Lunar Beauty 2019 Mystery Boxes. Fail
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Lunar Beauty 2019 Mystery Boxes. Fail

sorry guys this is like future me but
like I’m literally digging through my entire couch my entire bedroom and I’m
like where is my $44 I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but when you purchase
something and you’re guaranteed something and then you don’t get it it
like really makes you upset I know I’m not usually this aggressive and this
angry but like these brands have to understand that we support you yes it’s
your brand I get it but guess what you don’t have a brand if you don’t have
customers so where is my $44 of missing items that is completely and utterly
unacceptable and ridiculous happy days welcome back to our channel
so if you’ve seen by the thumbnail we will be discussing in full detail lunar
beauty’s mystery boxes that launched on Thanksgiving at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard
Time would ship here in Central Standard Time that was noon Eastern Standard Time
was one and I believe Mountain Standard time was actually 11:00 I know my boxes
are late many had made a Instagram story saying
that if you did order all three tiers they were holding them until Wednesday
just to make sure that they could go through all the individual boxes and
make sure you didn’t get duplicated items which I thought was very nice I do
have all three tiers there was the full moon which has a value of 320 which
retailed for a hundred and forty dollars the half moon which were supposed to get
a – a total 220 over Oh value which was $70 that’s one the crescent moon which
had an overall value of 120 reach out for $35 it doesn’t tell you what you’re
going to receive it is a mystery box it doesn’t tell you how many items you’re
going to receive so let’s definitely dig into it and see
what we got inside before we do jump inside each tiers in each box and talk
about them I do have my tablet so we can try and keep track of the prices it
makes it a little hard sometimes when boxes have different items in there and
they don’t actually give you the price points I know like with many stuff on
his website once it’s sold out the prices are no longer there it kind of
just gets the meeting based off the prices off the web or doing math I know
there was I was talking to someone in the comments from the large Jeffrey sir
mr. Baxley I did I valued those stickers at Eton dollars but other people value
them $14 because I think from the videos I
had seen she got two liquid lipsticks valoran liquid lipsticks for $18 and the
total over value of $44 leaves you with $8 for the stickers but if you got a
velour liquid lipsticks and a lip scrub then that would value the stickers at
$14 so that’s what makes it a little bit difficult so what I’m gonna try our best
to kind of figure out the prices and give you a total value and see if you
actually get the bang for your buck that you’re looking for and not just that are
these items which are actually gonna use water like but as always guys we do
still have that giveaway going on I’m hoping to dig through these boxes and
add some stuff from here to the giveaway so there are many MUA fan
keep watching I’ll definitely let you know at the end of the video and if
you’re excited as I am excited you want to know what’s inside these boxes just
really quickly for the giveaway make sure you are subscribed to us on YouTube
turn on the notifications follow us on Instagram and Twitter all handles will
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follow us and show your support we do appreciate everything and thank you guys
so much so without further adieu I can’t wait to crack into these boxes they
arrived like two hours ago and I’m like kind of scratching at the walls not
trying to open them so let’s give him something okay guys so this is the
biggest bucks this is the full moon as you can see it is just a brown box it
has the lunar Beauty tape just off the bat first impressions not a huge deal
but let’s tears up the Box a little bit I love how not to give my brands not
doing that we came in same mom no like Jeffrey star
like how he dresses up his boxes so just a little something to keep in mind I
don’t know what’s inside I definitely want to get in there and figure it out
oh it’s so big oh there are so many items in the air whoa oh my gosh all right sorry
okay so this is the lunar beauty and it is in Jupiter and is his out moon prism
power highlight pressed powders net weight is 0.40 three ounces are twelve
point eight grams you guys usually the first time that I’ve ever actually used
swatch stir played with these I’ve seen them
I watched him all the time so I definitely know like I’m familiar with
his brand but not actually holding swatching or using them it’s cold
something outside – okay there’s a swatch of highlight if you can see it on
there I would swatch on that back of my hand
but I just got done playing with the controversy wish I did that video before
this one so I have eye shadow on so this one is in Jupiter’s okay so the lunar
beauty moon prism power are going to retail for $26 so you’re gonna start
adding everything up here over $26 is no on the calculator oh I forgot to mention
checkout process was super easy super non stressful I had a lot of time to
check my sizes to check the boxes the only thing that was really weird it’s
like the images for the mystery boxes didn’t load any let people in four
minutes early but as far as like the shipping process that kind of was a
little painful it wasn’t lunar beauty or Manny’s fault more so on UPS is cuz like
they had these for like two days and like oh my god it’s just one my box but
I understand it’s the holiday season and everybody gets busy and UPS and FedEx
are probably very backed up so that’s the overall experience that I had 26
hours for Jupiter alright and the next one we actually did get another one and
this is in Mars sort of add twenty six dollars to the calculator obviously once
