Inventory: Agenda view & GPS capabilities

Hey everyone, Ryan here from Race Roster. The inventory management tool is quickly expanding. We’ve released two enhancements to further
support you in keeping track of your upcoming reservations and streamlining the equipment
setup process. The first enhancement is the Agenda view. Let’s take a look to see what this is and
how it works. When viewing your Inventory dashboard, you
can now change your calendar view to an “Agenda view” To do this, simply navigate to the dropdown
displayed in the top right hand corner of the calendar and select “Agenda”. You will now see a concise list of your upcoming
reservations and events that are displayed one month at a time. Any blank days on your calendar will be eliminated
from the agenda view, allowing you to focus on your reservation schedule. The second enhancement we’ve added is the
ability to see your location when viewing your event map, and the exact GPS coordinates
of your drop points. From the “Reservations” page, click on
the title of your event to navigate to the reservation profile, or select “View Profile”
from the ellipsis submenu. From here, you can create routes and add drop
points to map out where your equipment should be placed when setting up for the event. Let’s take a quick look at how to do this. To start off, click “add route”, and give
your route a name and a description. Next, you can upload one of the accepted route
file types. Accepted file types have .KML, .KMZ, and .GPX
extensions. Once your route is uploaded, you can start
adding drop points by clicking on the map. Type in a name, description, and select what
equipment you would like to be dropped off at this point. Additionally, you can include any notes you
think are necessary for your crew to know. Once this is saved, your drop point will be
displayed on your screen, along with its exact coordinates. You can share these coordinates with members
of your crew to help ensure all equipment is placed exactly as planned. When it’s time to set up your equipment,
our new GPS feature will come in handy. After opening your reservation profile, Race
Roster will request permission to access your location. If you agree, a new dot will appear on your
map, allowing you to determine where you currently are relative to your drop points. To centre the map on your location, you can
click the button near the top right hand corner of your map. This feature will also help you and your crew
ensure your equipment is in the right place. So there you have it! We are confident that these new enhancements will
help you stay on schedule and easily coordinate with your crew to set up your equipment quickly
and efficiently. As always, if you have any questions, don’t
hesitate to resource us. Until next time! 🙂

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