Live on YouTube Mobile – AMA w/ Reezy Resells #2017FLIPCHALLENGE  –  Iphone Boxes are Worth Money
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Live on YouTube Mobile – AMA w/ Reezy Resells #2017FLIPCHALLENGE – Iphone Boxes are Worth Money

What’s up guys. Welcome to a live
broadcast in case you don’t know this is a Reezy Resells broadcast. Hope you guys are feeling the new
banner, the new background banner. I’m also live via the YouTube mobile
app which is a brand new functionality added to the YouTube app.
Not everybody can do it but your boy recently surpassed
the 10,000 subscriber limit so I just barely made it in by
the hairs of my chinny chin chin into the lucky group of people that
actually have YouTube live from mobile. What’s up guys. Shoutout to
Keno Patrick, Stephanie Rice. Just got done listing for the
night, that’s what’s up. Date night with Amazon
that’s how we call it. I really don’t have a plan for this
broadcast other than something real quick that I wanted to talk about. These are boxes right
here you guys can see. This is the box from
my old MacBook pro. This is the box from my new MacBook pro
and this is the box from my old iPad and the reason that I want to
talk about this real quick just like a quick pro tip is that
these are worth money. Boxes. Apple products and other
technology products, the boxes themselves are worth money.
I didn’t know it for the longest time and I pretty much forgot about knowing
this actually but I was throwing away some stuff today and I
almost threw away my box for my brand new MacBook pro. I’m not the kind of person that just
saves packaging. I just throw it away, I don’t even read the
instructions but I thought hmm. So I went and looked this up and these
are going for $15 plus shipping. This is for the brand new MacBook
pro or whatever touch bar wamajama. $15 plus shipping is the higher end
stuff that I’ve seen but anyways the moral of the story is
this is a $10 bill minimum. Same thing with your iPad case. Same
thing with your old Apple product stuff because people… it makes… The thing is, is that people
will have a MacBook pro and they’ll want to sell it
but if they have the box, it allows them to sell it for much more.
That’s what makes these valuable for reselling on eBay etc is because
you’re completing someone’s set and that allows them to get more money,
so you’re providing them a service and that’s where you can make money. So when you see an iPhone box
you know and you open it and it’s empty yeah you didn’t
find an iPhone at the bins but you found a $10 bill so just
know that you could sell that box. You know $10 and it weighs nothing
so you’re going to put an empty box inside of another empty box and you’re
going to make you know $7 or something. Not a home run but that box is
not trash, you know what I mean. Anyways, I got to eat
dinner here in a minute but I figured I’ll do at least a 10
minute broadcast, we’re 3 minutes in. If you guys have any questions
you want to ask me, hit me up and I’ll
answer them right now. Unfortunately, you can’t
call and don’t even try. I shouldn’t have even said that because
we’re broadcasting from my phone. So yeah if you guys have any questions
about selling books on Amazon or any Amazon related
questions in general or if you have any eBay questions.
Shoutout to anyone that’s in here that’s a part of the
2017 flip challenge. What is the quality looking
like on this broadcast guys? This is actually the front facing
camera on my iPhone 6s plus. I would have preferred to use
the rear facing camera but then I couldn’t see the comments so
what is the highest rank of item I send into Amazon? I’m assuming you mean books
and so for that I would say, the highest ranked book that I’ve
ever sold I think is, excuse me, I think is around 7 million but
that is kind of a bias answer because I don’t send in a lot of books
worth with that high of a rank. So I’m sure if I did send
more, more would sell. But generally, most of the books that I
sell are going to be under 2 million like that’s probably 90% of them are
going to be under 2 million rank. I could be a little off on that. I
think Caleb Roth, the book flipper, has an article regarding you know the
average rank of a solid book inventory or something like that as far as
the percentage of distribution. But you know a lot of them are
going to be under a million. A good amount are going to be
between one and two million. A lot less are going to
be between two and three and over three is no man’s land.
There’s not very many, it’s going to be far
and few in between. Do you shrink wrap books? No. Nothing. Don’t do anything just put them
in the box and get them out. I promise you guys my banner is straight
but the camera is not, I promise you. Let’s see if we can fix this without
like being super crazy, hold on. YouTube channel looking great
yeah I’m pretty disappointed. I mean I’m not disappointed but
like I’m hyped that this quality but I went through a little bit to
get my quality going good on my… you know with my nice
webcam and blah blah blah now here we are front facing camera on
the iPhone and it’s great right so… That’s another thing, you know,
don’t worry about equipment. A lot of people that I talk to they’re
like oh I’m going to start my vlog when I get this new
camera but whatever dude. You got a camera in your
pocket, quit talking about it. Let’s see, go work works. Those
are snapchat spectacles. Yeah the snapchat specs, check it out. Boom you guys just made
it on the snap story. What are your thoughts about…
that comment disappeared. Can I bring them back?
