Loosen up

That was so cool I still remember watching this live Just in case, this is Usain Bolt and he is, or he used to, I guess because he’s retired now he was the fastest man on earth This was the first time that he broke the world record in 100 meters He beat himself two more times He is still the current holder for the world record in 100 and 200 meters He broke those records by just a few milliseconds You’d think that in a sport like this were just a few milliseconds are everything a person like Usain Bolt the fastest man on earth would have a pretty much perfect technique but most experts agree that his technique was not perfect and he could have improved a little bit to be even faster Actually in this race in Beijing when he first broke the world record the last 10 metres he pretty much stopped running and he still was faster than anyone else before him to me To me, the real difference could be seeing even before the race where he used to be very relaxed, almost like joking around while everyone else was very tense and while everyone else looked like machines running with almost perfect technique his running was natural, light and yet so powerful I think that the best way to describe it is that Usain was say happy when he was running He was having a lot of fun the question here is, of course Was he having fun because he was so good? or was he so good because he was having fun? I think it’s the latter, he was so good because he was having so much fun Maybe, perhaps we could apply some of this to our photography Maybe we should be less intentional and more casual Maybe we should think less and improvise a little bit more Maybe we should care less about proper technique about how metering the scene might create underexposed or overexposed images maybe it doesn’t matter that much Maybe we should care a little bit less about proper composition, about the leading lines and the foreground and the background And maybe just shoot with the gut and maybe shoot what we think it looks good and feels good maybe, maybe that way we could achieve better results as photographers I don’t know, just a quick thought and something to maybe keep in mind for next time we are out there shooting photos To remember to loosen up a little bit because that could be great for our photography That’s all for today Thank you so much for watching and see you in the next one

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