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– I feel like this is the Red Table Talk. I should have did like a little walk through.
– It is. – You are Jordyn Woods
– Yes. – In this chair right now. And I’m Jada of course. (laughing) (hands clapping) Hey hunties, it’s your
girl LaToya Forever, back at it with another video. I’m here with Keesha Kaylee Anderson. – Hey guys! – Yes.
– What do you go by? You have Keesha Anderson, Keesha Kaylee, that’s your middle name right? – No, I made up the Kaylee. I don’t even like my middle
name so I made up the Kaylee. – So that’s your stage name.
– Yeah. Keesha Kaylee.
– Cute! I like it!
– Yes. I like it, you look beautiful! – Thank you, you do too. You guys give it up for her, ’cause y’all know.
– Give it up for me! – Y’all know!
– She pregnant! And she just recently had
two twin beautiful girls. – Yes, yes. Three months ago. – I can’t believe how good she looks. Like, her stomach is so flat. – But, I don’t know, it’s just that since I had to have a c-section. The c-section itself is
not weird, my lining, it healed perfectly.
– Yeah, that’s good. – It’s just like how my
stomach looked is weird to me. I don’t know, I don’t know. – Trust me, it’ll get better over time, your body definitely changes
after having children. I have two, obviously
you know, Samia and Zayn, one on the way, and your
body completely changes. But, you can always get it back, okay? Through hard work, and, my health and fitness program. – Shameless plug!
– I gotta put it in. Right, shameless plug! Anyways, today’s video
is gonna be different, because I decided to interview Keesha, because she has a lot
going on in her life. You know, a lot of drama going on. You know, she’s also a
successful business woman, she has a vlog channel, and I never knew that you were, well,
are, a supporter of mine, and you actually attended
my meet and greet – Yes. – In Atlanta.
– Yes, years ago. – Why didn’t you tell me this? – I thought you knew, and
then it’s kinda like, awkward. And I mean, for one, I
thought you were like, maybe flabbergasted at the moment. But, for me, I’m really
good at remembering faces. – What do you mean flabbergasted
at the moment, what moment? – No, at the moment of the meet up, ’cause there were so many
people there to meet you. – I was sweatin’, I was hot.
– But, for me, I’m really good with
faces, and other people are really good with names, they’ll never remember a face again. So, I just assumed, like,
you remembered my face. I’m like, maybe I don’t have a
memorable face, or something? – Oh my gosh!
– I just assumed, that you’d remember my face.
– First of all, You assumed that, there was
over like, how many, 500? – Yeah, it was a lot of people there. It was definitely a lot. I don’t know why I just thought like, I’m just really good with faces, – I’m not good with– – But, I’m terrible with names, terrible! – I’m not good with faces, or names. – So, oh. – Like. – So I was like, oh, let’s
just not bring it up, then. ‘Cause I don’t wanna make a scene, like, you have to remember somebody. I’m like, okay.
– Weren’t you, yeah. – Yeah, that was just
then, and this is now, so. – Were you vlogging at the time? – Yes, yes. – Oh, okay, so you vlogged me on your channel?
– Yes. – And, what we were talking about? I don’t even know.
– I just said hey. It was just so many people. One, you were sick, two, it was hot, three, it was so many people out there. – And then, I was like, hey,
it was kinda awkward-ish, because everybody was supposed
to be gettin’ pictures, and I’m over here tryin’ to vlog. And, I was like hey,
and you was like, hey, and you was like, hey,
and then we walked on off. – That’s amazing and now we’re here together.
– Yes! – I did meet her in the
flesh a few weeks ago. – Yes. – And, we had a dinner with our friends, Sparkle, Laquia, and a
few other of my friends. And, a lot of people wanna know, what my first impression of you was. I just thought, as soon as
I saw her, first of all, I thought she was gonna be late, because you have two twin baby girls, so I’m like, Keesha, she gon’ be late,
she might not even make it, and, you were on time.
– Yes. – Like, I was the late
one, and you were on time, with your titties hangin’ out, (Keesha laughs) ready to go to the club! Like, we at a restaurant, I’m like, oh shit, but we ’bout to go to the club, ’cause she got her titties out, yeah! – Gary was like, where are
you goin’ with that outfit on? I was like, I’m not used to my boobs big. And, they’re not even like that big. – They’re bomb.
– But, they just took over. – Like, I’m about to live this up. I’m wearin’
– Live it up. – All my lil outfits ’cause
when I’m not breastfeeding, and everything, they’re goin’
back to their original size. And, I will no longer look all ba-ba-boom. – When I was pregnant with Samia and Zayn, and I tried to wear like,
cute little low-cut tops, I would always leak through.
– Yeah. – Even through the pads, bra.