Let’s see, yeah I can. What are your eBay shoe flips
from Marshalls? It works. It’s not as fast as Amazon but it works.
Lots of people selling shoes on Amazon. GoPro great for vlog also only $199.
Yeah definitely and I’m sure that has
integrated YouTube stuff. Do I got to reach from the other
side so I don’t cover up the camera. Do you run into restricted shoe
brands that you can’t sell on Amazon? Some stuff yeah. Not very many
because I’m grandfathered but there is some brands that I can’t
sell and even the occasional Nike that I’m not allowed to sell. See what was that question? If a book
is profitable at new buy not used and you have a used book
can profit still be made? Also what’s the minimum amount? So
our… the easy answer is our low price that we sell books for is $8 so that’s
based on us paying like a dollar or less for a book. So if you go up more,
you have to bring that up. I don’t understand your question
though if a book is profitable at new by not you, I don’t get it. You’re going to have to hit me with
something that makes more sense. Would like to link up. I’d like
to link up with you too man that’s why I’m out here. My
instagram is Reezy Resells, @ReezyResells on everything twitter,
snapchat, instagram, anchor. If you guys don’t know what anchor is, it’s like voice it’s like the twitter
of voice and if you use anchor and you send me a message on anchor.
I probably reply directly to you on that same day so anchor is like a
direct line of communication to me really and it’s great because
I can answer your question and then it’s a public post
and others can learn from it and benefit from it too
so I’m helping you but I’m also able to generate content
and in that way we’re helping each other and you know everyone’s happy
at the end. But check out anchor, it’s a great app. If you guys haven’t checked it out
I got turned on to it by Gary V. It’s super useful. It’s like
the snapchat story of podcast you make 2 minute audio waves
and then people reply to them. It’s actually pretty tight so on
anything it’s going to be Reezy Resells and you can find me. Hit me
up on my website, all my links are on there
and the blog is going guys. We’re doing one article
a week on the blog. I don’t know, I don’t have a set day
for posting the blog articles yet. Seeing as I’m doing the
Money Talks on Monday, what days do you guys think would
be good to post blog articles or like what would be
the day considering that I’m doing the
live show on Mondays? Let’s see, any tips for
sourcing at library sales? Yes, shoutout to alba
vargas for asking this. There’s lots of tips for library sales. So show up early so you
get a good spot in line. Usually you can do some stuff like show
up early and leave your chairs in line or your… leave like a box in line with
your name in it or a bag or something. Something to hold your spot in line and
then come back like an hour before the sale starts and get in
line with everyone else. You want to be within like the first
you know 25 people in the door, if not the first 10 depending on how
competitive the sale is that you’re at. You’re going to need a cart to
move your books in the aisle. I like these XL jumbo
carts from Staples. I think from Staples or Officemax. I
have a link in my description down there for those I believe. If you can, hire
someone else to scan and set them up and teach them how to scan real quick
and pay for a month of service. That’s worth it for one book sale. Pay them like $10-$15 an hour,
beers, whatever it takes. If you don’t have time to train them
or they’re not skilled you know pay them per hour to shuttle
books for you so that… so when your arms are full, you
don’t have to leave the sales floor to take your books to the holding area.
They can take them for you and your arms will always be free
and your cart will always be empty as well so that you can get
as much books as possible. Be super polite and nice.
Clean up after yourself. Clean up after the other jackasses
that are making a mess. If they’re having a bake sale, buy
some cookies. Talk to the volunteers. Just try to make a relation, just be
the good guy you know what I mean. And yeah I think there’s a few more
tips but that’s enough for now. Hit me with some more question guys.
We just broke over the 10 minute mark. I’ll answer a few more questions
and I would appreciate it if you guys would smash the like
button and if you aren’t subscribed, subscribe and if you are subscribed but
you haven’t hit the bell button yet, go up there and hit the bell.
That will actually… because YouTube changed the
way the alertification go out so if you hit the bell then you’ll get
a notification that I’m going live or that I just made a video.
Because instead you don’t get that notification anymore
because they changed it or whatever. Chill the spam golden rich.
