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– She pretty much exposed Latoya, by saying that Latoya was engaged, at one time before me. (“No Letting Go” by Wayne Wonder) – Good morning Huntys and Huncles. Say good morning Mommy. – Good morning. – What’s up, how’s everybody
doing this morning? Yeah, we just woke up. Oh, well look who decided to join us. Okay, give mommy kisses. – (Simea) I need to
open this for a second. I need to open this for a second. – No, no, no, no. Anyways, they didn’t go to school. (kisses) No school for Simea. Why didn’t you go to school today? – I have a photo shoot today, so I am going to be in Buckhead, shooting some photos,
getting ready for 2019. I launched my fashion blog,
which is called Latoya Forever, obviously,
so check it out, make sure you subscribe, to
all my latest fashion posts. (kisses) I’m so excited. (kisses) About that. Oh gosh, he’s so cute. – Of course Simea. You’re
cute, you’re the cutest girl. – You wouldn’t like me. – What are you talking about? – You wouldn’t kiss me always. – Hold on first of all, what did I tell you to do every morning when you come into Mommy’s room? – Kiss. – Right. And whenever I kiss
you up she’s always like, “Why are you always kissing me?” – And you say cause “I love you.” – Yes because I love you. Where’s your smile? There we go, you smiling? this is new morning face. Do we approve like this Huncle? Whoa there we go! I don’t have my eyebrow scissors, so I’m using these scissors
to trim my eyebrows you guys. – (background voice) Bruh. – There we go. Geez, look at that
brow. Look at that brow. Over here, slanting the brows right now. Anyways, I’m about to
do my eyeshadow, okay? If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m obsessed
with Tarte products, I’m always promoting them. Look at my drawer, okay
don’t mind my vanity, its a hot mess. But look. Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, this is Tarte. Everything Tarte bruh.
Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, Tarte. Let me show you the colors in here. I use this palate every day you guys. So, I use for my crease. And then I love Flame, I
love Sunset, I love Sunrise, and I love Simmer. Oh I also use Fireside for my crease. I love it! So I’m using Warmth and Cozy on my crease. Now I’m mixing Cozy and Fireside in the outer corner of my eye. Okay, what am I putting on my eyelid guys? I don’t know, I’m talking
to you like you can respond. – (background voice) Bruh. I think I’m gonna put – I’m
gonna use Sunset right here. (upbeat music) I’m gonna put the eyeshadow underneath, like on my waterline, after I do my concealer
and my highlighter. (upbeat music) Okay so I set my highlighter with the Shape Tape setting
powder, from Tarte of course. Okay lets dust it off. Alright, now we are going to contour. Honestly guys, I contour with eyeshadow, because what’s the point
of purchasing a contour kit when you have eyeshadow. So, I have the colors. So I mix Cozy and Fireside to contour. (upbeat music) How does my face look Simea? – Thanks me Mama! – I’m fancy, yes. Simea, did you change your pajamas? – Why? – Cause my Peppa Pig dress, – Okay. – Okay. Oh wow! So today, Simea added her pink blanket, and the subscribe pillow
is still upside down, and Peppa Pig! Was that there
yesterday, your Peppa Pig? – No, my ballerina. – Oh your ballerina-
oh yeah, you’re right. Your ballerina was there
so we switched it out. So nice, I love it. – Yeah. – Comment below if you love Simea’s work. Such a great job, I’m so
impressed. I’m so proud of you. – Make sure, because you know what, you have to clean out your closet. – Lets go show everyone your
media room. Your toy room. – Yeah lets go. – The wall, because we put the wall up. Okay let me go ahead
and show you this wall, because I am obsessed
with this accent wall. I got this wallpaper from Wallpops. Wallpops sent it to me. It’s so pretty, it was so easy to stick on the wall. And lets just say I want to remove it while it just easily peels off. I will leave a link to
this exact wallpaper in the description box below. It is so pretty, it just
brings so much personality in this room. Its like a modern cabin you guys. You guys I totally forgot
that I had these feathers. Why didn’t you remind me? Huh? Huh? I found them in a bag and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I knew the
tree was missing something!” I love it. (upbeat music) – I don’t think I’ve ever
vlogged in this position. – I don’t think I’ve ever
vlogged in this position. – It’s pretty comfortable, I may start all my vlogs right here. – But there comfy, huh? – Moving forward, I’m going to