– Really? – Another first impression
of Keesha is, when we were at dinner, like, you just kept it open and honest about what you go through. you know what I’m saying, in your life. and I thought that was awesome,
because I’m a real talk, you know, like, you get what you get. You know, this is me, hey, how ya doin’? You know what I’m sayin’? Wendy Williams, how you doin’, ya know? So, that’s why I was like, let me go ahead and interview Keesha, because
she is the type of person to keep it real with
what she’s going through, she’s does not fake the funk.
– Definitely. – and I love that.
– Yeah, yeah. And I think for me, it’s like, originally, when I started going
through stuff on my channel, which was not brought upon from myself, it was from other people who
may have their own issues. One time, I don’t wanna name the YouTuber, but I saw him make a tweet,
and someone sent it to me. He was like, “Oh Keesha
Kaylee, the drama channel.” And was downplayin’ whatever. I don’t remember what the
situation was going on, but at that time, I’m just like, people are really associating
me with the drama channel? – Like, you can’t be serious. So, I’m like, where are people getting this information from? I didn’t really watch drama
videos and stuff like that. But, obviously other people are, and that’s their first impression of me. So, when I meet people, like I feel like I have to overcompensate
and like, explain myself. Don’t believe the hype
of which you saw online, because it’s completely different. – And, it’s completely different, right! – Yeah, when you meet me. – Yeah, so you don’t
think that you put titles that insinuate that you are drama-ful? – No. (Jordyn laughs) Now what I make my titles, and
people call it clickbait-ish, I’m always referencing something, in my particular videos. Now when other people
call me a drama channel, I’m assuming they’re thinkin’ like Imma channel that’s always in some mix. So that means titlin’ my video like what I think about such-and-such or let me tell y’all the real scoop with what’s goin’ on with such-and-such
or let me break it down. And I feel like for my four
or five years on YouTube I have never really, even
though I explain myself within the vlogs, the drama situations that I have been a part of or attached to, I have never sat down
and explained any of it. Like I have never told my side of things. – Right, and why is that? Why don’t you tell your
side of things, like, why don’t you put your side out there so people don’t just say, you
know, Keesha’s just so drama, because they are only
seeing one point of view, you know what I’m saying? They’re not seeing your
perspective and your point of view. – And I think it’s because,
so my friends and my family, who are my real friends and
of course my immediate family, every time something
goes on and I tell them, hey this is goin’ on this has been said, can you believe this person did this?” And they know the real situation, they always are encouraging me like, “Keesha, we know what
type of woman you are, “don’t even say nothin’, don’t address it, “they’re gonna have to, deal with that.” So what I’m learning,
lettin’ them deal with it, quote, unquote, that’s
ruinin’ my reputation because now I have not
even explained somethin’ and it looks one sided. And people are gonna take
that and run with it. But I’m like, okay well this
will be water under the bridge. I’ll move on and this will die down and then somethin’ else happens and then somethin’ else happens. And then at this point, it’s like, okay this is just too damn much. Like why do people keep doin’ it? And it’s just gotten to a
point where you get fed up and I’ve gotten like really
really fed up at this point. – So, at this point, you’re fed up and you’re ready to explode? – Yes, yes. – Everything out, perfect,
go check it out! (laughs) Perfect, okay so last night I posted on my Instagram story to ask me questions because I will be interviewing Keesha and so many people submitted questions. They’re all up here in my brain. Yes you are gonna get to the drama but I just wanna make it light right now. – Oh definitely, definitely.
– You know what I’m sayin’? When you started YouTube a few years ago, like what inspired you? – Well, I was really just
inspired by the whole job– Okay, pretty much when I
started watching YouTube it was Nitraa B, in particular, who– – Love her! – I was watchin’ religiously. She was doin’ her make up and I’m like, “I’m gonna be like Nitraa, I’m
gonna get my make up slayed, “I feel like this is easy.” I was watchin’ all of her
hauls and things like that. And I’m like, in one of
her Q&A’s someone was like, “Well, what do you do for a living? “You have a nice car,
you have a nice house, “you’re doin’ great for yourself.” She was like, “this is my career.” I’m like, scr-scr, career?! What, YouTube?! So after that I was like, well let me try to do some background history on YouTube, the business side of things and it took me a whole entire year. I really took a whole year, studied so many different YouTubers and say you know, I wanna do this. ‘Cause I was in school to
be an actress at that time. – Spellman, by the way, oh my gosh. – Yes, S. Spellman and I was
really, really good actually. I got a lot of opportunities
when I was there. One of my plays that I wrote was actually about to get pushed to an
actual theater company. – That’s awesome. – Like I was really, really good with it but I was always like,
I feel like I’m behind a script when it came to acting. But with YouTube, I can be
myself, I can tell my story, I can share different things
and it’s me, like it’s me. So I just like started. I got my camera out, the year after doin’ all my research and I did it. And my channel picked up
rather quickly but it wasn’t until I started vloggin’
and everybody was like, “Oh word, like this girl,
we’re gonna tune in everyday. “We need to figure out
every little thing.” And I didn’t know there was such– – Okay, back up.
