Luxury Beauty Products TOTALLY Worth the Splurge
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Luxury Beauty Products TOTALLY Worth the Splurge

what’s up you guys now I know that I’ve
shown you some of my favorite drugstore products you know I love a little
high-low so today we’re taking it hi and I am showing you the luxury products
that I absolutely cannot live without and that I think are totally worth the
splurge everyone starts their day by brushing
their teeth but do you brush your teeth with the luxury toothbrush that’s the
question I am obsessed with my electronic sonic toothbrush
by vanity planet shout out to my vanity planet fan for sponsoring this video so
obviously there are so many like these first of all this one is actually super
affordable compared to a lot of the others and it’s affordable compared to a
lot of these other products I’m about to show you not only does it look really
pretty with this little gold set up you guys how cute is this it has a UV light
sanitization little section like a compartment in here it actually kills
99% of the bacteria on your toothbrush so every time you brush your teeth you
know that you’re brushing with a clean toothbrush how awesome is that so look
at that see that little little blue light lets me know it gives me the
confidence that my teeth are gonna be really clean you open that up and boom I
take the little head out just like so this also comes with three different
brush heads so I’m gonna keep it real with you guys I normally use the Marvis
lavender toothpaste but I ran out so Aquafresh will do seeing high low people
high low I wish you guys could feel this everybody needs a luxury to brush
in their life some things are worth the splurge this is it no one wants a yuck mouth
I also love that it has four different brush modes gets your teeth
super clean now this isn’t awkward at all brushing my teeth at a vanity set no but I was trying to really put you guys on to my favorite
luxury products and this is one of them and guess what you can also get 75% off
of this luxury product by clicking the link in the description don’t ever say I
didn’t hook you up and every day when you smile and your teeth look bomb think
of me okay moving right along cuz this just got awkward brushing my teeth at
the vanity but this is an amazing product and I had to tell you about it
now when you get out of the shower make sure that you hydrate and lotion your
body but not just with anything oh no only the best goes on this skin this is
terrible because it was actually a gift originally that I got now I actually
have to continue to purchase it because I love it so much and I know it’s really
expensive it is the Christian Dior Des Anges Christian Dior body shower I mean body gel, body… Wow. How do you pronounce this? Lana
don’t you try, Cody how do you say that? Lana, how do you think it’s pronounced? Okay guys, the
point is it is creme por la corpse cream for your body body cream yo we need
smell-o-vision. Tesily, come on just step in Tesily, you know this smells
bomb. Okay don’t front. “No, that smells expensive.” It is expensive, it is luxury and I love that it’s really
fragrant but what I love about that is that like even once your perfume has
worn off this doesn’t and it leaves like, creepy, but like my bra smells like it
like it smells very… I just love it I’m just gonna get very intimate here but my
under clothes definitely smells like Jasmin Des Anges. What’s the price on
this Lana? This is $100 but I swear it’s so worth it after I lotion my body then
obviously Ilotion my face again, Dior has some of my favorite skin products my
favorite luxury skin products and honestly if you are going to spend money
on anything it really should be on one your hygiene, make sure your teeth are right, and two, your skin, your face like that is so worth every penny
when your skin looks great your makeup goes
on better heck sometimes you don’t even need to wear makeup anymore your skin is
just radiant and glowing and one of the things that helps my skin is the Dior
prestige la creme it comes with, Lana, where’s the little stick for this? Guys,
it has its own little pearl stick I think we left it in my bathroom. Again
smells incredible, fun fact when you start using really great products and
you have a bougie husband like mine he starts using them as well and this is
one of Israel’s favorite products that I own, this cream I’m just telling you put
your man onto it, his skin will be popping your skin is poppin you’re
glowing and flourishing together it’s a beautiful thing. It’s for your face and
your neck because I feel a lot of us ladies forget our necks luxury products
that are for your face and neck it is so worth it so what’s the price on this
Lana? Okay I know I know people I know it is extremely expensive
but so worth it this is like one of those things you save up for use a
little by little. Okay then from there it’s important to also make sure that
you moisturize your lips and your mouth a lot of people end up getting wrinkles
like in here on their mouths and I feel like things like this can definitely
solve that problem it is the Laneige special care lip sleeping mask for all
skin you can get this at Sephora and it’s luxury but it’s not breaking the
bank this actually cost like 20 bucks. Once my
face has been luxuriously prepped the next move is now getting my makeup on
