[LIVE] FREE Way To Find And QUALIFY $100,000 UNSATURATED PRODUCTS In Any Niche 2019
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[LIVE] FREE Way To Find And QUALIFY $100,000 UNSATURATED PRODUCTS In Any Niche 2019

hey I’m gonna teach you how to find
three unsaturated $100,000 winning products for you a hundred percent live
let’s go hey there and welcome to today’s video
my name is Ricky Hayes dropping more value on how you can start your own
e-commerce business in 2019 from anywhere in the world okay guys if you
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chance to win a 30-minute call with me announced in the next video so what is
the criteria that we need to apply for these products okay so number one the
method that we find for the product must be free that’s the title of the video
method number two it must be within three months method number three it must
also have a unique selling point or USP okay the product must have a viral
element gain that can come under many different interpretations but it usually
a viral product is translated as a product that has a large audience of
people that would be interested in buying that product that has a unique
selling point okay work hand in hand the product must not be sold already heavily
on Facebook okay that’s not such that’s not an cetera and a a trade so we’re
gonna go into that the product must be on Aliexpress obviously we need to find
out I’ll Express there’s plenty of ways of getting about we’re gonna be using
Aliexpress the product must have a clear market to audience to market it on
Facebook okay so we can have a clear message and
audience so what I mean is is that the product it’s really obvious how we can
try and market it so we can make the creative so that we can make the ad copy
and we know who to market it to the product needs to be able to be sold also
at a 3 X marker all right with the expenses that we have nowadays of you
know all your business expenses on top of the growing competition in this space
the product must also have preferably a 3 X marker that’s including bulk order
some products are lower average order value lower selling price but have a
higher average order though because they might buy 2 3 or 4 depending on
and you must be out to brand the product okay so you can see here I’ve got a very
strict criteria this is the criteria I use for all my other videos but I
decided today this is the criteria I’m gonna be showing you how I actually do
it live because a lot of people ask me you know how I actually do this and I’m
gonna be showing you how you can do it all for free with just a little bit of
time and some simple tools okay so let’s get straight into how we’re gonna
actually do this right now all right fabulous so the tool I’m gonna
be using for this is big spy there’s plenty of free tools plenty of free
methods in fact I’ve got tons of my channel I recommend checking out my
playlist if you want other methods but big spy is by far one of the quickest
easiest and methods of doing it 100% for free that allows you to get really
really really granular quite quick and easy so what I did was website
conversion shop now shop fibers most dropshipping stores I shop fire period
all countries all creatives or categories now why I do all countries is
because there’s a lot of untapped products they’ve been marketing in
different countries that may not have been seen much okay alright and I do all
creates because images work extremely Wow
now we can see here we got from this simple filter search in the last three
months okay last three months just to show you
that I’ve gotten 15,000 search results 15,000 and you can see here we’ve got a
number of products probably already seeing okay it’s not hard to come across
them we’ve got tons upon tons of ideas but a lot of these are very saturated
that’s not the point of this video that does not meet our criteria of being sold
heavily on Facebook okay it must be unsaturated so we need to jump to about
page 30 at least and we’re going to go through this live and see what some
products are that we’re gonna find once we’ve once I find when I like I’m gonna
have a look on Facebook I’m just using a broad search term of that type product
and see if it’s there and then find on Aliexpress and then if it meets that
criteria we move on to the next step so we still go number of saturated products
here and these are not what I’m after I’m gonna skip another 10 page we’ve got
over a hundred pages so I’m just going to be working I don’t know why it’s
increasing but we’re gonna be working hard to see what we can try and
so this here that has a gun in it so I’m not even going to take that seriously so
we’re gonna move past that no no no I’m seeing nothing here that is interesting
me you know has it really sit there no it hasn’t good just making sure okay
so at times you can find them really quick and easy at times it can take a
little bit of time to find some of these products but once we find them then
we’re pretty good to go so if we have a look here crazy deals so what is this so
lets me make sure my volume is muted and let’s play this so okay right so I
haven’t I’ve actually seen a similar item to this but this is definitely a
great item that like for me because I actually thread my screws this is
definitely a great island I definitely like this we can see that it’ll be
mainly men that will buy this as just an initial guess and it’s got a five piece
set it’s not an item I’ve seen much it’s been marketed in Brazil let’s have a
closer look at the store all right so I’m not gonna translate it so we can see
they put a bit of effort quite a bit of effort into the description okay they’ve
definitely put quite a bit of effort into it and obviously they’ve got their
reviews you can see that this is being marketed predominantly I imagined to a
Brazilian audience I would guess alright and if we have a look here at similarweb
okay we can see they’re doing three hundred and twenty five thousand a month
okay now if we haven’t scrolled down we can actually see it’s mostly to Brazil
okay so these people must be making some real money because this is an untapped
country and Brazil is actually do by quite a bit online now so you can see