– Yeah. – So, when you first started, you didn’t just come out vlogging, it was
something totally different? – No, I was doin’ things, not to say DIY’s and stuff like that as is
corny, but that wasn’t me. Like, I’m not a DIY-er
– You gotta find yourself. Like, what do you like to do? – I didn’t decorate my room with arms. I would come home like, why
does my room look like fall? Like, this is so weird. (laughing) And it was just
– You’re just tryin’ – so like, leaves fallin’ all around. to find yourself on YouTube. – It was so terrible of me. And then someone was like
well maybe you should do a vlog news and I’m
like well what is that? I’m like, oh my gosh, I
can just pick up a camera and just show everything? Like, this is so cool. I thought it was the coolest thing ever until I realized I was oversharing
and then it just like– – Oh right, I see that
when I watch your vlogs, when I watched a few of them, and you are oversharing enough to explain every single detail. Is there anything that
you don’t share? (laughs) Is there or do you just
put it all out there? – Believe it or not,
there’s so many things I don’t share but if I said
those things it would be like, oh well now we know everything. Obviously I water down
a lot more when I got in my current relationship that I’m in ’cause he knew nothin’ about YouTube. He wasn’t even watchin’ my
videos, he could care less. It wasn’t until a lot of his
friends, like they watch me and their girlfriends watch me– – There’s water here by the way. – Okay, thank you. And they told him like, oh my gosh, like my girl’s watching du-du-du-du-du and he got on the channel. So they wanted to tune in to see him. And they were like dang, Keesha, she talks about a lot of stuff now. And I’m just like, really? It’s not that big a deal to me. And then I started to like
realize I needed to dim me down because there
are certain things… And I think that’s a
personal flaw within myself. I just feel like I’ve
never really had problems in life with people not likin’ me. Not to say I was always liked, but I just didn’t have that issue in school. Like, I was best personality
every school that I went to. And that was them voting
not just me winnin’ it by self-proclaimed. So I was really like a people person. It was hard for me to get on the internet and people just not like
me or question my integrity on the things I share to talk
about or use it to my demise. – So, one of my friends,
her name is Jayla Korian, you were hurt by her.
– Yeah. Did you want to explain
like what happened? Because a lot of people say that you have a lot of issues with people
who are online influencers, YouTubers, you know, you
have falling out with people in your life that put
themselves out there as well. So did you wanna explain that situation with Jayla Korian and just
clear the air for everybody? Because a lot of people have
asked me about that situation. – People always are askin’ me– – Have you ever addressed it? – No, never, I’ve never talked about it. Like I said, I just don’t share things because I don’t want it
seem like I’m out here to do the same things
people have done to me. Like I need to go tell someone’s flaws or tell someone’s mistakes just
to make myself look better. But then it’s hurt me from not doin’ that. So, pretty much, I’m
gonna start off by sayin’ that I have no issues with Jayla. I have nothin’ against
Jayla and, I’m pretty sure, Jayla would say the
same thing about myself. We didn’t end on like bad terms, you know, you just never talk to someone again and that’s just what it is. If I saw Jayla in the street, I’m pretty sure I’d say, “Oh hey, Jayla.” – So, were you guys friends
before she came down? She stayed at your place right? – Yes. – Were you guys friends before that? – I wouldn’t say friends per say, because I look at friends
in a different way now. I would say that she called me a lot and asked me a lot of different advice and she did text me advice if she felt like she wanted to insert advice to me. I mean, I took her advice. You know, she had been doin’ YouTube for a long time period of time. So she would say, “Hey do
this,” or “Hey do that,” and I took it and then
sometimes she’d call me or FaceTime me a lot and tell
me stuff, but it wasn’t– – So you felt like she was your friend. – Yeah, I took it as that. So when she came down, I took it as, oh we’re comin’, ya know– And I just feel like the
way her vlog, I don’t know. I feel like her vlogging certain things and then just sharing it, I just didn’t– – The whole dog situation? – Yeah, I didn’t really
appreciate it too much. I never got an apology
about it and like I said, I could very easily included– – Okay, hold on.
