Lifecycle Email Marketing for Ecommerce | CXL Institute Course Introduction

(uplifting music) My name’s Austin Brawner. I’m the CEO of Brand Growth Experts. We work with e-commerce brands to help them send smarter, more profitable e-mails. Worked with brands from $100 million companies down to start-ups, focused mostly on e-commerce and driving repeat sales, turning visitors into customers. This course is going to be a course designed to help you drive more sales into your e-commerce brand from email marketing. So if you feel like you’re leaving money on the table, you don’t have a clear strategy, we’re gonna talk a lot about implementing triggered emails for lifecycle marketing, and implementing really the money– I call them the money makers, the emails that are driving based on people’s actions. We’re gonna go through kind of a beginner to intermediate level overview of the types of emails that you could put into your business to drive more sales.

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