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– It’s so hard being in school, one, and then being in school
and kinda doing something that you’re not 100% sure about. (“Someone That You
Love” by Jarreau Vandal) – Hey, hunkies and hunkles. So Milan is about to take the kids. I love this girl!
– As usual. – As usual, she’s always taking the kids. Let me find out you want children. – No, I want your children. I don’t want my own children. – Holy crum, ‘lan! So anyways, what did Granddad do now? – I saw Grandma and Granddad driving. – Yeah. – Granddad is obviously driving, Grandma is in the back seat, and the dog is in the front seat. I said, “What the hell is this?” – Granddad, how dare you put
my Grandma in the back seat for the damn dog.
– For the damn dog. – That is so rude!
– Yeah I know. – Did you say anything? – No, I didn’t say anything,
I just had to laugh, honestly. – They are nuts. Where were they going? – I don’t know, “On a drive,” they said. They’re going on a drive. – Aw, they’re so cute! They’re such a happy couple. – I know, right? – Anyways, Samia, where you guys going? What are you gonna do? – I’m gonna color my hair. – She keeps telling me that she’s gonna color her hair.
– No, you’re not. – [LaToya] What color are
you coloring your hair? – Pink and purple and black. – [LaToya] Pink, purple and black? Oh my gosh, you’re gonna
look like a rocker. You’re gonna look like a rainbow. – No, I wanna look like a rock and roll. – [LaToya] Rock and roll? Let me see a rock and roll dance. (punk music plays) Zayn, are you gonna color your hair, too? – Yeah!
– [LaToya] What color? Gray?
– Yeah, gray, – Anyways, guys you
wouldn’t believe who’s here. – [Delaila] Who’s here? – [LaToya] Delaila!
– Who’s here though? – Oh my gosh, Delaila. I haven’t seen this girl in so long, I’m so happy that you came to see us. You’re the cutest ever. This girl lost so much
weight, she cut her hair. Yes, girl! Oh my gosh, you look so good! Your stomach is all flat. – Look at Milan’s face, she’s like- – No, I don’t remember ever
you being chubby though, You were always skinny. – [Delaila] Why don’t you
watch these old videos? – Okay, she was bigger than she is now. – [Delaila] I was so chubby. – At least 15-20 pounds more, right? – Yes, facts, that’s exactly it. I lost like about 20, 20-something pounds. – [LaToya] Yeah, you look good, Delaila. – I’m starting to even
gain the weight back. If you would have seen
me two months ago LaToya, I was a stick.
– I’m so happy. Stay this size. Do not lose any more weight. – [Delaila] Now I just
have to tone up, you know? – Yeah, just tone.
– I’m gonna get real tough. – Yes, tough, yes! What is Samia doing? Anyways, my girl Maya’s here,
doin’ the dishes and ting. Aw, look at this girl,
she doin’ the dishes. Listen, she knows it’s
hard out here for me. – I know it’s hard, she got
these rugrats running around. – [LaToya] Rugrats, tell them. Talk it, tell them the truth.
– They cute. – They’re cute, but they’re a lot. – To look at, you know what I’m saying? – Zayn literally had this lawn mower he was swinging it around. – Yeah, Yeah.
– [Maya] He’s so funny! – He is hilarious, my kids are rugrats. – Guess who’s here! Glam is in the building!
(party horn blows) My momma, AKA Debbie Snaz
– Hey, What’s going on? What’s going on?
– [LaToya] What’s good mom? – I’ve been taking it
easy, enjoying myself. Bubblin’ up a nice pot of food and tea. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh, my mom just cooked some curry chicken and it was amazing. For all my new subscribers,
this is my mom. She lives in Boston. Boston baby. – Down here representing
T.O., the mega-city. You know what I’m sayin’?
– [LaToya] You feel me? – I gotta step through.
– [LaToya] She’s been– Auntie Jillian’s here,
with her cute little top. – What’s goin’ on?
– [Latoya] I love that top. – Thank you, I’m going for dinner. – [LaToya] Oh well, with who?
– The Coalition Sisters. – [LaToya] Oh nice, you look pretty. You and my mom just
spoil these kids rotten. – She’s been acting up. – [LaToya] Acting up, diva-like, you know? Wanting to do her own thing
when she wants, not listening. Angel, Victoria, up in the building. What’s good, sis? – [Jillian] Sammy-mammy? – So anyways, Samia has
been acting bougie, right? Right, right? Bougie, right? Okay, kids don’t lie. All right, these adults– – [Jillian] She actin’ bougie for true, because she ain’t payin’ me no mind. – [LaToya] Yeah, and she ain’t
payin’ Auntie Jilli no mind. She loves she Auntie. – Let’s go take a walk down the sidewalk. You wanna walk down the sidewalk? – [LaToya] Anyways, it’s
good to have my mom back. Temporarily, anyways. She’s leaving soon, but we
are just going to spend– – [Jillian] When you are you leaving? – [LaToya] As much time
as we can together. – Next week, yeah, soon.