– MM-hmm. – You been goin’ on a
tangent, girl. (laughs) Like, give her a podium,
give her a mic, ya know. Could you please explain
like, that dog situation for people that don’t
know what’s goin’ on. – I didn’t even see the clip,
but I do remember the moment. So I could just tell you
what happened, was goin’ on. At that time, Bailey is a
small breed dog, he’s a morkie, and I want him to live a long life. So he’s not allowed to eat human food. I don’t care what anybody
else does with their dog, my dog does not. Like, with my dog, I treat him like a baby and he knows that if I talk
to him a certain kinda way that’s when mommy is
sayin’ don’t do somethin’. And at that time, he had
started eating human food and I was cursing him out about
it because he’ll get sick. He’s gotten sick so many times before and he’s throwin’ up all
throughout the night and all that. So I’m just like, letting him know to be a little bit more firm
and direct with him. So to my understanding,
people were just sayin’, she recorded the moment
and was kinda like, you try to put on that you’re just so nice with your dog, blah-blah-blah. And then here is this moment. And you know, people were tearin’ me up in the comments section I
didn’t see anyone sayin’ well she defended Keesha to
say what the situation was. So that why I was like,
Oh okay, well let me just fall back a little
bit ’cause you know, I don’t want to step on
someone’s toes about a dog. So let’s just let this
go and I’ll just move on. – Okay, so basically, Jayla
put you on YouTube in a way that you’ve never put yourself
out there on your platform. – So people called me fake from it. – So people were like,
oh my gosh, I’m shocked. Like, Keesha like cussed her
dog out for eating human food. Like, she’s such a bitch,
you know what I’m sayin’? So, let me ask you this, do you only put yourself
out there in a positive, optimistic, I’m happy-go-lucky kind of like, on your social media? – Absolutely, 100% – So you don’t talk about
the drama in your life? – Absolutely not.
– What? – Absolutely not.
(Jordyn laughs) – Keesha… (laughing)
– Absolutely not. – I just feel– – Keesha, Keesha, so you out there livin’ the perfect life out there on YouTube? – And I think–
– And people look at you like the drama channel. It just boggles my mind. – I feel as though I was always real. Like, I talked about my eating disorder, I talked about me sufferin’ depression from a relationship–
– Okay, so you’re putting it’s real.
– Yeah, I talk about that type of stuff but people
took advantage of that. And they started to use it against me and not say, okay well thank
you for bein’ transparent. So when that happened I said, well I won’t share nothin’ else negative about myself because
y’all gon’ start tryin’ to run wid it and I don’t appreciate that. So I coulda handled it, I coulda. I got in the kitchen, I
put the heat on real high, I couldn’t handle it so I
took myself out the kitchen and I never want to go back. – I was literally imagining that. Like, I thought you actually did that. Like, what the hell we talkin’ ’bout, you put the heat on in
the kitchen. (laughs) – I have had eating disorder,
or struggled with depression– – What was that experience like? – It was very hard, one because– – What is an eating disorder? Can you explain that? Or
what kind of eating disorder? What level of it was it for
you, like, can you explain that? because I know that
there are so many people out there that struggle with that as well. – Well, for me, it just I was
in an abusive relationship at the time and I didn’t
know how to love myself without having the appeasement
of them lovin’ me too. So I just didn’t eat. I just would not eat. I’m naturally petite
girl so when my family got hold of it, like I
would go to the doctor. I wasn’t malnutrition
or anything like that, I just was not eating, ya know. – Okay, so you bisexual?
– No. – You’re straight? – I just, I’m Keesha, I don’t
wanna put a label on it. Would I date woman again, no. Have I dated a woman before, yes. But I talk to women– – So you’re straight.
– Yeah. – I don’t understand why
couldn’t you just say, I’m gay or I’m straight, I’m bisexual? – Because if I say I’m
straight people will think that I’m tryin’ to hide from my past and I’m not accepting that
I’ve dated a woman before when I’m just sayin’ I would never date a woman moving forward. – Okay, so before Jeremy, Jeremy is… – My current boyfriend. – I don’t like to say that, I don’t like to say your boyfriend. I just don’t feel comfortable. – What do you want to say? – Like, you live together, you have like two beautiful babies together. I just feel like, it needs
to be another level of– It needs to be a status
change, like my damn fiance. When is he putting a ring on it? – Oh yes, so he’s definitely talked to me about that recently
within the last few weeks. But like I told him, I don’t wanna be knowledgeable about the proposal. I don’t wanna know anything about it. I genuinely want to be surprised,
I want it to be filmed. I want it to be like a
movie, this is my first and last, you know, I want to
stick with the person I marry. – Is he your first guy? – My actual first real man relationship. – What?
– Yes. So for me– – So you lost your virginity to him? – Did I lose my virginity
to Jeremy? (laughs) (laughing together) – A dildo?