this is a great example they’ll be getting very cheap traffic whether it’s
qualified traffic or not I’m not entirely sure but this is definitely a
winning product so what they do they call it let’s go to the Facebook ad so
to show how to do that you actually have to
click a little Facebook icon and I’ll take you to this straight to the
Facebook ad okay so we can again see that they’re doing a
number of marketing of these which is cool now we can see that it’s had four
and a half cashiers eight hundred comments alright this is definitely
winning haven’t seen it much it’s meeting my criteria I’m liking where
it’s going and it can be a little bit slow in relation to in relation to this
as well so we’ve now got their creative and you can also download this through
bigspy as well and and use it as reference so we can definitely see that
they’re mainly marketing to these people and people are seriously interested in
this item very very good item okay we’ve got a great item they’ve got a good
thumbnail all right so this is why you have a look this is their thumbnail
alright and that is really helpful so right now I’m really liking where this
is at so if we now what would we call this sorry let’s go back to the store
sometimes actually let’s try and translate it and so that I know what
it’s in English so I can do it all right screw extractor how obvious
alright so if we have a look here on Aliexpress it definitely will be on
Aliexpress there we go okay so we’ve found it we can see that
these are costing a couple of bucks very cheap now I don’t know what they’re so
let’s say to us I don’t know what this is I’m sorry in this but I reckon I’d be
wanting to sell this is a twenty dollar set alright so it definitely meets that
criteria of a three X markup in fact we’ve got a really good markup of this
as a really good set let’s go back to Aliexpress now let’s have a look we can
see that tons of these are sold re so we’ve seen that like whether other
people have drop shipped in other countries or not I haven’t seen as much
people are because a lot of people buy items from Aliexpress Russians they very
much like to buy from Aliexpress if we have a look when it loads they’re seeing
a lot of people from around the world again a lot of Russians especially
buying these items go away and we’ve got plenty of ideas okay so we
can see people from all around the world I purchased this item all right and
we’ve seen it’s had thousands so people are really liking it it’s got a high
high amount of orders all right ten thousand orders with five thousand
reviews with a four point atrium okay so we know it’s a good product that’s a
product people what and we now know we’ve also found a prime that meets that
criteria if we go back here we need to know if that or we have a clear message
so this is definitely a clear message product it’s a need item okay you know
I’d been marketing this basically and just easily like what they said remove
stocks spent rusty screws in 10 seconds easy item that a lot of people have okay
it’s got that viral potential because a lot of people thread screws either they
rust and and just don’t budge or they accidentally thread them and they want
to get them out we’ve all sort of been there at some point in their life so
it’s got a it’s got a mass audience appeal now in relation to the the gender
demographic I would say this would be mainly men as opposed to women now if we
have a look at the comments we can sort of see that it is mostly men we can see
a number of women of course your is gonna get overlap but we are mainly
seeing men okay so we know that this is mainly to men and it’s got viral
potential all right and the last thing is what we know it’s about 3 X marker
and then we can brand the product this is an easy product to brain you could
get this custom purchased and literally on this type of case get your brand name
actually on it and I’d be trying to really heavily brand it as a very unique
item that you guys are created alright get it engraved on there really give
that upper-class feel and there you go you’ve branded it so that is the
definition of branding and you can make a funnel around this or a one product
store around this and it would likely do very very well
now what I should also add is now that I found this product one thing I’ve been
getting a bit of feedback that I’m curious on feedback on is would people
like me to do a live case study of me going step by step how to
but I’m fit like let’s say for instance found these product mark maker store
teach you how I made the store step-by-step completely life and then
marking it on Facebook and then see the results I cannot guarantee that
everything is going to work straight away but I’m gonna we’re gonna see using
my strategy if I can actually market these products okay so let me know down
below if you want to see a video like that in the comments because I’m curious
if people do because I do actually want to do one to show people a bit more of
the process and the thought process because I’m sure I reckon that would
have a lot about it so that’s one product okay so this is one product
right here you can see I didn’t take me long to
find it and now I’ve been out of just fight now finally enough what is this
item private Hot Springs spa no I’m not marketing that let’s just go to the next
page what about page fifty so it’s gonna start seeing less saturated items okay
Bruce Lee anyway so no no no you’re not seeing anything okay so this here right
so a name necklace let’s have a look alright so these are definitely great
items however these can be hard to find on Aliexpress if we have a look here
though and let’s see if they are no so this looks like a proper brand store so
we’re not actually going to market that one okay so if you can find just for
reference print under eye sorry about that I have a technical issue so I’ve
had to re-record a little bit of this but anyway so I changed this to United
States in this case I’m just add a little bit more of a criteria to narrow
it down a little bit and I went to what page my own I was just going through 22
I was on and we can see here I’ve got this item that really interested me