for the day I actually like to start with the Smashbox photo finish
foundation primer I used to not use primer but now I do somebody put me on
and I heard this is the best one I know so many bloggers use it it’s like a
bloggers favorite it’s how I find out I watch YouTube as well and the Smashbox
one is dope it’s oil free and I love the finish so this is amazing you lay this
down before you put your makeup on and then obviously I follow that up with my
foundation. Every blogger every makeup expert will always tell you that one of
their favorite foundations will definitely be
boom Giorgio Armani the luminous silk foundation this is amazing I wear color
7 I’m gonna put a little bit of this on my beauty blender technically Beauty
Blender would also be considered a luxury item although I may use drugstore
beauty products a lot of the time I never use a drugstore Beauty Blender I
always use the brand Beauty Blender it’s my favorite it makes a huge difference
you can see that now what I love about this Giorgio Armani foundation is how
sheer it is I actually think that’s amazing for the rest of your face and
let your concealer conceal what it needs to conceal, does that make sense? So I
feel like foundation should actually just even out your skin tone and I love
it for that. So George Armani you can find at department stores and online and
that is $42 for this size and actually lasts you a really long time and then
I’ll follow that up with Cle de Peau Now Cle de Peau is like world-renowned the
best concealer you will ever purchase in your entire life and so worth it and
because it’s so expensive it’s actually amazing that just a little goes a long
way it’s full coverage and I use their concealer in two different colors I have
this is the Almond one and then when I’m darker I use Ochre I’m gonna go with
the Almond right now. Their concealer and, guys can’t front
I’m obsessed and just a little goes such a long way. Blend that out
I actually do think that is worth investing in like a luxury concealer
like Cle de Peau but if you want something a bit more affordable that does just as
good a job I love Tarte’s Shape Tape you can only get it at Ulta and I think it
works just as well. Come, you guys look at that that’s like a great concealer $75
for a concealer now that seems extreme but my under eyes are popping right now
so. The next thing I am gonna go with is my Cheetalicious namesake, Chanel, they
have the bombest bronzer I’m obsessed so it comes like this, obviously I’ve gotten
some good use out of that. Pop this let’s see let’s do like my forehead just dust
that ever so lightly actually but I could put this on my nose as well and
you know that I have an obsession with anything Chanel ever since I played
Chanel in the Cheetah Girls. Just the other day I went and got coffee and I
had options of what I could have in my coffee Lana got her face, I got the CC’s
for Chanel and I was like chuchi forever chuchi all day every day oh my gosh you
guys I totally forgot a step okay for special occasions like a last time I did
this was for the Emmys when you really want your skin to look phenomenal it is
so worth it it is the Charlotte Tilbury instant magic facial dry sheet mask you
guys it’s dry you put it on your face for 15 minutes hydrates lifts reduces
wrinkles smoothes and brightens you guys expert facialist results in just 15
minutes I thought it was a lie shout out to my girl Jeannie Mai who put
me on to this the next time I will open this one will probably be next year at
the Emmys again because it’s expensive How much does this cost, 20? All right it’s
not that expensive but like for our face mask $22 and it’s pretty packaging we’re
gonna save this. Lana.. guys comment below if you want to see
more of Lana. Catch it! Ohh that was a major fail, oh sorry the last one fell
bad my bad okay I love you! It’s my homegirl right there the next beauty
product that I am absolutely obsessed with is everything in anything Pat
McGrath she’s legendary she’s done Vogue covers and she’s just iconic in the
fashion world and she now has her line wow this is literally all you need you
you don’t need any other eyeshadow palette this is it this covers
everything from like trying to do an eggplant smoky eye to a shimmery eye to
a pale nude eye to a red eye your classic browns that you absolutely
always need a right here a good shimmer for your corner or your highlight is
here there’s a pearlized and what I love is when you buy luxury products
they are more true to color when I say true to color I’m like when you swatch
this this is this color here in the palette it looks that way the question
is is it gonna look like that on my skin so I’m gonna show you guys right now
that this is red and then watch me swatch it that’s
amazing. Okay so Pat McGrath you’re amazing, I
cannot wait for the day, I’m manifesting it, that you do my makeup, you are iconic
I love you I love your work love your products. Moving right along,
if you want to have fun this summer I would say the most fun luxury beauty
brand has to be from my girl Rihanna Fenty Beauty. Hello, do you see this? This
is not only highlighter this can be eyeshadow this can be blush and this is her
Killawatt Foil and it’s in Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset all the fun colorful
makeup is out for this summer but if you’re not willing to go all the way