– No! – Okay, kay, I mean, can you do that? Can you lose your virginity to a dildo? So how is it being committed to a man now? like what is your
relationship like with a man, with Jeremy, like do you feel good about, like okay this is forever, this is it, like for the rest of my life? – Yes, I genuinely feel like that. I mean, we have kids together
which we planned together– – And I can ask those questions because she’s not married
yet, technically, so.. I mean, we’re putting
it out there, K Jeremy?! – Bein’ in a relationship
with him has taught me a lot about myself and reaffirmed the fact that I always knew that
actually my life was with a man. Bein’ with him, I was like oh
this is what I was missing. Oh, this is what I was missing. And I just never knew it ’cause
I had never been in a true, real relationship with a man. I was not gonna be havin’
sexual intercourse at 14 and doin’ all the stuff
wrong people do at that age. You’re just sayin’ oh you’re my boyfriend, oh you’re my girlfriend and that’s it. – What kind of girls
were you attracted to, or are you attracted to? Like more feminine or, okay– – Studs, studs. – So explain what a stud
is, like a ooh, like a thug? (laughing) – They’re more of the
masculine type of female. And another thing that
I knew I had problems with was girly aspects of a woman. I didn’t like it and it was makin’ me sad. And that’s just the thing, like– – Like what do you mean? – Like they would ask me,
what if she wears a dress or she has to wear a dress for this? Like, I would cry. So that was a probably
another reason, just like, well Keesha dis is all
leadin’ toward the other end of the spectrum, what are
you endorsin’ right here? With Jeremy, I feel like
he has taught me so much about bein’ with a man,
bein’ in a relationship. We definitely went through
our highs and our lows. We had a miscarriage and then that’s when we decided that we were goin’ to– – When did that happen? – So we miscarried in March.
– Wow. – So we found out at the end of February that we were pregnant. – 2018.
– Yes. – And literally a week
later, we had miscarried. When I found out, I knew about a miscarriage but I was naive to it. I just thought, oh if you’re smokin’ and drinkin’ and doin’ that other stuff that’s how miscarriages
happen, not necessarily because it just sometimes doesn’t work. The sperm and the egg meet
and it just doesn’t work. – Right totally, I totally get it. I’ve known so many people
who have miscarriages. – And I had never been pregnant. So, I didn’t know what
my body was supposed to be doin’ and not supposed to be doin’. So when we miscarried I
had just started spotting that mornin’ and it just would not stop. And I just felt like I
was livin’ a nightmare. – So you did not have an abortion? – No, I did not have an abortion. I don’t believe in abortion, for myself. Not to say–
– Yeah, for myself, I don’t believe in that.
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. And it was just very, very unfortunate ’cause when we went to the hospital they told me that, oh well, they only had checked
my ACG level that night and said, “well, if you
keep bleeding tomorrow, “we’ll check it again, if it’s lower, “we’ll know you’re miscarrying.” So we went home and I had so
much high hope that…(sighs) – Oh my god. – I just had so much high hope that I was not gonna lose that child ’cause I just felt like
I had never done anything to deserve that, not to
say that anyone does. But I went home and I
didn’t sleep with panties on ’cause I said I know I’m
not gon’ bleed anymore, I know I’m not gonna bleed anymore. And I woke up just with blood everywhere. It was hard for Jeremy, we
rushed back to the hospital and they checked my numbers
again and said it was lower. And I was like, “No, it’s
not lower, check it again.” It was just so traumatic,
like I have never lost a family member, so I don’t know how to deal with stuff like that. Even to this day, I still
don’t know and I don’t even like to think about it.
– It’s hard, it’s hard. So when I was miscarrying,
I just felt like, who prayed this against me? I just felt like someone prayed such evil things to happen and we had just literally posted
that we were pregnant. So the same day–
– How many weeks were you? – A week. (scoffs) – Yeah, see–
– No, no, no, when I miscarried I was a month. – Yeah, that’s why they say to wait until you’re three months, you know? – And that’s what some
people were tellin’ me when I told my friends and my family. They were like, “Y’all just
wait, y’all just wait.” And I was just like psht,
I’m tellin’ everybody! – You’re too excited,
it’s your first pregnancy, oh my gosh, let’s scream
it from the rooftop. Totally get it.
– I’m tellin’ everybody. I’m gonna love it, it’s gonna
be such a happy experience and literally the day the video went up that we were pregnant I was miscarrying. So I was getting so many congratulations, so many congratulations– – Oh my god that’s so hard. – And Jeremy was just so
upset, he was so frustrated. He was just like, “Just take “the video down, just
take the video down.” And I just couldn’t deal with the reality, so I left the video up and then– – And it’s still up?