let’s have a look okay so you can see that this is an item
that has a lot of potential okay we can see that it’s fitting an entire gender
okay so it’s got a lot of viral potential got a great video just be
careful of making sure you blurt out the Pepsi part in it just to be safe I just
don’t want that in your videos this was found and it’s in the last three months
my mouse is not working okay in the last three months okay it has a unique
selling point all right and I don’t know what is with my mouse right now this is
weird it’s got a unique selling point as well that obviously is helping women to
live their daily lives comfortably as well as it has which means it has a
viral element okay because every woman has a pair of breasts and you know women
go through a lot of bras and obviously they don’t want to injure themselves so
whether they’re you know just going to work gym for a jog run whatever the
occasion okay this item suits and it can really
help them to wear different types of fashion items which is absolutely
perfect please keep in mind I would test this item to make sure that’s not going
to cause any injuries to a woman one because you don’t want to injure another
human being too you don’t want to get sued so the Pratt can be fair mile
Express I had found it I literally had typed in this from a copy and paste from
the actual ad all right so I just copied that and we can see that there’s
something for 1495 so it meets the criteria of that the item costs let’s
say three dollars I’d be going the more expensive this is the better one so
three dollars alright so we’ve definitely got a good margin on this
product all right and women are likely to buy two or more reason I say that is
you know a woman might do a workout and then they might change so that then they
when they go out for dinner or whatever they have a change okay so they might
buy two or three of these but I suspect a lot of women would buy multiple and if
we have a look at the actual ad itself we can see that it has good feedback
right women are quite interested in this item all right it’s got good feedback
I’m not when I like to look at these arms I like to make sure that it doesn’t
have any negative reviews because otherwise that can seriously hurt you
all right so that’s just my gut feeling if you want to see me make a whole store
throw this up on Facebook test and see the results as a on going sort of case
study give me about all right now obviously this video will make it
somewhat more saturated but it doesn’t matter we’re gonna we’re gonna I want to
go through one of those if people are interested so make sure you comment that
down below if you want a video like that alright now let’s go into last part I
had found a product but we’ll just find another one that’s fine there’s plenty
out there I’m gonna track this so I can find where it’s at now I don’t know
what’s with my now so I apologize alright let’s keep going No what’s this
no so what I’m trying to teach you is the methodology behind this so that you
can go out and do it yourself quite comfortably now print-on-demand works
well but we don’t necessarily do no not doing that not doing shoes clothes or
anything like that clothing I should be honest that clothing is obviously one of
the best niches to go into as you can sort of see how we’re far it’s also one
of the most dangerous because you need to have high quality products that
aren’t gonna be crap and and piss people off okay so see that’s definitely
winning I don’t however we’ve seen that a lot so we’re not marking that and
we’re looking for unsaturated products that meet our explicit criteria to make
sure that we have the highest chance of as seen on Shark Tank okay this must be
an interesting one that’s a cool way of doing it
let’s keep going alright so we’re not seeing much again I’m not going to ever
promote selling copyrighted items you should never ever do that because it’s
just not the way the right way to run a business in my opinion and it can
obviously get you sued so we’re not really finding much right now
we’re not having much luck so let’s go sometimes this can happen and this is
why I’m doing it live so I can teach you let’s go all countries again and let’s
change it I wish you cut down sort of to change the page at the top so let’s go
to page 30 in this case back to page 30 and we’ll just go through it manually
okay and see if we can find something okay so I haven’t seen this particular
needs from serious injury then we can see that likely cash on delivery
nationwide let’s have a closer look these ones that’s knee related items
definitely popular actually just sort of injured my knees stupidly from gym
because I don’t know clearly crap about you know the image is way too small
anyway about this is a different derivative of the same type of very
popular item and sorry and so that is great this is awesome
I really like this you’ve probably all seen the one that sits behind the knee
this one is more like a piece of fabric in that and it does has a very similar
result so we can ride the trend with a slightly different product that works in
very fundamentally same result but in a different way this is fantastic
I love these types of items where we know we’ve got a proven winning product
but with a proven winning sort of type of product but a different product in
that field which means we’ve got a lot of opportunity because we already know
that people are very passionate about this and we know we’ve got a large
audience but we’ve got a new to market product okay and if you have a you know
it’s like a lot of the things nowadays that the products are just
stop using what’s already there but making it a little bit better in a
different way and you’ve got a new to market product this is absolutely
amazing product I would seriously recommend just based on what I’m seeing
here let’s play the video ok so it’s easy to wear protect your knees works in
any situation all right you can see that people are using it for their squatting
I need one I need one my knees as soon as I’ve had to see a physio so so you
can see this is definitely we can see the type of audience straight away from
the video the video is illustrating who this would be for people in gym going to
