little Garden

    Your Black Prince's tall because it's looking for light. It needs way more light than it's getting. I live in Florida and I have mine outside in full sun and it grows like a black rose. Your little shop is perfectly fine just don't water it now it's getting its moisture from the other leaves and does not need your water. Good luck honey. If you want to know the real deal about succulents and cacti go to "desert plants of Avalon". Lynn and Hans her husband will teach you everything you need to know and then some. I'm the old lady from Tampa Florida???

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