– Yeah, it’s still up. And then I told him, I was like, “Some people have already seen it.” At this point I realize the video’s up, it’s like, my videos are scheduled anyway. So I wasn’t even really thinkin’ the video was gon’ go up that next morning. But when I saw it had so many views, I was just like, everybody
already DM-ing me, callin’ me, textin’ me, callin’ him, textin’ him, I just couldn’t
believe the reality. And I was like, you know what, I don’t want to be on
social media anymore. I just don’t want to vlog about it, I don’t want to do anything. The doctor just looked
at us and said well, after your body heals in three more months you can try again and hope for the best. Nine times out of ten, if you’re a healthy woman, everything will be okay. And if he has a good sperm
count, everythin’ will be fine. Just if you stress out or get depressed you’re less likely to conceive again. But when we conceived
the twins we were tryin’. – But it’s like after you get pregnant and you’re excited and
then you miscarried, it’s like well what the
hell is wrong with me? Am I ever gonna be able
to have children again? Like, oh my god! Totally get it.
– I was like, I want to try again, I think we’re ready. We’re financially stable– – So you wanted to try?
– Yes. – So after you had the miscarriage, why did you want to try at that point, because you weren’t trying beforehand, before you had the miscarriage, before you got pregnant, why then? – Well, I wanted to try
because I have always wanted to be a mom my whole entire life. So I feel like it was the
opportunity just ripped. Like, I have five days to
be happy about my pregnancy and then it was ripped away from me. I feel like I can make all this
go away if I conceive again. Like, if I just conceive
again, it will be a thing of the past and it’s back like it never happened and we can move forward. – After that traumatic experience of Keesha having a miscarriage, god blessed her a few months later with not one, but two
beautiful baby girls. How is it being a mother to twins? – I am so happy, everyday
I’m just thrilled. You know, I am so blessed and thankful. I love those girls with
everything in me and it was such a beautiful
amazing thing to know me, god chose me to have twins. I always say, Oh I want to have twins, I want to be a twin myself,
but I want to have twins. And god gave me twins. – Does he have twins in his family? – Well he’s a twin and he
does have twins that were– – Oh, he’s a twin, okay!
– Yeah, yeah. So it’s like inevitable. – Yeah, he was like what, two?! We sayin’ what happened
to this and I was like, I don’t know, maybe god’s blessed us. And I prayed everyday over those girls. To this day I still pray everyday. – Of course, they’re so sweet. – They’re amazing, and even though they came three months early, Journey, my first born, she was born at 3:05, she needed no oxygen the whole entire time she was in an incu.
– Wow . – My girls are perfect.they
were literally flawless. They were so strong,
like I say Journey had– – Three pounds?
– No. – Three months early, two pounds. – Two pounds?! (gasps)
– Yes, two pounds. But Journey needed no oxygen. – How small were they? – They were really small,
they were like so tiny. – Could you hold them, or you had to wait? – Yes, so I had to wait the next day ’cause I had to get clear. Jeremy, he went up that same day, there with my mom, and he was able to. So he god videos and
brought her back down. I had to have a blood
transfusion, I lost so much blood. – They are healthy, they are dear and they’re home with me now. How long were they in the hospital for? – Seven weeks, seven weeks. – Seven weeks, oh okay. – Everyday I was there, everyday. – Most of your family at the hospital, they’re so excited to see the twins, you said that Shanita was there. – Yeah, she came. – She was there, she came. You know, she was
excited to see the girls. Shanita is Jeremy’s sister,
your soon-to-be sister in law. And a lot of people on social
media, on my Instagram, they want to know like what is going on with you and Shanita, why is she– Okay, first of all, Shanita created an entire channel to
defame Keesha, you know. To like expose Keesha, callin’ her all kinda bitches and hoes and… – Yeah.
– And that’s all she says. She doesn’t really get into detail about what’s going on,
well from the videos that I seen, that I’ve watched, right. So everyone wants to know,
okay what’s goin’ on? What is going on behind the
scenes for her to be so hurt? Like, what happened, what happened? Why is she so hurt by you and Jeremy? Because apparently
Jeremy went up to her job and like threatened to kill her she said. – Yeah, which is just not true. – I could not believe that. – So Jeremy and Shanita had
a good relationship before this YouTube channel that she decided to create to attack you? – Yeah, so a fan reached out to her. Long story short, a fan reached out to her asked her these
questions via Facebook. – What questions? – They were pretty much sayin’,
I think Keesha’s mental, how are the girls? I’m worried about the mental state of the girls and the health of the girls. I love those girls so
much but Keesha’s mental. No, I don’t know her as a friend, no I don’t know her personally,
but I just think this. So tell us some information. She responded back and it was through video recording, then her la– – On YouTube?
– No, no, no, no. This is through–
– On Instagram DM? – No, Facebook.
