Know Which Extensions Can Showcase Customer Satisfaction – Google Best Practices
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Know Which Extensions Can Showcase Customer Satisfaction – Google Best Practices

Hello the Internet, welcome to our ongoing
series all about ad extensions. My name is Sean Quadlin, I’m a product
marketing manager here at Google focused on SEM best practices. So in this
video, were going to talk about the different extensions that you can use to
showcase customer satisfaction. I’m sure you’re do a great job with your
customers, so how can you tell people who are searching on Google, “Hey, we do a great job with our customers.”
Lucky there are three different ways you can actually go about this. First of these extensions is Review
extensions. They show positive press or awards that you may have earned.
You can set these up at the account level for just one review.
So it possibly can be one of the easiest things to implement, and it can show a really strong
performance for you. So when you’re finding, when you’re implementing review
extensions, a key here is finding the right review to actually showcase. You want it to be from a reputable third-party
within the last 12 months that you’re either paraphrasing, or quoting directly.
Then you would have to link to that review directly. Pick one that’s recent. There are some
other considerations you can find on the Help Center. But Review extensions can be very powerful.
Additionally, there are Seller Ratings. They appear with your ad if
your company has received numerous positive user reviews online.
You can qualify after actually having 30 reviews aggregated for you over the
last 12 months from certain review sites, along with Google Shopping and Google
trusted stores. And remember, reviews are for your company, they’re not for specific products; so it’s going to
be at the company level how these reviews are actually showing. And these are intended to benefit you.
So, if you have a lower rating, if it’s below 3.5 stars, we’re not going to show that
review. So really, if you have a good review, we show it off. If not, we’re not to
mention it. What’s really cool here is you can actually check how you’re doing with
ratings if you’re at that 30 threshold, if you’re close to going over it. So head to the URL here, and see how your site’s doing.
Next up is Consumer Ratings extensions. Consumer ratings drive
traffic to your site with the power of consumer opinion. You’re going to qualify for these based on
data from self-identifed customers of your business, who responded to Google consumer surveys.
The scores from these surveys are benchmarked in each industry, so the
ratings reflect how you stack up against related businesses. It’s only going to be relevant to who you
actually care about and who the users actually care about. With a few exceptions, we don’t show
ratings below 7.5 in this annotation. So just like for seller
ratings, we’re not going to show something that doesn’t reflect strongly of you. We want users to see when you stack up well.
So improving your ratings in consumer
ratings is really just about making improvements that your customers are
going to notice and actually change the result within those surveys. When people like you, we’re going to brag about
that in the results page. So to recap what we talked about how to actually showcase when consumers like you a lot: Review
extensions, show positive press or awards that you’ve earned; Seller ratings
appear with your ad if your company has received numerous positive user reviews online – remember that’s company and not
products; Finally, consumer ratings drive traffic to your
site with the power of consumer opinion. So that’s how you can showcase some really
positive customer feedback, but there are other ad extensions, so
please check out the rest of the videos in our series. Thanks.


  • Csaba Szabo

    For a company as big as google, ONE AT THE ACCOUNT LEVEL, FOR ONE REVIEW is incredibly short-sighted. Can I not have one account, 100 different campaigns for a 100 different things/products/services, and would like to have 100 different reviews for EACH of those services, possibly chosen by the system based on user's previous interaction with any of those review sites, e.g. John in Baltimore frequently visiting a baltimore-based newspaper's forum with reviews, searching for one of my services, would not see the same review IN THE SAME AD, as Mary from Lousville would, because Mary is frequently visiting ANOTHER forum, with reviews about my site/service/product…

  • Joey Tichenor

    I was told by help that Review Extensions have to be on an Ad Group level. I have not been able to get them approved otherwise.

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