– [LaToya] Look at this girl. You guys, lemme go and show
you the food that my mom made. It was absolutely amazing, incredible. It was delicious. So she made my favorite
dish: curried chicken. Got some lentils, lentils are amazing. Got some white rice in here. And then we got some
potatoes and chick peas. Let’s focus here. So good, and I then I ate
my dish with a little bit of brown rice, and then we
had some salad and tomatoes and red pepper and stuff on the side. It was good! – ‘Kay, spell ‘top’ three times. – [LaToya] T-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p. – Say it three times. – [LaToya] T-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p. – No, I said, “Say it.” – [LaToya] Top, top, top? – Spell it four times. – [LaToya] T-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p. – Say it four times. – [LaToya] T-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p– – I said, “Say it.” – [LaToya] Oh, is that a joke? – No. – [LaToya] Oh, top, top, top, top. – Now spell it five times. – [LaToya] T-o-p, t-o-p,
t-o-p, t-o-p, t-o-p. – Now say. – [LaToya] Top, top, top, top, top. – What do you do at a green light? – [LaToya] Stop? (laughter) Oh my god, that is hilarious. That is so funny, oh my gosh, you got me. You really did get me. Oh my god, y’all. We did that joke, and everybody– Did they all say that?
– Yep. – Okay, good, I don’t feel
like an idiot anymore. That is so funny. (R&B music) – Morning, hunties and hunkles. I’m here with the beautiful Delaila. – Hey, how are you guys? I feel like I haven’t been
on the vlog in so long. – You haven’t, it’s been
like eight months, maybe? I dunno, it’s been a long time. – I think the last time
was what, Adam’s birthday? Oh no, when I came over with Dajae– – Yeah, and Tati and we
went to Jack Astor’s. Go straight. Yeah, so Delaila and I, we
worked out this morning. She slept over. How do you feel? – Honestly, I feel good, but I feel like shit at the same time. Excuse my language, but
my legs, ask LaToya. I couldn’t walk down
the stairs this morning. – She was trying to walk down the stairs– – I had to ask her sister to help me carry my luggage upstairs
so I could take a shower. That’s how bad it was. But the workout was
intense, and it was good. Like, I was sweating, I actually
felt like I did something. – She was sweating her ass off. I’m so proud of you, Delaila. So, are you gonna keep it up, are you gonna continue to work out? – Yeah.
– Okay, good. – The thing about me is
that I work out every once in a while, and I can’t
work out by myself. Like, I need somebody
there to encourage me and– – Right, to motivate
you, to help push you. – To make sure I do it. Otherwise, girl, I’ll do five
squats and I’m tappin’ out. – Yeah, you’re just like, over it. – This way?
– Yeah, go straight, and then you’re gonna turn
left at the end of the street. Right now, we’re gonna take some pictures because I have to do some promotion for Fashion Nova, and
Delaila’s gonna take some pics. This girl keeps deleting her Instagram, deactivating her damn Instagram, coming back, like, are you officially– I convinced her to activate her account. – Yeah, yesterday.
– Last night. So are you gonna like– – Yeah, I’m gonna try to keep
up with it and be consistent. It’s just so hard. Social media is actually like a job. Just look at it like,
“Oh, you just get pretty, “you take pictures,” but
you have to be consistent. And it’s so hard sometimes,
because it’s not everyday you wanna take pictures,
not everyday you feel good. – Yeah, you don’t always
feel your best everyday. – Exactly, but I mean, it is what it is. – You have to just do
what you have to do, man. That’s the name of the game, consistency, because I feel like, if
you’re gone for three days, it’s like a year on social media. Like, “Where the heck are
you? LaToya, Delaila?” And they notice it, and
then they unfollow you, and then it’s like, “Oh
my god, you unfollowed me “because I’ve been gone for three days?” – [Both] It’s so much work.
– Yes, girl. So, yeah, what have you been up to? – Nothing, so I just finished– – Update them and let
them know what’s going on. – So you guys, I just
finished my first year of uni, it was–
– Congrats. – Thank you! It was good– – Turn left.
– It was so brutal. Like, it’s so hard being in school, one, and then being in school
and kinda doing something that you’re not 100% sure about. It’s like you’re almost working twice as hard as everybody else, you know? And it’s like, I don’t wanna
say “What’s the point?” ‘Cause there is a point
to it, but it’s like, at the same time, you just feel like you wanna be doing something that even if it feels like work, you’re happy about doing
it every single day, you know?
– Turn left. And, college is cheap, university? – Yeah, in Canada, where
we live, college is cheaper than university.
