• chowie1986

    Thank you! I'm pumped that you are going to start doing more videos! I know there are opportunities no matter where you live, but it helps gaining knowledge! Thank you so much for sharing yours!

  • Ann Eckhart

    I know that you got your start on Amazon, but girl you are a TRUE Ebayer at heart!!!! Whenever I see you talking about yard sales and selling clothing on Ebay, you seem to happy and energized!!! 🙂

  • Otho Lesure

    How many items do you usually have up at a time? Also do you know your average sale price…I really love your strategy with reselling!

  • LauraBellaX

    love your channel, thanks for the info. do people say anything when scanning books at yard sales? i heard from other book sellers that with yard sales they generally dont bother scanning as so low cost, and they will offer to just buy the lot for a cheap price and 90% of people will say yes as they just want it off their hands especially late in day, it's hard to know which sort of tactic to use starting out, but i suppose it depends on your time and how many yard sales you need to get through. take care! x

  • Jessica Wu

    Hi Ashley! I know someone already asked about testing electronics, a video about your testing setup would be awesome! I'm curious how to test that crazy flight controller 😊 love your work!

  • Shelly Sadler

    Do you send used items to Amz? I’ve been selling new items but have been warned to protect my reviews, I should just stick to new. Glad I found your channel. Subscribed and have been watching. New to eBay and wondering how to start that business (ie store etc). Thanks for your insight. Clear and concise. Love it!

  • Cristal Figueroa

    Do you test each game controller or amazon? If you do, do you have a variety of game consoles for that purpose? Thank you

  • Lori Hatcher

    Thanks so very much! Appreciate each tip you provide.THANK YOU so much! I've never seen a Lululemon, YET — but have my tentacles up! lol One quick question… Do you clean up your library books — e.g. white out the library stamp? Thanks much! (Starting on Amazon!) weee!

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