IPSY Unboxing and Try On December 2018
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IPSY Unboxing and Try On December 2018

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel my name is Rachel and I am a full-time seller on the Poshmark
app and but today I’m doing a little bit of a different video and today is gonna
be just a really quick unboxing of the ipsy bag but instead of doing like
typical people do they just upload the products I’m actually gonna go ahead and
put them on for you so I got a really good variety this month of items that
I’ll complement each other I didn’t get any like hand creams sometimes they send
you multiple like they’ll send you a mask and a hand cream like two different
creams but this time I got really good stuff I mean I always get good stuff
anyway but I feel like they really did great this month this month they
actually sent an extra little gift it says that our holiday gift to you a
bonus six glam bag product so they typically send five products the
practice with the bag is ten dollars per month that includes your shipping you
get five products and you get a bag in there and sometimes the products are
like a sample size or a travel size or something like that but sometimes their
full size too and you’re gonna see obviously I got a brush and it is full
size okay so first things first they come in a really cute package these are
actually really great for resellers because you can you know cover up the
shipping label and reuse this bag is padded so really great for packs like
packaging jewelry or um smaller items and so here’s the bag I got really cute
and sequiny kind of reminds me of New Year’s more than Christmas there’s the
back it’s got their little logo there at the bottom fake leather really cute
tassel and these make great gifts with purchase for resellers as well so I’m on
the Poshmark app you can find me at the Scott cottage
and I will link that link down below for you guys um so I like to give these away
because I don’t need a bag from every month like I’ll keep the ones that I
like and then I’ll put those in there so um I really kind of like this one I’ll
probably keep it we’ll see okay so let’s go over what we find in
here first and then I’m gonna go ahead and I have my mirror here I’m going to
put that on that one so I already have foundation on I have eyebrows on powder
and blush I don’t do a lot of makeup makeup is not my thing but I thought it
would be really great just to demo what I got in the back and also how you can
use the items okay so I did get a mud mask there’s that so it is a meat mud
your skin’s new best friend deep sea mud mask so even though this is
a small like a smaller size this will last quite a few times so usually when I
get their stuff it will last me a good six months so umm I love getting masks I
mean who doesn’t love getting masks I know I do okay so next thing I have
already looked through here so this is why I need to do the video so it’s not
like a big surprise of what’s in here this is Steve Lawrence and it is a eye
shadow um ingredients the first ingredient is mica so if you ever seen
mica in there you know it’s gonna be a shimmer product so um that would be what
is in here really really cute little packaging so this to me looks like a
full-size product I mean it’s loose it’s loose shadow so I
definitely would consider this a full-sized product um hopefully I don’t
want to angle it too much and spill it so gorgeous gorgeous color let me see if
I can show you maybe on my hand okay so there is the color very pretty I really
like neutrals and things that can go with anything I’m not real big on the
flashy blues and purples or what-have-you
so there’s products number two okay next is product number three I love love love
getting mascara and I actually get mascara most of the time I want to say
at least every other bag so I’ve never had to buy mascara like since I’ve been
a subscriber of hip see the only thing that I’ve had to buy makeup-wise for
myself is my own foundation and I purchased that on Amazon if you’re
interested I can link below what kind I use it’s just the kind I use I get it
actually subscribe to on Amazon Prime so it comes every like three months or
something like that alright this is called superhero mascara so it is a
travel size it is smaller but you know mascara does last a while and you are
supposed to throw away your mascara after every three months anyway so it’s
the perfect size let’s see super here at elastic stretch volumizing mascara so it
actually has the real results of someone here it says 96% said lashes lips
stretch 96% saw dramatic volume in length
96% saw plumper looking lashes and 100% saw a fuller lash line so we’re going to
use that today um it does look like it’s just black which I tend to lean more
towards the brown black because I am so fair and I have like eyes and the black
sometimes just is too much but as long as I don’t layer it on there it’s okay
it doesn’t say actually what color but it definitely just looks like black not
a brown black so moving on so this is what I mean about you do get full-size
so this is a high shine lip cream so it what brand is this the beauty crop I’m
not sure if I’ve ever used the Beauty crop before but I definitely like lip
stuff and a lip cream is probably gonna be have a little bit more color to it
than a lip gloss but not quite a lipstick I have gotten lip stains which
I really really like too so let’s go ahead and open this ooh looks very
pretty okay they just did such a good job with
the colors that they sent me these are all definitely colors this definitely
has a lot of pink in there but these are definitely colors that I
would wear typically when I actually put makeup on I’m gonna stay at home mommy
so I don’t wear makeup very often which is nice okay so next is a brush so
obviously this is gonna be a full size I do enjoy getting brushes so this is okay
a good like just fluffy blending brush I actually have a ton of these but I will
use it I really like the handle Farrah okay don’t know about the brand
it actually has like a place for your fingers too if you see those grooves has
a place for your fingers to just kind of rest that’s really nice that’s a little
bit nicer than ones that I typically get alright not last but not least we have a
eyeliner I do believe I could it could be a lip liner a.m. 2 p.m.