– So much cheaper. – So, you’re in university right now. – I’m in U of T, Scarborough.
– Yeah, U of T. Yes, girl, but you’ve finished your year. I just feel like you have
to do what’s best for you. You know what’s best for
you, and you’re still young. You’re still like
figuring it out, you know? So I think that– Okay, so let’s park up here. I think that it’s okay, at
this point in your life, to not really know 100% what you wanna do. I just feel like going with the flow and being, you know– Just doin’ you, you know? – I do need to have a
conversation with my mom, which I’m so frightened about, and just kinda let her know that– – What do you mean? A conversation for what? – Just like, maybe I need
some time to figure out– So you guys, there’s this
real estate program, right? It’s called Orea, I’m not
sure some of your viewers know of it or actually attend the school. And basically, they give you two years to complete 12 programs, and then you get your
real estate certificate, or license or whatever, right? And it’s so weird because
over the past four years I’ve been talking about it, but it never seemed legitimate
to my mom enough, you know? ‘Cause she’s like, “Everybody can do it–” – What does she want you to do? – She wants me to go to university and get a degree in something. Business right now, right? But for some weird reason, I feel like I’m always coming back. This real estate thing
has been the one thing that is consistent, like I’m
always thinking about it, I’m always like, “Okay,
maybe I should do it–” – There’s so much that you
can do with real estate. At the end of the day, I
don’t want to go against what your mom is saying,
but I’m a believer in doing what’s best for you. I started my own business and
I feel like I’m a believer in doing what’s best for
you at the end of the day. – I think I just need to put
my ‘grown girl’ panties on, and just have a talk with my mom. – No, but you have to figure
out what you wanna do. You have to come up with a business plan. You have to plan it out,
so you have something to present to your mom. “Look mom, this is what I
wanna do, I have A, B, and C.” You know what I’m saying? “I’ve built this, I feel
like if I take a year off “of school and focus on this,
let’s just see what happens.” You know what I’m saying? – And then do my real
estate school on the side, because it’s so easy to
get that done, you know? And it’s something, at the end of the day, I can get a job tomorrow, if
God forbid, everything falls– – Your mom is just looking at it as, “Okay, you have an
entrepreneur mentality.” But, I feel like your mom
just wants you to have that degree just in case
anything were to happen. – Yeah, I can fall back on it. – You have something
to always fall back on. – Yeah and you know, your
parents never want you to make the same mistakes they did,
you know, so it’s like, I can’t be mad at it, I just
have to do what’s best for me at the end of the day, because
I’m gonna live my life, and I’m gonna be the one to
either regret or be proud of the decision that I make now, you know? – Right, yes gal. Well, we pulled up on the location. Now we’re about to take some pictures for Fashion Nova, okay? – Now we go.
– No we go down here. – What is up hunties and hunkles? – Hi! – Just here, chillin’ in the basement. Gettin’ ready for the game
that’s coming up tonight. I stay watching basketball.
– Yeah, love it. He’s got me– I’m a fan, I’m a Cleveland fan now. – Well, we’re walking on
thin ice right now, girl. Anyways, hope we’re gonna pull through. Yeah, just wrapping up today’s vlog. I actually don’t even know what went down, this is my first time kinda engaged. – Being on the vlog.
– Being on the vlog. – Did you guys miss Adam? Thumbs up and comment below
if you missed my baby. You’ve been in your dungeon. – I’ve been, yeah, just chippin’ away. – Workin’, workin’, workin’,
workin’ on a computer, yeah. – Losing my eye sight. – Yeah, see I can’t work on
a computer for long periods of time like that. – You can’t work on the
computer but you can shop for long periods. – I can shop.
– She can shop online for long periods of time. – Fore sure, that’s the
only thing I can do. And then I’m done, like,
I barely use the computer unless it’s shopping. – All right, talking about shopping, we’re giving away $200.
(party horn blows) – Yeah, we are giving away $200. – There’s a video that’s
gonna pop up sometime now on the top right corner. You gotta watch that video
to find out how to win. We’re gonna select two winners, and we’re gonna give you guys $100 each. All right, so go ahead,
hunties and hunkles. Check out that video. We’re hoping to select a winner
by the end of the weekend or early next week. – So stay tuned, you might be a winner. – Yeah, get yourself $100 gift card– – Go shopping. – You can do some online
shopping, like LaToya does. Yeah, I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog. I don’t know what this vlog is about– – But make sure you subscribe! – The highlight of it
is us giving away $200, that’s all I know.
– Right, for sure. – We love you guys so much. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and thumbs up the video, and don’t forget, we post a new video, a
new vlog, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – You got it, y’all?
– You feel me? – Hit that subscribe button and we’ll catch you guys next week. – Love you!
– Take care, good night! (“Pretty Brown Eyes” by 11:11)


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