– She deserves an Oscar. (laughter) – She does, she’s a great actress! – She’s a great actress, Milan! – She’s a great actress. – How the hell, where did
you get all this talent from? – Well, my mom is an extra… – I didn’t know that. – You’re an extra, Grandma is an extra… ♪ I’ll be waiting ♪ ♪ Don’t give up on… ♪ ♪ I am waiting ♪ ♪ Always waiting for… ♪ – Morning, hunties and huncles. – Good morning! – Morning, Mommy. – We’re at the dentist’s. We’re at the dentist’s. We’re at the dentist’s. We’re at the dentist’s. – Yes, so we’re at the dentist’s. – I want to play with the toys. – But hold on, what are
we doing at the dentist’s? – We’re going to play with toys. – Samia loves the dentist,
she loves sitting in the chair and she loves when they look
in her mouth and tell her if she has cavities or not. – Yay, Samia! – Samia is getting her teeth cleaned. – [Samia] Mommy, I want
to play with the toys. – OK, play with the toys. – Can you come? – [Grandma] Are you leaving me? – No, I’m just… do the toys. – Go play with the toys. Did you show everybody your purse? – Yeah. – Come. – I did show everybody I got this purse. – What kind of purse did you get? – A doggie one (bark, bark). – And it has sequins on it? – Yeah. – It’s so cute. – It has sprinkles and look… – Wait, who bought that for you? – Glamma. – Glamma. Glamma bought it. – Yes. – Wait, we’re trying to
change my mom’s name. We don’t want it to be Glamma
because, whenever the kids call her Grandma, I just… – It just sounds so… – It makes cringe because I… – I don’t identify with it. OK? – Hi. – OK, let’s go. We have to go in. We’ll talk about that later. Are you excited, Samia? – Yes. (smooth music) – Samia is a good girl, she
likes cleaning her teeth. Right, Samia? – Yeah. – And everyday, in the
morning, you brush your teeth? – Yes. – Yeah, and before bedtime? – Yes. – Good girl. – Is she doing OK? – Yeah, very, very good. She doesn’t like the
sunglasses, so I said OK. – Good job, Samia. – Yes, very good. – How do you feel, Samia? (upbeat music) – Now, Samia is flossing her teeth. Go, girl. Get all that plaque out, all that food, all that yucky germs out. Good job. OK, my teeth are nice and clean. Samia, do your teeth feel clean? Your teeth are nice and clean? Oh, she’s showing us her teeth. My mom’s driving us. – Yeah, I chauffeur
today and valet parker. – She is the chauffer and valet parker. – I want to go to the park. – Hey! – Victoria, hey, Victoria. Hey, sis. Sebastian. – Hola. – Wait until we do
Sebastian’s outfit of the day. So, we went to the dentist’s
and I had to pick up Sebastian from the Go station,
right, and I was like, Mom, you have to pick him up
because I don’t have time, I don’t want to leave Samia here. So my mom was like, OK,
what does he look like? I’m like, you can’t miss Sebastian. (laughter) – I did not miss him. – I was right. I was right, right? – Yeah, absolutely right. – I made sure to put
myself somewhere, too. – His back was turned to me and I said… – Mom! Excuse me! Excuse me, Mommy. – Yes, Samia? – I want to go to the park. – OK, we can go to the park. Anyways, we were trying to
think of names for my mom. The the kids need to call her something other than Grandma. – Grandma. Granny. – Other than Grandma, Sebastian. So, are there any names
that we can all think of? – Abuela. – OK, that’s way too much… – [Sebastian] That’s
Grandmother in my language. – That’s way too much,
Zayn won’t be able… Zayn started to call you Granny. – Granny. (laughter) – How does that make you feel? – [Sebastian] That’s too old. – Old and wrinkly and things. I ain’t no Granny, I
ain’t no Grandma, either. – OK, so we need a name. Mema? – Mema is like hee haw, hee haw, Mema. – [Sebastian] No, that’s old, that’s old. – OK, what about GiGi? – It seems so outside of what I stand for. Like, who’s GiGi? Where’d
they get GiGi from? – OK… Snacks? Why don’t
they call you Debbie Snacks? – Hey, you hungry? – Wait. Why can’t they call you Snacks? – No, because Snacks is like… – [Sebastian] Mama Snacks. – Hey listen to Samia. – Mama Snacks? Mama Snacks. – Mama Snacks. – OK, hunties, huncles,
we need some grandma names for my mom. (jazz music) It’s a beautiful day, today, oh my gosh. – All sunny and things. – The weather is gorgeous today. Anyway, Sebastian and I
are getting some work done. We’re taking pictures… – That’s not a no. – That is work, OK? – Girl, listen, Instagram
thoughting is hard, sis. – Instagram thoughting is real hard, OK, especially when brands are involved, it has to be perfect and stuff. – Oh, God. Oh, God. – Anyways, I want you do
to your outfit of the day. – Alright, so, very very simple, – [Latoya] What do you mean, what’s simple about the genie pants? – Sporty little head wrap
with a little Puma hat, all white, as usual. This is like very easy, I
got my little stomach showing because it’s summer. – [Latoya] She’s tough. – And then, you know,
the little Harem pants. – [Latoya] Those are cute. – Little Louis bag, to act
like I got money and things. (laughter) – [Latoya] You’re cute, I love it. – [Sebastian] Merci
beaucoup. You’re cute, too. – [Latoya] Cute. Thumbs up for Sebastian. – You’re also in all white, ey? – [Latoya] I’m in all
white, let’s show them. – [Sebastian] Listen,
