Julien, Tyler & Madison Visit Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con 2018: Thinking BIG! (Success Mindsets)

(dance music) – What’s up. It’s Owen, Julien, and Madison. Kicking it here at the Grant Cardone 10X Growth Conference. And what we’re gonna be doing right now is talking about the importance
of ongoing self education. And the reason was because I was shocked that when,
in our Instagram stories, we’re showing that we’re here as students. Or when I meet people outside and they’re seeing us here as students they were surprised that as teachers, we would ever be students. So the purpose of this video is to talk about ongoing self education. Not thinking that you
already fucking get it. And continuing to expand your mind. – It’s crazy, you know, we’re posting these stories. We’re like eh, Grant
Cardone, 10X mother fucker, 10X your dick, 10X everything. – All the messages are you’re there, you’re not speaking? You’re there to watch? And I’m like, of course
we’re there to watch, Ongoing education. It’s so easy to fall into
that trap, as you said, that we get it. – I already get. – Yeah, I already get it. And you close yourself
off to new knowledge and news ways to expand. It’s crazy to see people just getting closed off and closed off, being very stubborn, too, in terms of investing in themselves. One message I actually
got was some guy was like, “You know what, now that I
see you going to these events, “I regret not selling my
PlayStation 4 to attend Transformation Mastery Live. And I’m like, why are you
keeping a PlayStation 4? What’s the return on that? Nothing. Attend an event. Invest in yourself. – Yeah, better yet, why the fuck do you not have the cash
to attend a cheap event? – That too. – And need to sell your PlayStation 4. You gotta be ahead of the problem. Not scrambling at the last minute. The bigger issue to me even is that people are fucking idiots. They think they’re gonna make it. You’re not gonna make it. They’re gonna be the isolated island. And make it on their own. Michael Jordan has like 10, 12 coaches. But you don’t have any coaches. So you must be better
than Michael Jordan, man. You’re better than all
those guys ongoing coaching. Because you’re the shit. And people prioritize
pumping their fucking ego and feeling like they get it over actually producing
results and getting it. – Yeah, it’s like realize
how fucking stupid you are. And it sounds harsh. You’re like, “I’m not stupid.” But no, if you realize this
you will grow massively. You are stupid. – Everybody’s stupid. You’re a human, you’re
stupid by definition. – Especially you. No, I’m kidding. I’m dumber than anyone. And that’s why I’m here. You know, we think that
we’re gonna figure it out all on your own. If you didn’t at this point in your life, what makes you think
you will in the future? If you were smart enough to
figure it out on your own, you’d have figured it out. So stop being stubborn. Realize, oh my God, I am too dumb to figure it out on my own, this little brain is too stupid to get me to that next level. Let’s look for help. Let’s seek help. And also, yeah, the importance of being willing to give. Say, invest in yourself, Whether its give energy,
money, to receive, is so key. We’re taught to conserve
money, conserve resources, thinking that that is how you grow. But no, guess what? Those are resources. They’re meant to be used. All I’m thinking when I’m making money is more to spend, more to spend in order to receive,
make more, spend more, and that is how you fucking grow. – Yeah, that’s the idea of value units. If you don’t even wanna put
value units into yourself, your education, your health, your knowledge, your environment, how do you expect to get it back? It’s virtually impossible. One of the things I, I didn’t even know I
was gonna come to this, but I was like let me come, and let me bring all my assistants. I flew in Dan from Shanghai. Mother fucking Shanghai. I’m like what are you doing. Get here. And he came. Doing it for James from Toronto. Because I want to have guys around me that are also investing into me. I invest into them, and
they invest into me. And we keep that investment cycle going. If you have clients, you have customers, you want them to invest into you, well what you are you investing into them? It’s a habit, it’s a cycle of education. And learning, not just for yourself, but learning how to serve others. And I didn’t really even know how to serve my clients or portray my idea to clients, until I learned that. And I had to be taught. And I thought I was so smart. But as Julien and Owen are saying, sometimes we’re so dumb. Never assume you’re so smart. And also, when you take the initiative to move forward and learn
something and pursue education, you’re also putting a big
signal out to the universe saying I’m willing to now have success. I’m willing to learn. I’m willing to move forward. Because I’m humbling myself. I’m humbling myself to
say I don’t know it all. I’m humbling myself to say I wanna learn. So universe, whatever you have for me, dollar, value units, connections,
friends, relationships, lessons, of even failure, bring it my way. Give me the money. – If you look at the
average of the five people you hang out with the most, you might have some cool friends, some people are successful
and you’re moving up. But aim bigger. And that’s one of the huge
messages Brad promotes, which I fucking love. It’s like aim bigger, think bigger. 10X motherfucker. And coming to an event like this, just seeing the fucking size, it’s 9,000 people I think in this stadium. Let’s aim for that. And it makes it way more real and it also unplugs you from
the general mass thinking. You know people like, “Hey, be mediocre. “Do this, do that.” Here it’s like you’re
around people who are committing to stepping up, committing to education, committing to themselves and success. – We thought we’d wrap up
with some of the best lessons. – [Crowd Member] Hey! – That we got from Grant. – [Crowd Member] What’s up, my man? (laughing) – And Dublin and Julian. (mumbling) – Tyler over here has been a massive influence in my life. I tell other people behind his back that he’s the best public
speaker in the world. I’ve learned so much from him. You guys saw what I did yesterday. Big influence over here, okay. RSD has changed my mind. I’m a Christian guy and RSD
