Karrierekick dank Amazon Career Choice
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Karrierekick dank Amazon Career Choice

I’ve always dreamed of getting a truck driver’s license and travelling to foreign countries. Now my dream has become true. Amazon Career Choice promotes education and training for our employees in a variety of in demand careers not only in logistics and transportation but also in human resources, healthcare, mechanical and skilled trades, IT and computer science. Amazon will pay up to 95% of tuition and fees up to a maximum of 8,000 euros within four years. We are desperately lacking professional drivers in Germany. By 2020, there will be up to 150,000 vacancies. The Amazon Career Choice program starts right here and offers excellent training. OK, my friend, get the truck started. With Amazon Career Choice, we offer our employees promising opportunities not only here in Amazon but also elsewhere in the labor market. Last year, more than 900 employees in Germany participated in this program. I think the transportation and logistics industry has a great future. It is in constant motion and I will be able to combine a secure job with some adventure. Use the turn signal! My wife also works in Amazon and plans to obtain a truck driver’s license with Career Choice. So, I hope that one day we will be on the road and experience adventures together. That’s my dream.

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  • Carnage

    Ich habe vor 2 Jahren auch meine Fahrerlaubnis durch Amazon machen können. Zwar über einen kleinen Umweg aber Amazon war der Ausschlag gebende Punkt. #urbancargo #amazon #fahrschulegullivers

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