Inside Edge | (Explicit) Official Trailer [HD] | All Episodes July 10 2017 | Amazon Prime Video

Oh and the striker scrambles
for a single… – Oh, he misses it completely! – The umpire has signaled
a time-out… All you Mavericks fans! Let’s hear a roar for
the one and only… Zarina Malik! You have 24 hours to find
a new financial partner… or the Mavericks
will be dissolved. The Mavericks is my team. And I will do everything
in my power… To protect it. This game is run by those
who don’t even understand it… Politicians, bureaucrats… And now, film stars. I’ve played under them
my whole career. Where is Vayu Raghavan? The crowd is getting restless,
they are chanting his name! We aren’t very different
from cheerleaders. We all dance for
whoever pays the most. This is a cricket league,
not a circus. And I am the coach
of the Mumbai Mavericks… Not your ringmaster. Don’t you dare forget your
caste and your background! Get out! Maybe you brought me to
Mumbai too soon. I have faith in you. Welcome to the biggest day
of your lives. I am going to change
this game forever. Let the games begin. Match fixing? Spot fixing. I bought this team… To make money. You will do everything
I tell you to, understood? You are not bigger
than the game. Fuck match fixing! How much are you
betting on this? Those who run the show
don’t pay for the tickets.

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