has changed my life, all right? – Everybody kinda gets a lesson from their perspective, so I’m gonna say what I personally got from the Grant Cardone 10X Growth seminar. First of all, this is very related to me, but just seeing 9,000 people in a room was incredibly inspiring for me. It made it real. Now, in your case, what does that mean? Well it’s incredible to
see people that are doing certain elements better than you are and seeing that as an inspiration. Now, you might be better than
that person in other areas. But if there’s an element
that they’re beating you, like, for example, we don’t have 9,000 person
stadiums at our seminar– – Yet. (laughing) – Yet. Than go and watch that
and it makes it real. Just seeing it in real
life, what that does for me is it makes it where my
brain will automatically start thinking of ways to make it happen. Whereas if I just see it on YouTube, it’s kind of this ephemeral dream. Seeing it done in person makes it real. If you wanna learn about something like say successful women, go see it done in really life. If you wanna see somebody transform, go to Transformation Master in real life. If you wanna become a boss, then see the boss in real life. But whatever that is, see it in real life, it makes it real, and the
power of your subconscious mind will take over and start getting it done. Now, beyond that, one of
the big things I noticed is tons of incredible speakers. Tai Lopez, my buddy, was here. It was amazing to see him
rock it in that big crowd. Other people were here
that are friends of mine up on stage, it was awesome. One of the things I noticed
about Grant in particular, Grant speaking even for
two or three minutes would drill so deep into my head. And that’s like that book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkings. Sometimes you don’t need as much force, like a million hours,
just a couple minutes from somebody who really
owns that mentality or owns that space, drills in. Just seeing Grant in real
life for a couple seconds, my brain’s like, oh I get it. And it’s not a content based thing. It’s more of an energetic thing. I can feel it energetically
that I’m changing just by the simple fact that
his energy is infectious. – People say that about our seminars, too. It’s like, “I watch you on YouTube,” and then seeing us in person,
the vibe is so different. And that’s what I notice,
every seminar I go to, it’s one thing to hear the content or even see it off YouTube. But to be there and
feel it, that’s the key. And if you’re pursuing a
certain goal like, say, public speaking like us,
put yourself in situations where it reinforces you can do this. And to take in what it feels like to be doing this. It’s that old, you know, “If you wanna be rich, sit in a rich, like an expensive car and feel it.” One thing I got outta this
on top of what you said is a good reminder of things that I forgot. You know, things that just
weren’t in my awareness enough. We’re way too stupid, we can’t
remember everything at once. We’re trying to spin all these plates. It’s like, wait, here’s
the marketing plate, here’s the content plate, here’s
the public speaking plate, here’s the travel plate,
here’s the health, you know, there’s all these plates. And at some point you’re like,
okay I’m gonna focus on, say, marketing a little bit. I’m gonna focus on my craft a little bit. And the other plate stops spinning. And they stop spinning for, if
they stop spinning too long, you just forget about them
and they eventually fall. So here’s like a good
reminder for like, oh shit, I knew this, I used to do this, I somehow stopped doing
this, get back on it. – The whole mentality closing and the proactiveness in closing. We talk about this sometimes in dating. But it’s like getting ahead of the sale. I mean, if you wanna have
a meeting with somebody, why just say, hey let’s have a meeting. Why not plan out the meeting agenda, show it to them, and also take
it a step further and plan where are you gonna go,
here are some options. What do you think? Get ahead of it. Handle the objections in advance and also figure out what the
person could possibly want. So it’s getting ahead of the
sale, predicting the sale. You know the objections are gonna come up. But it’s being proactive in that nature. And there’s so many areas in
life that you can do that. Closing mentality in fitness. Put your shoes at the bottom of the bed before you even get up in the
morning so you go to the gym. It’s having your numbers organized in your phone as a Rolodex. It’s being really, really just thoughtful and eccentric and dare, dare I say! Daring to even dream that you can close. And really believing that. And of course, being around
that whole closing culture is what makes it possible. – Another one’s just getting shit done. It’s like stop fantasizing. Stop thinking about it. We get so lost in the
mental realm of things. You know you have a certain idea and like, “I’m gonna think about
this and perfect it. “And baby step my way there.” No, it’s just do it, and calibrate after. Get it done. – Hope you enjoyed that. This is a great event. Thank you, Grant, for having us here. And definitely a recommended event. The main theme’s being self education, getting inspired, making it real, letting that energy flow into you. Getting re-reminded of those fundamentals and changing your fucking life. This is us signing off from the Grant Cardone 10X Growth seminar and we’ll see you soon! Peace. Can you guys give a big clap? (cheering) – This is Julien and welcome
to Transformation Mastery. – It was fucking amazing. – This was huge for me. This was so, so important. – This gave me by far the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. – It just made me finally
confront my deepest fears. – And we got like real deep and I found issues within myself. – One of the best things
I’ve seen so far in my life. – What you’re about to experience
going through this program is what completely changed my
life on every single level. Okay, be it health, wealth, relationships, higher purpose, you name it, this is the stuff that
finally, finally produced that true, long lasting
personal transformation we’re all after.

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