lie eyeliner so this is I would say a sample size but then again you don’t
want to use your eyeliner longer than 3 months or so um because it just gets old
bacteria and stuff and so let’s see it lets a mocha color so it’s not black
that’s good I’ve got a lot of black like I said I
like to 10 I tend to use the brown box a little bit more than blacks just with my
coloring all right okay there we go hopefully you can see okay whew it comes
out really nicely and smooth like butter that’s gonna be really pretty it does
come out very easily so you’re gonna have to have a white hand with this
which is why I have q-tips down here because I’m known to make mistakes
there’s inside the bag they always have just such cute detail with their bags I
think that’s why they make great gifts with purchase sorry I’m gonna do
something there we go okay so let’s go ahead and put this on I’ll start with
the let’s see I’ll start with the loose eyeshadow now in order to apply this I’m
going to use a flat brush this is just
something I actually got in a tipsy bag before but when you use the big fluffy
brush you can tend to drop a lot of it kind of down here which is really hard
to get back off with any kind of any kind of stuff that has mica or glitter
in it those of you that know when you go to wipe it away it stays and it just
makes a big mess so I’m hoping to be careful and use this to apply and when
you apply you want to tap off the excess because the same thing is gonna happen
if I just go put it in there and start putting it on it’s all gonna fall
underneath my lash line and it’s gonna be really difficult to get off so I’m
actually gonna use the lid I’m going to get a little bit of products out on here
tap it off and then kind of use my lid as well just to kind of make sure okay
so one thing when I thought this video is gonna be short I’m sorry if it’s long
but I just like to explain um as you get older when you start pulling your eyelid
like this you’re gonna start getting these lines here which I already have
some fine lines there from doing in the past so if you can get away with just
closing your eye and applying it you’re not gonna get those wrinkles as that so
I’m gonna try to do that my eyebrows are crazy today um but if I don’t fill them
in they are translucent so they look funny until I do my makeup my makeup and
then they’re okay all right ooh that’s pretty
kinda reminds me of like a mermaid just really pretty um color but like I said
it’s a very neutral it’s not dark by any means okay very pretty so I can go in
and now with my fluffy brush and just blend it up Aamir Khan behind my phone
here to blend on up I’m not gonna bring this up any higher because I don’t I’m
not doing a really heavy like makeup look today all right
I do the other eye so I do have kind of hooded eyes so I do have to be careful
with doing my eye shadow and my eyeliner a certain way it will make my eyes
appear really tiny and closed so I typically don’t do a like color on my
eyelid I will do a color on my crease but for today’s purposes I just wanted
to do this real quick um yeah this is a really really pretty color I like it um
I did bring in another brush and I’m gonna put this the same color just on my
lower lash line just to kind of I really like this blending brush this feels
great I might change out and get rid of some that are older okay going in with
my smaller one I’m just gonna do my lash line just to add a little bit of color
down there so sorry about that I got a phone call so I’m gonna have to marry
these two videos so sorry about that um so back to it I’m just lining my
lower lash line with the eye shadow nothing too crazy
but I am definitely loving this color it is a beautiful beautiful color guys alright so I think I’m good with that
there’s what it looks like beautiful color so I do typically highlight my
brow bone there when I do my makeup but I’m not gonna do that today alright so
next I’ll do the eyeliner and like I said this comes off and out really
easily so I’m gonna really try to be careful not to do it too heavy so I’m
only gonna do the top I’m not gonna do the bottom unless I want to kind of blur
it out which I might do we’ll see how this looks with just the top but I don’t
do a lot because like I said I kind of have hooded eyes and I do a lot of
eyeliner it just kind of closes them in and I don’t want to do that so for this
I do have to pull it a little bit just make sure you’re being gentle we don’t
want to any other wrinkles than we have to write
okay yeah that looks nice so goes on really nice and smooth and crisp nothing
crazy there’s the other one okay that looks
pretty nice okay I’m gonna do a little bit underneath and then blur it out so
what I’ll do because my eyes are smaller I only do the small corners and then I
used the angled brush again and just kind of blend that out so it’s not such
a strong line okay there’s that not bad I’m really enjoying these products okay
time for the mascara this is where I usually mess up
hopefully not today right okay so there’s the wand just kind of a basic
wand so what I do is I do my top lashes and I will do one side and then do the
other and by the time I get back over this is dry I’ll do two coats and then I
just do the bottom wow this really does make them longer okay so because my eyelashes are white I
have to do the top part too so those of you that have blonde hair lighter hair
make sure you’re getting both sides because when you look down you want to
be able to see that you have eyelashes so make sure you’re kind of getting both
the top and the bottom which is a little tricky sometimes okay I like this this
is pretty it does make them longer Wow look at that oh and I don’t think it’s
too black I don’t think I’m gonna hate that but it does work it does make them
longer which I like who doesn’t like long eyelashes I’m not one to UM do fake
eyelashes I can’t ever get them right huh and they bug me I’ll do them every
once in a while for Halloween and that’s about it even then I usually take them off before
the nights over okay I am liking this I’m gonna be using this
because it definitely does make them longer oh I could even do one more coat
alright next is the lip cream I don’t know that I’ve ever used a lip cream
I’ve used like a lip gloss and lip stain so this is really pretty it’s also
really bright so if I messed up it’s gonna be everywhere so I always start
out with just a little and kind of rub them together hmm this is pretty what
you guys think hmmm it’s not a color I would typically
pick up for myself but not bad okay let me take my hair thingy down so we get
the full experience yeah I am liking this look what do you guys think um I’m
not sure about the lip gloss no lip cream but the rest of it I really really
like so comment below if you guys like this if you are interested in possibly
getting the nips you bag I will see about getting you a discount code I
can’t promise anything but I will see what I can find on my hip C website um
it’s an awesome program I will say that when you get your bag if you go on there
and you review review your products you get points and usually about every other
every third bag I will get a new like a free product so you get to go in there
and redeem your points and pick out a new product for your bag so give me a
thumbs up if you like this video please subscribe to my channel I do unboxings
quite a bit I’m doing a third up unboxing probably today because I got my
box in it’s actually sitting right here early like a whole three days early so
I’ll probably go ahead and unbox that for you guys today so subscribe below
make sure you like this video and I’ll see you guys next time thank you


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