– Facebook. – Someone Facebook messaged her and asked her these questions. And I to this day have never
heard the video recording. I saw her responses back but
the last message just said– – And what was said? – Keesha does not allow Jeremy to have our family at their house.
– Okay. – And then I don’t know what they said– – And that’s what you heard.
– Yes. – And you’re 100% sure that
it was Shanita that said that. – No yeah, ’cause I reached out to Shanita and asked her, why am I hearing about this video floatin’ aroun’,
you’re takin’ about me? And I would just respectfully ask you, just don’t talk negatively about me, we don’t even have any issues, like before this, we’ve never had– – Right, because she was at he hospital– – The hospital, the gender reveal… – Gender reveal, before
that were you guys cool, she would be at the house? – Yes, she’s come over,
I’ve taken her hair out. We’ve never had any issues ever. So I was just like what the heck. But Jeremy just like told me, I’m a grown woman, I’m an adult. You can definitely tell someone not to speak negatively about you regardless. And I did that and then
she sent me the evidence She sent me the screenshots
and that’s when I saw– – Shanita sent you the screenshots? – Yeah, and showed me the conversation. – And what was the conversation? – When she told them, I would
not let the family come over. – So you would not let Jeremy’s side of the family come over to your house? – Come over to the house. – And that’s entirely not true. – Yeah, and it hurt me
because I’m very close with Jeremy’s mom and I have no issues with the rest of the siblings. Jeremy has seven siblings,
I have no issues with them. So I was very hurt. I’m like, Why would you say this Shanita? Your mom was just over here,
your sister was just over. And it just really upset me and
I just told Jeremy about it. – Okay, when you asked her about, like why would you say that,
what was her response? – Oh, she just pretty
much said that she tried to come over in January an we just didn’t let her in and that was not the truth. She came over to pick up
her daughter’s birthday gift and Jeremy had a conversation with her. And he just said, “Oh, she’s gonna come “over one day to get the birthday gift.” It was not communicated
when, what time or anything. It was just miscommunication. But I couldn’t even drive at that point and I’d already been
dropped off at the hospital. It was later on in the evening. – So yo were with the girls. – Yes, I was with the girls at the time. So when she called and said, hey I’m here. I’m like, well me no Sharita was there. – So she shows up at the house? – Yeah – And nobody was there? – No one was there. So she was upset?
– Yeah. – Like oh my god, no one was there, – Yeah.
– like what’s goin’on? – But she let it go. She let it go. – She let it go. – She let it go. I said, I’m so sorry and Jeremy gave her the gift later on that
week, that was that. And then I had talked to her again for her second daughter’s birthday. So, that’s what I said, I
don’t know, when I saw him I’m like, what are you talkin’, your mom was just over,
your sister was just over. Like, why are you so upset and offended? But, long story short,
’cause I really just, this is Jeremy’s family and I just feel so disappointed in the situation as a whole, because I feel like family is family, And my family has gone
through their things and has never been aired out. Regardless if Jeremy was
included, not included, anybody was included. I just feel like family is supposed to stick together through family problems. – 100%, I totally understand. – And that’s not what’s
been goin’ on right now. – 100%, she created a
channel to attack you. – Yes. – You know and calling
you out of your name and I feel like that is disrespectful – Yeah. – because you guys, no matter how much she says you’re not family,
– Yeah. – You are family.
– Yeah. – And you will forever be family – Yeah.
– you know? Because Jay and Journey, like… – Yeah but we gotta make sure we include, as much as she says this on YouTube. Because I had a conversation with Shanita and I reached out to her. – I need to know, – Yes. – I reached out…
– What triggered? – I reached out.
– Something triggered. – Yes and she told me– – Why is she hurt by you? – The source told me, Shanita told me, that she was not mad at me. She was mad at Jeremy because she felt as though he threatened
her which was not true. She felt that way. – So he did not go to her
job and threaten to off her. – No, Jeremy would never. (Jordyn scoffs) – He was upset that she
was talkin’ to strangers on Facebook about not
letting the family come over. So he just called and like,
“Don’t do that to Keesha, “like Keesha has done nothing
but be nice to you…” – Like, she has over ten
videos on her channel… – Yeah, so when–
– talkin’ about you. – So she told me, “Keesha,
you’re a great mom. “Keesha, you’re a great person.” “Keesha, I’m genuinely
sorry for what I did.” When I had a conversation with her, “Keesha, I defamed you,
Keesha you are family. And like, Keesha, I want to
be a part of my nieces’ life. And I will remove the
videos that I said about you and I will change the title of the video that had nothing to do with you and I will upload an
apology to let everyone know that I defamed you and I’m sorry. – Okay, and? – So, she changed only the
titles, nothing was deleted. So I reached out and I said,
“Nothing has been deleted “and you only changed the titles.” But I watched the apology
and I felt like it was an apology to just say
I’m sorry for making a video, but not necessarily I’m gonna
admit that I defamed you. And I’m gonna tell people
that you did not take a pill to miscarry your child. You did not separate our
family, that you are not an issue or nuisance, or
we’ve never had problems. We were actually quite
cordial with each other. Like, that’s what I thought
was gonna be said in the video. – And what was said? – She just talked about
her family and things that she’s been through,
and things like that. And I let it go, I was
like, you know whatever. But I asked her again, can you please still remove the videos. People were bein’ really
rude and disrespectful to her in the comments in her
video and callin her names. – In her apology?