Went to Marshalls and try to input it from a video…
that’s what he uses, have you ever sold on
in Canada? No I haven’t. I heard that it’s a little slower. Any luck getting into the back of
thrift stores? I have some relations with a couple thrift stores but not…
nothing big. Not like super huge
just you know a couple of small mum and pop shops you know.
That’s a good thing guys, you want to make relations. If you can
make a relation with a thrift store you can sell their books for them or
you can buy all them at a certain rate and then you don’t have to deal with
competing against other people. How fast do the shoes that you sell…
sell that you buy in Marshalls? Generally, they’re going to sell in 3
months most of them. If not, 6 months. I’m not going to lie, some shoes we do
still have that are like a year old but it’s a very small percentage
of them. And we honestly, we just started selling shoes
in a year in the last year, so we’re not experts.
We’re still learning and one of the things we’re learning
is that you want to price them to move so that you can reinvest the money
to buy more shoes that sell faster. It’s just what I would
call better dice rollers. Better dice rolls you know
so instead of waiting for that one pair of shoes
to sell over 6 months. Either it’s a bad pair of
shoes and you liquidate it and sell it as close to break even or
even a small loss to get your money back so you can re-roll the dice to buy more
shoes that are going to sell faster. Because selling one pair of
shoes in 6 months is nothing compared to flipping that money from
that one pair six times in 6 months. The return on that same dollars invested
for that one pair is way better so it’s a little bit of a
hiccup that I learned from. I wish I could ban people, can I ban
people from? Let’s see, oh I can. Let’s see, ban. Message reported. Just to confirm, golden rich is the
guy I’m supposed to ban right? I’m still figuring out this mobile app. Full time income from just
books, possible no employees? Yeah, definitely impossible especially
if you don’t have employees that makes it more possible because you
don’t have to pay anyone’s paycheck. You’re going to work a lot but yeah
that’s going to be… Books work guys. Trust me, it’s not fast. It’s not like
you buy 10 of these things for $50 and sell them for $100 right
away, it just doesn’t happen. But what does happen is
you buy books for a $1 and they sell for $10, $20, $40,
$50, $100 and it snowballs. So you keep sending in your
inventory and you keep reinvesting and because the ROI is so huge
and books cost so little, it eventually snowballs to what you’re
making thousands of dollars a day of sales in books. And most of your
sales are things that you paid $1-$2 for and they’re selling for
you know $12 which is huge. A lot of stuff doesn’t
have that kind of margins. How many books are you selling a year?
I can’t tell you about 2016 because I don’t know because
we started selling shoes but I can tell you that in 2015,
we sold $665,000 of used books and that was 98% books. For the
most part, it was all books at an average sale price of
around $12 which is close to $10 so what is that 66,500 books
or something in 2015. I’ve done some interviews and
stuff about how I started. I’m actually working on
filming a short documentary. Hold on, let me figure out how to block
this guy because I’m just learning. Put user on time out. Block. Blocked. You made me have to figure
out how to block someone, golden rich I don’t like that. Yeah I’m working on a short
documentary with a filmmaker on how I came up in the
game from food stamps to where I’m at now whatever
you want to call it. I had a catchy name but
I totally forgot it. I got to quit reaching to get
the comments from that side. How do you sustain a stable income
to provide for your family? You work your ass off. Would you mind answering
this for me, let’s see I don’t know why the comments fade out.
Hold on AZ to AZ flips using a prime account by selecting
non-prime that is okay to do definitely. You can also use a business account and then get the free shipping
through the business account and that’s also okay. I hear FBA sellers say how
much they sold in a year but I never hear what their
net profit was and yeah that’s because people don’t like to
do taxes Stephanie and no one… you know it’s easy to look at
your sales and see that every day it’s much harder to see your net profit.
So it’s not because people are hiding their net profit from you, it’s
because they don’t actually know that number offhand like
it’s more so like… At least for me, I know that at least
30% of my gross sales on Amazon is going to be profit. It’s probably much more than
that but it’s at least 30%, it just depends there’s so much
overhead that goes into the business. It’s not just the buying decisions that
I make when I’m scouting products. It’s also rent, overhead,
services, supplies etc so… I kind of get bummed out when people
say that like what’s your net profit like if you’re a real
g, you don’t ask that. You ask what’s your average sales
price because all I want to know is did you make $1,000,000
selling $10 books or did you make $1,000,000
selling $80 whatever… widgets because that’s a
huge difference right so… You can make a large amount
of sales dollar wise on a high average sale price unit
and not even make a huge ROI. So oh you sold $5,000,000 worth of stuff
but you’re selling $500 items and you’re only making $50 on each one
so still that’s a lot of money but it’s not… it’s not
what most people think when they see a $5,000,000 in sales. So don’t always be so bummed out about
that, just know who you’re talking to, what they’re about, are they legit?