we get done inspecting our item oh there’s a nice mirror in there that
is so pretty and that one again is going to reach out for $26 okay so we are at
$52 with those two items okay and then next we have four lip products we have
dreaming from his star dreamy lunar beauty lip gloss and I believe it was
from his strawberry collection the lunar beauty lip gloss friends got enchantment
and this is from his Halloween collection and then we have Aphrodite
this is from his Greek goddess black shading and Dreamsicle this one is from
his Strawberry collection as well I hope I’m saying that right I hope they really
were like a strawberry collection and I’m not being a weirdo what is this one
dreams of coke Richie okay so it’s like a really really bright orange a red got
a lot of pain to it as well as almost like a hot pink but it’s got like a red
hue to it and that was the shade Dreamsicle the next one that we have is
Aphrodite okay this is also a red and these are the liquid lipsticks I forgot
to mention that this is kind of like a blood red you can see them swatch next
to each other right there I forgot to mention to the net weight is 0.12 ounces
or 3.5 grams so it’s a lot of product I love the way that that little crystals
in there Oh like my favorite part and I believe it’s all smell like cupcakes
yeah oh my god Noah is so strong at there oh it smells so nice and it’s this
smell actually does stay on your lips so it’s really really nice okay so then the
next one that we have is dreamy ooh okay yes and that is like a pinky
gloves I don’t know if that’s actually gonna show up too much on my hand it’s
more just like a pinky gloss all right and then the next one is enchantment
this one i’ve swatched so many times I can already tell you guys it is a clear
gloss and it has kind of like a purple glitter to it why not they all smell and
it’s got like the white component packaging mmm they’ll smell it good yeah
it’s not really good really good all right so I did just check all these
on his website it looks like the lip the liquid lipstick is actually retailing
for $8 and then the lip gloss is a dollar cheaper at $17 so I’m gonna add
218 to 217 to our $50 Toto we are idea at 120 with the two moon
prism power and the four lip products we got two little lipsticks and then two
glosses so far so good I’m really liking everything let me know what you think
okay sorry okay we still have one two three
four products in here so Wow here’s the packaging and has a cute little like g4
lunar beauty and then it’s white it comes to work part it’s it’s rather
different way we got the Greek goddess color palette
now this net weight is 0.68 ouncers are 9.2 grams this is probably one of my
favorite palettes I wanted to try the Halloween one I was like I’m always
benefit of like which is like charmed and Halloweentown
oh I live for this palette it’s so pretty
I was looking I kind of cheated a little I was looking at other peoples packaging
that they got and everybody who bought the big one got this one so I’m really
excited that I did choose I really like it
how much does she reach out for so lunar beauty / the lunar Brady website is
gonna reach out for $48 so all that to r122 total we are now 170
dollars you now have paid for your box and then
now you have a $30 return on your investment so that’s we’re at right now
and we still have three items okay so the next item and this one is life is a drag I never
tried this palette this is like I want to say his first one he did with inner
beauty I’m not mistaking who net weight 0.7 ounces 12 months you have to use for
it and it is 21.0 chorim’s oh and they give you a nice little brush it says be
a queen cake face sickening hunty beat campy pageant queen keke shade trade mug
legendary Kyah Kyah snatch and fish fishy okay that is awesome and I’m
really excited to receive that and so it’s pretty much standard to what
everybody else received but there’s still more items to go through I believe
I want to reach those 438 dogs but let me just go check okay the life of the
drag is $45 the Greek goddess palette was $48 so 75 plus 45 we are now two
hundred and fifteen dollars second I have not okay I’ve watched a lot of
videos and at this point someone gets like a clothing item and then there’s
like a big severe listen y’all I can’t just video and I’m a little
weirded out to like why did I choose a size for this okay oh my god I’ve wanted
to try this palette and I just lunar beauty strawberry Jayne color palette
all the videos I’ve watched they usually get a shirt at this point and I have not
received a shirt or any clothing item oh my god it just really shows Oh oh my god
during that but aside no but doing the bath and Bodyworks candle Dave
Wow Sunday where’s this Sunday they’re like 9:15 you can do like so many
strawberry pancakes oh my god those cows oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god
oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god awesome um okay sorry coming
down clicking thoughts lunamon a strawberry dream color palette net
weight is 0.6 ounces or one or 17.1 grams it says this is for all the
dreamers out there inspired by the nightly skies like me with this 15 shade
color palette you can go from soft to slurry sweet dreams
mini anyway it is cruelty free and you do have 12 month of a shelf life once
you open this door confusing how much does this retail work I want to
know okay so she is going to retail for $48 as well so adding the strawberry
dream had to our total we are at two hundred and sixty three dollars guys I’m
still confused and so shocked right now alright so next we have the lunar Beauty
and this is in wicked I’ve seen a lot of videos and a lot of people get like four
lip products to prison palettes of apparel item my hat and shirt and Senator and a big old bag they usually
don’t get like five and three pallets I hopefully developed I
have three pellets dude I get like that mmm is it a gloss this liquid lipstick
