Krishna’s Alliance – 18 DAYS

Plans don’t win battles. Astras don’t win battles. Even armies don’t win battles. People win battles. And if Duryodhana had realized this in time… I might not have been alive today. I’d thought my dearest friend Krishna would stay out of
the battle, or join our side on his own. And when I was told I would have
to seek his alliance, I was shocked. And when I learned Duryodhana was already on his
way to ask Krishna to join the Kurus… I panicked. I raced to Dwarka faster than the wind. I’d never even imagined a day when I might have
to face my dearest friend across a battlefield. But this war… This was something else. I knew I would be facing my guru, my old
friends, and the warrior I respected above all. But Krishna? Fighting Krishna? I could not imagine it. I raced through the woods of Dwarka, imagining them burning. Imagining that my own hands wielded the astras that set them ablaze. Could it come to this?

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