Or are they snake oil salesmen? And what do they deal in and if they’ll
tell you their average sales price then you can make some sort
of conclusion from there. But I don’t expect a lot of people
to know net profit on hand. I mean maybe right around tax time
you know but enough tax talk. (sighs) I’m going to get depressed. A good average to be at for what?
Average what? Do you carry business liability
insurance? No I do not. What are you selling? I sell
books, mostly books and shoes. It’s getting to be more and more shoes.
It’s still about 80% books units wise but dollar wise, it’s probably
30%-40% shoes just depending. Why am I getting taxed
with merchant fulfilled? They took $3.56 off of an $8
book, is there a checklist. If you don’t know what you’re getting
charged, you need to read the fees. There’s clear break down on everything
inside your seller account. How long does it take books to sell?
Depends on what the rank is and what day it is and what
you know a lot of factors. When grading conditions on
books what is the cut off for it to be good versus acceptable? Amazon
has verbatim description for this thing guys for book conditions follow them
rigidly, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and whenever you
approach a situation where you’re unsure if it should be this condition or that
condition. You don’t go up, you go down. If you’re unsure at all,
you go down every time. You go down, you want to over deliver.
You don’t want to under deliver. Never that’s not good for business. How did I get approved to sell Nike?
I was grandfathered. If you sold before the middle of
last year you can still sell, that’s simple answer. Scanner sold out 25 minutes ago. Yeah
they are out of stock for now guys. Tutorial on Bluetooth scanner.
What do you want to know? Are you now selling a lot
more books Amazon merchant? We don’t sell anything merchant
fulfilled. Nothing, I wouldn’t do it. My time is worth so
much more than that. Regarding the new fees,
it’s not a huge deal guys. We just raised our minimum
price from $6 to $8 so for books that we pay the same for
that we would have bought for $6 before the new fees. We will
not buy those same books unless they are $8 sales. Let’s see, other than thrift
stores, book sales, garage sales, where else do you get books?
Craigslist, advertisements, driving books to yourself, bumper
sticker on your car, word of mouth, facebook marketplace, facebook groups,
tons, tons of stuff, tons of stuff. Auctions, storage auctions.
Look into storage auctions. You’re going to have to go to a lot
before you find one that’s full of books but when you do all the other
people that are there, they’re not going to want it and you’re
going to get a whole storage locker of books for super cheap. Do I use an auto pricer? Yes I do.
I use repriceit and appeagle. I primarily use repriceit
for the last 10 years and I just recently
started to use appeagle, it works way better
because it’s smarter. It reprices your items, when the
prices change, not on a schedule but appeagle costs a lot
more so I don’t recommend it unless you’re trying to
get in the game hardcore. But the cool thing about appeagle
is that there’s a trial. I think if I’m smart I should have a
link in the description for appeagle, sign up. If I don’t, remind me and
I’ll get that in there for you guys. And sign up for appeagle through
my link and you get the trial and in those 7 days or
10 days whatever it is, I guarantee you will have the
best sales days you’ve ever had. But I’m primarily speaking to
people that don’t have a repricer and have never used a repricer. If you have never used a repricer
and you’re unsure about using one, sign up for appeagle
and do the free trial and I guarantee you will have the
best sales days you’ve ever had. And if you do do that and my
prediction does come true, hit me in the comments and
let me know I was right. Let’s see, what’s good peeps.
What’s up hustle and grow. Appeagle is awesome just expensive.
Yeah it’s expensive, cost money to make money though. You
have to decide what your time’s worth. Kinetic energy, Reezy done
wore those snap shades so long they stuck on his head. Yeah
I can’t get them off guys, I wear them in the house etc. Do you sell electronics? I do sell some
electronics not a lot of electronics. I don’t like to deal with the customer
problems with electronics all the time. Can you talk about buy box? It’s a
large topic to talk about right now but there’s a company called
Feedvisor and they write a document called the Buy Box Bible and
they do it once a year I think or something like that.
Go read that document even if it’s the old outdated version
you’ll learn everything you need to know about the buy box real quickly but the buy box is insanely
important for Amazon sellers. Does use book have to be profitable in
the used book category to make money or can my used book be profitable
in the new book category? It doesn’t make any sense at all.