this is a great start so I’m gonna do like a little pop right in the middle
okay I actually really love this, do you see that? So I just want to show you guys
like if you’re not ready to like full-on do neon eyeliners or any of that crazy
fun stuff this is a fun pop of color like right to the center of your lid. Can you
see that? Check out the orange popped right in the
middle that’s cute too that is a fun look
you guys already know I love Fenty’s beauty products especially the Fenty
glass bombs amazing so add that to the luxury list, how much does this cost? This
is $35 so that’s a great one. You guys know that I love blush blush is one of
my like favorite things I can’t go without I feel like even if I didn’t
have all this luxury items and I just needed one thing blush might be the
go-to so for the summer I’m loving cream blushes and cream highlighters and my
favorites right now are Charlotte Tilbury so these are two different ones
this one is Las Salinas and this one is Moon Beach and they technically can
be used for lip or cheek I like to use them more so for the cheek this is the
one that I have mainly been using and you can apply that just like that and
then just work it in there totally worth it
this is great for when you’re trying to do a no makeup makeup look like I take
these they’re actually called Beach sticks and I would absolutely always
have this in a beach bag in a pool bag when you’re sitting in the Sun you just
want a little pick-me-up see that glowy effect oh so I love love love. These cost
$45, Pat McGrath also has an incredible highlighting stick
it’s called Pat McGrath Labs Golden Skin Fetish Highlighter Balm Duo, this is an
insane highlighter and what I love is that on this side it actually looks kind
of matte when you put it on all right I do that much
– right it kind of looks matte going on but then you have the option of really
making it dewy on the other side this is more like just a petroleum stick that
really creates a dewy effect. Charlotte Tilbury also has one of my favorite
palettes for cheek, highlight, and contour cannot live without the Glowgasm Face
Palette four skin and eye gliding highlighters, oh you can also use this for your
eyes, I would totally use this for my eyes, since we’re just going for it
people. I love this this definitely has my favorite blush colors in it this is
great for a contour this is great for a highlight and all comes in one kit this
is a luxury item again check out this packaging ooh la la… Alright luxury lip colors that I’m obsessed with Mary J Blige, it is the MAC
Viva Glam My Life 25. Tell me that isn’t
the perfect peach? That is a perfect peach lip color Mary J Blige, definitely one of my
favorite recording artists of all time I always get really excited for the
collaborations that MAC does, I was definitely obsessed with the Selena
collection, this this is going right in my purse I’m not even leaving it here.
How perfect is that? And now my favorite nude luxury lip combo starting with Lip
Cheat Reshape and Resize Lip Liner Pillow Talk, this is the lip liner that
makes everybody said did she do her lips no it’s called an amazing lip liner and
technique now what is different about this for some reason I don’t know what
the science is behind it but this almost fills the area in between and it’ll look
like it’s actually your lip. Penelope Pink favorite tell me that is not the perfect nude I
love a nude that almost has like a peachy feel it should feel like fashion
it shouldn’t feel like death I’m also weird about just using lipstick
I personally love a top coat of gloss. Peachy Plump, it has like a minty feeling
to it that’s amazing but it’s not like a burning feeling almost like a refreshing
minty feel that that’s perfection this is my go-to
perfect luxury nude. Boop, love that now before I’m done with my makeup
on my face I also want to show you guys my favorite eyeliner it’s a black
eyeliner for a perfect wing and it is by Bobbi Brown and it’s called Black Ink
and it is the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner you’ll need a little liquid eyeliner pen
what I like about using these pots is that I feel like sometimes it’s a bit
more precise and it’s a bit more potent and a bit more pigmented than some of
your liquid liners comment below if you see the fly buzzing
around me hi hi oh hey okay it’s being disrespectful speaking of luxury the fly
decides to make a cameo appearance Boom! Eyeliner done, perfection. Now one of
the last steps in doing your glam or getting ready is body makeup which I
know is a new thing, what is going on here with this fly? Oh my god the
ninja flies, oh my god there’s another one, is that the same one? Yo… no one
invited you for a cameo. Is that Israel? Can you please get it? Wow!
Where’s the fly? Oh right there, right there, Israel, right there, right there! Why are you
trying to catch it in your Hermes hat? Speaking of luxury. Right by the buckle,
ready one two three, oh my gosh! that screaming was outstanding. I was gonna tell you
about KKW Beauty but the way that this fly is coming to attack me I’m gonna
quickly say that I use tan and gold and the product is bomb and worth it. On that
note, I would definitely love to say thank you thank you thank you to Vanity Planet
for sponsoring this video again don’t forget to subscribe! I love you guys, stay


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