be vlogging from right here. – Very comfortable, stay in this position. (screams) – I’m going to be
vlogging from right here, moving forward yo. Vlogs, in between dem legs. – (background voice) Bruh. (laughter) – That’s our new vlog season. – In between the legs. – In between them leg vlogs. Anyways, I got a, what’s it called, bone to pick with you. – Yeah? – I’m not even kidding y’all, I just learnt this when I saw the video so, if you guys don’t
know, precous is Latoya’s, I don’t know, childhood, teenhood friend, and she pretty much exposed Latoya, by saying that Latoya was engaged at one time before me. – Yeah. – Okay, so, I will say one thing that a lot of people don’t know about Latoya is (laughter) – Hold up. – She was engaged before
she got married to Adam. (laughter) – No I wasn’t! – I mean but can you really
be surprised though? I mean. – No I was not engaged! – Know what I’m saying? Don’t she look like a trophy? – Okay first of all, tell the damn truth. I was not engaged. So anyways. – She was engaged. – Okay y’all, I did not
know about this, at all. Like, zero percent. – Well, are you supposed to
know everything about me? – Yes. – Really? – To some degree, I think
that’s kinda important. – Well is that really important to know? – Yes. – (Latoya) That I was engaged before? – Yes, don’t you guys– comment below. Don’t you guys think that’s important? What the heck? – (Latoya) Well that-
it doesn’t mean anything to you because- – What’d you say Zayn? – (Latoya) I didn’t marry that person. – Don’t say what the heck? – Okay I won’t. – (Latoya) I was kissing
him up on his cheek, that’s why he’s– – You see, now– I thought said that– girl you just got me. I thought you said you were kissing up on him, on his cheek, whoever that dude was, you
throwing things off right now. Don’t be talking like that. – Hey mommy kissed me on my lips. – (Latoya) Love you. – I love you too. – (Latoya) Yeah. – You know what, what I was going to say, with Simea is, I have a rule for Simea. No ones allowed to kiss her on the lips. – (Latoya) No except Mommy. – Nobody. – (Latoya) And Mommy. I kiss
my babies on lips all of them. – Family, friends, you know. Don’t. – No I kissed bab on the lipskies. – I guess only Latoya
can do that. Nobody else. That’s my number one rule,
so all everybody watching, that’d be it. – (Latoya) I made those lips. – A disclaimer. So, I think that’s important that you should’ve told me that. Why didn’t you tell me that – Because it wasn’t important for you to know that information. I didn’t marry the dude. – Did you feel engaged? – Okay well it wasn’t an engagement, he just gave me a ring,
surprised me with a ring, and it wasn’t an engagement
ring, it was a promise ring. Because we weren’t ready to get married. I wish we could find the
rings so we can pawn it. So are you mad? – You should’ve told me that. – Well, I- – I think you should’ve told
me that, that’s not right. – What do you guys think, that
a guy gave me a promise ring? – Of course. – Really Adam? Really? A promise ring? It wasn’t an engagement. He
did not ask me to marry him. So precious got it messed up, she got the story twisted, okay? – Okay, alright. Thanks
for clarifying that. – I wasn’t engaged. And as a matter of fact, the
guy he reached out to me. – When? – The other day. – For real? – Yeah and he was like why the heck would you put that up there on youtube so I feel like I need
to take down the video. – But you didn’t mention the guys name. – I know but he knows who he is. – He be watching videos? – Cause the way that I
explain the whole situation about the teddy bear, and he put the ring on the
teddy bear’s hand, and all that. It kinda embarrassed him. Well not really embarrass him, well I guess it did
because he wasn’t the one who won in the end, right? – I didn’t think that was right. But I know now. Don’t worry,
maybe I got some secrets. – Everybody does. – Maybe I got some. Maybe
i’ll let you know next time. – Does your significant
other, your boyfriend, or however, your girlfriend know every single detail about your past? About you know? Comment below. – Anyway y’all, hope you
enjoyed today’s blog. Our upload schedule for
the month of December is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. So, hit that subscribe button, hit that bell to get notified
every time we drop a video. I’m super comfy right now right here. – (Latoya) Love you! – I know you can’t see
me cause I was bigger. I’m full- up. On my tippie toes. (inaudible) – Bye Huntys and Huncles. (upbeat music)


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