Used book is a used book. It’s not a new book. I rock these shades sometimes,
I just like the snap shades because they look cool and
people always go what are those, oh the snap shades. What are thoooose? And it and it goes with
my colour way too so… The buy box may not be got
by anyone for no reason now. I don’t know what that says. Cody Hawk. Shoutout to
the Micro Machines, you know the reseller world
Micro Machine guy, Cody hawk. He slowed down though, his early
videos used to talk so fast. Let’s see, I heard a rumour
that Amazon will soon no longer allow sellers to sell
a book new with an invoice. Have you heard anything about that? Yeah people were getting banned left and
right for trying to sell books as new. I don’t advise anybody especially new
sellers without a proven track record to list books as new right
now until the dust settles. Have you ever bought
wholesale books? No. Let’s see, I heard a rumour
well that’s the same question. Reezy, let’s collab on a hip hop track.
Let’s do it, down. That makes no sense, I have
the buy box on something. Smash the like button guys.
Thank you, please do so and if you’re not subscribed
subscribe, hit the dinger. The dinger, the bell thing you know
it’s up there, it’s weird but it works. Any tips for Amazon ads? I’m
not a huge expert on that. The private label guys are probably what you want to look to for
learning about Amazon ads. Those guys, you know their whole
business relies on Amazon ads. It’s not so… you know it’s
organic traffic eventually but it all gets going with Amazon ads. So I’ve done you know some
basic campaigns for products and you know I recommend you
if you want to figure it out go make a campaign for a product
or two keywords etc and let it run and then look what happens
you know get familiar with how much it costs for the keywords
etc etc and see what the return is. You know even if you’re just
playing with it to learn it, it’s still worth it. And I don’t
really learn so much from… I don’t have any time
to sit down or whatever and so I learned from doing stuff
like I throw the instructions out and then just start messing
with it that’s how I learned, so when your money’s on the
line, you’re going to learn. Let’s see, what’s the best way to keep
a 3 year old busy so you can list without him being up your butt?
Oh check it out Stephanie, there’s this really cool YouTube
channel called cosmic kids yoga. Luna loves it and Luna is
so crazy so I’m like amazed that this holds her attention for
so long but cosmic kids yoga. I recommend it to all parents with
kids ages like 5 or less or whatever. But yeah the lady takes the kids on
adventures and Luna has her yoga mat and she’ll sit there for 30 minutes
or probably hours if I let her and just be fully intent
and engaged in doing yoga on the Harry Potter adventure
or the princess adventure or whatever so there’s
cool stuff like that. You got to get the kids engaged in
creative ways hopefully educational so that you know you’re not just
getting benefited by them being busy they’re also benefiting from it too. Let’s see, just got here what are
we flipping? It ain’t pancakes. Inventory Lab is worth the money or
bite the bullet and get ScanLister and the tracking spreadsheet. So Inventory Lab is
definitely worth the money. I use all of those so the thing is ScanLister is the best
for books in my opinion. We list books in a bulk
fashion, not one at a time so I feel like ScanLister is the best. Whereas if you list individually,
you want to use Inventory Lab. You’re stickering as
you go, one at a time. I have been shown by John Reuter that
you can list books with Inventory Lab at a comparable rate so you know it’s
not the end all be all or whatever. An Inventory Lab does come with
Scoutify, free scouting app or whatever and you can use that. So if you don’t do books, you
probably should get Inventory Lab because Scoutify which doesn’t have
database which is why I said don’t do books is a great app considering
it’s free and comes with Inventory Lab. One of the best things about
Inventory Lab that I like is the accounting feature. So you can
go in there and you can see by supplier which store is doing better for you,
which location is selling more stuff, which categories are selling better
for you and even things like how many pairs of shoes
do we have on hand? You can’t answer that question
easily inside of Amazon’s platform but you can inside of Inventory Lab. You can search your current
inventory by category quantity. See how many shoes you sold this month,
last month, how many on hand etc etc. And we do use Inventory Lab to
list all of our more expensive retail arbitrage items that
get listed one at a time, stickered as they’re listed
with all the minimums and the SKUs put into appeagle all
at the same time and being priced… listed price, stickered prices put
into the repricer and everything and getting ready to be boxed up. So
that’s for the more expensive stuff. I guess the signal is bad. Let me
see what’s up with the signal. Signal’s going bad guys. Anyways, I got to go out go out into
the kitchen and have some dinner so thank you for joining
me on this broadcast and I’m so stoked that
YouTube mobile has live now. I’m going to be going live a lot
more now guys from weird places too. Have a good night guys.


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