– in her apology video. Like, why would you do this? And just goin’ off on her
like callin’ her all kinds of names which I thought
was still unnecessary. That’s still my boyfriend’s
sister and I love Shanita. But, so she text me and say,
everybody’s goin’ off on me. Everybody’s callin’ me this and that, but you know what, I deserve
it, it is what it is. And then she decided to take the apology down because
I guess it was too- – And kept the videos
that are defaming you up, – And then changed it–
– changed the titles. – yeah so it said that oh, she only decided to put up another video because I said I was gonna sue her. And if you can be successful on YouTube, be successful on YouTube, but
don’t do it by bashing me. – Right. – Don’t like, if you look at me, – There’s a lot of channels out there bashing others, it’s sad. – If you could just thrive
on your own, show us. – Right.
– Show us. Take all the videos down
about me, start over. Do you, upload videos about
your life and be successful. And I’m still not going to go
on my platform and bash her. I just don’t believe in that, especially knowin’ that
this is his sister. I still have much love and
I have much respect for her. – Wow.
– I wish her the best. I just wish that… – You are a real woman.
– I just really wish that she wouldn’t try to
bash me and defame me knowing that the things she is sayin’ isn’t true. And if she has any issue with
Jeremy, that is her brother. – And knowing that you are the
mother of Jeremy’s children. – Yeah, and I think, in a sense, that people are more
happy with famous success with their false
perception on social media than dealin’ with the
realities off camera. Because, even after the camera’s off and after you’ve said the
things that you’ve said, you still have to be family
at the end of the day. And why wold you want to live your life with bad blood with family, regardless. And, I just hope the
situation can get better. – Alright, enough about her. She apologized to you. – Yeah, she did apologize
but then she made the rest of them videos so, I
guess the apology was just– – Did she apologize on the phone? – Yes.
– Doing text message? In person?
– She apologized on the phone. – Okay, and she’s still
creating these videos? – Yeah.
– Alright, it’s a deeper issue that she needs to deal with. And just put everything in god’s hands and in Jeremy’s hands. (laughs) We’re wrapping it up. – Thank you for having me.
– Of course, any time. – I have no problem with anyone— – She is so popular, is that
Shanita textin you right now? – No,
– Her phone is blowin’ the hell up, okay anyway. – No, I just wish everybody the best and I hope everybody could just learn to get along and you know love each other. – Oh, give me a hug,
you’re such a sweet girl. She’s such a good girl,
she’s such a good girl. Anyways, yes, so let’s wrap it up. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Make sure you thumbs up. If you want to see more interviews, who do you want me to interview next? And make sure you head on
over to Keesha Kaylee Anderson and subscribe, check her out. – Ya’ll won’t hear nothin’
about this over here so just get y’all a spoonful. – Right, get a spoonful,
you know grab yo teacups you know what I’m sayin’ and sip this tea. – Yeah, I feel like this was a formal way to do this ’cause–
– I’m proud of you. You got some things off your chest that you wouldn’t have gotten off of your chest, except like in private. So it’s good to express.
– Yeah. Love it, she’s so beautiful you guys. – You’re so beautiful. – Anyways.
– Bye guys. – Bye, love you, hee. Oh my god my freakin’ foot is kill. Yo, my foot is numb. – Really?
– Bra. Yo, is my foot swollen, this one. Look at my knee, bro. Look at my knee! – Oh it’s because you, yeah I used to– – Look at my knee! – I used to have that
happen to me all the time. – Is it big? – Yeah, it’s bigger than the other one. – But it’s only because,
you know your vagina, once the pressure of the
baby sits right there it stops the blood flow of
whatever leg the pressure’s on. So that used to happen to me. Your vagina doesn’t swell up sometimes? Like my lips would be like,
just I been sitting here– (laughing) ♪ You take me to it ♪ ♪ You take me to her ♪ ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ How many times to I gotta say ♪ ♪ Love it, love it ♪ ♪ We should get a little closer ♪ ♪ Use all the time that
we have here today ♪ ♪ Baby come on up ♪


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