Let The Games Begin – 18 DAYS
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Let The Games Begin – 18 DAYS

When this scheme was first hatched, the plan was
to lure him here and kill him. I talked Duryodhan out of it. With Yudish gone, Arjuna or Bhima would have torn us to shreds. This… this was a better way. My way. Lure the general with a game of strategy. Lure the paragon of virtue with the whiff of sin. Our greatest strengths have always been our greatest weaknesses. Now, where did the trickster go? What are you doing here? Oh, Lord Bheeshma, I.. Hahahahha! You. Do that again and I’ll have you torn limb from limb! Just a joke, my lord, just a joke. Now. Where is my money? Oh you’ll be paid in full in time. Your task isn’t done yet. And here are your little friends. Why did you insist on these, lord Shakuni? These are my father’s bones, Jatasur. My most prized possession. Thanks to the marvels within them, I never lose
a gamble. I am the master of chance. Come with me now, lord Shakuni. The game’s just begun.

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