okay yep cool so this guy will actually retail for $18 and it is in the wicked
shade from the Hubble reading collection adding that to our total we are at 200
okay guys so the next item that we have this is the many anyway it is a large
tote bag many of you am make a big default title it’s so pretty flower that
they had sent out and actually posted it on my Instagram it is set to have a
three hundred and twenty dollar overall value so at 281 so the tote bag retails
for $39 so this is the largest of full moon which I’m confused bikes I chose to
side a size four and there’s no clothing or apparel in there that was a little
odd so we still have the half moon in the crescent moon so this is the half
moon box what does go through this fairly quickly
here is the first item we got the Greek goddess again so we are seeing some
duplicates in a difference of sizes again this guy will reach out for $48
okay on the calculator all right and then we got Aphrodite and dreams to call
Aphrodite’s the lipgloss this is the lipstick so we have 18 and 17 we’re
seeing a lot of repeats we’re at 83 dollars okay and then wicked is a
lipstick so we’re not going $18 and then the necklace I’m guessing but this is
the crescent moon rocks so here’s a little quick ‘add and we
actually got a necklace oh I’m sorry oh this is too freakin ready oh my god and
I think he actually gave me two I think you have another one in the other box
not exactly sure if I do I’m definitely giving one to Mom pretty oh my god okay
so they’re out 101 dollars and I believe it said that the crescent moon would
reach out for 120 let me just double check and is set to reach out for 120 so
– thing 120 from the 101 that we got with the lipsticks and the palate will
give us a total of a $19 value for the necklace and that would be the Crescent
okay this guy’s gotta be the half moon I’m sorry for the confusion but he does
not really labeled like half moon like with like the Jeffrey Starbucks is like
green pink and red or no sorry green white and red red was the biggest green
was the smallest and you know what I mean it’s either distinguished but not
with these so he had to kind of guess and I apologize that I did that
backwards okay now on to the next thing okay so we got Aphrodite and Dreamsicle
again okay sorry Aphrodite is the lipstick Dreamsicle is the lipgloss so
it put us at 18 and 17 $35 okay and then we got a prison palette in Jupiter again
which was $26 okay so 35 plus 26 is $61 and then we have
our necklace which we gave a retail value for 19 I do want to open her up
just to see if it’s the same one yes it is a sec same necklace okay guys
and then we have two more items just hang out with me a little bit longer
okay oh my god we got another strawberry dream which retails for $48 we’re at 128 okay and then we got the Greek and
goddess palette which is another $48 okay so here’s where my confusion comes
in I chose sizes for each one of these
boxes like you have your Crescent you have your half and you have your full
but each box said choose a size and I chose a size but I’ve gotten no apparel
so I’m confused by that um and there’s a lot of duplicates even though we were
told there weren’t gonna be I mean I understand one or two but I’ve got like
three Greek goddesses and two strawberry dreams and like 14 everyone I’m granting
Oh some things but I have a lot of duplicates so I’m confused by that and
this is supposed to reach out for 220 dollars unless I missed something and
I’m losing it but 48 plus 48 96 cool cool plus the lip gloss lipstick 17 plus
18 okay $26 for the moon prism power I’m not looking everybody like did I
lose anything 157 there is no way that this is reached out for for 157 if I add
this necklace one night or $19 wrote 176 so where did my other items get lost everything added up just fine for the
Crescent and the full moon but for this half moon it’s 175 for I don’t know what
they just forgot to put another item in there but I’m missing 44 dollars worth
of value somewhere so I kind of got booked a little with purchasing all
three items I’m confused and I open these up with you guys on camera so
there was no trickery there was no camera action no weird news no nothing’s
as my hairbrush by the way so I don’t think you say that that confuses me but
I guess as far as they give away I’ll just keep moving forward I’m going to
add a bunch of stuff for you guys obviously you know we got duplicates of
Aphrodite wicked and dreams of coal and the Greek
goddess so I will be adding those four items there for you and I’ll throw in a
Jupiter as well so we’ll add those four items to the giveaway thank you guys so
much for watching I really enjoyed this experience and I know it’s lunar
beauties first time doing this so I was really great to check out the shipping
process suffer the issue with the UPS the only issue that I had is that my TAS
moon it’s missing $44 somewhere I’m confused
anyways and doesn’t giveaway guys thank you so much for watching and your
support until the next one remember just stay beautiful I said that really weird
I’m sorry I don’t know why just praying hands maybe I’m praying that my other
$44 shows up somewhere oh it just heaping one I – sorry I am so shocked
and so confused I received so many beautiful items but I ordered all three
boxes because it’s their first time I wanted to try the full brand I’m
confused and I feel like I was lied to several times because I was told on his
Instagram story if you ordered all three boxes that you were going to get
different items because they’re mystery boxes I get that it’s all mystery but
that’s why my editors were held in extra two days but yet I have two strawberry
dreams three Aphrodite’s like three Greek goddesses I’m so confused
I have no apparel no hats I have necklaces which are beautiful but that
isn’t that doesn’t have anything to do with the size oh I’m going to clean up
and calm down and finish editing this video I’m just ferociously upset you