this girl, all white. – Everything Fashion Nova,
except my flip flops. – [Sebastian] Ha, girl. – My heels are in my purse. So, yeah, Fashion Nova, Fashion Nova. Oh yeah, and my hair, DHair Boutique. – [Sebastian] Poppin! I’ll leave all the links for these things in the comments below… I mean, in the description box below. Yeah, I should know how to
say these things already. – [Sebastian] Poppin! Nah, she
don’t know what she’s doing. It’s all a lie. (laughter) (upbeat music) ♪ I’m in Heaven ♪ – We’re on the way to Woodbine Beach ♪ With my boyfriend ♪ – Woo woo woo. – We’re on the way to the beach. – We’re on the way to the beach,
just to look at it because there ain’t no way we’re
going in that water, OK, not in this country. Zayn, say hi. – Hi. – Hi. Alright. (instrumental) – OK, so this is how it goes. We’re at Woodbine Beach,
just enjoying the weather, so it’s good. – What’s up, everybody. – It’s beautiful, it’s
a beautiful day today. The kids are playing in the sand. Are you having fun? What
are you doing, Samia? – I’m making a sand castle. – OK, so, Samia is making a sand castle. Zayn, what are you doing? Are you eating sand, dude? He had a granola bar earlier
so it’s all over his face. – Mommy, pick up. – I’m not picking you, e-, no up. How about that? E-play with your e-sister. (children talking) – No up. I’m not a mommy. I’m not a mommy, she goes,
no up, I’m not a mommy. (drum beat) – Oh, look what we got, we got the coolest monkey in the jungle. – Woo! Oo oo ah ah! The cutest monkey in the jungle. – The fliest mama. – Wait, hold on, how am
I going to get down now? I don’t do She’s Tough for nothing! – [Adam] Zayn just
discovered ants and he’s just going right into them. Hey boy… Zayn! – [Latoya] Be nice to the ants, ey! – [Adam] Be nice! He’s trying to have the flamingo… Oh golly, throwing at me, boy. – I’m surprised that you didn’t
do anything else than just yell at her because you were
pacing around the room like you were about to do something but just a prank. – Hey, Latoya, I just
want say, in my opinion, that was the best prank
on the channel so far. Milan did that prank so well, I was waiting for her to break and for her to just start laughing, especially with your
reaction, and she held it. She deserves an Oscar
for that and I think that you and Milan need to team
up and get Adam because he didn’t really get anything
but he was a part of the Range Rover prank so he
needs to bring Milan back, get a massive prank and
have her with you because she’s obviously a master at this, she has you crying, come on now. – OK, so Auntie Jillian
and Milan are here, hi! – What’s going on? – My favorite Auntie. – What do you want? – Everything. I love you. You’re so cute. – Now what? – Look. Look at how I
reacted to the prank. When Milan pranked me
about she was pregnant. – Listen, it had to have
been a prank, OK, because Milan would have packed her
bags and moved to Atlanta with all of you. – There’s no way, Milan, you would have to get your own place and raise your family on your own. – What?? Why would you… – You will be helping her. – What the hell, why would I be involved? Why would I be responsible?
You’re the parent. – Yeah, because I help you
so you would have to help me. – Oh my gosh, no, you do a
great job minding the children. – Anyways, I knew it was
a prank because she’s not that type of girl. – She’s definitely not that
type of girl but the way she came at me, she’s so
good, she deserves an Oscar! – She does, she’s a great actress! – She’s a great actress, Milan! – She’s a great actress. – How the hell, where did
you get all this talent from? – Well, my mom is an extra… – I didn’t know that. – You’re an extra, Grandma is an extra… (laughter) – I didn’t know Grandma was so talented. – So you know where you got it. I want to know how she’s
leaving any house to be doing all this, she doing that, you don’t know who the baby daddy is. – There is no way, there is 100% no way. She’s a working woman, she goes to school, she plays sports, she has a social life. Throwing a baby in the
mix will definitely… – She tans… – Yeah, she tans, for
like eight hours a day. – Yeah, eight hours a day. – There is no way… – And she promised me granddogs
instead of grandbabies. – Granddogs. – So I knew that was a prank. – And Samia and Zayn, OK? So, right now, the kids
are going swimming, so I get a little break. Actually, I’m about to cook some food, some roast chicken and things. You want some chicken? – [Samia] Nope. – Well, excuse me. – I’m a Beautycon. – [Latoya] You’re a Beautycon? – [Latoya] So, I gave
Samia a Beautycon hat and she was so excited about it because it’s pink and I said all the beauty girls on YouTube, they wear it. – I want it. – You have it. Anyways, you guys, I might head on over to Uncle Jacky’s house, here,
in a few but, if I don’t, thank you so much for
watching today’s vlog. I had a fun-filled busy day today and, yeah, don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel. We post new vlogs every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday and, hit that thumbs up button! Alright? Get us to 5,000 likes. Can we do it? Yeah, we can. (R & B music)

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