work out Fitness outdoors this would also
translate quite well for older individuals that would just have knee
problems from cartilage disappearing you know this would work very very well for
athletes ok you know it’s very common for athletes to get Neri constructions
so this is definitely a viral item no you know no one likes to get a knee
reconstruction so if we have a look here we can see we’ve got a good description
you can use this as your reference okay so again copy paste make it unique
alright saves you some time make sure your images are not tiny please as well
that does make quite a difference the people we can market it to would be male
or female this is in unisex related item but just market it again the people into
gym fitness workout outdoors athletes ok the Olympics as an example all right
these are all fantastic interests I’m pretty confident in saying that a lot of
elderly people would buy these items too because as I said their their joints
become a lot more brittle as they become older so things like this can really
help them with just going for a walk all right so if we I don’t know what the
profit margins are but let’s have a look knee brace compression sleeve and see if
we can find on Aliexpress 100% confident we can might just see a number of
different derivatives yes yeah so see how we’ve got these that we’ve seen this
one I’m pretty sure sorry and just trying to find pretty sure this
is that it think that’s it that’s it yeah just wanted to make sure let’s see
we’ve got the image from their quality image as well that’s nice image so this
is a cheaper version but that look hmm if you want to use the creative this is
an interesting one let me have a look and both of them so this is where the
person’s got the images from just pulled straight from aliexpress pretty much
which is fine and let’s have a look at the other one so okay so these are a
number of so this looks like a more higher-quality one so you can use the
same creative but this is probably to be higher quality let’s this one has a
higher star review with more reviews okay so I’d be using some of these
images for that but this I would actually be wanting to especially with
relating to health and that I’m more than happy to get the more expensive one
we’ve so that I can make sure that it’s a more quality item alright and then I
just use my private supply to source like a hundred or whatever anyway it’s
so so definitely let’s say there’s six dollars what’s the person selling it for
I don’t can’t fully tell I’m sorry whatever that is but again I’d be
selling this for at least twenty bucks I’d probably sell this for $24.99
alright so I reckon I could get this quite comfortably for $24.99 and it’s
likely that people are only going to buy one pair I’ll be wanting to improve what
they’ve done here rather have their landing page is not very nice but I’d be
definitely improving on what they have and we would go from there okay so this
is definitely meets my criteria that we have here and by branding it would again
just be basically like a funnel in this case we wouldn’t really need a box we
just need some custom bags that we just have in it with like some cards and
stuff all right would come down the line but definitely
can be branded these types of items are perfect breathing really really good
with other it really easy to upsell other items with it – generally in terms
of other Fitness related items so tell me down below if you want a bit of a
video on this one as well oh so I should add which one would you like
personally I’m interested in either this knee brace or the women’s Brower item
they feel even more viral potential to me okay because they’re all like the
items centered around someone’s body always relate to everyone because
everyone has the same body parts so those are the two items tell me which
one if you guys want videos on that and which one and I’ll make a decision from
there and then if we get enough okay I want to see 50 comments of this before I
would justify doing like a day-to-day type video on this and we’ll go from
there okay so I hope this has been have sorry
I forgot one criteria in this and that was just having a look on Facebook for
this item we can see we’ve got one person doing well right now with this
type of iron okay where they’re starting this scale it up different type is this
this type yeah okay so we can see that again different slightly different type
okay and they’ve got a different creative for it as well
so we know that this is as needed item that we’ve got a new to market type of
arms when I see this that means that I define as unsaturated because it’s not
hugely seen this specific one that we already know that it’s already in a
winning audience okay so sorry for not including that I just got distracted and
that concludes today’s video on how to find three unsaturated $100,000.00
products for free completely live now that guys I make many mistakes but you
can see how I’ve been out of finance is using some simple tools methods and
understanding of the market not hard congratulations to today’s winner right
sky and perhaps I’m gonna try I’m sorry English if you did enjoyed today’s video
as well make sure that you subscribe for more videos make sure you hit that like
button and also comment down below crush it to go on the chance panther net call
also comment below as well if you want the case study
I want to get a good amount of comments on that before I justify spending the
time to do that so make sure you comment that I’m either wanting to do the bra or
the knee brace okay that’ll be very good as well as that here’s just my general
links as well just check them out just to help you out okay guys what I’m
trying to show you is just how easy it is to find when in products how easy it
is to do it yourself if we go ahead with the case study I’ll be teaching you how
make creative how I make the ad copy who I market it to more about strategy see
if we get sales look at the data understand the data and work from there
okay guys so I hope this has been helpful for you today I hope you have a
lovely day take care and good bye


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