  • Kelly McKenzie

    I’ve seen a couple other people that were shorted as well. Wow I saw one that got a ton of merch, I can’t believe you hardly got any along with all duplicates. That’s such a shame. Girl, I love your videos!

  • Mesha G

    You don't need to apologize for being upset about the box. I've seen a bunch of reviews of these boxes and it seems like some are packed with stuff and others (with the same boxes) are shorted/missing quantity. …screw it, if it was me, I would message them and express that I feel something is missing and that there's been duplicates and that Manny had said he would make sure there wasn't at some point(I don't remember if it was a meet and greet with customers or on his social media) …. From what I've seen the people who were told to pick their sizes received jogger pants and a shirt… At least that's what I had seen in a few vids so far. But yah deff contact them, it doesn't hurt to ask right. ?

    ✨Social medias✨
    IG: MeshaG4187
    Twitter: Mellissa_N_Frank

  • Carmen Casillas

    Girl I would be upset too..Specially because of the repeats..And of course not the completed value…Thank you for sharing❤️????

  • MzzVixen

    I'm right there with you, I got a $35 Morphe box and a $50 Morphe box, the $35 was suppose to have a palette and 4 other items, the $50 9 items, I got 2 boxes with 5 exact same items, a palette, 25D 3 brushes and lashes, all the exact same even though one box was $35 and one $50….

  • Ashley Norton

    I'm still watching the video, but my thought when he announced three tiers was "his brand doesn't have a ton of products to spread out that much." He should have done one or two boxes.

  • MzzVixen

    the necklace is $30 and the bag was $45 $45.00. Manny MUA black nylon fabric makeup bag with handle. I also think they didn't take into consideration that he only had 3 palettes that would be included in the boxes, and so many people got all 3 boxes, and I think the sizes were in case they had to give you apparel but it seems like the apparel ran out faster than they thought. we can have a mystery box pity party together … you got cake? lol I finally got in touch with Morphe's "customer service" and they said its very unlikely this would be taken care of before Christmas, which sucks as these were Christmas presents to my daughter

  • MzzVixen

    sending hugs and snacks and fluffy unicorn thoughts to cheer you up. and don't worry about being upset, your hopes were smashed and your excitement from the first box dulled because of the last one, I'm so very sorry this happened to you

  • Graciela Castaneda

    You have a right to be mad honey. Some of those palettes are gorgeous though. His boxes are a little on the plain side.

  • Janelle Speller

    I love ur realness girl. Lol. I just opened a Twitter but dont know what to do lol. I have Instagram but again dont get on much. If u need me it's better to get ahold of me thru email or YouTube. [email protected]

    I'm sad I missed out on the lunar beauty mystery boxes. But I enjoy watching u. 😉

  • Janelle Speller

    Not sure how to get in on drawing but typically never win anyways. But I do wanna say u r so sweet n kind to be giving away so much stuff. U r definitely gonna make someone's holiday a fantastic one! Good for u girl! ♥️

  • Tiffany Lucas

    I think boxes are decent. The repeats in all sizes are crazy though. I'd be frustrated too with the false advertising. What was the point in asking for sizes???

    And congrats on hitting 500!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ It's been a long time coming and so deserved! Much love ????

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